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Research on 153 violent death and missing cases

by Laura Poggiani

Work presented to the Astrological Congress of Vico Equense, Italy, june 2002


In the Natal Chart, as everybody knows, it is possible to find out many details of one person's life. Details, which are sometimes meaningless, like the predilection for the shoes rather than gloves, for the racing cars rather than family ones. Details which could instead be sometimes useful to individualize, in preventive way, the predispositions in affective, working and physician field, that can even give useful inputs to improve the one own's life quality, valorizing the merits and minimizing the faults. 

However, there are some substantial data that unfortunately Natal Chart is not able to establish, as for instance one person sex or if this person is still living. These are not indeed unimportant data, that for a long time have solicited the researchers' curiosity: how can a Natal Chart, so precise for some aspects, to appear so amazing in catching details, be instead absolutely unable to gather such a meaningful particular as the someone's staying alive?

The first one of the two questions sooner listed, concerning one person's sex in examination, can appear also negligible as, however, the particular ones that are subsequently drawn, can let us be able to do a good analysis. Contrarily, the second question brings to an endless series of further questions and relative deductions. In fact, whether we were able to define if the  Chart we are looking at  is concerning a living or not living person, would we also be able to determine, with a certain precision, one's death date? And above all, the determination, from the Chart, of the being or not alive in a certain date can be somehow established? These questions can seem rhetoric as we can easily imagine a thick team of people being ready, with superstitious gestures, to make sign of denial with the head breathing with relief and thanking God that this gloomy possibility is not furnished and we can live insofar in the most complete ignorance of what our future will be neighbour. But take a look to the matter from another point of view. Every day several people disappear, a lot of of them never found (it is the case, for instance, of Ylenia Carrisi or even sooner, Emanuela Orlandi). If we could, from their Chart, to preventively establish, with a certain reliability, which is their fate, astrology could result particularly useful. 

These objectives given, for a long time many astrologers have been devoted to search a "carpet" fit to establish the moment, as precise as possible, in which astral conditions would be occurred that give the "imprinting" to the someone's death but without coming to a result in somehow precise and stable. With our study, we don't certainly wish to reach such an ambitious result. Contrarily we have tried to verify, if it exists, simpler, a sort of "astral biorhythmic" able to furnish precious indications concerning critical periods in the each one's life. Then will be the single one to establish if, in that period, is equally positive for him to face binding tests that could involve him at least in a notable physical decrease exposing him to great risk of accidents, or if let the period passing through "incriminated" relaxing ones. We have preferred to select the violent death cases, excluding however the road accidents, and disappearance in order  to isolating those more meaningful aspects concerning such an upsetting event as a radical pre-existing situation 's change not depending by the one's will.

This study consists of two parts: the first one, tightly connected to the rules of the Classical astrology (planets in the Signs, in the Houses and Aspects), fit to verify the truthfulness or less, those theories are related to and the second, including the most meaningful midpoints, both radix, that transiting as well as related to 16th Harmonic which symbolically seems to us more functionally proper to decipher this type of events. 


In his "Dictionary of Astrology", H. Gouchon mentions, to the voice "violent death" the hinge rules that Classical astrology has handed down until us, commenting them this way:

"VIOLENT DEATH - we first of all reproduce the 11 rules of violent death quoted by Haatan and coming from D. Cyprianus Leonitius.
These rules, as enunciated, are certainly exaggerate and it is necessary to beware in taking them letterly. For example, if the Saturn/Mars conjunction in an angle, in an almost violent Sign, pits enough to provoke a violent end of life, there would be all over the world hundreds of thousand accidents almost at the same time. These rules only seem to destine and facilitate the operator's investigations, in order to letting him understand what are the astral configurations that can become dangerous. They are a sort of possibility index and not the rules. In every prognostication concerning this problem. It is always necessary to remind that the violent death's number doesn't surpass 6% for road accidents that represent around half of this counting. 
We can take inspiration to these rules when the dominant will be dissonant and will behave above all the following combinations: Mars-Saturn, Mars-Uranus, Mars-Sun, probably Mars-Pluto, Saturn-Uranus, Saturn-Moon, and Mercury-Mars for the car accidents. 
In general it won't be necessary found only in the aspects among planets, but it will be necessary to examine if these dissonances are "individualized" from aspects with the ASC, the MC or because of the presence of Malefic in the 8th or in the 1st. Well, it is not necessary to announce a violent death with too much security. 
Here is some traditional indications concerning the kind of death when the planet is bad aspected: 
Saturn: immediate or violent death for collapse, fall, suffocation, shipwreck, sometimes flaming dead; 
Mars: by fire or by iron, hanging, different wounds, of animals, bad operations, haemorrhages, etc. ; 
Jupiter: war, duel, drowning;
Sun: plague, fire, syncopation, public death, by fighting; 
Venus: poison, medicines, drunkenness, dissolution, excesses; 
Mercury: homicide, poison;
Moon: homicide, drowning, public death; 
Uranus: by electricity, car or plane accidents, thunders; 
Neptune: castaways, abuse of drugs, poison, mysterious death (if the planet is well aspected, the death is natural and tied up to an illness which is governed by the planet) - 

