by Laura Poggiani



Occasionally I dealt with the correlation between Planets and voice: for example, comparing Luca Laurenti with Arisa and more recently Antonella Ruggiero with Silvia Mezzanotte, the two most representative singers of the Matia Bazar group. Some comments on this last article, in particular, have made me very curious and in fact, at least in Italy, there are not many studies linking the Natal Chart Planets  and the voice of someone. In fact, if much is found on the music and the Planets, even on the possibility of obtaining from the Natal Chart, combining the Planets and aspects to the musical notes, a real personalized melody does not seem to have been given too much importance instead to the more or less harmonious, more or less musical of its own tone of voice. This is at least as far as the Italian Astrology is concerned, because crossing national boundaries, as always, Astrology ranges over the most varied topics, including the tone of the voice, even if, in this case, there are many uncertainties and very few verifications.

Thus we find those who take into account the position of the Sun and its aspects, who on the contrary only take into consideration the Ascendant but most think to focus on the analysis of Mercury - communication and House 3. In the Italian scene, instead, the unique astrologer who, as we know, first and perhaps even unique, has included in her texts a precise correlation between voice and Zodiac was Lisa Morpurgo: in her Analogical Zodiac, where Mercury-House 3 is connected to hearing and ear, could only be the opposite Jupiter related to the voice. Correlation that seems to be reflected in the Sign of exaltation of Jupiter, always according to the author, that is Taurus that includes many singers with vocal chords from nightingale (Laura Pausini, Giorgia, Claudio Baglioni, Massimo Ranieri, just to give some examples) and his domicile in Pisces (Lucio Dalla, Lucio Battisti, etc.). As we said, however, no research nor statistics was made about it and therefore for now this remains a very interesting but everything to be verified.
In addition, it is easy to say "voice" but each voice has its own, so to speak, "coloration", a precise musical vibration that can appear in the ears of those who listen pleasant or, on the contrary, absolutely unpleasant, monotonous or variable, interesting or monotonous.

First of all, it must be said that the tones of the voice are essentially classified in two groups: the monotonous ones and the variable ones. The first has three subgroups: low tones, medium tones and high tones. Those variables, by definition, vary continuously, ranging from low to medium to high without maintaining a constant and are those that make communication, or singing, more interesting.
A more in-depth research, under the astrological profile, right on the tones, was performed, needless to say, by the Swiss Hans Cousto, a mathematician who assigned the tone of a different octave to each planet depending on the time it took to turn around to the Sun, assigning them a fixed frequency. Thus we have the following scheme:

Sun - Resounds at 126.22 Hz
Zodiac sign: Leo and fifth house
Moon - Resounds at 210.42 Hz
Zodiac sign: Cancer and fourth house
Mercury- Resonates at 141.27 Hz
Zodiac sign: Gemini-Virgo and third-sixth house
Venus- Resonates at 221.23 Hz
Zodiac sign: Toro-Libra and second-seventh house

Earth- Resonates at 194.18 Hz
Zodiac sign: center of the zodiac

Mars- Resounds at 144.72 Hz
Zodiac sign: Aries and first house
Jupiter- Resounds at 183.58 Hz
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius and ninth house

Saturn - Resounds at 147.85Hz
Zodiac sign: Capricorn and tenth house

Uranus- Resonates at 207.36 Hz
Zodiac sign: Aquarius and eleventh house

Neptune- Resonates at 211.44 Hz
Zodiac sign: Pisces and 12th house

Pluto- Resounds at 140.25 Hz
Zodiac sign: Scorpio and eighth house

It is obvious that the frequencies of the planets take into account various factors such as, for example, diameter, rotation speed, etc. On these frequencies a tuning fork can be synchronized, so as to hear the sound relative to that planet which, combined for appearance to others, will lead to the creation of a true and personalized planetary harmony.

However, if each planet is able to indicate a precise musical frequency, which will give a different connotation from voice to voice according to the planetary aspects that are formed in the Natal Chart, which Planet we must consider to know what kind of voice, which "coloring" so to speak, will the subject in question and above all, in the starting argument - the song - whether or not it will be a singer?


