Some astrological thoughts on September 11th
(Wed 9/12/01)

by Robert P. Blaschke


If we hearken back to the Grand Cross Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, bearing in mind Nostradamus' famous prophecy, "...a great king of terror will descend from the skies, around this time Mars will reign for the good

There was also a disputed translation from the original French which reads,"...then comes from heaven a great financing Lord, war reigns before, then happily is restored."

This solar eclipse, the first since June 14, 1341 to have a Grand Cross,
was with the Sun at 18 Leo 21. Transit Venus yesterday at 8:48 AM EDT, when the first airplane crashed into the World Trade Tower, was at 18 Leo 24, conjunct within three minutes of arc.

I have found that eclipse degrees remain sensitive for up to 18 years +10-11 days, the length of a Saros Cycle. What does it mean not only to have transit Venus trigger the eclipse degree yesterday, but also for the transit North Node at 3 Cancer 05 to be within one minute of arc of a conjunction with the USA Venus (Sibly Chart; July 4, 1776; 5:10 PM LMT; Philadelphia, PA)?

The Hindu goddess, Kali is one manifestation of Venus. There are spiritual forces in the heavenly realms which create, which sustain, and which destroy. Kali is the force of destruction and regeneration.

The USA Sibly chart has 12 Sagittarius 28 rising. Transit Pluto stationed direct within four minutes of arc of the USA Ascendant at 12 Sagittarius 32. Transit Saturn has recently gone into the USA 7th house of open enemies, and will be angular on the USA Descendant three times.

The symbolism of the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Organization, at the heart of the financial district of the financial
center of the world, may be representing the wrath of Kali for the greed and the stock market orgy which had gripped our country during the tech stock boom and subsequent crash. The human cost of corporate globalization may have also been inherent in this symbolism.

I am afraid that, with Pluto in Sagittarius, we are seeing the tip of an
iceberg of a religious holy war between the radical Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and the Judeo-Christian coalition of Western Democracies and Israel, including the USA and most of Europe. Saturn stations at 14 Gemini 58, and geodetically (measuring eastward along the ecliptic from Greenwich) this is the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. It appears we will go after the terrorists through Pakistani territory. This station of Saturn is trine to the USA Saturn, from Gemini (logistics) to Libra (military strategy), implying that our military
attacks, with transit Mars exalted in Capricorn, should be highly effective.

The President has already framed this attack on America as a war between good and evil, and right he should. Saturn opposing Pluto can be seen as resisting terrorism and its psychological warfare. The question is: which side is the more evil, and realistically, does evil exist on both sides?

The current degree of the USA secondary progressed Mars is the 19th degree of Libra (Sabian Symbol = A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding). Using my Sabian Aspect Orb technique, the angular separation of Uranus (sudden and drastic) and Pluto (terrorism) in the attack event chart is 69-70 degrees, corresponding with the 10th degree of Gemini (An Airplane Performing A Nose Dive).

President Bush's secondary progressed Mars is applying to a square with his natal Sun, now within 20 minutes of arc, and perfecting on March 15, 2002. This aspect will not leave the one degree separating orb until September 29, 2003. His will, resolve and leadership skills will be constantly tested for another two years. This is most certainly a "go to war" aspect. Transit Neptune is stationing conjunct the USA South Node, and there may be a real threat of biological or chemical warfare directed at the USA.

The local Ascendant for the attack event chart (September 11, 2001; 8:48 AM EDT; Manhattan, NY) was 14 Libra 47, conjunct the USA Saturn within one minute of arc. Transit Mercury (ruling the lungs) was in the same degree, and pulmonary congestion is highly likely for all of the poor New Yorkers breathing in the soot and smoke swirling around Manhattan.

The USA secondary progressed Uranus is still stationary direct (since June 1999), and anything can happen. With Pluto transiting through the USA first house for the next many years, I believe our lives and civil liberties have been forever changed by this radically violent event. Our country will be openly opposed with Saturn transiting through our seventh house, so we should spiritually prepare for some dark days ahead and hold our leaders in Love and Light each day in our prayer or meditation.


