Saturn opposite Pluto: USA Tertiary & Minor Progressions

by Robert P. Blaschke


An Astrological Missive About Terrorism and Collective Fear (17 October 2001)

Some insight about our present national crisis, at a diabolical peak today with the Bacillus Anthracis scare caused by Neptune stationary on the USA South Node, can be gained from the USA tertiary and minor progressed charts (USA Sibly Chart; July 4, 1776; 5:10 PM LMT; Philadelphia, PA). Beyond the obvious manifestation of the Saturn-Pluto opposition falling on the Sibly horizon, these progressions can help us to see the X-Ray behind physical reality.

In my book, Astrology: A Language of Life; Volume I - Progressions, I introduced a metaphysical progression theory that correlates the secondary progressions with the physical plane, the tertiary progressions with the astral (desire) plane, and the minor progressions with the causal (mental) plane.

Because of the pervasive activity on the collective USA astral and causal planes, vis-a-vis fear, anxiety and trepidation over this onslaught of biological terrorism, it is helpful now to study the USA tertiary and minor progressions to understand what is going on in the inner planes of reality.

The tertiary progressed USA Mercury stationed retrograde on 29 June 2001 at 27 Libra 01, while holding a stationary square to the USA Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33. This prolonged stationary square was in effect within a one degree orb for five months from 10 April 2001 until 13 September 2001, terminating just two days after the 11 September terrorist attack. The current derived ephemeris date for the USA tertiary progressions is 1 October 1784.

As the tertiaries, according to my metaphysical progression theory,
represent the astral plane, the USA is now forced against its desire
(Mercury square Pluto) to think about the most twisted and violent mayhem that exists within the human mind. The repetitious fearful thinking that all of us are experiencing can be correlated to the retrograde tertiary Mercury, which will not station direct until 29 January 2003 at 11 Libra 31.

As you can see, the USA tertiary Mercury will also be forming three
conjunctions to our nation's Saturn at 14 Libra 48 over a 40 month period, contributing to a depressive miasma hanging over our heads like a relentless cloud cover that will not lift. The first conjunction occurred on 6 March 2000, the second retrograde conjunction will occur on 17 August 2002, and the last direct conjunction will occur on 20 July 2003. I am sad to say that this national fear and depression thus will be with us for some time to come. One solution is to turn off the TV news when you feel saturated, alleviating the retrograde repetition problem in your mind somewhat.

Mercury, as you know, rules the lungs, and, according to Oriental medicine, grief is the emotion associated with the lungs. Secondary progressed Mercury-Saturn aspects can produce pulmonary congestion on the physical plane, but, on the astral (tertiary) plane they produce trapped grief. What is becoming clear to countless souls in our country, after the anger and subsequent desire to go after and kill the perpetrators of this terrorism, is just how sad this is for the world. Tertiary Mercury square Pluto is a mental transformation that we all are going through, challenging our innate human desire for peace, as our perceptions (Mercury) must now change to include the ongoing potential for violence (Pluto) to explosively occur at any time around us.

Some days you will want to fight back, and go down and enlist in the
military to go and kick some terrorist's ass halfway around the world, or down the street, wherever they may be hatching their next murderous martyrdom plot. Other days you will want to just cry and wonder if this is the start of World War III and what ever happened to peace on earth.

The minor progressed USA Pluto is stationing retrograde on 10 April 2002 at 24 Aquarius 57, and is now holding a prolonged stationary inconjunct to the USA Mercury at 24 Cancer 11. This stationary aspect is in effect from 1 September 1998 until 20 May 2006. The USA minor progressed Pluto will not station direct until 9 April 2008. After the US Embassy bombings in East Africa in 1998, as this stationary Pluto aspect entered the one degree applying orb, and the suicide attack on the USS Cole in 2000 near to when the first aspect perfected, the US intelligence agencies began to adjust their thinking (Pluto inconjunct Mercury), but 11 September pounded it home for good. The world has changed.

As the minor progressions represent the causal plane, where the law of cause and effect originates in thought form, and inconjuncts require an internal realignment to deal with conflict that cannot be directly confronted (as with the opposition aspect), this progressed scenario suggests that we could not see this terrorism coming. Mercury rules the USA 7th house of open enemies, and an intercepted (hidden) Virgo in the 9th house of foreigners. The inconjunct is very difficult to see in advance, as it can sneak up on you from just outside your peripheral vision.

However, the good news is that the inconjunct can also be used to see around obstacles, as in the bending of light rays, or in changing lanes before your lane stops moving on the freeway. One can hope for some creative counter-terrorist strategies that will nail these murderers before they can strike first. As the third and final minor progressed Pluto inconjunct to the USA Mercury will not occur until 23 July 2011, I am afraid that we are in for a long haul here to combat this terrorism on our soil.

The USA minor progressed Venus is now retrograde at 14 Gemini 42 (derived ephemeris date of 11 May 1793), and had the recent station of transit Saturn exactly conjunct it. Venus rules the USA Midheaven and 6th house of military service. Minor USA Venus is also forming three conjunctions to the USA Uranus over a 39 month period, exact on 19 November 2000 (when the presidential election outcome was unknown), 6 April 2002 and 7 February 2004.

As the president is represented by the USA Midheaven, and its progressed ruler, Venus, is contacting Uranus on the causal plane (minor), one can see a new American Revolution being mentally visualized by George W. Bush, and taking root in the minds of the common citizen to fight back for freedom and liberty.

As you visualize this USA minor progressed Venus sitting on the USA
Descendant as the evening star (setting after the Sun), while recalling the words of Jesus: 'I am the bright Morning Star' (Revelation 22:16; i.e. morning star = Venus rising before the Sun), one can see the battle between Good and Evil taking place now in the heavenly realms. 

Both the USA tertiary and minor progressed Suns are conjunct Mars now, meaning that we have to go to war on the astral and causal planes against the intention of terrorism to paralyze the nation with fear. If we can get the whole country praying and meditating to overcome this evil with the power of Love and Goodness, while at the same time our military is hunting down these religious fanatics and killing them before they further destabilize secular Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia far enough to cause an overthrow of these governments and start us down the slippery slope into World War III, we may keep this global boat from sinking.

The USA secondary progressed Uranus stationed direct in June 1999, after having been retrograde for 150 years since 1849, and arguably is the ruler of the American Spirit, as this nation came into existence around the time of Uranus' discovery in 1781. With secondary Uranus still stationary at 6 Gemini 57 (derived ephemeris date of 15 February 1777), it will take a few more years for this modern day American Revolution to pick up momentum.

Some clairvoyants have said that the loving Spirits of the Founding Fathers are all around us now in this time of national crisis, and one can communicate with them through prayer or meditation. George Washington (22 February 1732; 10:00 AM LMT; Baynesville, VA) had his natal Neptune at 14 Gemini 39, the exact degree of the recent Saturn station and the current degree of the USA minor progressed Venus (ruling the USA MC). He is with us now in Spirit form guiding us forward as a nation.

George Washington also had his natal Mercury at 6 Aquarius 33, conjunct the USA South Node within two minutes of arc, and the present degree of the Neptune direct station today. His natal North Node was 26 Sagittarius 46, exactly conjunct the Galactic Centre degree, and one can turn to his Spirit memory now for strength and comfort during this national crisis. He was a true warrior, with an angular dignified Mars at 23 Scorpio, and born into the Uranus-Neptune opposition of his generation in the Gemini-Sagittarius

The United States is now navigating through unknown astrological territory. The USA secondary progressed Saturn stationed retrograde on December 21, 1996 for the first time in our history. The USA secondary progressed Mars is almost stationary now, and will progress into retrograde motion (for 80 years) for the first time in our nation's history on July 18, 2006. As you can see, this will occur just as the minor progressed USA Pluto leaves the one degree separating orb of its inconjunct to the USA Mercury.

This station of Mars will have profound implications for our country's
military and law enforcement agencies, and suggests that the primary battles will be fought internally on our own soil. The minor Pluto-Mercury lengthy inconjunct requires a complete adjustment in our thinking about the threat of domestic terrorism, and its cause and effect relationship with US foreign policy.

The secondary progressed retrogradation of the two malefics in the USA chart is enough to sober us all up for awhile, and combined with the USA progressed Uranus stationing direct on June 30, 1999, after being retrograde since 1849, is the obvious fact that we are now in a climate of massive change and uncertainty.

All I can say is that we sure as hell need to love and care for one another as never before, and try and rise above this paralyzing mental fear gripping our nation by being willing to take the time to talk to our fellow citizens and try to soothe and calm their minds with hope and optimism, while at the same time being constantly vigilant toward any suspicious behavior by foreigners going on around us. Welcome to the national neighborhood block watch.


Islamic Fanaticism & the Neptune in Sagittarius Generation (10 October 2001)

One dimension of the Saturn in Gemini opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius can be found in the effect that rigidified primary education (Saturn in Gemini) has had on the extreme religious beliefs (Pluto in Sagittarius) of the Taliban members and supporters. The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in 1995, just as Pluto ingressed into Sagittarius.

The fundamentalist radicalism of the youthful supporters of this entity can be traced to the children of Afghan refugees, escaping the war with the Soviets, and who were educated during the 1980's in madrassas (religious schools) in Pakistan by the JUI (Jamiat-e-Ulema-i-Islam), a religious political party. These children, born into the Neptune in Sagittarius generation (1970 to 1984), were pre-wired for religious zealotry, confusion and distortion by the placement of Neptune in the sign of organized religion (Sagittarius).

The fierce absolutism of the Deobandi Islam that they learned was also being spread throughout the Muslim world, reaching Egypt, Indonesia, East Africa and elsewhere. As transit Pluto now conjuncts these individual's natal Neptune from 1995 through 2008, we are seeing the tip of an iceberg of the suicidal religious holy war that has been declared on the USA and Israel. (For more detail about this, please see The Economist, issue 29 September to 5 October, pages 20-22).

When one observes the news footage of the riots in the streets by the young Muslim men in Pakistan and Indonesia, one can see this generation quite clearly. The oldest members are now 31, and the youngest are just turning 17. The three Saturn-Uranus conjunctions of 12 February 1988, 26 June 1988 and 18 October 1988, in the final three degrees of Sagittarius, seem to have been the trigger for this radical (Uranus) fundamentalism (Saturn) to take hold of the masses' religious beliefs (Sagittarius).

The sober astrologer can see that it may not be until the next Saturn-Uranus conjunction on 28 June 2032, opposing the 1988 conjunctions of late Sagittarius from 28 Gemini, that we can undo the educational damage done to the formative belief systems of this generation. The world may have to endure, and try to re-educate those with this religious zealotry for
another 30 years.

It is of note that the Sabian Symbol for the first 1988 Saturn-Uranus
conjunction in the 30th degree of Sagittarius is 'A picture of regal pomp and glory reveals itself; it is sacerdotal, the Pope is holding audience in his palace' (Marc Jones; 1931). This speaks to the growing power of the clerics in Muslim politics since 1988, and implies that the Vatican will have to emerge as a greater vocal force of spiritual reason until 2032, negotiating with Islamic leaders to bring their radical fringes undercontrol through religious dialogue between the cultures.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity means many things, not the least of which is the educational process, and these current global events are a profound lesson in the power of primary education to influence adult religious belief.


Terrorist Attack Trilogy Epilogue (2 October 2001)

The United States has recently entered into unknown astrological territory. The USA secondary progressed Saturn stationed retrograde at the Capricorn Ingress on December 21, 1996 for the first time in our history. Similar to 1932, when the USA progressed Saturn left its exaltation in Libra for the first time and entered Scorpio, and Franklin Roosevelt arose to lead us through the Great Depression and World War II, our nation's Saturn has undergone another change of epic proportions. The Sabian Symbol for the progressed station, 4 Scorpio, is "In an old-fashioned 'candle lighting service' a youth gains for the first time a sense of the great 'other world' (Marc Jones; 1931)." One can presume from this symbolism that our country is now being called into a role of global spiritual authority, and will also have to undertake some painful soul-searching about the rampant consumerism and cultural secularism that provokes such hatred from our Muslim enemies abroad.

The USA secondary progressed Mars is almost stationary now, and will progress into retrograde motion for the first time in our nation's history on July 18, 2006 in the 19th degree of Libra, and remain retrograde for 80 years. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 'A gang of robbers are seen in hiding, ready and anxious to attack the heavily armed caravan just coming into sight.' This station of Mars will have profound implications for our country's military and law enforcement agencies, and suggests that the primary battles will be fought internally on our own soil.

The progressed retrogradation of the two malefics in the USA chart is a sobering thought at best, and combined with the USA progressed Uranus stationing direct on June 30, 1999, after being retrograde since 1849, is a clear statement that we are now in a climate of massive change and uncertainty.

The USA progressed Mars formed a conjunction with our nation's Saturn on August 4, 1979, and we as a country shortly thereafter experienced the Iran hostage crisis. This was the first indication of radical Islamic fundamentalist terrorism directed hatefully at the USA, and quite closely coincided with the orbit of Pluto at its perihelion penetrating the orbit of Neptune for a 20-year chapter of its 248-year cycle, which, to some astrologers, may suggest the opening of the gates of hell and the obvious arrival of evil into our society.

The USA progressed retrograde Mars will return to a second conjunction with the greater malefic on May 29, 2031, and astrologers of sound judgment can see the likelihood of the war on terrorism lasting an entire Saturn cycle (September 11, 2001 to May 29, 2031 = 29.5 years). With this in mind, we all need to prepare spiritually for a long and rocky road ahead. 

A distant ray of hope on the horizon lies in the departure of the USA
progressed retrograde Mercury out of its detriment in Pisces, and back into Aquarius, mercifully ending many years of a banal decline in professional journalism since November 1986. This happy day will occur on August 24, 2002, and perhaps then we can all cancel our subscriptions to The Economist, and resume delivery of Time magazine. One can pray for distinguished novelists to arise within our nation and feed our collective soul with the written word.

Robert P. Blaschke, Astrologer Earthwalk School of Astrology
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Author: Astrology: A Language of Life Volume I - Progressions (ISBN 0-9668978-0-3) Volume II - Sabian Aspect Orbs (ISBN 0-9668978-1-1) Volume III - A Handbook for the Practicing Astrologer (ISBN 0-9668978-2-X)