Robert P. Blaschke


The Columbia Space Shuttle catastrophe stunned the nation, reminding us that great achievement carries equally great risk, and that life can end in an instant at any time. There is a poignant metaphor contained within this tragedy: America, with all of her greatness and power, can be humbled and brought to tears when higher forces intervene. Our nation faces hard times this year and next, as Saturn stations first on our national Mars while square to our Neptune, next on our national Sun and the President's Sun in the Fall, and then on our Jupiter in March of 2004.

Many of you are no doubt feeling much anxiety about the state of the world. Retrograde Saturn is returning to within 2.5 degrees of an opposition with Pluto, with Mars also opposite the station, and taking us back into the pressure cooker that has been simmering on the stove since August of 2001. War with Iraq is looming on the horizon, North Korea is extremely unstable, and it will take a calm and steady mind to see past the fear and into the possibilities for the future.

There is much in the heavens to discuss with you as Uranus conjoins the USA national Moon and our progressed Sun, while Pluto opposes the USA progressed Moon, leaving us all filled with uncertainty and morbid trepidation. Many confrontations and hard times are coming for America and for our President, with Saturn entering Cancer in June and then stationing on our national Sun (and Mr Bush's Sun which is also at 13 Cancer). The last time this occurred, we were in the throes of Watergate, and, with Saturn on the USA Sun on 9 August 1974, President Nixon resigned.

Secretary of State, Colin Powell will address the United Nations Security Council tomorrow, as Mars conjoins the USA Ascendant and triggers the Solar Eclipse degree from last December 4th. Saddam Hussein's progressed Moon is exactly square his Jupiter on the 5th as well. The case against him will be made, starting the countdown to war if he does not fully comply with the UN.

Many of you are also aware of Tecumseh's Curse, and the death of U.S. Presidents since 1841 coinciding with the once-in-twenty year Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the earth element. The Sun-Jupiter trine found in the inauguration chart for President Bush confers spiritual protection upon him for this term, yet we must pray for our leader now as never before; that his decisions will be guided by courage and spiritual truth. Later in this newsletter, I will lay out a chronological trail of astrological progressions and transits occurring in the national horoscopes of the USA, Iraq and North Korea; and in the nativities of Mr Bush, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair and Kim Jong Il.


Space Shuttle Accident:

Mars-Uranus Parans & Anaretic Degrees

When the Columbia lifted off under the rays of a retrograde Mercury on January 16th at 10:39 AM EST from Cape Canaveral, Mars was in the fated 30th degree of Scorpio and in an accident-prone square to Uranus. In addition, the anaretic degrees were on all of the angles - 29 Pisces rising, 29 Sagittarius culminating, and their counterparts on the Descendant and IC. The Moon was out-of-bounds at 25N39 declination, with Mercury and Mars parallel at 19S09 and 19S32 declination, respectively. It has been revealed in the news that, upon lift-off, a piece of foam insulation broke off from a fuel tank, and this debris clipped the left wing. Alas, such a fated voyage into space.

At 8:00:05 AM CST on February 1st, many miles up in the sky over Nacogdoches, Texas, Columbia exploded and disintegrated into thousands of pieces, killing all seven astronauts aboard. There was a paran of Mars and Uranus as Columbia re-entered the earth's atmosphere - with Mars culminating on the local Midheaven, and Uranus rising locally. The Moon, Mercury and Mars were all parallel at 21S declination, and all contra-parallel to Saturn. Venus, in the Galactic Center degree of 26 Sagittarius, left us all contemplating the mysterious hand of God.

With the transit North Node now conjunct the USA progressed Uranus, ruling aeronautics, the future of NASA will have to be revisioned. It is also of note that Uranus is now conjunct the USA Sibly chart national Moon and its progressed Sun (4 July 1776; 5:10 PM LMT; Philadelphia), along with transit Pluto now opposite our national progressed Moon.

On 28 January 1986 at 11:38 AM EST, when Challenger lifted off for its ill-fated mission, which ended in a massive explosion 73 seconds later as a result of a failed O-Ring on the booster rocket, transit Saturn was opposite the USA progressed Uranus. Inexplicably, the composite chart for the Challenger and Columbia lift-offs has an explosive Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 8th house of death, and the degree of the stationary USA progressed Mars, 18 Libra, setting on the Descendant.


