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Seasonal Symbolism: It introduces to the autumn cycle, separating and preceding. The fruits are mature and the days start to shorten, letting place to the first rains and storms. It's the moment for concluding the harvest and making the budget of the year.

Character: generally closed, introverted, endowed with big spirit of observation turned both to him/herself and to the surrounding world, he/she only opens him/herself with those who pay him/her for affection but always maintaining a certain prudence. It's necessary much constancy and patience for letting him/her get out of the own hull, but when this happens, he/she is able of gestures and sweetness indeed delicious.

Success: The own success is not to the first place in thoughts, therefore he/she rarely reaches order's places. Dynamic, a little bit ironic, analytical, with the rare enthusiasms, he/she has a notable manual ability.

Health: This Sign is traditionally associated to the bowel and to the viscuses generally. Tendencially he/she suffers easily of psychosomatic diseases , connected to a bad work of the neurovegetative system.

The ideal environment: He/she feels particularly comfortable on a hill or on the half mountain but also the countryside is ok, if it's mot too much sunny as they detest the heat.

Things which you will never see they wear: Gloves and also rings tend to make him/her feel rather uncomfortable. On the contrary, they show easily a big passion for shoes, of any type and style.

The animals: dog and swallow

Plants and flowers: elder, the and verbena

Stones: Agatha, sardonyx

Perfume: gardenia

Metal: mercury

Color: Dark grey, yellow

Fortunate day: Wednesday

Fortunate number: 5

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Brazil, Clay, Croazia, Western India, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, Virginia, Berlin, Boston, Brindisi, Danzica, Heidelberg, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Paris, Strasburgo, Tolosa, Varsavia.