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Twelve Ways To Feel Love: Venus in...
by Laura Poggiani















There's a say "Love is blind" and who has got this planetary position effectively let him carry away from his own passions, which are very intensive and subjected to "love at first sight". Of course from the passion one comes easily to the ecstasy sooner and torment later because one tends to let himself overpower with no reflection on objective odds that the situation, which comes to be afforded, propose. So, at the moment that, who has got this Venus falls in love, do start to tempest the poor partner with calls, gifts, overpoweing him/her like a Nature force and maybe loosing hubsand/wife two days later the marriage. To come back home desolate, one week later, at the moment that such a great passion will be melted like snow under the sun! Impulsivity brings to not see someone's faults except when, suddendly, at the moment that the passion gets aweakened.  
Those who has got this Venus are surely to suggest to whom loves intense romances.  

Love Rate: 90%.  





In this case you can find a warm, sensual affectivity, plenty of real affection which doesn't springs immediately but instead, slowly, in order to put deep roots even if in the appearance it doesn't come out anything. Who has got this comstellation escapes from adventures to search the great love of own's life and offers a good guarantee of stability and continuity along the time for thel partner who gets choosed.  
This is a possessive love, which hates changes and takes care the own partner with love, generosity and warm, as you care a delicate plant which you don't want to let die. The familiar relationships are sacred and their behaviours are natural, spontaneous and simple. Sensuality is strong and sweet.  
Whether one is in search of few impe binding flirts, then is better don't take in consideration who has such a figure.  

Love 0Rate: 100%, especially for the constancy. 






Being admired, courted, pleasured with compliments but first of all the extemporary and with no thoughts adventure is the goal of whom owns this position of Venus. It gets hard for others to understand this personality, so fleeing, mutable but equally charming. Unable ro live great passions, they prefer as most adolescent, passing on, uncertain and first of all cerebral love, which it is lived by words and it needs a total understanding on mental field. Love capacity, in practise, gets a communication question because who has this position is almost cold, the feelings keep at a superficial stadium and they do never discover entirely to the others, showing however themselves friemdly and active.  
Surely to suggest to those who do never want to get bored but to stay away if you search a permanent love, maybe for all the life!  

Love Rate: 40%… But 70% in symphaty. 






Love is something soft, winding, but also a lot sticky. It's the kind of love romantic, which exalts itself for the moonlights and the music on the background, which lives for sights and born for a kind word or just a touched hand. It's made with extreme tenderness which comes from the deep insecurity and therefore it needs continue requests of reassurance which is extended not only to the partner but also parents, children, pets.  
The love relationship, therefore, is lived in such a mawkish way, also becomes often source for big pains and disappointment bacause of the total lack of sense of reality.  
Who has got this Venus is by the way, yes, a lot vulnerability on the affective side but it's also able to defend themselves with no rest their brittleness dosing well sometimes tears, sometimes affective gestures or desolate appearance, in order to get exactly everything what they want from their partner: protection and little darlings.  
It's an love-immaturity indicator as one has got difficulty to act in a responsible manner, getting hard the growth.  
If your life dream is that one to be adored, cuddled and spoiled, then this is the person who is ok for you, but py attention to some nervous crises in a long term period.  

Love Rate: 70%. 






Loveis here solar, rich di rushes, bright and unresisting. It's a love which would never accept to live clandestinely because it needs to proclaim to the whole world its joy. It's a love that is generous, ardent and therefore will tend to cover with gifts the lover to, as extreme, dilapidate the own patrimony tomanage with, anyway, a lack of generosity on the affective side, a bit missing of tenderness and real love.  
Love must be taker of prestige and therefore one doesn't admit to be hold in second light compared to other interests or other persons. It's a love which loves hazard, risk, fun; to romantic places it's surely preferred the night clubs or in fashion- restaurants as what means it's showing the own partner.  
However who has got this Venus position is extremely loyal and therefore they won't never betray their partner: preferring instead clear situations and drastic cuts, detesting the too complicate situations.  
Adapt to those who wants a loyal relationship, a volcanic, never boring but almost expensive one, especially in the courting phase.  

Love rate: 75% compensated by 100% in generosity. 






The feelings, always analysed by hypercritical spirit, come placed in second light. It gets focalised the attention on details, the details of your own partner and his behaviour but, at the same time, there's incapacity to let yourself go to feeling, to sweetness and tenderness. Often therefore love gets confused with the habit, the economical security and the tradition, which maybe pushes the subject to the couple-life.  
Who has got this position is tendencially arid, unable to communicate on an emotional plan but on the contrary quite good for the practical life, job, the solution of daily problems.  
Passions are for this combination an unkown thing and therefore, appetizing the critical and dissacrant sense. Ecen sex is few determining and there is tendency to retain the erotic rushes.  
Adapt for a collaborative relationship more than loving, this is however indicated for those who has few passional rushes.  

Love Rate: decisively low, 20%. 