Mars Ever Nearer: 

The Perihelion Sun-Mars Retrograde Opposition Every 15-17 Years

For those of you fortunate enough to own an out-of-print copy of Jeff Mayo's The Astrologer's Astronomical Handbook (L.N. Fowler & Co. Ltd.; 1965), and by reading his chapter on the planets, you would learn that tropical oppositions of the Sun and Mars, when Mars is at perihelion (nearest to the Sun), occur in late summer about every 15-17 years. At these times, Mars is only 36 million miles from Earth. By contrast, when Mars is at aphelion (furthest from the Sun), its distance from the Earth can be as much as 61 million miles at the tropical opposition.

If it seems to you like we are getting nearer to Mars, with all of the accidents and explosions taking place around the world, not to mention the looming wars with Iraq and North Korea, your intuition is right on target. On 29 July 2003, Mars stations retrograde at 10 Pisces 08. The good news is that Jupiter will then be precisely on the USA progressed Ascendant at 23 Leo, protecting and preserving America should we be at war. Shortly thereafter on August 28th, a perihelion Mars, retrograde and opposite the Sun, occurs for the first time since 1988 (and first in Pisces since 1956).

The USA progressed Mars is turning retrograde in July of 2006 for the first time in our nation's history, and will remain so for the next 80 years. President Bush's progressed Mars is separating from a square to his natal Sun, and in the degree of the USA Saturn; his progressed Sun is now applying to a conjunction with his natal Mars. Mars is crossing the USA Sibly chart Ascendant now, and triggering the last solar eclipse degree. What's the deal here with all of this Mars?

Personally, I believe that fundamental changes are taking place now in the American male psyche. This is personified, in the view of conservative American males, by the courage, daring, patriotism and Christian leadership of President Bush. Through the lens of the liberal American male, he is seen as a reckless warmonger leading America into disaster. This political dichotomy, now playing out feverishly on our national stage, is a massive collective projection, in my view, reflecting the growing male cultural divide in the USA.

Stationary Mars in our progressed national horoscope is clearly having a profound effect on the male psyche. As Mars turns retrograde in a little over three years time, one may speculate that there is now a return to traditional male values and behaviors taking place; perhaps this is why the White House has who it has in Office now. Belief system meltdowns which are occurring in the psyches of liberal American males these days, as they find themselves increasingly marginalized in the political arena, can likely be attributed to being on the wrong side of a changing moral equation.

This major change in the American male psyche can also be seen astrologically in the USA progressed Sun-Mercury synodic cycle, when on 12 September 2003 there will be an inferior conjunction of the progressed retrograde USA Mercury and the USA progressed Sun at 28 Aquarius 51, the degree of the Uranus stations of 2002-03! At that point, our national Sun-Mercury relationship will scissor from a New phase conjunction to the Balsamic phase.

The last occurrence of this USA progressed inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury was in June of 1897 at 11 Scorpio 04, the year that William McKinley was inaugurated for his first term. Our nation also began with this synodic Sun-Mercury phenomenon, as our national retrograde Mercury was first conjunct our progressed Sun in July of 1783. The last superior conjunction of the USA progressed Sun and Mercury was in May of 1956 (with progressed Mercury in direct motion), the same year that we last had a retrograde Mars in Pisces at perihelion opposite the Sun!

Tellingly, the Sabian symbol for the 29th degree of Aquarius is: 'The beautifully winged insect has just come forth into glorious adult being upon completion of its metamorphosis'. Perhaps the shift in American consciousness accompanying this new progressed Sun-Mercury synodic cycle will be a delight to participate in. Whatever transmutation our national mental state is presently going through is part of a necessary evolutionary process for the country.

The 20 Degree Mutable Cross: 

Iraq, North Korea & President Bush's Nodal Axis

President Bush's progressed Ascendant has just entered the Taurus decanate of Virgo (6 July 1946; 7:26 AM EDT; New Haven CT; AA); his progressed horizon arriving at 20 degrees of mutable just after Christmas. With his natal nodal axis at 20 degrees of Gemini -Sagittarius, Mr Bush now has an exact mutable grand cross. With his natal Uranus conjunct this North Node in Gemini, and his progressed Midheaven arriving at a conjunction with this Uranus on October 30th, one can see his radical and bold leadership personifying the USA progressed stationary Uranus, which went direct in June of 1999 after being retrograde for 150 years since 1849, and ushering in the new American revolution now unfolding: a declared war on terrorism.

