by Udo Rudolph


Part 1:  General remarks on the subject

Birth, death and transcendence are subjects on which there are stili no generally valid scientific findings. Few people devote their attention to the modem teachings of theosophy, anthroposophy or the Agni
Yoga’s theory of life, to mention but a few of the sources providing plausible answers to these important questions of life in our western world.

The sad lack of knowledge on transcendental worlds and the purpose of life is due solely to the fact that we have hitherto devoted too little attention to these subjects.

The fact that there are people who can make meaningful statements on invisible force fields in the human body the chakras and that telepathic communication between the living and the dead has been proved to take place should make us stop and think again. Here there are points of contact with the transcendent world. Reports of children who can recall their past lives are also facts which have increasingly been observed in particular among the highly gifted “indigo children”.

it is an established fact that people are becoming increasingly aware of their desire for an answer to these questions. Leading scientists have also worked towards finding answers to these important questions concerning life, death and transcendence in recent decades. In their published works, the physicists Fritjof Capra and Hans-Peter Dürr have drawn attention to the need to shed more light on these subjects.

In his book “Wendezeit” (“Time for change”), Capra writes on the subject of birth and death:  

“The encounter with birth and death experienced in the course of a psychotherapy often constitutes a genuine existential crisis, as it compels people to seriously consider the meaning of life and the values underlying it.
rldly ambitions, the striving to be better than one’s neighbour, the desire for a better social status, power and material possession
everything is suddenly meaningless in the light of possibly approaching death.” p. 420 

“Birth and death appear to be the beginning and end of human existence, and any psychological system that fails to include them must remain superficial and incomplete." Citation from Graf, p. 420 in Capra’s book “Wendezeit”.

Hans-Peter Dürr, former head of the Max-Planck-lnstitute of Physics, writes in his book “Physik und Transzendenz” (“Physics and transcendence"):

In order to be able to act, man needs a knowledge that goes beyond purely scientific knowledge he needs transcendental guidance. The fact that everything is seen in the light of natural science and that we are directly experiencing breathtaking technological advances clouds our view of the transcendental and its necessity for our life. Yet this shortcoming becomes increasingly tangible as the danger to mankind grows. The calls for a clear direction to follow are becoming louder in the confusing diversity of an increasingly complex and complicated technical world. People today are becoming more aware of their desire for an essential “Etne” or, as Werner Heisenberg called it, a “central order” behind this increasingly ramified and crumbling world of thought.”

The following statement was made by Albert Einstein:

“Mystic experience is the deepest and also greatest emotion of which we are capable.
It alone is the source of true science.”

These citations from individual famous scientists are “calls for clarity in the desert of human ignorance on the subject of transcendence” and should be taken seriously. I believe that the discovery of as yet unknown “transcendental worlds” is one of the fundamental issues of our existence today. If we are capable of sending men into outer space and to other planets, then our scientists should also be capable of investigating the inner transcendental worlds. We will remain at the mercy af the forces and energy of these worlds for as long as we do not acknowledge them, make a serious attempt to investigate them and reconcile ourselves with them. Only when that has been done will we be able te see the "central order” mentioned by Werner Heisenberg in his book “Der Teil und das Ganze" ("The whole and the part”).

Astrologists are studying the problem of human lite between the "mysteries" of birth and death. Unfortunately, the transcendental aspect will continue te be largely disregarded for as Long as birth and death remain mysteries for us. Yet these mysteries could be solved if we were to incorporate the theory of reincarnation in our view of the world. This "key" makes the meaning of life clearer. The recurrent incarnations on our planet Earth are essential evolutionary processes in the development of our consciousness. They should lead us to perfection as is written in the Bible:

“You shall! Become perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect”.

That is impossible in a singie lifetime and can only be achieved in the course of many incarnations!

Sir George Travelyan, the wise old man in the Findhorn group, is considered the pioneer of a New Age. In his book “Eine Vision des Wassermann-Zeitalters” (“A vision of the Aquarian Age”), he wrìtes:

“The inner being in each and every one of us is immortal and cannot be touched by the death of the physical body containing it. The conclusions arising from this knowledge of the spiritual nature in man are immense. We are a creation with body, soul and spirit - the spiritua! being inside us, our true self, is immortal.”

According to the philosophy of Agni-Yoga:

“The scholars say that “man begins to die with the momenf that he is born". We, however, believe that man is constantly being born and particularly in the moment of so-called death. Our understanding of the reincarmation is inherent in our attitude towards death. People call it death, yet it is the real birth. The transition in full consciousness is particularly remarkable.”

These few words contain clear statements on the terms birth and death and show that the reincarnation is the link between the changes in existence and form at birth and death. Man is governed by an eternal cycle between the visible material world in the here and now and the invisible immaterial other world which we enter as we pass through the gates of birth and death. Astrologists develop important knowledge providing useful answers for a better understariding of life for all those in search af such understanding.

lf we realize that the “transcendental world” is the spring supplying us with energy, then we should face this “spring of life” with respect and gratefulness. Astrologists work with transcendental planetary forces and force fields which obey a higher order and affect all areas of life on Earth. It should then also be possible to show not only the vìsible person as the entity of body, “soul and spirit”, but also to portray the invisible immortal part, the soul and spirit, the “life element” in our astrological constellations.

Carl Perch, one of the leading teachers of the “Hamburg School”, has investigated the subjects of birth and death with particular points. He did not restrict himself to the sum of which is considered in the

Hamburg School as representing the “entity of body, soul and spirit”. Perch undertook other changes which made it possible to address “soul and spirit” purely with the haif-sum .