Additional astrological thoughts (Thur 9/13/01)

Our country has been deeply and violently penetrated by terrorists, and understandably there is much fear and trepidation within our nation. The USA has transit Pluto conjunct the Ascendant now (Sibly Chart; July 4, 1776; 5:10 PM LMT; Philadelphia, PA), and this symbolism speaks to the gaping and grievous wound we have suffered right at our very surface. The suddenness of this attack (September 11, 2001; 8:48 AM EDT; Manhattan, NY) can be seen in transit Uranus opposing the secondary progressed USA Ascendant within four minutes of arc (and conjunct the USA progressed

This transit Uranus opposition has occurred twice so far on February 20, 2001 and on September 9, 2001, the latter being just two days before the attack. The third and final aspect will perfect on December 24, 2001, and the USA may be vulnerable to another sudden and drastic attack between the 19th and the 29th of December.

What we are experiencing now can be traced back to the intense upheaval of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965-1966. Uranus is now approaching a waxing quintile (72 degrees) to Pluto, and this aspect first reached the one degree orb zone between June 9th and July 20th of this year, before retrogradation separated the planets. This quintile will perfect seven times over the next four years, with the first partile aspect occurring on May 19, 2002, and the seventh on February 11, 2005. The planets will actually return a final time to within a one degree orb in December 2005 and January 2006.

Inherent in this symbolism is many things, not the least of which is the potential for terrorists to use technology suddenly and drastically to instill numbing psychological fear into the innocent masses. In Volume II -Sabian Aspect Orbs, I wrote: "Rudhyar believed that the fifth harmonic had to do with the development of a self-reliant consciousness through a mystical process of a purification of the mind for it to become a container for the higher vibrations of Love and Light...One can contrast the positive manifestations of the upturned five-pointed star and its mystical implications with the destructive negativity of the downturned pentagram and its magical connotations. Another example of this polarity is in the
architecture of the U.S. Pentagon, a five-sided building housing the very heart of our military which can powerfully attack and destroy, or serve as an imposing deterrent for the sake of peace in the world."

Our western civilization has now entered a spiritual testing zone, one
where the unwritten script can either have humanity evolve into the Love and Light or implode into massive global violence and self-destruction during the seven Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2015. Many battles will be fought between the forces of Light and Darkness over the next few years as these quintiles occur. Each of us must not cave in to fear, and it will be through our love for one another that we will prevail as a society.

The USA secondary progressed Sun will be conjunct our nation's Moon at 27 Aquarius 10 on January 12, 2002 for the first time in our history. This will unify our land as never before. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is "The Pioneer Cottage Is Prepared For Winter's Rigors; A Tree Has Been Felled And Sawed Up For Fuel, All Is Orderly" (Marc Jones; 1931). What is implied here is to embrace the basics. Brush your teeth, go grocery shopping, balance your checkbook, water your garden and don't lose your grip on daily discipline.

Transit Uranus is stationing this year and next year on the USA third house cusp of 24 Aquarius 51 (Sibly chart with Porphyry houses). The disruptions to our communication and transportation systems have only just begun, and our air travel experience will never again be like it was before Tuesday morning. The precautionary security levels will rise exponentially, with transit Pluto in the USA first house until 2017, and transit Uranus in the USA third house until 2012. Be patient with your air travels, and be kind to those whose job it is to enforce the security provisions.

Transit Uranus will conjunct the USA secondary progressed Sun five times between April 2, 2002 and November 27, 2003. These 20 months will consist of much destabilization and uncertainty. The opportunity for innovation within our society, along with radical reformation of our collective belief systems (Sun = ruler of the USA 9th) will be pervasive.

Our nation has the rarity of direct motion Lunar Nodes, and, as such, goes forward when most other nations wish to retreat. We have the karma of leading the free world, and we should be proud of this spiritual dispensation. The secondary progressed USA Lunar Nodes have returned to direct motion on June 25, 2001 and will not be retrograde again until November 23, 2005. This era will coincide with the seven Uranus-Pluto quintiles, and represents a window of time when new seeds of karma can be planted for future harvesting.

In the recent past, the USA progressed Nodes have returned to direct motion between April 1987 and February 1993, between February 1966 and April 1978, between June 1951 and August 1957, and between August 1938 and October 1942. As you can see, these dates coincide with our involvements in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. Please prepare yourself spiritually now for some dark days ahead, and firmly believe that our love of one another will pull us through.