Many on the left are frothing at the mouth about the military pressure being applied against Iraq, their political perspective apparently confused by the present Jupiter-Neptune oppositions. They are seeing presumed dire and sinister Bush family oil connections hidden in the sands of the Middle Eastern desert as the motivation for war. Some of my readers may wish to inform these concerned citizens that it is France and Russia who have the most vested commercial interests in Iraqi oil, and what Tony Blair and George W. Bush are trying to do is to provide some teeth and backbone for the UN Security Council resolutions, which Iraq, as a defeated enemy in the Gulf War, and an international nuisance, has been defying for 12 years.

Why does Mr Bush have his plate full with Iraq and North Korea? Is it in his nodal axis, the fated and karmic dimension of any presidency which, through synastry with the national horoscopes of other countries, draws any leader into relationship with these nations? I think, yes. The Republic of Iraq (14 July 1958; 4:00 AM GMT; Baghdad; source: The Book of World Horoscopes; Nick Campion; Chart # 162) has Venus at 20 Gemini 22 opposite Saturn at 20 Sagittarius 21, within one minute of arc, and exactly the degrees of President Bush's nodal axis! With a Taurus Midheaven, this afflicted ruler, Venus is the prime astrological reason behind the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.

As Pluto stations on the Iraqi Saturn this year and next, it is certain that their government will undergo a complete restructuring, freeing the Iraqi people at last from this brutal dictator. Mr Bush, possessing a natal Saturn at 26 Cancer 30, conjunct the natal Pluto of Saddam Hussein within four minutes of arc at 26 Cancer 34, will resolutely hold the pressure on Iraq until they rid themselves of this evil man. The hardship of the Iraqi people over the last several years since the end of the Gulf War can be seen in their stationary direct progressed Saturn opposite their national Moon at 19 Gemini-Sagittarius. Transit Pluto is now aligning with this axis. But, will there be a war?

Iraq has 14 Leo 35 rising, with transit Jupiter crossing over this Ascendant three times, the final conjunction occurring on 12 June 2003. Furthermore, the Iraqi progressed Venus is arriving at a conjunction with their Ascendant, partile on 16 May 2003. These two angular benefics could serve as spiritual protection for the Iraqi people, with one of the following two scenarios possible: 1) the USA progressed Moon arrives at a conjunction with our national Mars on 6 April 2003 and we launch our military attack; three days later on April 9th transit Uranus conjoins Saddam Hussein's progressed Midheaven, he is removed from power suddenly, sparing the country from a prolonged war; or 2) sometime near to the Aries Ingress on March 20th, with Pluto stationary retrograde conjunct the Iraqi Saturn, Saddam Hussein is deposed from within his own country, thereby averting war altogether.

Saddam Hussein (28 April 1937; 3:35 AM BGT; Tikrit, Iraq; this reported birth time from the AFA Bulletin 5/91) could be removed from power suddenly and shockingly when transit Uranus conjoins his progressed Midheaven on April 9th. His natal Jupiter-Pluto opposition at 26 degrees of Capricorn-Cancer, exactly conjunct the USA progressed nodal axis, is now being activated by his progressed Moon at 26 Aries. A cardinal grand cross is completed by President Bush's progressed benefics, Venus and Jupiter at 24-25 degrees of Libra, respectively. The symbolism of the synastric cross between these two men, Good versus Evil, is startlingly clear.

The United States of America is now far and away the most powerful country in history, and it has a sacred destiny to be the leading Light of the world. With Pluto having recently crossed the USA Sibly chart Ascendant, and our progressed Midheaven having spent the past year in the power degree of 15 Taurus, America has consolidated its power, and declared its intention to hunt down terrorists, and to prevent weapons of mass destruction from ever getting into their hands.

After the UN inspectors were thrown out of Iraq in 1998, the very next year the Iraqi progressed Sun formed a conjunction with its Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo, perfecting in October of 1999, and our intelligence agencies saw that their forbidden weapons program was being reactivated. Next, that progressed Sun moved into a sextile with the Iraqi Neptune at 2 degrees Scorpio, an astrological signature for further chemical and biological weapons development if there ever was one, while concurrently their Neptunian deception and evasion strategies were being perfected.

If anyone in the anti-war movement in the USA, in the UK or Europe truly believes that Saddam Hussein does not have weapons of mass destruction hidden either in his own country or in Syria; or if anyone cannot perceive that the imminent intersection of the two most menacing vectors in human history are dangerously close to aligning (vector 1 = state sponsored terrorism; vector 2 = terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction from Iraq or North Korea); then the present Jupiter-Neptune oppositions have certainly succeeded in obscuring their geopolitical understanding.