A condition in which the life element is separated from the body, as may briefly occur during serious accidents and major operations, but which is final when death occurs. In all these cases, the lite element separates from the body. Numerous investigations with these points for birth and death have convinced me that they are effective and can be applied as hypothesis for further irìvestigations. However, these can only be successful if the meridian Is “flawless”.

If this hypothesis is confirmed further, it will open up a new and larger field for “spiritual astrology” which will bring us to a close relationship with the transcendental worlds.

Summary of statements on the Mars/Saturn radix axis

“President Kennedy, a person of worldwide authority suffered physical death from shots fired by a hidden marksman in Dallas. At the time of this occurrence, the President is related fo other people in a fortunate public community. The sympathy displayed by the public is a source of inner happiness for him. The murder creates a problematical change leading to a bottleneck and cessation of creativity. The public encounter with violence in Dallas triggers a change in the leadership.”

All the preceding statements can be confirmed through the constellation of the planets and can be read up in our works of reference. 

This ìnterpretation naturally carinot be made in the form given here purely from the MA/SA radix axis unless the precise moment at which the President will visit Dallas is simultaneously known. What Is remarkable, however, is that after the calamitous event all the details directly associated with the murder can be proved from the MA/SA radix axis of J.F. Kennedy through striking consteflations.

Astrologists know that only those events occur during a lifetime which are also indicated in the radix horoscope. Any astrologist investigating such a horoscope will immediately be highfy alarmed in the presence of such constellations presaging calamity as in the radix horoscope of J.F. Kennedy.

Politicians in such high positions are fully aware of the fact that they are in constant danger af being killed and do not surround themselves with numerous bodyguards without good reason. Yet even the astrologist who has heard the tolling of the bell is powerless to avert such an event.

He can, however, issue a warnìng and give notice of the times at which the danger is greatest. Kennedy was warned before travelling to Dallas, but did not heed the warning.

Because we know that an indicated occurrence need not necessarily happen, a warning can prove useful provided that it is also taken seriously.

Equally calamitous constellations can demonstrably be found in the radix horoscopes of other assassinated people as were also found in the horoscope of John F. Kennedy.


Combination of radix and advanced horoscopes

working with two circles, radix and advanced, reveals the trend for the time by which the horoscope is advanced. It is advanced by the individuai heliac arc and resolved when the moving constellation enters the existing structures and recurrences occur in the horoscope. In all the numerous horoscopes which we have investigated in Hamburg in the course of more than 50 years, we aiways found that the heliac arcs of 22°30’, 45°, 67°30' and 90° were associated with major occurrences of importance for the person concerned.

That also applies for Kennedy, whose Solar arc at the time of the murder was 44°23’,

Do not let yourselves be confused by the wealth of constellations in this presentation. You will rapidity see the essentials in this combination. First af all we have four striking covers in the exceedingly low orbit as well as two concentrations which have formed around the heliac arc (45°) due to the advance. The covers and concentrations already describe the most important points of this presentation. It is therefore not necessary to delve further into the other supplementary constellations describing the events in detail

Consideration of the three natal
radix, advanced and moving

in this presentation, i wouid like to draw your attention to a special feature which we have repeatedly observed in Hamburg. The common sun positions of ali members of families and working groups almost always come together in a common axis. The same phenomenon is also to be found in private horoscopes in conjunction with special events. The radix, advanced and moving sun positions form a single axis of symmetry in such cases. The same is also observed in the “three-plane consideration r/v/t" for the day of the murder, where we find the sun in the lower orbit:

The arrow in the diagram is between the radix SO and the SO of the day of the assassination and also forms a half-sum between the SO v and the sun. This structure in itself indicates that this day (SO t) is a special day in the life of the J.F.K. at his momentary age (SO v). If we take a closer look at the diagram, we see a wealth of symmetrical structures describing the murder in detail.

The day = SO t, the hour MO t, the minute MC t and the half-sum for death MA/SA t, as well as Ha, AS v and HA t supplement this structure with full factors and the sens.point UR +HA-SA t showing death by murder on this day, at this hour and minute. J.F. Kennedy’s involvement is indicated in this consteliation through his suns r and v, as well as his AS v and the Ha.



In the first part, I have shown that I believe it important to include the invisible transcendental world in our astrological considerations because it is part of our world and the source of our energy.

It suppiies the energy that keeps us alive and is the counterpole to our visible material world. Carl Perch has left us a useful astrological key with which to address the invisible elements of our life in astrological terms and penetrate into them more deepiy. The Aquarian Age which is just beginning will be a time for synthesis. One of the most important tasks facing us on planet Earth will be to find a synthesìs between the visibIe and the invisible worlds. Such new terminological creations as "other reality", "anti­matter” or “parallel world", which are encountered occasionally, almost always refer to the "invisible subtle world”. We do not need new terms. If we investigate this currently still unknown world and find a place for it in our view of the world, we will not be the first o penetrate into these regions. The East has already gone much further than we in this context, yet we need not hide behind the East. Even in the Middle Ages, there were enough Europeans who reported on their encounters with the subtle world, such as Hildegard of Bingen, Katharina of Sienna, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Master Eckhart, to mention but a few. Their experiences are plausible and reproducibie, as Yogi Yogananda in India and his teacher Shri Yukteswahr have proved today. They all were pioneers of the Aquarian Age.

In the second part of my discourse, I have effectively demonstrated how the immortal invisible part of every human being, the life element, can be astrologically presented in the horoscope of John F. Kennedy with the constellations MC+PO and MC/PO. The precise constellations of this event clearly prove his death by separating his life element from his body. The perfidious murder in Dallas has been precisely demonstrated astrologically for the day, hour and minute as well as the location Dallas. With similar astrological investigations, I am certain that we can penetrate deeper into transcendental regions and gradually overcome our ignorance of transcendence.





Pisa Congress, 24-25 Oct. 2003




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