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by Laura Poggiani



Medical Astrology is considered the most uncertain part of Astrology, although it is one of the oldest aspects of Astrology itself. In our opinion, this is partly true: first of all there’s a lack of statistic studies concerning this subject, and while hereditary astrologic factors or the planetary incidence on the character are statistically analyzed, an unconscious fear seems to prevent the same rational application of statistic-mathematical criteria to planetary or zodiacal symbols determining the different diseases. Moreover, man diseases evolved in a directly proportional rate to his progress in knowledge, so, if in ancient times, the plague could be a great scourge, following the tubercolosis had this role up to today when it’s AIDS. This is why, following old parameters, it’s hard to classify pathologies which were non-existent up to few decades ago and which we wish will be so in future.

Yet, despite the above described difficulties, the Astrologic Medicine itself offers the most starting points for researches and acts like trying desk for some astrologic theories concerning the planetary dignity or the zodiacal symbols if referred to the Man-Zodiac. 

In this space we want to offer a starting point to study in depth this interesting topic step after step, starting from the first assumptions to interpret a Natal Chart from the point of view of Medical Astrology.

An important explanation is necessary: this column doesn’t mean to substitute the medic, on the contrary, it intends to offer a method for a better comprehension of weaker points, astrologically speaking, and as a consequence to keep under stronger control.


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