It is no small celestial coincidence that transit Uranus will oppose the Iraqi Pluto on 23 March 2003, right as Pluto stations in the heavens, suddenly exposing the hidden arsenal of Saddam Hussein. With transit Saturn stationing and holding a prolonged square to the Iraqi progressed Ascendant at 22 Virgo, the country will remain in a vise-grip and in our crosshairs until it relents. Transit Mars will station direct later in the year at 0 Pisces, opposite that Iraqi Pluto, and much sectarian violence may break out in the country between September 11th and October 12th, when this aspect is within a one-degree orb. Fortunately, it will be a short-lived, and as a result of the coming political transition.

North Korea also has ties with Mr Bush's nodal axis; as its Jupiter is found at 19 Sagittarius 59. More about this country, and its bizarre leader, will be found later in the newsletter.

Tony Blair is America's Best Friend: 

His Full Moon Relationship with George W. Bush


British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, as I write, has his progressed Sun at 03 Cancer 06, in a partile conjunction with the USA Venus (6 May 1953; 6:10 AM GDT; Edinburgh, Scotland; AA). He is America's best friend, and we love him dearly here in the States. This extremely intelligent man has one of C.E.O. Carter's 'Sacred Six' aspects of raw brainpower, a natal Sun-Uranus sextile, exact within six minutes of arc. His MC/IC axis is 26 Capricorn-Cancer, exactly on the progressed USA nodal axis, and his natal Mercury at 26 Aries 23 is part of the Mr Bush-Saddam Hussein synastric cardinal grand cross. Mr Blair's natal nodal axis (06 Aquarius-Leo 54) falls on President Bush's horizon, and explains how these two men are the most important allies in the world.

He has taken a substantial domestic political risk by aligning himself unswervingly with the USA in the war on terrorism, and with our resolute insistence that Iraq must disarm, or be forced to. Mr Blair can confidently look ahead to even greater respect and stature in the UK and abroad, as his progressed Midheaven is approaching a sextile with his natal Sun. This aspect will be in effect for two years, 20 September 2003 until 25 October 2005. In addition, his progressed MC will perfect a trine with his natal Uranus on 1 September 2004, cementing a reputation as an innovative leader and fearless statesman. He is a good man with a heart of gold, and should be praised by all Brits.

What makes his relationship with President Bush so very important for assessing global affairs is that these two men produce a composite chart with an exact Full Moon; the Sun at 14 Gemini 34 and the Moon at 14 Sagittarius 06. This axis of the Luminaries also trines Pluto at 15 Leo 41, and sextiles Neptune at 13 Libra 55. Their composite Ascendant is 05 Cancer 43, conjunct the USA Jupiter within 13 minutes of arc. Jupiter is stationing on 3-4 April 2003 at 08 Leo 04, conjunct their composite Jupiter within 36 minutes of arc. If there were to be any two souls on Earth that could see the geopolitical scenario as clear as day, these two, with a composite Full Moon, can.

As Neptune stations this year on May 15th at 13 Aquarius 11, a Mystic Rectangle is thus formed in the composite chart for them. They are both of the Light, and the world can follow their leadership safely and securely. Their composite intercepted 12th house Mercury-Venus conjunction at 18 Gemini, opposed by Pluto three times this year, is symbolic of the guidance that they are receiving from the Spiritual Agencies that govern the evolution of mankind on this planet. They are, together and united, standing firm and confronting the dark forces threatening Earth at this time.

Hard Times For America 2003-04: 

Saturn Stationary on the USA Mars, Sun and Jupiter

Our nation faces hard times this year and next year, as Saturn will station first on our national Mars while square to our Neptune; then on our national Sun and the President's Sun in the Fall; and finally on our Jupiter in March of 2004. This will clearly be seen in the continuing sluggishness of the national economy, and in the ongoing decline in consumer confidence. With Saturn ingressing into Cancer on June 3rd, we can forecast increasing concerns about defending the homeland, a drop in real-estate values, trouble for the lodging and restaurant industries, serious problems with genetically modified foods, and much misfortune within child protection service agencies.

Saturn will station on October 25th at 13 Cancer 14, conjunct the USA Sun within 5 minutes of arc, and President Bush's Sun within 32 minutes of arc. As mentioned earlier, the last occurrence of this in the USA national horoscope was between 9 August 1974 and 22 April 1975, when Saturn conjoined our Sun three times. This dreadful period of American history included both the resignation of President Nixon to the day of the first conjunction, and the Fall of Saigon on 29-30 April 1975, one week after the third conjunction, ending the only war America has ever lost.