About this, we mention that both John Lennon and Simonetta Cesaroni (Via Poma/Rome murder) really have Saturn in the 8th House-sudden death -. Particularly, Lennon has got a 7th with many planets, with Saturn connected to Jupiter (resonance in the world of this event but also the "face to face comparison" with the assassin who asked him for an autograph and then point-blank shooting) as well as well as Uranus, not too far from the mentioned conjunction, but trine to the Moon, an aspect this one, as we will subsequently see, which appears particularly meaningful in the examined cases. Very interesting the 8th house position in both Falcone and Borsellino Charts: both in fact have the Sun in this sector (on their "on air" death: we don't need to insist especially in the case of Falcone, the explosion was even filmed by the helicopter which was following him as escort) adding Mercury in the Chart of Borsellino (homicide but also the death in the coming home journey). Besides both Falcone and Borsellino and Lennon, have the trine Sun-Neptune. This last planet is placed in 11th in Falcone's, the 4th in Borsellino's and 12th in Lennon's Chart. 

Here is the incidence table for every single planet in the signs. 

Tab01morti.jpg (109795 byte)

* keep in mind that both Neptune and Pluto are generational planets therefore they don't appear in some signs while they are mostly preponderant in those related to births happened in rather close years. 

Let's comment on the base of the above rules in Gouchon book, lock staying the premise that we won't consider those connected to the fixed stars, rulerships and Master of the Asc. 

1) the two Luminaries in violent Signs, different and separate. The violent Signs are: Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius. We know in effects that Aries and Scorpio are the domiciles of Mars; Capricorn and Aquarius those of Saturn; the Libra the exaltation of Saturn and Capricorn the one of Mars; 

Observing in the detail the position of the Sun we can notice as the sign with the maximum frequency is Taurus, followed shortly by Capricorn.

Tab02morti.jpg (24845 byte)

Where the percentage incidence for Taurus is = 13,07%
for Capricorn is = 12,42%

for a expected average of  8,33%

Curios instead the data related to the Moon. In fact, as you can notice, the greatest frequency is loaded by the "pacific" Taurus, followed by Cancer, to leave then space to the signs that, on the contrary, are a confirmation of the above listed rule: Aries and Capricorn. 


Tab03morti.jpg (26000 byte)

Please, then notice the highest planetary concentration is really at charge of Taurus and only subsequently of Cancer, respectively with 20 and 18 cases, for a percentage of 13,07% and 11,76%.

4) the two bad aspected Luminaries each one by a malefic influence, so that both the Malefic ones and both the Luminaries are found in a violent Sign or in relationship with a violent fixed star;

Tab04morti.jpg (103865 byte)


Tab05morti.jpg (130116 byte)

For the aspects, we have considered all those Major, both positive and negative because for a long time it has been noticed as also the positive aspects can have some extremely negative values, with an equal tolerance for everybody, of + / - 7°.

We mantain it's not the case to penetrate us in a consideration of statistic data, being the sample, however, not sufficiently wide. We only consider some peculiarities interesting in our opinion.

Sun results mostly aspected by Moon (just 66 times), followed by Pluto (60) and Neptune (56).

Moon, on the contrary, show an extremely interesting data: the most frequent aspects are those to Saturn and Mars. Quite important is that Moon and subsequently Pluto result the planets mostly aspected.

Then if we detail some among these surveys, we can notice the following division:


Tab06morti.jpg (35873 byte)

As you can notice, the highest values belong to the square (22) formed by Moon to Mars and Saturn, followed by the sestile Sun/Moon (20) and by the square Moon/Uranus (19). Among the conjunctions, the highest value is given by Moon and Saturn (10) that, added to the square, with which it shares the negative interpretation, it underlines the perniciousness of this aspect.

