by Lietta Catoni

(transl.by Janet Hobbs)

-         Comparison of Synastry:  Comparison between the Solar Arc of Mr Udo Rudolph at the 20th age and Mrs Lietta Catoni.  Subsequent comparisons through the confrontation of the two Solar Arcs on the 14/12/2001.
-         For the quality of time in the Personal Horoscope, an interesting case:  the Golden Yod, rather a destined appointment, activated by the transit of the TNp.
-         The Day Meridian (DM) applied to the Transit of the New Moon on the 29/6/2003, and other significant constellation movements.
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To my Maestro of Astrology:
Udo Rudolph
In order that he can scrutinize – He is rich
 in knowledge and experience – in the mysterious
design of the celestial constellations that
we ourselves have accumulated in the
destiny of the Astrology School Hamburg.
                                   = (UR/AP//SA/AP)U
                                   = (SA/PO//UR/AP)LL
                                   = (MC) U / (MC) LL
                                   = (MO d**) U / (MO) LL
Legend: U*   = Udo
            LL* = Lietta
            d** =  Solar Arc 20th age


First Part:

                   (SU/MO)d Udo // (SU/MO) Lietta = (SU/MO) radix Udo =
                    = (UR/AP//SA/PO) radix Udo = VU Lietta
The comparison between the Solar Arc of Udo and the Radix of Lietta for the date of 20th age, is a demonstration of how “the time” has worked in an arc of 20 years to render “perfectible” a destined plan, lacking a starting point in the structure necessary for its realization.
The time – in 20 years that separated these two lives – has given to the radix planets  of the One (Udo) to wheel and position themselves at the point in which it would create significant planetary pictures of compatibility with the Other (Lietta) – that is with that which was elected to represent the other half of this destiny.
The comparison between the Radix and the Solar Arc on Udo’s 20th age reveals fine and important differences in respect to the comparison between the two Solar Arcs many years later, given the first contact between the two protagonists. As Udo was born – but only for Lietta – when his planets were moved of 20°24’ degrees in his ‘celestial sphere’.  So this comparison puts them both at the same level of comparison.  It has a ‘radical’ value and takes some additional meanings to the synastry between the two radix birthcharts.
We can see that it contains a tight conjunction between the SU progress of Udo and SU/MO of Lietta, both at 12°23’ of Capricorn.
                                                  SU d* = SU/MO     (1^)
(N.B.: the planets d* are those progressed of Udo)
Capricorn is the sign of duty, work, responsibility, separation in life or endurability– or endurance into a separated life.
Another significant constellation: VE progress of Udo = MC and SU of Lietta, moves into Sagittarius, a solar sign for both, open to the experience of superior knowledge and to the question of the “religious sense” of life.
                                                    VE d* = MC = SU   (2^)
Meeting in this actual incarnation, both would have had to keep account of this fundamental information useful for the understanding of their common destiny in the sign of spirituality.
When these two people actually met many years later, the meeting between the two Solar Arcs on the date of 14/12/2001 revealed differences in respect of that of 1st Solar Arc.
At the same time the constellation n. (1^) had abandoned Capricorn and had approached the sign of Pisces – an ocean of cosmic conscience - had lost some minutes of its initial precision, while n. (2^) of Sagittarius passed into Aquarius, a sign of universal brotherhood and of ideal plans.
Regarding this last planetary picture (2^) it is more complex than the incomplete version mentioned above:  in reality it involves not only the VE progress of Udo but all the load bearing structures of his birthchart that enters into close contact with the Personal Points of Lietta:  not only with SU and MC but also with AS in Pisces and with the Astrological Axis.
VE d = VU d = MA d = AR d = NE d = CU d = AS* = SU* = MC* = UR/AP* = AR*
(* = the constellations of Lietta ; d = the constellations of Udo)
This powerful planetary configuration attracted the Astrological student, Lietta, into the social project of the Astrological Maestro, Udo, whose interpretation of Astrology through the ethics foundation of his metaphysic community, in which he is an active member.
Interpreting the 1^ and then the 2^ configuration through a continuity from the 20th Solar Arc to 14/12/2001 it is possible to understand the following sentence:
“A relationship (SU/MO = SU d) that takes place separately (Capricorn), to fulfil the natural elevated tasks (= PO d/PO).”
The direction of the connection becomes clear at the meeting between the two Arcs in 2001:
“It is that we have got to address ourselves towards the navigation of the unexplored sea of superior knowledge (Pisces) to discover its height, and point always higher to the stairway of illumination (PO d/PO d in Sagittarius)”.
Yes, the sign of Pisces is the connecting bridge, it is the inspiration that advances towards the path of truth (PO).
For the configuration n° 2^:  “with the departure in Sagittarius, the first phase of the relationship is that of the teaching/learning, is the subject of the maestro and of the student, but in Aquarius the knot of inequality is untied between who teaches and who learns while the project is coloured by idealism and by the common intent of the New Age spirit.

Second Part:

Golden Yod: SA® – PL® – MC:  a radical change of my particular image in the external world, burdened with events that are out of my control.
In the Witte Astrology:  SA/PL = AR = MC:  “the time” * of the Ego’s metamorphosis on the Earth planet .
(*:  the “time” is the AGE in which the event is verified.)
It is time that takes the “quality” of such events and radically modify life itself, directing it in a new way to the objectives and the end.
When similar events are examined, it becomes too easy to find them written in the same own “divine drawing” – that is in its own Horoscope.  For those who believe in karma and in reincarnation it was the Soul itself that has programmed the experience to take us to develop us to a level of superior conscience.  Therefore, to a certain extent, we can think that all the experience of life in the actual incarnation tends to prepare since the birth, step-by-step, the ground to plant this special destined event that is capable of being imprinted on the decisive curve of life.
The radix birthchart (see attached) shows a mysterious Golden Yod.  It is by way of definition tied to a quality of events associated with the sign of divine love.  (The number 72 is connected to the planetary aspect of Quintile attached to the symbol of spiritual quality in the planet Venus.  In this case the hard karmic experiences of the usual Yod (150°-60°-150°) becomes easier into the Golden Yod, and the spiritual harmony promises to accompany this experience – this destiny – whatever it may be.)
Considering the speciality of the Golden Yod Triangle with the sides of 144°-72°-144° (here the margin of tolerance is acceptable in the circle of 360°, with 145°25’-72°43’-143°52’ – for the MC, but still more precise for 0°Capricorn Ingress* :  144°40’-72°43’-144°37’) and the quality of the event that was effectively produced in December 2001*, I would like to examine it through a personal standard of analysis compatible with my special path into Astrology.  In fact it was the Karmic/Evolutive Astrology that permitted me years before to identify and recognise in my Horoscope the Golden Yod – with its precious but mysterious load of potential evolution –  then later, it was the Spiritual Astrology of the Hamburg School – through the analysis of the Transneptunians in the New Moon of 14/12/2001 – that revealed to me the meaning of this mysterious Triangle and indicated to me the path to take to realise it.
*Capricorn Ingress is connected with external events, like the one of December 2001!
Continued:  Analysis of the Golden Yod radix in the karmic/evolutive key: SA® – PL®  – MC
The three vertex of the Golden Triangle are occupied by the following planetary factors:  Saturn and Pluto, both planets of Karma and both in reverse® (other karmic indications), tied to a Quintile at the base of the geometric figure.  The third vertex is the Meridian.  The two karmic planets “draw” the Meridian to express the height of its own potential.  The analysis in Evolutive Astrology is the following:  °regarding a destiny “blocked” by one karmic task - difficult to locate – that has absolute priority and manifests itself through a radical change of life, formed by events outside the control of the personal will”.
For years I have looked at my Golden Yod without the strength to take a step forward to analysis and interpret it, many indecipherable things appeared in its message.  The same transits of Saturn and Pluto were too far away to enter into the “sight” of the Triangle and offer me a comprehensive explanation.  I remember having thought that Astrology doesn’t always have the capacity to give an answer.
At the same time as the date of 14/12/2001 a new fact happened in my life:  the first contact with the Hamburg School.  But that was a year and a half further on from that special event, I can now “read” in the graphics used in the Witte Astrology – through the transit of the TNp and their progression to the Solar Arc on the planet of metamorphosis PL – the answer which has tormented me for years.   And I “saw” with amazing ease how I was given an expiry date for my destined appointment.  An expiry that revealed the meaning and the purpose of the karmic assignment, added to the maturing of the “qualitative” time at the moment in which the conscience (MC) was developed to influence me considerably to face the indications and put into gear the flow of changes necessary and to give a new direction to the exterior life (AR) through the astrological science. My fine-feeling (NE)was also able to work for this assignment with the cooperation of other people (AS).