It would be perfectly reasonable, given this historical precedent, for one to feel quite apprehensive about the next 16-17 months. Saturn will actually form only one pure conjunction to the USA Sun on 11 June 2004, and just one to Mr Bush's Sun three days later on 14 June 2003. Additionally contributing to one's nervousness about our planet's short term future is the historical fact that on 28 June 1945, when Saturn was last conjunct the USA Sun prior to 1974-75, we were within 18 days of exploding the first atomic bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico. The following month, in August of 1945, World War II was mercifully ended when the Japanese surrendered after having two of these bombs dropped on their industrial cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

With Pluto opposing the USA Mars three times in 2004 (27 Jan; 24 May; 25 Nov), while Saturn is also conjunct our national Sun, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that America has some violent confrontations ahead. Since September 11th, when the world equation changed overnight, America has had to become tougher to protect itself from radical Islamic fanatics. 2003-04 is shaping up to be an intense nail-biter. We have to get mentally tougher now to face what is coming soon.

America declared war on terrorism after September 11th, facing an enemy which values death greater than life. Terrorists will not stop until they can again inflict great pain upon the United States, or until we hunt them down and kill them before they can kill our innocent people. This is the new reality of the 21st Century. With Saturn approaching our national Sun, and in light of the present global concerns, it may very well be that America will have to face this dreaded reality again: stopping North Korea before it reaches dangerous levels in its nuclear arms program, and either having these weapons get into the hands of terrorists, or spawning a new arms race in Asia involving Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

What will happen to America between now and June of 2004? One must never forget that this great nation has its Sun square to an exalted Saturn, which is itself angular and accidentally dignified in the 10th house. We have been tested time and time again, our national character being forged like a fine diamond as a result of this aspect in our national horoscope. With the two benefics, Venus and an exalted Jupiter conjunct in Cancer, our nation does much good for countries around the world. I suspect that there will be many within this country who will continue to relentlessly criticize this president during the upcoming Saturnian chapter of American history; but with his progressed Sun conjunct his natal Mars, he will stare them down and remain resolute in his convictions.

Depending on your politics and your intra-psychic terrain, you may see one of these two futures: 1) America maturely shoulders its global responsibilities and stands resolved, with Britain at our side, until Iraq and North Korea disarm, no matter what it takes, thus reducing catastrophic-level risks of terrorism; or 2) while America and its President are criticized from all quarters by a world frightened of our power and resolve, the domestic mood turns ugly, society is unable to bear these critical forces coming at us from abroad, we cave in and we modify our foreign policy to appease the Europeans.

Problems with Iraq? North Korea's Progressed 

Mars Activated by Last Solar Eclipse

Don't we have enough problems with Iraq? Taking a look at North Korea; with its national Pluto in the power degree of 15 Leo, a Sun at 16 Virgo 19 being squared by Pluto, its Uranus at the significant cardinal ingress degree of 0 Cancer, and an unstable leader with a natal Sun-Uranus square recently being triggered by transit Uranus; and you have one of those astrological nightmares where you put your head into your hands and think to yourself, 'I can't believe this is happening, too' (North Korea: 9 September 1948; 12:00 PM 9E; P'yongyang); (Kim Jong Il; 15 February 1942; noon chart;  Khabarovsk, USSR); sources:

North Korea's progressed Mars, presently at 11 Sagittarius 48, was triggered by the Solar Eclipse of last December 4th, and much saber rattling took place between the United States and this rogue nation after the revelations of its renewed nuclear arms program surfaced last Fall. Pluto has been squaring North Korea's national Sun, the aspect perfecting last year three times on January 9th, June 4th and November 9th. Furthermore, Uranus is stationing two years in a row opposite the North Korean Saturn at 28 Leo 46, making diplomatic cooperation nearly impossible. Further evidence of difficult diplomacy is found in North Korea's progressed Midheaven square Venus.

As transit Pluto stations at 19 Sagittarius 57, conjunct the North Korean Jupiter within two minutes of arc, there is intense global pressure on P'yongyang to tow the line regarding non-proliferation treaties; coming from the US, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea. Will the Koreans cooperate? For this answer, one must look both to the nativity of their eccentric leader, Kim Jong Il, as well as at the condition of the progressed Sun in their national chart. Mr Kim, born at a conjunction of the malefics, Mars and Saturn, has his natal Sun square to Uranus, making him quite unpredictable.

