by Laura Poggiani



What do two disciplines such as Graphology and Astrology have in common? First of all, both are not "sciences" but rather "practices". In the first case, graphological practice complements other disciplines such as Psychology, Teaching and expert reports in criminal procedures with excellent results. The second, unfortunately slowed down by those who prefer to block it among the esoteric myths, can also give valid help in the psychological analysis and the events of a subject but, at present, it is not taken into consideration by the official practices of Psychology, Teaching and analysis of a criminal case. Yet, both share the same imprinting: the analysis of a graphic symbol. In Graphology the graphic symbol is given by the way in which a subject writes the letters on a sheet of paper, in Astrology by the planetary symbols of the moment of birth and beyond. It will surprise many to know that these two disciplines interchange without the writer's knowledge in his graphic gesture, allowing the appearance of astrological symbols even if the writer knows absolutely nothing about the Art of Urania, as we have had the opportunity to show on the Astralis with several examples of famous people.

However, if, as I mentioned, Graphology has had the opportunity to establish itself as a recognized practice, even indispensable in that very particular sector of "graphic expertise", Astrology finds many difficulties, beyond its detractors, in obtaining a similar liberation for the competition very often between the various astrological schools which, instead of collaborating, oppose each other but above all because it is unthinkable to propose oneself as serious collaborators in a graphic expertise when there are some branches of Astrology which refer to aspects which cannot be found with the scientific method since it will hardly be accepted as a serious way of studying in environments that, instead, exclusively use this method.

In my experience as a certified graphologist, in the past I had the opportunity to assist a psychologist specialized in the rehabilitation of children with learning problems and this collaboration, in addition to being a very interesting experience for the undersigned, also allowed us to verify the reliability of the graphological method in that I carried out the analyzes on my own, the results of which were then passed on to the psychologist who, in the meantime, had carried out her tests as per the protocol and each time the psychologist was surprised to see how the results coincided without, however, me having used its traditional methods and indeed, in many cases they could also provide possible solutions. I therefore smiled when at a recent graphology and criminology conference, held in Rome, this type of collaboration with psychologists was proposed, thinking that I had already implemented it many years ago!

The above conference, very interesting as it was interdisciplinary and which saw the presence not only of graphologists but also of learned luminaries in Criminology, Scientific Police and professors from the La Sapienza University of Rome, analyzed some very well-known news cases both under the strictly criminological and obviously graphological profile and so I thought back to the astrological research carried out by me some time ago but still valid on over 100 cases of violent death, a small statistical investigation on the astrological factors that predominated in cases of this type. (Italian:; English:; Spanish:; French:

My proposal, to provide valid help in these contexts, would be the opening of a new frontier in Astrology but also in Graphology: the combined study of these two disciplines to better understand what escapes from ordinary investigations. We can call it "Astro-Grapho-Criminology" and start from the guidelines rightly indicated in this conference, that is to remain above all, above all, of any personal judgment but above all without wanting to set oneself up as a judge of events of which, by force of circumstances , it is not possible to know all the procedural details, especially if they are expert reports to be carried out while the criminal proceedings have not yet concluded.

As an example of how it is possible to set up a procedural protocol in this sense, let's take the case, not yet closed and which still holds center stage in TV broadcasts: the death of university student Giulia Cecchettin at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta. Let's quickly retrace the events: the student Giulia Cecchettin, about to discuss her degree, was stabbed to death by her ex and classmate Filippo Turetta on 11 November because the girl, once graduated, would have moved elsewhere and therefore out of his control. As always, in these cases, those who knew the boy and especially his parents, stated that he was a model boy, good at studies, sporty and apparently free of disturbing signs that could have foreshadowed the tragedy. On the contrary, the girl's family and friends testify to his obsessive and manipulative personality towards Giulia. The question then comes naturally: what signals would the analysis of his writing and his Natal Chart have given us in this respect?

By analyzing his signature it would have already been possible to identify many critical issues: it is in fact a personality that leaves no room for others, with outbursts of aggression, only partly well channeled into sport, with an evident attachment to the maternal figure and on the contrary a certain conflict with his father. Emotionality appears hidden but only expressed verbally.

Philip is a Sagittarius of the last decade but belonging to a notoriously joyful, open and friendly Sign should not be misleading: the downside of those belonging to this Sign, in fact, is the marked tendency to take possession of other people's spaces, to try to direct the lives of those around them with the clear certainty of being right to the extreme of violence, as demonstrated by an example known to all, namely Stalin.

From a graphic-astrological point of view, the graphic symbol of Capricorn can be seen but reversed in the initial T of the surname. In his Natal Chart in the sign of Capricorn we find Mercury (adolescence, intellect, listening ability) in opposition to Jupiter in Cancer (word, occupation of other people's spaces) in sextile to the planet of aggression, Mars which in this case finds itself penalized in Sign of Pisces and negatively aspected to Saturn in Gemini. Adolescence (Gemini) is still penalized by too much parental austerity (Saturn) which conflicts with probably more creative and less rational aspirations. This dichotomy is probably at the basis of an attitude which in Psychology is defined as "pathological narcissistic" as the subject is used to having to always appear successful by hiding, almost ashamed of, his fragilities and therefore shifting his attention onto himself rather than towards the world around him. It should also be noted that the negative Mercury-Jupiter aspects often distinguish talkative people, i.e. those who speak without listening to others, as fascinated by the sound of their own voice. In this case the word was used to activate Giulia's feelings of guilt (he threatened to commit suicide if she did not return with him) and inability to accept a negative response, like children who try to convince their parents to buy them the gift they they want. And this Cancer-Gemini combination speaks to us of infantile attitudes.

In the final part of the signature it is not difficult to glimpse the glyph of the South Node inclined to the left: in the Natal Chart it is found in Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun and Venus and therefore refers to unresolved emotional problems with the father which, by projection, Ours tries to overcome probably using the model of female abuse in the emotional field.



As you can see, therefore, the graphic gesture traces astrological symbols regardless of whether or not the interested party knows them and offers an excellent further starting point for understanding the facts that we are asked to analyse.


Text by Laura Poggiani - All rights reserved

December 26, 2023