Up to this moment we are able to establish the following fixed points:

every Planet has its own frequency, therefore it seems logical that a dominant Planet in the Natal Chart will mark the voice of the native mainly with that frequency, which will then vary with other frequencies according to the aspects;


If Jupiter is the voice, as Morpurgo claims, Mercury clearly appears to interact in the subject as the Planet of communication and its main House, 3, further underlines how the subject intends to communicate with others. In fact, the voice can be used in many ways, not just for singing: narrators exist, for example, or the dubbers, even the actors. All professions in which the vocal timbre and the "coloring" of the voice becomes very important. For this reason, undoubtedly it will be necessary to consider the position of Mercury and here is a quick overview of its meanings in this context:

Mercury in Aries or First House

The way and the tone are direct, full of energy, motivation and inspiration. The sentences used are short and limited to the topic. Expressiveness is sometimes aggressive, sarcastic and penetrating in order to provoke, shake, ignite, explore new ideas, keep the interlocutor active. Very positive, enthusiastic, witty, he possesses a vigorous voice, but is also impulsive, impatient, frank, humoral and tactless. He generally likes to talk about himself, wants immediate answers and has absolute convictions.

They have this configuration:
Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Marlon Brando, Liza Minelli, Luca Barbarossa, Miguel Bosè,

Mercury in Taurus or Second House

His way of expressing himself is characterized by a healthy, prudent and analytical realism that takes due account of past events. His exposure is thoughtful but inflexible. Very patient and understanding, she does not spare practical advice. Thoughtful, reliable, relaxing, inspires confidence. Tending to conservatism. His tone is normally very varied. Do not spare jokes that may involve friends and family. He suffers from throat problems.

They have this configuration:
Saddam Hussein, Barbara Streisand, Claudio Baglioni, Rosario Fiorello, Anna Oxa, Massimo Ranieri.

Mercury in Gemini or Third House

The tone of his voice, sometimes a little shrill, and the way they express themselves are characterized by speed, humor, the wealth of information but also a certain superficiality. Its main objective is to instill new knowledge.
He loves funny word games, he is cheerful, intellectual, verbally fluid, communicates easily and can talk about many subjects at the same time. He has a very flexible, versatile, excitable mind. He hates talking about routine work issues. Sometimes it lacks privacy. It is very popular for languages ​​and marketing.

They have this configuration:
Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Paul McCartney, Al Bano Carrisi, Bob Dylan.


Mercury in Cancer or Fourth House

The way to express yourself and the tone are intuitive, welcoming, characterized by strong emotions. In the woman, the tone of voice is very feminine, but in the man it may seem grumpy. Who has this position is sometimes insecure but tenacious, insistent to get what he wants, moody, sensitive to their needs, enveloping as long as it is not stressed. He is sentimental, hesitant, often suspicious, sometimes presumptuous, has excellent memory but is a little too susceptible.

They have this configuration:
Carlos Santana, Donald Trump, Marcella Bella, Toto Cutugno, Mario Del Monaco, Francesco Guccini.


Mercury in Leo or Fifth House

The way to speak is fiery, grandiose, dramatic, egocentric, light and warm. It tends to enhance entertainment, fun and romance. He has a dynamic tone of voice and loves to hear the sound, which is always bright if happy or depressed if sad, very encouraging, motivating, enthusiastic, strong and lively, prefers to talk rather than listen. He exaggerates to dramatize a story, succeeds in instilling trust and positive feelings, shows ego and delicate pride, uses superlative words like "amazing" or "exceptional".

They have this configuration:
Bill Clinton, Paul Anka, Don Backy, Edoardo Bennato, Eugenio Finardi, Milva.