Additionally, Neptune is forming seven squares to the North Korean progressed Sun, symbolizing their leader, between March of 2001 and December of 2003. Think deception, betrayal, deceit, strangeness and treachery and you begin to get the picture here. It appears that the USA will have to deal rather harshly with this man to keep him from further destabilizing the region. Saturn will transit over the North Korean Uranus between May 29th and June 13th, and it should be at this time that the American hammer will have to come down on Mr Kim's delusional nuclear ambitions.

Interestingly, Kim Jong Il is part of a global club of world leaders with natal planets at 22 Taurus, the degree of the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May of 2000. Kim's Saturn is in this degree; along with Yasser Arafat (Moon), Pervez Musharraf (Mars), Vice-President Cheney (Uranus), and Joseph Lieberman (also Saturn).

Two other observations worth sharing with you are that 1) the North Korean progressed Uranus, which stationed retrograde when the country was in its 27th year after independence, has now returned to a partile conjunction with its national Uranus at 0 Cancer 15 precisely; and 2) Kim Jong Il's progressed Sun is presently at 26 Aries, joining the synastric cardinal cross shared by Saddam Hussein, President Bush, Tony Blair and the USA progressed nodal axis. The Axis of Evil speech of last year seems to have had an astrological underpinning after all.

Critical Astrological Dates:

 A Chronology of Relevant Progressions & Transits

In this newsletter, numerous progressed and transit aspect dates have been cited in reference to the national horoscopes of the USA, Iraq and North Korea. In addition, progressed aspects forming in the nativities of George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il have also been alluded to. In the interest of the reader's intellectual integration, I have compiled a chronological timeline of each of these various planetary dynamics, which shall be listed for you here.

January 20032 January 2003                   Mercury stationary retrograde (28 Capricorn 28)
12 January 2003                Transit Neptune square North Korean secondary progressed Sun
16 January 2003                Columbia Space Shuttle Lift-Off (10:39 AM EST)
19 January 2003                Transit Uranus conjunct USA Moon
21 January 2003                Transit Jupiter conjunct Iraqi ASC
22 January 2003                Mercury stationary direct (12 Capricorn 18)
22 Jan to 26 May               Transit Pluto stationary conjunct North Korean Jupiter (< 1 degree)
23 January 2003                 Transit Pluto opposite Iraqi Moon
29 January 2003                 Saddam Hussein progressed Moon square Pluto

February 200322 Jan to 26 May                 Transit Pluto stationary conjunct North Korean Jupiter (< 1 degree)
1 February 2003                 Columbia explodes re-entering Earth's atmosphere (8:00 AM CST)
3 February 2003                 Tony Blair progressed Sun conjunct USA Venus (03 Cancer 06)
4 Feb to 10 May                    Transit Pluto stationary conjunct Iraqi Saturn (< 1 degree)
5 February 2003                 Transit Mars conjunct USA Ascendant + last Solar Eclipse degree
5 February 2003                 Saddam Hussein progressed Moon square Jupiter
6 February to 10 March     Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Mars (< 1 degree)
7 February 2003                Transit Jupiter trine USA Ascendant
8 February 2003                Transit Uranus conjunct USA progressed Sun
17 February 2003                Transit Uranus opposite North Korean Saturn
21 February 2003                Mr Bush progressed Moon square Pluto
22 February 2003                Saturn stationary direct (22 Gemini 08)

March 200322 Jan to 26 May                Transit Pluto stationary conjunct North Korean Jupiter (< 1 degree)
4 Feb to 10 May                Transit Pluto stationary conjunct Iraqi Saturn (< 1 degree)
4 March 2003                    USA secondary progressed Sun tri-octile (135) Sun
10 March 2003                    Uranus ingress into Pisces
23 March 2003                    Transit Uranus opposite Iraqi Pluto
23 March 2003                    Mr Bush progressed Venus conjunct natal IC

April 200322 Jan to 26 May                Transit Pluto stationary conjunct North Korean Jupiter (< 1 degree)
4 Feb to 10 May                Transit Pluto stationary conjunct Iraqi Saturn (< 1 degree)
3 April 2003                    Jupiter stationary direct (08 Leo 04)
6 April 2003                    USA secondary progressed Moon conjunct Mars
9 April 2003                    Transit Uranus conjunct Saddam Hussein progressed MC
26 April 2003                    Mercury stationary retrograde (20 Taurus 32)