Transit Saturn entered the USA seventh house of open enemies on August 3rd and will retrograde back into the sixth house on November 21st. Saturn will again be angular on the USA Descendant on April 21, 2002, and not enter the eighth house until July 22, 2004 (Sibly chart with Porphyry houses). We have to prepare ourselves to be criticized by other nations for the next few years, but, if necessary, we will go it alone to fight back against the dark forces of terrorism.

Transit Saturn will station conjunct the USA Uranus between December 23, 2001 and March 25, 2002, so we should expect any military and political coalition to unravel at that time. The outcome of the coming war may not be known until July 1, 2002 when transit Saturn is conjunct the USA Mars.

Many astrologers have lectured and written about Tecumseh's Curse, wherein American presidents have died in office or have been assassinated at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the earth element since 1840. President Bush was elected last year during the final conjunction in earth (May 28, 2000 @ 22 Taurus 43). President Reagan was elected in 1980 during a Grand Conjunction, but it had occurred in the air element, as the cycle does just before it returns to the previous element one last time.

The USA secondary progressed Sun in the 27th degree of Aquarius,
representing our president, is now at the finger of a Yod with the
progressed USA North Node at 26 Cancer 53 and the progressed USA Neptune at 26 Virgo 29. This symbolism is open for interpretation, but I feel that this president is changing the spiritual direction of the country, either by remaining alive and leading us through these dark days ahead, or by dying. It is of note that both vice-presidential nominees had planets at 22 Taurus, the degree of last year's Grand Conjunction (Cheney = Uranus @ 22 Taurus; Lieberman = Saturn @ 22 Taurus).

With Jupiter transiting through his exaltation in Cancer, we must realize spiritually that we are all one human family. When a family member becomes violent and threatens the rest of the unit, they must be removed from the house. Our nation has been visited by a violent force that not only must be removed from our house, but also from the greater global dwelling.


Astrological thoughts about Osama bin Laden (Fri 9/14/01)

I hesitate to send this third piece in my terrorist attack trilogy to you
as there are two birth dates circulating for Osama bin Laden. The other data, found at , is March 10, 1957. After comparing the two charts, I have decided to proceed with the following data sourced from a different location, and I have included a jpeg file of this natal chart for you.

From a US State Department Factsheet located at the following website, , we find that Osama bin Laden was born July 30, 1957, presumably in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Constructing a noon chart for this man, we find a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction at 6-7 Leo right on the USA North Node and conjunct President Bush's Ascendant. With transit Neptune stationing opposite his natal Sun, not only is his Islamic militant fanaticism at a peak just now, but, dangerously, he is quite capable of additional treacherous attacks against the USA, including, God forbid, the use of chemical or biological weapons (ruled by Neptune, which is also
stationing on the USA South Node).

His evil potential for explosively violent actions against the United
States is found in his natal Mars-Pluto conjunction at 24-29 Leo, the
midpoint of which closely opposes the USA Moon at 27 Aquarius 10 (Sibly Chart; July 4, 1776; 5:10 PM LMT; Philadelphia, PA). His personal power, and the destructive karmic potential to wield it, lies in his natal nodal axis at 15 Scorpio (North Node) and 15 Taurus (South Node), the power degrees at the middle of the fixed signs. Additionally, his natal Chiron is at 15 Aquarius, square to his nodal axis.

For any anarchist (looks a bit like Antichrist) to bring their twisted
mayhem into earthly manifestation, Saturn must be present, and, to be sure, bin Laden has his natal Sun-Uranus conjunction quite closely trine his natal Saturn at 7 Sagittarius. Saturn stationing direct at 8 Gemini 02 on February 7, 2002 will oppose his natal Saturn, and one may hope that the US military will find and kill or capture him around this time.

His abilities for precise logistical detail can be seen in his natal
Mercury dignified at 0 Virgo, joined by natal Moon and Venus also in Virgo. As Hitler's evil cruelty was seen by C.E.O. Carter to lie in his natal Mars-Saturn square between the malefics, bin Laden has Venus square to Saturn, and his perverse darkness perhaps is the right arm of the destructive goddess Kali, a Venusian manifestation. With his nodal rulers, Venus and Mars, both conjunct or square to Saturn or Pluto, one can see how he has struck with such ferocity at this present time with the three Saturn-Pluto oppositions occurring between August 2001 and May 2002.

The Black Moon Lilith at 7 Pisces in his natal horoscope is part of a
tightly orbed mutable T-square with Venus and Saturn, its glyph being a darkened crescent Moon over a cross, precisely symbolizing the Pluto in Sagittarius religious holy war now unfolding before our very eyes between the radical Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and the
Judeo-Christian-Moderate Arabic coalition of Western Democracies, pro-USA Islamic countries and Israel.

The Sabian Symbol for his Black Moon is 'A Trim And Splendid Young Miss, At The Camp Of A Semi-Military Organization For Girls, Blows Her Bugle Triumphantly' (Marc Jones; 1931). The US troops perhaps will thus find themselves in combat environments where they will be at war with, and will have to kill or be killed by, armed young women and girls who will be the outer ring of protection for bin Laden and the men comprising his terrorist cells worldwide.

His secondary progressed Mars (calculated from a noon chart) is now at 22 Virgo, exactly conjunct the USA Neptune. This symbolism speaks to his violent attack and the subsequent vulnerability felt by all Americans. I pray to God that this progressed synastric aspect does not also symbolize chemical warfare. His secondary progressed Mercury has been retrograde since July 1985, having stationed at 25 Virgo 15. This will make it easier for our troops to hunt him down and kill him, as he will repeat his behaviors, thus making it simpler for our military intelligence personnel to track him.

The Sabian Symbol for his progressed Mercury station is 'A Highly
Ritualistic Service Is In Process; Officiating Priests Are Automatons, A
Boy With A Censer Is Rapt-Eyed.' When he is finally hunted down, his
attempted disguise may be as this symbol portrays. It is of note that the current degree of the USA secondary progressed Mars is the 19th degree of Libra 'A Gang Of Robbers Are Seen In Hiding, Ready And Anxious To Attack The Heavily Armed Caravan Just Coming Into Sight' (Marc Jones; 1931).

One cannot help but notice that he was born at a generational transition, with both Neptune and Pluto in the karmic 30th degree of Libra and Leo, respectively. The present mobilization of our military to enter into a full-scale ground war against the scourge of terrorism in order to defend our civil liberties and freedom represents a changing of the guard in American politics, society and culture.

There is a time for war and a time for peace (Ecclesiastes 3:8). This
generation, characterized by Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo, which bin Laden incarnated into at the final chapter, consists of a majority of men who were sensitive souls, highly talented creatively, but lacking the steel guts (Pluto in Cancer) of their father's generation, who fought the Nazis in World War II. As a result, national security has become lax, timid diplomacy and measured military responses such as sterile air strikes with no ground troops have given rogue nations and terrorists the green light to slash at America's soft underbelly. Business and financial globalization has come at the cost of a coherent foreign policy to realistically appraise our enemies, their hatred for America, and their willingness to die for their cause in suicide attacks.

It is said astrologically that the 30th degree of any sign is a distilled
synthesis of that entire archetype. Thus, bin Laden and his place in
history will perhaps be seen as the time when America was dropped to its knees to experience its weakness, and then to undergo the renewal of its courage and fighting spirit for the principles of freedom and democracy.

Transit Uranus is stationing this year and next in opposition to bin
Laden's natal Mars, and his terrorist strategies will thus be sudden,
drastic and highly sophisticated technologically. We can pray that before he strikes America again, he will be killed or captured during the stationary transit Saturn opposition to his natal Saturn, occurring within a one degree orb between January 9th and March 8th of 2002.

It is difficult and painful for any of us on the spiritual path to come to
terms with the necessary military action needed to eradicate global evils such as terrorism. I ask for your prayers for our soldiers, sailors and airmen who will soon put their lives on the line to defend democracy by going to war against the forces of darkness unleashed in full fury on Tuesday morning.

Robert P. Blaschke, Astrologer Earthwalk School of Astrology
PO Box 832 Ashland OR 97520 USA 541.488.7462
Author: Astrology: A Language of Life Volume I - Progressions (ISBN 0-9668978-0-3) Volume II - Sabian Aspect Orbs (ISBN 0-9668978-1-1) Volume III - A Handbook for the Practicing Astrologer (ISBN 0-9668978-2-X)