Mercury in Virgo or Sixth House

The way to express themselves and the tone are precise, analytical and highly intellectual. The woman has a quick talk, usually very friendly, slightly but pleasantly ringing. On the other hand, man tends to be rather flat and concrete, very critical, with a propensity to blame others. Who has this position is sensitive to criticism, worries immediately thinking of some imminent disaster, very skeptical, has an interest in psychology, biology and science in general, always poses problems and seeks solutions, is led to the crafts and miniatures.

They have this configuration:
Dustin Hoffman, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Loredana Berté, Andrea Bocelli, Loretta Goggi.

Mercury in Libra or Seventh House

The way and the tone are subtle, diplomatic, beautiful, artistic, aesthetic. Who has this configuration has a manipulatively fascinating voice, with warm tone, often condescending. Accurate, sympathetic, cautious, usually worried about money. It does not show emotions, it finds realistic, practical and effective solutions. Always consider the point of view of the party in question, very cultured, assertive but not harsh. But often it is undecided and in this case it is good to avoid making important decisions.

They have this configuration:
Vladimir Putin, Bill Gates, Julio Iglasias, Zucchero Fornaciari, Mia Martini, Romina Power.

Mercury in Scorpio or in Eighth House

The tone and the expressiveness are direct, profound, powerful, dramatic, involving and intense. However it often shows itself friendly; It poses analytical and penetrating questions, and usually its voice stands out in acute, intense, suggestive tones. He is not very talkative except for close friends, he can be very sarcastic, tenacious and create difficult situations. Do not forgive, never forget a lie. It does not provoke but reacts harshly, sometimes misunderstood, it is analytical and always in a dominant position.

They have this configuration:
Gandhi, Gilbert Becaud, Pino Donaggio, John Lennon, Luciano Pavarotti, Max Pezzali,

Mercury in Sagittarius or Nineth House

The way and the tone are expansive, moralistic, generous, explorative and high-profile. Information is quickly integrated into a complete and functioning world view. Who has this configuration conveys wisdom and knowledge, is friendly, often a bit noisy, verbally eloquent, sometimes can be tactless and timeless. A great entertainer and orator, he knows how to raise morale in those who ask him for help but as a counterpart he tends to pontificate and gets angry if his enthusiasm is not shared. It tends to be a bit dispersive and sometimes does not speak clearly.

They have this configuration:
Anwar Sadat, Britney Spears, Jimmi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Cristina Aguillera, Maria Callas.

Mercury in Capricorn or Tenth House

The way and the tone are restrictive, conservative, limiting, instructive and structured. The speech is full of heavy and complicated words that try to teach, the tone is authoritative. He is dignified but also friendly and understanding. Do not waste words and the tone is devoid of particular enthusiasm. The woman has an extremely feminine voice. Who has this configuration converse mainly of the battles undertaken and of his work, is decisive and assertive and constantly tries to confirm what he says.

They have this configuration:
Ronald Reagan, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Joan Baez, Dalidà, Adriano Celentano.

Mercury in Aquarius or Eleventh House

The way and the tone are syncopated, electric, inventive, innovative, unusual and unexpected. The voice tries to trigger an independent and inspired thought that tends to break with the current mentality by seeking its own intellectual truth. He is apparently friendly and condescending but also rather mocking, icy and detached, not involved, sarcastic and manipulative. His conversation is clear, precise and concise and leaves no possibility of replying. It cares about the wellness of the masses, it is futuristic, radical, unconventional. Creative, it easily irritates if you get bored. Sometimes he has excellent ideas but he needs others to do it.

They have this configuration:
Mozart, Alicia Keys, Lucio Battisti, John Bon Jovi, Lucio Dalla, Placido Domingo.


Mercury in Pisces or Twelfth House

The way and the tone are refined, dreamy, creative, imaginative, extravagant, magical and illusory. The voice has an intrinsic comfortable note of sadness, evasive, seductive. Who has this configuration has a fervid imagination, an imaginative mind, but compassionate and empathetic, he loves to gossip and therefore it is good not to share his secrets with him. He has excellent qualities of persuasion but also has the defect of procrastination. It is very intuitive, often psychic, but sometimes a bit too gullible.