May 200322 Jan to 26 May                Transit Pluto stationary conjunct North Korean Jupiter (< 1 degree)
4 Feb to 10 May                Transit Pluto stationary conjunct Iraqi Saturn (< 1 degree)
1 May 2003                    Transit Uranus square North Korean Moon
4 May 2003                    USA secondary progressed Moon square Neptune
16 May 2003                    Iraqi Progressed Venus conjunct Ascendant
20 May 2003                     Mercury stationary direct (11 Taurus 08)
24 May 2003                    Transit Pluto opposite Iraqi Moon
26 May 2003                    Mr Bush progressed Sun enters 1 degree orb conjunct Mars
29 May 2003                    Transit Jupiter trine USA Ascendant
29 May 2003                    Mr Bush progressed Moon trine natal Sun

June 20033 June 2003                    Saturn ingress into Cancer
6 June 2003                    Transit Saturn conjunct North Korean Uranus
12 June 2003                    Transit Jupiter conjunct Iraqi Ascendant
18 June 2003                    Transit Mars opposite Iraqi Pluto

July 200314 July 2003                    Transit Uranus square North Korean Moon
18 July 2003                    Transit Jupiter conjunct Mr Bush Venus
29 July 2003                    Mars stationary retrograde (10 Pisces 08)
31 July 2003                    Transit Uranus conjunct Saddam Hussein progressed MC

August 20039 Aug to 17 Sep                Transit Pluto stationary square North Korean Sun (< 1 degree)
27 August 2003                Transit Uranus opposite Iraqi Pluto
27 August 2003                Jupiter ingress into Virgo
28 August 2003                Mercury stationary retrograde (26 Virgo 19)
28 August 2003                Retrograde perihelion Mars opposite Sun (05 Virgo-Pisces 01)

September 200312 September 2003            USA progressed inferior conjunction of Sun-Mercury (28 Aq 51)
17 September 2003            Transit Mars opposite Iraqi Pluto
20 September 2003             Mercury stationary direct (12 Virgo 13)
21 Sep to 24 Dec                Transit Uranus stationary oppose North Korean Saturn (< 1 degree)
23 September 2003             Transit Neptune square North Korean secondary progressed Sun
24 Sep to 26 Nov                Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Sun (< 1 degree)
27 September 2003            Mars stationary direct (00 Pisces 07)

October 200321 Sep to 24 Dec                Transit Uranus stationary oppose North Korean Saturn (< 1 degree)
24 Sep to 26 Nov                Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Sun (< 1 degree)
3 Oct to 17 Nov                    Transit Saturn stationary conjunct Mr Bush Sun (< 1 degree)
6 October 2003                    Transit Mars opposite Iraqi Pluto
25 October 2003                Saturn stationary retrograde (13 Cancer 14)
28 October 2003                Mr Bush progressed MC trine Jupiter leaves 1 degree orb
30 October 2003                Mr Bush progressed MC conjunct natal Uranus

November 200321 Sep to 24 Dec                Transit Uranus stationary oppose North Korean Saturn (< 1 degree)
24 Sep to 26 Nov                Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Sun (< 1 degree)
3 Oct to 17 Nov                   Transit Saturn stationary conjunct Mr Bush Sun (< 1 degree)
12 November 2003                North Korean progressed MC square Venus leaves 1 degree orb
22 November 2003                Transit Pluto opposite Iraqi Moon

December 200321 Sep to 24 Dec                Transit Uranus stationary oppose North Korean Saturn (< 1 degree)
1 December 2003                Transit Neptune square North Korean secondary progressed Sun
17 December 2003                Mercury stationary retrograde (12 Capricorn 33)
18 December 2003                Transit Pluto conjunct North Korean Jupiter
28 December 2003                Transit Pluto conjunct Iraqi Saturn

January 20046 January 2004                   Mercury stationary direct (26 Sagittarius 17)
15 January 2004                Transit Uranus opposite Iraqi Pluto
27 January 2004                Transit Pluto opposite USA Mars

February 200410 Feb to 3 Apr                Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Jupiter (< 1 degree)
13 February 2004             Transit Uranus square North Korean Moon
13 February 2004              Transit Uranus conjunct Saddam Hussein progressed MC

March 200410 Feb to 3 Apr                Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Jupiter (< 1 degree)

April 200410 Feb to 3 Apr                Transit Saturn stationary conjunct USA Jupiter (< 1 degree)

