Tsunami tragedy

Diana K. Rosenberg


I did a collective midpoint for the event's planets in Sag (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto - it came out at 11Sag15; here are the fixed stars in that area (Ophiuchus is a shaman associated with healer-god Aesculapius; he is shown stepping on the Scorpion-of-Death):

- Omega Ophiuchi  in left foot             9SA38   0 26    -21 28  16 32   4.45    A7  p
- Antares Alpha Scorpii  Scorpion's heart  9SA46   - 4 34  -26 26  16 29   0.96    M1 Ib
-  Royal Star: Watcher, or Guardian, of the West          Red Supergiant
-  Lunar Mansions: China: Sin, The Heart (of the Great Azure Dragon), determinant star of the Eastern Palace of Spring, as in the West, associated with royalty and with Mars, also called
- Ta-Ho, The Great Fire and Ming-Tang, The Temple of Light; at its heliacal rising a ceremony of  renewal of fire, representing the heat of the Sun, was performed; sacrifices were offered to encourage the  fertility of nature and of the royal family. Chinese astrologers considered this asterism the symbol of the  Son of Heaven, because man was the heart of heaven and earth, therefore the Son of Heaven was Master  of Man. India the same stars formed Jyestha, 'The Eldest,' eldest of the Moon God's Queens with the
 highest political and spiritual power among them, even if superseded by younger wives; indeed, Antares  is directly opposite Aldebaran, representing Rohini, the favorite wife; Jyestha's ruler is Indra, King of  the Gods, connected with sky and rain, who rides into battle against enemies of the Gods riding his  mighty elephant, wielding a thunderbolt - the rainbow is his bow. Jyestha represents that which is senior  in every sense (the oldest, most powerful, the eldest brother), and praise; symbol: a circular talisman or  earring; Arabia: Alpha Scorpii was the determinant of al-Kalb al-Akrab, the Scorpion's Heart 
 Kuma  Nu2 Draconis  in Dragon's head      10SA24  78 08   55 10   17 32   4.87    A    m M12 Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus' chest    10SA34  20 16   - 1 57  16 47   6.6     Gb  (should be Serpens: this is where the original Serpent wrapped around Ophiuchus' body) NGC 6218



Tau Scorpii: just below Scorpion's heart  11SA27  - 6 07  -28 13  16 36   2.82    B0 V  Praecordia; The Vein which Suspends the Heart; with Sigma, "The Outworks of the Heart"
 Lunar Mansions: Sin, Al Kalb, Jyeshtha: see Antares, 9 Sag
NGC6240 Ophiuchi  Black Hole   chest      11SA31  24 46   2 24    16 53   15p     GX-BH  "gigantic" supermassive black hole galaxies on a collision course Rastaban  Beta Draconis  Dragon's eye     11SA58  75 17   52 18   17 30   2.79    G2 II
Pi Herculis  Hercules' left groin (thigh?)12SA04  59 33   36 49   17 15   3.16    K3 II

Under mundane, I have:
Keynote events in human history: the founding of cities, nations, empires, and "famous firsts;" wars and great battles, nuclear events and disasters; fires (in ancient China, Antares was called the Great Fire); earthquakes, storms (extreme barometric lows), air and shipwrecks, fog, smog, pollution, epidemics (including smallpox), mass deaths; extremism, terrorism, murder, execution, assassinations,
attacks. Prominent or angular at an eclipse or ingress, a warning of crises, dangers and fatalities, issues of national sovereignty.

Earth upheaval section: Antares arouses the great fires beneath the earth: this was Neptune at a September, 1811 Solar Ecl that preceded the massive New Madrid, MO December to February earthquake series of 1811-12, and the Moon and Neptune at the Libra Ingress 6 days later; Venus was here at the 7.1 San Francisco quake of 1989 and at the 7.2 Kobe, Japan quake of 1995 that killed more than 5,000 and left 300,000 homeless; this was Mars when Surtsey, a new volcanic island, appeared off Iceland in 1963, Saturn at the great Port Royal, Jamaica earthquake of 1692 when huge earth fissures "swallowed multitudes" and seismic sea waves submerged most of the lower city in 3-4 fathoms of water, killing or drowning about 1,600, Uranus at the stupendous eruption of Tambora in 1815, Neptune at the 1976 8.0 Tang Shan quake in China that killed about 1/4 million people, the Asc of the terrible 7.5 Messina/Calabria quake, tsunami and fire of 1908: 160,000 dead, devastating damage, great art and architectural treasures lost. Earthquake expert Charles Richter, creator of the Richter Scale, had Jupiter here.

Interesting that the Moon was at Betelgeuze, determinant star of the lunar mansion Ardra, "The Moist One":

Polaris Alpha Ursae Minoris tail-tip    28GE34  66 06   89 16   2 32    2.02    F8 Ib  Pole Star; Cynosura; closest bright star to the North Celestial Pole; used in surveying and navigation
Epsilon Columbae  olive branch in beak  28GE42  -58 38  -35 28  5 31    3.87    gK0 Betelgeuze Alpha Orionis                28GE45  -16 02  7 24    5 55    0.50    M2 Iab  Right shoulder or armpit of the Hunter; Red Supergiant; IFR Source        Lunar Mansions: Sumer-Akkad (Tablet of the 30 Stars): part of Kakkab Lugal, The Mighty Man; China:  part of Tsan, The Supreme Commander (see Rigel, 163; this star presided over a wing of the army.  India: the determinant star of Ardra, "The Moist One," usually depicted as a teardrop (there are variant  symbols); ruled originally by Vedic storm-god Rudra, "the Howler," "the One who Weeps," a fierce red  form of Siva, presiding over destruction, procreation, transformation; Ardra is "moist" with emotion and  sexual passion, and is the mansion of the Sun's rays, heat, and their oppressiveness in a hot climate. Eta Leporis   Hare's back 28GE54  -37 36  -14 10  5 56    3.71    F0 IV
Gamma Columbae  Dove's wing  29GE02  -58 43  -35 17  5 58    4.36    B3 IV Menkalinan Beta Aurigae  right shoulder 29GE55  21 31   44 57   6 00    1.90    A2 IV  Here is the mundane section:

Drowning, air crashes, shipwrecks, storms, lightning strikes,
meteorite falls, onslaughts causing failures and collapses; events that shock, stagger, surprise, transform: massacres, eruptions, evacuations, dispersions; great historical battles, events; unlucky for launches, maiden voyages and first flights.

This was Jupiter of the notorious 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum, and at the last and strongest (est. 8.7 Richter) of the 1811-12 New Madrid, MO quakes, "most violent and prolonged series of earthquakes in US history;" it was Neptune of the violent eruption of Mt Pelee in 1902 that killed the entire population of Martinique and even wrecked ships anchored well offshore. 

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