by Laura Poggiani

 Usually I’m not very interested in World Astrology, for my specific domain is Medical and Couple Astrology. Astrological events in 1999, though, are so peculiar that every astrologer, I bet, couldn’t help raise a conjecture about the meaning of these configurations.
To begin, a parallelism with Nostradamus seems to be appropriate: the famous clairvoyant was known to be an astrologer first, but I was very surprised to read many different explications of the well-known Centuria X, 72, taking this in no account.

This Centuria says:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Avant après Mars regner par bon heur.

Many and many assumptions came out about the meaning of the word "Mars", not considering the precise period mentioned (the seventh month of 1999). Most versions associate it to the mythical symbol of Mars, as God of War, thus referring clearly to war events. In a way, this can be accepted, but, as I told before, Nostradamus was an astrologer most of all, and to date something to happen in the future, he hadn’t any system, but to indicate the planetary periods, ephemerides handy.
In this rigorously astrological point of view, "before and after Mars reigns" means before and after Mars is in a zodiacal sign it rules. Every sign has a "ruling" Planet, and Mars "rules" Aries and Scorpio, exactly. If we have a look at 1999 ephemerides, we can note that since last January, Mars is in Scorpio precisely, where it will remain for most part of the year.
It is also remarkable that on May 5th at 21.33, because of its movement backward, Mars will be in Libra again to get back to Scorpio with its direct movement just on July 5th at 4.00. Finally, on September 2nd at 19.30 it will leave Scorpio to get into Sagittarius. Mars course through all 1999 is extremely interesting because, thanks to its movement, it will often be opposite to Saturn (which is 180° farther, in Aries first and then in Taurus, since last March 1st) both for signs and real position. In ancient times, Mars was referred to as "Small Evil" whereas Saturn was the "Big Evil", giving emphasis to the negativity of the above mentioned period (1). Briefly, if we accept the word "par bon heur" as "par bonheur", that is "luckily", it’s possible to suppose certainly that Nostradamus would indicate how the period of Mars in Scorpio is extremely "lucky", not for mankind, but for the essential meaning of the Planet: it will be at its best, exalting its values of anger, war, sadism, (Mars in Scorpio is remarkably strong, much more than in Aries, because strategic sense and sadism, often for no particular purpose, which are characteristic of Scorpio, are added at the typical bare anger).>>

Another remarkable event in this year is the well-known "Great Cross of Fixed Signs". Saturn, 180° opposite to Mars, is simultaneously in 90°negative aspect with Neptune first and then with Uranus, which will be in Aquarius next August. 180° farther from Uranus there will be a total eclipse of the Sun in Leo.
Like many astrologers pointed out, this Great Cross is the replication of the one which took place a few time before World War Two, and unfortunately, the sad events of these days seem to confirm the chance of a replica of such catastrophic circumstances.
The war in Kosovo started with the first NATO attack on March 24 1999 at 18.45. Two planets were retrogrades then: Mars and Mercury. Mercury was retrograde since March 10 at 9.12, so all negotiations since then on were expected to fail miserly because, in this phase, important communications are likely to get lost or wrongly interpreted. In fact, right the next day, March 11, the mission of U.S.A. delegate fails and so does the Second Conference between people from Serbia and Kosovo, which began on March 15!
On March 18, at 13.42, Mars becomes retrograde and the Red Planet backward movement is often associated with big fights, whose possible consequences are not exactly evaluated. On that very same day, in fact, the Kosovo delegation signs an agreement on independence of that Region and on sending 28.000 NATO soldiers. The Serbia delegation didn’t sign, so the negotiations are kept in suspense.
Furthermore, the beginning of the attack took place with the raising phase of the Moon - the very day of the First Quarter – which indicates itself that the conflict wouldn’t be short-lasting and effective as it was hoped to be. On the contrary, it would start an escalation of events developed according to the Moon itself. In fact the situation started worsening as the Moon grew full, on March 31, and it’s likely to lessen with the next crisis on the last quarter, forecast on April 9, up to the next New Moon, on April 16. The New Moon doesn’t correspond necessarily to the end of the war, but more probably to a truce.
That day Mars already showed the effects of the upcoming Great Cross: already opposite, yet as wide as it was, to Saturn, it was in square with Uranus and about two days later the Moon would close the Cosmic Cross, passing through Leo. >>