The “meaning” became revealed by the TNp PO – energy of the divine spirit and the path of truth – in transit on the planet radix Pluto (PL) while the same PO radix met PL and progressed, at the same time colliding with the creative fire of ZE in transit.
The double emphasis of PL-PO and PO-PL lit the torch of ZE (the purpose, the direction) and the “spiritual” appointment with destiny started to take off.
It was not casual if  PL = PO d = UR, and PO = PL d = AP:  Uranus and Apollon are the planets of the Astrology, and my radix Pluto is found in the Sensitive Point of the Spiritual Astrology of the Hamburg School.  In fact:
                          UR + AP-PO = PL = PO d  (d= New Moon of 2001)
The chain continues with: = MC/MO = NE/MO = AR/MO and much more.
But there is another.  Pluto falls on the AS of the City of Hamburg, on the progressed Sun of Maestro Udo Rudolph (20th age), on my SU/MO, etc.  While the other pole of PL, that is the planet Saturn, falls on my Maestro MC and his MC/SA and there is more still!  For example:
                  SA d = SA/PO Udo = (VE = MA = NE = CU)* Udo
The power of the Cluster* of Udo has already been explained in the first part of this work.  On this occasion I can only underline the karmic dimension of my rapport with the Maestro! That dimension is also showed through a karmic yod in synastry: his sextile SU-MA quinconx my SA!
Let’s return to the Axis of PL, to complete the chain of the 14/12/2001 that’s the following:
PL = PO d = SU Udo = SU/MO = VE d = MA d = HA d = HA t = JU t = MC/MO = NE/MO = AR/MO = UR + AP-PO = L.AS Hamburg
I have got to develop (PL) my conscience (MC) on the path of the spiritual Astrology of Hamburg (UR+AP-PO) in a close operative relationship with my Maestro, and to render a spiritual (PO) service (HA) to the world (AR)
But now I suggest to phay special attention to the HA meanings. In my opinion HA is something more than a service task!
Let’s look at SA (the other pole of PL in the Golden Yod) at the date of 14/12/2001:
                                             SA = UR + AP – HA d
I can work with HA progressed (d) in this planetary picture because that time 14/12/2001 was special! What its meaning? The answer is “The science of the Astrology”, also “The Astrology, a science of the Past”.
So the karmic task of the Golden Yod by the investigation conducted through the Witte Astrology has been revealed: Astrology must return to be a science like it was in the past age. It’s powerful deteriorated as the time went on, perhaps there was also a bad use of its powerful (HA)…I don’t know…but now Udo and I can bring to the world our spiritual Astrology. That’s a good thing for the world. Spiritual Astrology must be part of the human life.
Udo and I were closed Astrologers in the past lives: myHA = HA d Udo(20th age); my HA=AS Udo and HA Udo = my AS; my SU+MA-MC=HA=HA d Udo =AS Udo=VE=UR+AP=UR+AP-NE=(UR+AP-PO)Udo. And :(MO+MA-MC)Udo=HA= myAS=myMC=myUR/AP
Both of us must transform the deteriorated powerful of the past Astrology into the spiritual powerful of the Astrology in the time being.
That is what is impressive in the investigation conducted through the Witte Astrology and the social dimension of this spiritual assignment:  AR, tied to the axis SA/PL – that is the Golden Yod of the karmic Astrology -, indicates an attachment to a practical aim of experience not only interior growth (MC) but a duty to restitute the contents to the world of one’s own personal evolution.
Let’s look at the Axis SA/PL in confrontation with Solar Arc Udo (20th age):
                  SA/PL = MC = AS= MC/AS=AR* =…=VE d =MA d = NE d = CU d= (SA/PO)d = AR d **
(* Lietta - ** Udo)
Everything is clear, I think : Udo must work with my karmic task. That’s also the sense of our combined Yod – his SU sextile MA and quincox my SA – as I already wrote.

