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Seasonal Symbolism
: This is the Sign that, for excellence, represents the spring as in this period the Nature starts new life: the climate becomes milder, the trees begin to get again their leaves and the green returns to be the predominant colour.

The people born under this Sign are well noted above all for their large eyes, with long eyelashes, the sweet and intense expression at the same time.

With the calm, pacific but also obstinate temperament, the Taurus is able to bear the most serious works only to get concrete results.

Character: Under the affective profile, they have inoxidable and deep feelings but their Achilles' heel is the jealousy that together with a marked possessivity. The sincerity is instead one of the arrows to his arc.

Even if their rushes are timid and they go on in all fields with slowness the Taurus is however generous and cordial.

Lover of the good table, they usually are gourmet and, often, also excellent cooks.

Success: No lover of competition, but great deal of the calmer live, hardly they are fond with carrier. Assembled to the solidity, they are easily satisfied of a stable well paid job, and above all little stressful.

Health: The Tradition associates this Sign ro the neck, included throat and voice, and therefore these are surely the most delicate zone.

Things you won't ever see him to wear: scarfs, that they detest, but also the superior part of the pajamas, if man while if woman will also love sleeping naked.

Favorable environment: lover of contact with the nature, they prefer the sea to the mountain, but surely they seek the calm places, far from the cram, where they can relax.

Plants and flowers: myrrh, hyacinth, lily.

Stones: sapphire or aquamarine, which they have gor the power to increase personal charm.

Perfume: rose

Metal: copper

Colour: bright green

Fortunate day: Friday

Fortunate number: 6

Ideal itineraries for a vacation: Cicladi islands, Asia Minor, Belgium, Caucase, Chile, Cyprus Island, Dublin, Lucerne , Mantua, Nantes, Parma, Bologna, Emilia Romagna and Saint-Louis.