by Laura Poggiani  


The careful Natal Chart analyse does permits to get very precious informations concerning love life of the subject we are looking at. By Venus position, analyse but as most by V and VII Houses, we can in fact understand why, for instance, we do tend to be always attracted by Fire Signes or the Earth ones, the way the couple life will be and above all whether we'll get perm relationships or not. 

Concerning this point, we have to get in evidence a fundamental factor: often a House gets across two Signes, even three ones and in this case you must get in evidence that all Signes have an won importance, but they will distinguish in the time, that is getting stronger the chance to get two or more very important relationships in your life. 
But let's go to see, Sign by Sign, the V and VII House meaning. 


In Aries
: It means a resourceful and sincere temperament in love field, but also a bit too much impulsive, therefore you have the tendency to "loves at first sight" which generate very passional loves but easy to burn in a short time.  

In Taurus: With such a position, constancy in love is assured but it's also assured jealousy and being possessive: love is not seen as a transitory fact, but instead, something which lasts all life long. Loves subjected to financial problems, long engagements, fidelity and patience inlove.  

In Gemini: With such a position, love gets characterised by mutability, curiosity and therefore it's easy that you have multiple love-stories, also in contemporary, tendency to flirts, attraction for loves which do stimulate cerebrality more than real passion. It also means the tendency to get several children, often also twin birth.  

In Cancer: Romantic and sentimental loves but at the same time a bit mutable because as basic there is a certain inconstancy. The attachment to children is very high and the issue will be very numerous.  

In Leo: Love is here idealised at the most, so you won't be easy to flirts. Passion is deep in feelings, fidelity and tendency to get only a child.  

In Virgo: The attitude of whom has got this position is surely chaste and reserved and above all never easy to fall in love as the critical sense will bring this subhect immediately to analyse the partner's faults. It's not a factor indicatingof a big passion, instead you get a certain coldness at basic.  

In Libra: Feelings are tender, spontaneous and marriage is seen as the right crowning of a real love story. Often it also means birth of a child who can cause the marriage.  

In Scorpio: With this position, passions get overwhelming, fatal, ready to transform but also to hate. It's however always a signal of excesses, ardent sensuality, seduction and mystery in the own love life.  

In Sagittarius: Surely loves won't be just around the corner, as tnis position takes often to fall in love with foreigners - also meaning as residents in other towns - but it also deals a certain spirit of indipendence therefore rarely you'll accept to renounce to the own freedom for.  

In Capricorn: Love adventures are rare and often you are attracted by persons whi are a lot older. Constant and fidel loves but with no big passion.  

In Aquarius: Love life is surely out of common rules, in the sign of freedom for both and first of all out of routine! Tendency to "love at first sight" and placing the love relationship on friendhsip bases.  

In Pisces: This position often means loves which are hard, in conflict, tormented and… voted to the sacrifice. The own partner gets extremely idealized and om consequence are inevitable and disappointments, when you crash against reality. Tendency to wirte love poems and songs.  

    7th HOUSE:

In Aries: Marriage or living together with a "marsian" partner, that's under Aries or Scorpio or with a strong position of Mars inside the Chart, with impulsive but loyal character. It also means early marriage.  

In Taurus: Easily the marriage brings a certain economical confort and the partner will be "venusian" that's under Taurus, Libra or with a strong position of Venus in the Chart, but his/her character will tend to be jealous and stubborn.  

In Gemini: Marriage or living rogether which often is born from a knowledge or friendship typically intellective. Partner "mercurial" - meaning under Gemini, Virgo or with Mercury in strong position in the Chart - sensible and intelligent.  

In Cancer: Partner with a changeble mood, inconstant, ipersensible and romantic. Marriage or living together strong but with a realization late in the age.  

In Leo: Bond with a person having high ideals, ardent, noble in the soul and faithful. Love marriage which is the natural conclusion after a long-dated relationship.  

In Virgo: This is a position tending to prefer staying single but eventually the relationsiops are born inside the working entourage.   

In Libra: Usually it means love marriage, with harmony and happiness, even if not always with a king life.  

In Scorpio: This means stormy relationships which come from a passional and ardent love story, with a "plutonic" person, that's Scorpio, Aries or Gemini or with Plutostrong in the chart.  

In Sagittarius: It's possible that marriage happens abroad or with a foreigner, signed by the extreme freedom andd individual independency. Partner "jupiterian" that's funder Sagittarius, Pisces or with a strong Jupiter in the Chart.  

In Capricorn: This pattern means marriage happening late in the age or with large difference in the age between the two but which however brings a certain economical benefit. Partner "saturnin",meaning under Capricorn, Aquarius or with Saturn strong in the Chart.  

In Aquarius: This position is the most typical for instability in relationships at long term except you are able to conciliate the natural tendency to the independence and curiosity for all news, with a familiar menage. Tendency however to to put in evidence friendship more than a real passionality. Partner "uranian" meaning under Aquario us or with Uranus strong in the chart.  

In Pisces: Tendency to hard bonds, with partner being often far from home or, however, relationship signed by clandestinity. Partner "neptunian", that's under Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius or with a strong Neptunin the chart.  


by Laura Poggiani - All Rights reserved