May 200424 May 2004                    Transit Pluto opposite USA Mars

June 20046 June 2004                    Mr Bush progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars
11 June 2004                  Transit Saturn conjunct USA Sun
14 June 2004                   Transit Saturn conjunct Mr Bush Sun

July 20042 July 2004                    Transit Pluto conjunct Iraqi Saturn
19 July 2004                   Transit Pluto conjunct North Korean Jupiter

September 20041 September 2004            Tony Blair progressed MC trine Uranus
29 September 2004           Transit Jupiter conjunct USA MC

October 20047 October 2004                Tony Blair progressed MC sextile Sun
9 October 2004                Mr Bush second Saturn return (1st conjunction)
10 October 2004              Transit Pluto conjunct North Korean Jupiter
25 October 2004              Transit Pluto conjunct Iraqi Saturn
28 October 2004              Transit Uranus conjunct Saddam Hussein progressed MC

November 200425 Nov 2004                    Transit Pluto opposite USA Mars

December 20042 December 2004            Transit Uranus conjunct Saddam Hussein progressed MC
8 December 2004            Mr Bush second Saturn return (2nd conjunction)

Uranus in the Sign of the Fishes: 

Jesus Christ & Radical Spiritual Awakening

On March 10th, Uranus ingresses into Pisces, leaving the secularism and humanism of Aquarius and entering the spiritual and clairvoyant domain of the sign of the Fishes. During the last sojourn of Uranus through Pisces (1919-1927), an exhausted and recovering world had just seen the end of World War I, Europe was in tatters, and Woodrow Wilson was attempting peace in Paris.

Many radical changes in society took place immediately upon Uranus' entry into the new sign. The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect, and Prohibition became the law of the land. Dock workers went out on strike in New York City, and a strike by steel workers started, lasting until the following year. There were violent race riots in Chicago, and the 'Black Sox' bribery scandal rocked the baseball world. The Senate voted against joining the League of Nations.

What may we expect this year as Uranus makes a sign change into Pisces? Likely manifestations are record numbers of refugees seeking asylum, widespread prison riots, scandals in retirement communities, an upsurge in alcohol-related auto and airplane accidents, high-tech footwear, weird new dance crazes, spectacular oceanographic discoveries, increased practice of reflexology, new monastic orders for nuns and monks, notoriety for media psychics, turmoil in the fishing industry, crisis in the nursing profession, serious efforts to further crack down on opium trafficking, and outstanding works of art and literature by writers, poets, composers, mystics and film-makers.

A welcome return to emotional and spiritual life priorities after seven years of Uranus in Aquarius is certain. If you have had enough of Internet hype, the absurdity of cyber-communities, disproportionate glorification of technology, science and computers, your ship has finally come in! The transition from the Air element to the Water element will certainly be refreshing, and we can now look forward to a new era of superb literary, artistic, musical and creative accomplishment.

The nativity of Jesus (1 March 7 BC; 1:21 AM LMT; Bethlehem; source: Astrology's Pew in Church; Don 'Moby Dick' Jacobs; 1974) contains a six-planet stellium in Pisces in the third house trine to Neptune in the eleventh and opposite Pluto in the ninth. The Messiah was born at a Pisces New Moon preceding a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Pisces, and with 12 Sagittarius 55 rising, the same degree as the USA Sibly chart Ascendant.

Uranus will station the next two years at 2 degrees of Pisces, exactly on the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction found in the Nativity of Jesus. A downpouring of the Holy Spirit will likely occur, resulting in waves of spiritual awakenings for secular humanists, now weary of the technological emptiness in their lives, and who may feel compelled to cross that line and ask Jesus Christ to come into their heart as their Lord and Savior.

We have reached collective critical mass: the combined societal impact of ongoing terrorism fears; the effects on the human psyche of rapid technological change for almost a decade; disillusionment with failed stock market investments and bankrupt corporations which have disrupted retirement plans for millions of Americans; too many individuals taking prescription drugs for depression or for attention deficit disorder in kids; loss of spiritual focus in one's life - this is the malaise and despair that modern society has become. Before a new cycle can begin when Uranus reaches the cardinal point of 0 Aries in May of 2010, society desperately needs to know tranquility again.

Thus, it is now time for the healers and mystics to step forward and do their work. People need to heal, to relax, to reflect, to ponder, to drift and dream with no time pressures. Dust off your piano, pull the painter's easel out of the back of the closet, unplug the computers and televisions in the art studio, cancel that Internet account, buy stamps, write letters and take that vacation to the coast.
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