They have this configuration:
Osama bin Laden, Celine Dion, Mina, Yoko Ono, Enrico Caruso, Fabrizio De André.


At this point, however, it appears evident how the timbre and the mode of communication are associated with Mercury and the House 3 but this factor is not sufficient to indicate the next step, that is to finalize one's own voice to the song. We can in fact have beautiful voices, maybe even be excellent communicators, but totally out of tune. Moreover, even if the voice is intoned, it does not necessarily have those indispensable characteristics to distinguish it in the singing at professional levels. To analyze this further step, we must consider another astrological factor which, in a short summary, we had already underlined in the articles to which we referred in opening: the position of Venus, as Ruler of the Sign of Taurus - traditionally associated with singing - and that easily indicates, the predisposition to this form of art.

At this point, I analyzed a sample of 209 singers taking in particular the position of the Sun in the Houses because, if Mercury expresses the way of communicating and Venus the artistic talent, the Sun indicates where the "libido" of the subject is directed. Moreover, Mercury is never more than 28 ° from the Sun, so the solar position is more decisive. The results of this survey are very interesting:



As you can see, in fact, it is not the House 2 - cosignificant of Taurus - as we would have expected, to be the Ruler, but the House I showing how, beyond the singing qualities, the subject must first possess a good dose of healthy self-centeredness. In second place we find the House 10, that of success and finally an unexpected House 8, which "makes" Scorpio. The common denominator of these 3 Houses is Mars: domiciled in Aries and Scorpio, it is exalted in Capricorn and therefore "paint" of Marzianity the Houses of singing.

Interestingly, instead, as the least populated is the mercurial House 3, that of communication, followed by the House 11 which instead is usually considered another House related to music.

Now let's analyze the position of Venus in the Houses and we will find the following data:

This time the major position is covered by House 9 with 27 cases, followed by Houses 1, 7, 10 and 12 with the same merit with 20 cases each. The least recurrent is House 8 with 12 cases. Note that even Venus does not deviate too much from the Sun, but now we are on a maximum distance of 45 °, therefore, if on the one hand the dense presence of Venus in Houses such as I, 9 and 12 may seem obvious for the massive presence more on the survey of the Sun in Houses 1 and 10, it is worth noting that House 9 and 12 can bring Venus very close to the MC and the ASC, in the Gauqueline area, underlining the artistic skills or the success obtained through the art, in this case the song. The same interpretation, that is, success through art / song, applies to the position of Venus in House 10.

Also here it should be noted that it is not particularly relevant, as we would have expected, House 2 with only 14 cases while the 19 cases of House 6 are interesting: this is the home of work, therefore the immediate interpretation is of "working profession" through singing or art " but also here it is worth noting how easily the star can fall into the Gauqueline area of ​​conjunction, on the right side, to the DS.




He was born in Pisa on 22 September 1958 at 5.15 am.

Discovered by Zucchero Fornaciari, who made his song heard by the great Pavarotti who was impressed by him, Andrea soon achieved an almost global success, with over 80 million records sold to his credit.
His Natal Chart has a strong characterization of the Sign of the Virgin, which together with Pisces often signals serious problems of sight, placing, as already underlined by this small research, the Sun in House 1: our uses a lot of energy in his activity and in those collateral (just remember the recent opening of a prestigious bathhouse in Versilia).

Venus, in the light of the above, occupies a truly impeccable position: joined to Mercury, with only 2 ° of distance, "sitting" on the Asc. with only 3 ° away! Art and communication therefore vibrate in Andrea's astrological DNA, strengthened by the conjunction between Jupiter / Neptune in house 2, traditionally associated with song and image which, with these two planets, are powerful and massive. In this case, with a Mercury in such a strong position, Ruler of the ASC and of the Sun, to which is added the conjunction Jupiter / Neptune enhanced by a sextile to Pluto, Andrea turns out to be a good empathic communicator: he recently wrote an autobiographical book from which a film was extracted.


by Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved