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Whether your heart is beating for the first time or you are rediscovering an old feeling, the question is always the same: “Is he the right one for me - the man of my life?” And the mind flies up in romantic fantasies, whether he is a real prince or just the boy next door.

However, we often come to realize that all our love stories have similar features, sometimes the persons we like look like each other, either physically or in their personality. There is a sort of Freudian “compulsion to repeat” that, believe it or not, makes us always fall in love with the same kind of person, with those same unavoidable troubles and with the same positive aspects that help us to forgive him/her the most bitter moments of our relationship in a minute.

Astrologically speaking, the ideal man is essentially indicated by the planet Mars. As Lisa Morpurgo wrote in her book “The nature of Planets”:

“The most widespread and folkloristic image of Mars is connected to its seat in Aries, where brute force appears as completely dis­sociated from the reason (…) and supported by a triumphant solarity (…). Here, the image of the homo non-sapiens is fully expressed, he who keeps governing the world by frenziedly piling up more phallus-missiles than would suffice to destroy the Earth five times.”

SYNASTRY: Sun/Mars relations

But this should not induce one to think that the sign where we have Mars should correspond to the birth sign of our twin soul. On the contrary, it more often indicates that we will find partners of the opposite birth sign, which shows how oppositions between his Sun sign and her Mars provide an extremely strong basis for sex appeal.

Again, we may also find a square between her Mars and his Sun, even though in this case the relationship, while not being necessarily weaker, will involve more conflict.

But let’s have a look at a few famous couples.


After the failure of his previous marriage with Nicole Kidman, the tabloids have extensively covered the new romance between the actor and the beautiful actress Penelope Cruz, also lingering on a certain degree of rivalry between the two women, and not only because they were fighting over Toms’ heart.

Penelope is a Taurus with Mars in Cancer, conjunct Saturn. Her ideal man should be sweet, sensitive, romantic, but also capable of being firm and reliable (conjunction with Saturn). This is why we are not surprised by the fact that Penelope was immediately attracted precisely by the Cancer Tom Cruise, who also has Mercury in the fourth sign of the Zodiac. Moreover, the Great Trine formed by Tom’s Sun with Neptune in Scorpio  and Jupiter in Pisces remarkably emphasizes the romantic and sweet attitudes that Penelope enjoys very much.

And as far as Nicole Kidman is concerned, her Mars is in Libra, a square sign to Tom’s solar sign, Cancer, which indicates that, in spite of the strong tie that kept them united for long years, their relationship was doomed to end in a rather stormy manner, with the addition of nasty comments uttered uniquely to hurt the former partner, like Kidman’s famous “Now I will be wearing heel shoes again!” just to recall her ex-husband’s scarce height.


The love story between Melanie and Antonio has been depicted as the magic encounter with prince charming come true: a look was enough to have both madly falling in love with each other up to the point of challenging their existing love relationships, that had apparently been consolidated until that moment.

Melanie’s Mars is in Leo, which is also her and Antonio’s birth sign, while her Mars conjunct Pluto talks of a capacity for overwhelming passion. Melanie is able to tie her man to herseělf with the necessary eclecticism that will make every day spent together always exciting and different from the others. Together with Pluto, her Mars is in the Fifth house, which cannot but reinforce the leonine symbolism of her sign, while her Sun in the Fourth House highlights that Melanie’s passion can be really fulfilled only by giving a fine family to her man.


Hollywood is in fibrillation for the new affair just started between Demi and the actor Ashton Kutcher, 15 years younger than her.

The Scorpio Demi has a triple conjunction – Sun, Venus and Neptune - in her birth sign, with a very romantic nature (Venus-Neptune conjunction) that, sooner or later, has to come to terms with reality though, as happened to her with her previous marriage with actor Bruce Willis. Demi’s Mars is in Leo, thus making her particularly sensitive to the image of a strong, passionate man, perhaps a bit “macho”, but certainly capable of being a good father in a family.

Ashton Kutcher, in its turn, was born with a Sun-Venus-Moon conjunction in Aquarius, which is the perfectly opposite sign to Demi’s Mars in Leo. Just as usual for those with such a conjunction, Ashton is a charming but very sensitive man, even though the square between the Sun and Uranus in Scorpio casts a disquieting shadow on the possibility for him to keep long-lasting relationships going, and rather reinforces the Aquarian qualities of the actor who actually loves his own independence above all.

Looking at Demi’s previous relationship with Willis, we can note once again that, in spite of the actor’s birth Sun being in Pisces, Demi was attracted by a decisively Aquarian personality, as Bruce has the Moon, Chiron, Venus and Mercury in this sign!




By Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved 
(Trans. by Valeria Maria Tafel)

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