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Seasonal Symbolism: It corresponds to the autumn season, when the period of the harvest is completed and the earth, damp for the frequent rains, receives the seeds. The trees loose their leaves that, falling, get soaked and preparing the furrow.

Character: Very intelligent but unsociable, they have a particular charme strengthened by the halo of mystery which they love to be mantled rather well. Passional and self-controlled at the same time, they tend to be possessive, jealous but fundamentally traditional in concerning family.

Success: They feel themselves completely satisfacted only when they are able to dominate the others and they don't care to adopt anything they retain more adapt. They are not good for subordinate roles but, on the contrary, they are rather competitive. If the competitivity is l too much, by the way, can become dangerous as they employs any energy and intelligence.

Health: The Sign governs traditionally the reproductive apparatus and the anus, therefore these are the organs where it's more probable it can be developped a possible disease

The ideal environment: It's surely the sea. Also the mountain can be pleasant if it's dark, sever and bare.

Things you won't ever see him to wear: They prefer sleeping in T-shirt or with the only superior part of the pijamas.

The animals: tiger, sparrow hawk, pike, scorpion.

Plants and flowers: lives, heather, gladiolus

Stones: Topaz

Perfume: lemon-scented

Metal: steel, iron

Colour: dark red, black, pale green

Fortunate day: Tuesday

Fortunate number: 8

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Algeria, Baviera, Israel, Marocco, Norway, Transvaal, Algeri, Augusta, Baltimore, Dover, Fez, Halifax. Messina, Munich, New Orleans, Valencia, Washington