In the New Moon 2001, the truth (PO) is that the road of time has been made arranged beforehand (SA/PO).  Nothing remains but to hurry.     

Third part:

Perhaps it is not by chance that the New Moon of the 29/6/2003 fell on Pluto’s progress and therefore on the progress Point of the Spiritual Astrology in the city of Hamburg!
                  New Moon = PL d = (UR + AP-PO) d = L.AS d. Hamburg
And again:  The Point of transit of the Spiritual Astrology is closely connected to the special evolutive Axis SA/PL (of which we have already spoken of in the proceeding pages), and likewise to do an examination in the city of Hamburg.
(SA/PL) d = MC d = AS d = AR d = UR t = (UR+AP-PO) t = SA+AP-SU = (PL/KR)t = ME/L. AS Hamburg = SU/L.AS Hamburg
There is no doubt that I will sit my exam of Spiritual Astrology in Hamburg, and that this event will give me special evolutionary tasks!
Let’s see what else the constellations speak about for this event:
(ZE/PO) t = SU = AS = MA = UR/AP = SA/AP/UR/AP  = PO/PO t = LAS Hamburg/PO
I will sit the exam in Astrology and become a true Maestro of Astrology in Hamburg, for me a place of spiritual truth.
And again, to confirm: UR+AP-PO = MC t/SA+AP-PO
Now let’s pass to the Sensitive Point of the Day Meridian (DM) applied to the day of the New Moon.  The formula is:  DM = MC d + SU t – SU
This is the planetary chain:
DM = SA/PO//UR/AP = MO = ZE = SA t = AP d = JU t = NO d = SA d = MC/SA = MC/New Moon = MC d/L.AS Hamburg
It shows an important event.
“On a day in the month of July I will become (MC/New Moon) publicly (MO) a Maestro of Astrology, after a mighty effort (ZE) and a persistent and laborious commitment lasting a long time (MC/SA), and still being interrupted at the present time (SA t), enjoyed with complete success (JU t and AP d) together with the people of Hamburg (MC d/L.AS Hamburg) with whom I am closely connected (NO d).”
To see on which day the event happens, I can calculate the progression of the Point of the New Moon of the Spiritual Astrology moving it to 24° for the date of the 23/7 (New Moon on the 29/6 to the 23/7 the progression is 24°, I can move myself no more than a progression of 24°45’ arriving around the 24/7).
The constellations are the following:
(UR+AP-PO)d of the New Moon = UR t = AR d = NE d = MC d = AS d = (SA/PL)d = DM/New Moon = DM/PL d = DM/ (UR+AP-PO)d = DM/ L.AS Hamburg d = SA+AP-SU = (PL/KR)t
My spiritual Astrology of that day gave and received impulses through an exam in Hamburg.  All of which are “absolved” by my special evolutionary tasks.
Lets look and find another confirmation:
(UR+AP-PO)d = New Moon = PL d = SA = MC/AS d = MO/VU = DM/UR+AP-PO = (SA/PO/UR/AP)//UR+AP-PO = (SA/PO/UR/AP)/PL = PO d = L.AS Hamburg!
More Astrology like this! ….

by Lietta Catoni - All Rights Reserved



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