5) the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in an angle, but above all to the MH, in an almost violent Sign, or that it distresses one or the other Luminare;  

6) a malefic planet in the 8th House and the Master of the 8th influenced by a Malefic or being malefic itself for its nature and situated in a violent Sign; 

Tab07morti.jpg (107530 byte)

Mars appears predominant in I House while Saturn in VIII, confirming the rule n. 6. In absolute, however, the busiest houses by the planets result to be X (they are all very famous characters) and VIII.

11)  Moon in  the 8th House, in Signs that have some violent stars (Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius), in hostile aspect with the Sun or also being in presence of a malefic planet in  the 8th House or still in  the 8th House Master's presence in a violent Sign.  

While, as we have seen, it 's confirmed the association Moon/Taurus, a predominance of Moon, on the contrary, doesn't appear in VIII House. The nighttime star, is surely more meaningful in the XII and VII Houses, maybe in virtue of the characteristics of the examined deaths: typically mysterious, neptunian, just XII like, or to a large extent tied up to public characters.



For the midpoints analysis, even to the light of what emerged in the first phase of this research, we have considered the followings positions:


And, after having calculated the midpoints among all these positions, we have compared them with the radix ones with the purpose to find if there were or not any coincident positions, with at least a tolerance of + / - 1 degree, keeping track of the following aspects:

conjunction (0°) 
opposition (180°) 
square (+/-90°)  
The emerged results, reassumed in the following table, have been indeed interesting.  

Tab08morti.jpg (193339 byte)

(*) The midpoints among these particularly slow planets have not been considered

Even here we don't penetrate in considerations typically statistic but we limit to underline some peculiarities.

As you can notice, it comes once more strengthened the relationship Moon/Uranus. This midpoint in the radix Chart, in fact, results activated just 76 times with a % of 49,67% on 153 cases.

Particularly, respected the traditional planets, you can notice the following distribution:

Tab10morti.jpg (68490 byte)

The midpoint that mostly results activated is Uranus rx/Saturn rx with 20 cases followed by the midpoints Uranus rx/Moon rx and Saturn rx/Mars rx with 18 cases each.

Even understanding instead the asteroids emerges the uranian midpoint Zeus rx/Moon rx, 80 times, that is also the absolute higher Chart radix value, followed by Hades rx/Moon rx midpoint activated just 78 times. Please, then note as, besides, the Moon is mostly involved always in the meaningful values.

The involvement of Chiron emerges, besides indeed interesting, always very important.



To the light of these results, it emerges in this study, the planetary sinergy that mostly seems to be active in the missing cases which we have examined, deriving from the combination of Moon/Uranus, both in the radix Chart and during the event. 

This result, if on one side can appear amazing, as we undoubtedly we could have been attended a higher "Malefic" planets' incisiveness, as Mars and Saturn,on the other hand it confirms the extreme dangerousness of Uranus, that can quietly be considered "the Saturn's octave superior" as I have already underlined in another previous article of mine. (2) 

It's also true that Uranus well describes the missing examined cases' formalities: sudden and traumatic death, explosive, unexpected for the formalities they have happened, or disappeared definitivly, sudden that leaves bewildered and often suggests the most fanciful hypotheses and that surely have completely and irreversibly upset the considered person's life. 

More peculiar the Moon involving, that surely requires a great attention in the analysis both of the events and the personality. Traditionally our satellite is associated to the most intimate and emotional one's side but attributing to this a different importance depending the examined Chart both male and female. In this study, instead, a different "weight" doesn't appear on the base of the sex and this, if on a side it surely underlines the emotional impact on the collectivity concerning the fate of so famous characters and mostly extremely popular, on the other hand it gives base for further investigations on the meaning of " negative", "dark events" and "not alive" in opposition to the Sun-life, that the star assumes in a lot of cultures. 

In conclusion, what emerges, and that to our notice is worth to remember, it is that such a dramatic event is verifiable in primis in the Natal Chart and, subsequently, is activated by the Transits to form a kind of astrological "puzzle", in which the sensitive points seems to play to a sort a sad harmonic melody. 



(1) "Dizionario di Astrologia"- H. Gouchon

(2) "Urano: "un'ottava superiore" in cerca di identità" - L. Poggiani (Ricerca90 n. 29)

by Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved  (C) 2002