Another remarkable aspect is that ex-Yugoslavia belongs to Cancer, where the Moon was on that day, ruling that sign, in negative aspect with Jupiter, conjoined to the Sun in Aries. Jupiter, by its side, is the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign the U.S.A. belong to. Can an astrological delineation of this conflict be better shown? Now, this Moon formed a positive aspect with Mars, underlining that Yugoslavia, which is meant to be Serbia in this case, won’t recede too easily from its position, despite of the counterpart’s undoubtedly larger equipment (Jupiter is in very positive aspect to Pluto).>>

We can certainly say that hostilities will hardly wear themselves out in short time. This conflict was born with two retrograde planets, and thus warfare will start to reduce only when these two planets will get direct again. Mercury got direct last April 2 at 9.20 – in fact the word "respite" started to appear even tough timidly. The change from retrograde to direct movement is always an index of hastening events, and that very same day, the news were spread about the Soviet ships approaching Yugoslavia rounding the Dardanelles strait.
Because of the nature of the event, however, Mars is the main planet to look at...And it won’t get direct again until next June. Until then, events can only grow worse and, if a armistice is to be expected according to the Moon, not so is the reprise of negotiations which are destined to fail in a more dramatic way that now.>>

Considering again the Centuria of Nostradamus, how comes that the French astrologer drove his attention to July and not to March, when the conflict actually started? Rightly, someone pointed out that the word "Mars" is for March, too, which takes its name from the planet Mars... But apart from interpretations, which can always be questioned a priori, one thing of his sentences is sure: Nostradamus mentioned clearly the month of July, referring to it as "the seventh month of the year 1999". I say at once that some scholars of the French clairvoyant think that, according to the different calendar, he was talking about the month of August, thus connecting to the above mentioned total eclipse of the Sun, but I disagree with it, both for considerations linked to the already exhaustively investigated movements of Mars, and because to observe the small thing the bigger one is neglected, like it often happens. In fact it’s true that in August the famous eclipse of the Sun will take place, but it’s also true that another eclipse will occur before, this time of the Moon, on July 28 at 11.35 GMT. Effects of the eclipse appear up to 15 days before and after the astronomic circumstance.
This is an extremely interesting eclipse: Sun conjoined to Mercury retrograde in Leo again, proposing once again the problems determining the conflict. Leo, which Ptolomy associated in particular to State leaders, is simultaneously opposite to the Moon in Aquarius, and in square with Jupiter, which in the meanwhile moved to Taurus, which in turn is in square with the Moon. Mars, in its direct movement, in short time will occupy the same degrees as the beginning of the war, touching them about the time of the second eclipse, the one of the Sun.
Following there are considerations that can be taken from this astrological situation, that Nostradamus underlined:

Nostradamus underlined the WHOLE period Mars is in Scorpio as a particularly negative period bringing war events; In particular, however dreadful they are now, they are less than the ones taking place next July:
The involvement of an eclipse of the Moon, instead of the Sun, leads to think that Islam Countries will join, and they are strictly linked to Moon Cycles, as we all know (to make an example, King Hussein of Jordan died in coincidence with an eclipse of the Moon and not of the Sun, as it usually happens to Country leaders and Sovereigns); It is certainly possible a parallelism with other situations of conflict which happened before ("King of Angolmois will raise again"), and this parallelism is already taking place. Many people have in fact remarked that the main wars involving the whole world originate in the Balkans. Milosevic has been compared to Hitler, and astral phenomena – the Great Cross –reprise other similar phenomena of the past. Furthermore, doesn’t the specific mention of "Terror will come from the sky" make think to the Stealth, the ghost planes, and most of all to the so-called "intelligent" missiles, whose whistle and the following explosion are the only clues of their passage? What's more, being Clinton of Leo, he will live in a critical attitude both the eclipses. With the eclipse of January 31 1999, as involving as the upcoming ones on July and August, the Leo/Aquarius axis, he started, we remind it, the attack against Iraq so to redeem himself toward the public opinion, but with very poor concrete results.
Finally, the Balkan matter is far from a positive solution, no matter if a "cease-the-fire" will be established. We can’t but hope the conflict not to involve other nations, in particular the Middle Eastern ones. They could take profit of the American engagement of different fronts to rearrange themselves for new wars.>>

April, 1999

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Translation by Carmen Santarpino - All Rights reserved