This is love for the beauty, for the harmony. It's the kindness in the relationship with others. But it's nver true letting go to the passion and to the sensuality. This is the love that wants "savoir fair" and softly in its expression, therefore it hates vulgarity, strong and aggressive tones, and first of all it refuses too much passionate rushes. This is love for art and for all forms that it produces, including art of love, pursued and chased in the hope to reach a perfection which, in reality, doesn't exist.  
This also wants the legacy and therefore takes usually to a early marriage and, with this position, it's possible to love someone even seeing in detail the faults and knowing the limits, without letting never oneself go totally to the passion because, as fact, one doesn't want to belong to anybody except oneself.  
If you have got any interest in a person who has got this figure, please do take care to have in the pocket all documents you need to get married!  

Love Rate: 50% - salomonically… On Balance! 






With this Venus position is easy to find love centred on sex, the chase to the most with-no-brakes eroticism. Feelings are intense, but they are together with mystery and upsetting sensations, getting tenebrous passion, mixing sometimes to perversion, ambiguity and complexity which do create situations a nit twisted, bever clear and limply.  
Uncertainties are mixed to the love for the risk, the desire for what is forbidden and they allows fantasies which can't be told but are hoped, even if often they only keep in that way. One tend however to cover with mystery the sexual life, maybe simply never telling about it and hiding it accurately, even when it goes on quiet binaries and absolutely normal.  
Surely, who has got such a figure, loves intricate and difficult situations, often protagonist in situations hard to manage when even impossible, or however unusual. One displays an uninhibited manner toward sex, there are no prejudices and hardly one will find a scabrous argument able to scandalise but, at the same time, there's also respect for freedom and individual preferences. Usuaally jealous abd possessive.  
They are for those who loves strong sensations and … keep iron nerves.  

Love Rate: 90%.






This is a way to express comradely lov, without complications or ambiguity but, istead, tending to serenity of relationship.  
This is the na´ve love, ready to give trust to others, always in good faith and <therefore easily to be mistaken, too. One has also got a certain curiosity fornew friendships which, because of the basic ingenuity, takes to be a bit infidel. In effect one has got a certain superficiality, the tendency to loose oneself to be attracted by the idea of flirts, even if not being really tending to flirtation.  
By the way, except this fatal situation for flirts, one has a further torment due to the guilty sense and later one comes always back to the steady, sure relationship.. At least until next time!  
This must be accurately avoided if you are very jealous and possessive!  

Love Rate: 60% but a 70% in joy of life. 






This is a rational love, calculating, which never let itslef go to the feeling or to instinct but it always gets filtered accurately by rationalism. This is also love for prudence and caution direct to eliminate each possible risk of emotional involvement taking often to a form of "not love", that's a feeling which is without rusches and surroundings.  
The heart is cool, sometimes also "stoned", the emotion doesn't exist, emotions and true devotion toward the partner are concepts as much far as from this figure to often induce who has got it to a solitary life, finding it however plenty satisfactory..  
to the feelings one only comes with big slowness and keeping however a wise and responsible manner even in the adolescence years . Love and sex are never much important and however they are secondary.  
This figure must be absolutely avoided by those who are in search of the real passion.  

Love Rate: 10% 






More than love, this is a warm feeling which is equivalent to the friendship. It's first of all love for the own freedom, for the independence and, therefore, it takes to a real impatience for steady bond.  
Capacity to express own feelings is always bland, with no grandiose effects and excesses but, instead, is permeated with great respect for others and for all human beings in general. Who has got this figure is usually few expansive and doesn't want to live an exclusive relationship, where maybe soemone has to dedicate himself body and soul to the own partner.  
Friendship is becomes the relationship base and one hates jealousy and the sense of possesse. One is sentimentally curios, not just to experiment the flirt but for the real desire to know other better. One is kind and available but certainly not vulnerability to the passions.  
To suggest to those who do escapes from matrimonial tie.  

Love Rate: 40%. 






This is the love tat pushes to the total devotion for the own partner, with a transport which has not got equals, to the own's individuality and needs sacrifice. This is the romantic love which lives of untold words, sensations and that finds enough a sight or a caress. This is the feeling at the pure state, rich with intensity of emotions and with a boundless fantasy.  
One is by the way sentimentally defenceless and vulnerability, able to givevery much on affective plan but at the same time very exigent: what can given, it is waited back with the same or even double intensity. Whether this isn't so, one feels defrauded and one suffers for unimaginable leaving.  
Who has got such a position, is surely a tender and sweet person, able toput the partner at the own universe centre, filling him/her with too much sensibility, until feeling immediately each change of humour and this is enough to fall him/her down, into the deepest desperation. One tends to be anxious and apprehensive, one needs continuously to be assured and, above all, to feel oneself totally and truly loved.  
To be avoided categorically by those who love flirts and opened relationships.  

Love Rate: 100%.  



By Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved