The women of Savoias

Laura Poggiani


The recent transitory Constitution rule abrogation  that forbaded the entry to the House Savoia's male descendants in Italy, has been constituted source of debate among those people who firmly stay hostile to the ex-Royal family and who pursues a fanciful dream to restore this Monarchy with a further debate on whom would be the true heir to the throne. There is however something that put all together: the affection and the respect for the housewives Savoia. The "Queen of May", Maria Josè, disappearance, has seen even the emotion of a large part of Italians without political or ideological distinctions to testimony an affection that goes over the male Savoias’ mistakes.

Women, these, belonging to a reality light-years far from the everyday life, yet we surprise to learn that, instead, one of the most popular and appreciated pizzas, Margherita’s pizza, takes just its name from the Queen Margherita, wife of Umberto I called "the Good King", to whom had been devoted.

As also a lot of other Royal families, Savoias have often been to the center of unusual events as the mystery that has mantled Vittorio Emanuele III’s birth or the esoteric halo of the Real coat of arms, which contains a star with 5 points upside down and interpreted therefore as a clear highly negative symbol, nearly demoniac, of bad luck, that would also have been the tragic events’ craftsman that, in many resumptions, have involved different components of this Family.




Savoias are identified above all with the Kingdom of Italy’s birth that, until the referendum that carried the Country toward the Republic, is tied up to their choices and their humors.

The Kingdom of Italy formally entered to be on March 17, 1861 when it was published on the Official Gazette a law with which the King Vittorio Emmanuele II of Piedmont assumed, for himself and his successors, the title of King of Italy. The time 00:00 is based on the general principle that every law published in the Official Gazette goes into effect at the time of 00:00.

It strikes the presence of Pluto, Mars and Moon in Taurus: the women of Savoia Family (Moon) are undoubtedly strong and with pugnacious character (Mars) and the presence of Pluto postpones to a symbolism more scorpionic than Taurus concerning them and the whole Royal family. The Moon/Sun sextile in Pisces also shows a substantial harmony of the real couples, a love and State’s necessities ideal meeting sprang many marriages of them.

The Sun is conj. to Neptune and in the House 4th, underlining the sense of patriotism and emotionalism that have tied the people to the Savoias during the Kingdom of Italy.  


She was born on
November 20, 1851 in Turin, was the wife of Umberto I, called "the Good King". She was the first Queen of Italy for the period from 1878 to 1900.

Orphan of father when she was four years-old, grew up far from the court life together with her mother and her brother Tommaso. As she wouldn’t leave her land, to which was very tied up, refused the marriage with the prince Charles of Romenia preferring her cousin Umberto, who married on April 20, 1868.

With the great charm that let her be appreciated even by whom was contrary to the Monarchy (as in the case of the strongly republican poet Giosuè Carducci, who devoted her "Ode alla Regina d’Italy" and "the Lute and the Lyra"), imposed her great aesthetical taste in family and court. During her Kingdom, had to face complex situations as the subtraction of Rome to the Pontifical State or painful, as the murder of her beloved husband in Monza, for hand of an anarchist, in 1900 following which she was devoted to works of beneficence, to the increase of the arts and the culture, encouraging artists, literating and founding cultural institutions.

She seemed to be favourable to the fascism, at least initially, and to her death, the throne passed to her only child, the future King Vittorio Emanuele III, whose particular physical conformation, the legs disproportionately court in comparison to the rest of the body, said entrance to a lot of hypotheses on his birth. The doubt was insinuated that Margherita could not have children or that a female have been born and therefore Umberto had made a substitution with another child.

Under the astral profile, Margherita (as also her husband) belongs to the sign of Scorpio, with Venus/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius in trine to Mars in Leo while Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are in the other Fire sign, Aries. The element Fire speaks there about an eclectic character, creative but also full of energy, able to get rapid decisions but also with love for the arts in general.

Her Sun, to 27° Scorpio, is trine to the Kingdom of Italy’s Sun and opposite to the “scorpionized” Moon of that chart, thoroughly explaining the great popularity of this Queen who has succeeded in conquering her people holding the reins of it to the death of her husband. Besides, her Mercury, to 4° Sagittarius, is perfectly connected to the Asc. to 3° Sagittarius in the Chart of the Kingdom.



Helen Petrovic-Niegos, princess of the Montenegro, was born in Cettigne on January 8, 1873. Simple give habits that she succeeded in preserving despite the Court life, she performed works of beneficence. The prince Nicola of the Montenegro's daughter, after her conversion to the Catholic religion in 1896, she got married, for love, to Vittorio Emanuele prince of Naples, who became, four years after marriage, the King of Italy.

She had 5 children: Umberto II, successor to the throne, Jolanda, Mafalda, who got married to Phillip of Assia and died in Buchenwald, Giovanna, wife of Boris III of Bulgaria and Maria, wife of Luigi of Borbone-Parma.

When her husband abdicated for her child Umberto, she was transferred as first to Alexandria of Egypt and then in France, where she died.

With Elena, a very difficult and sad page was opened, both for Italy and for Savoia family. In her Chart we find the square Mars/Saturn. Particularly Saturn is situated in Capricorn, that’s its rulership, conj. to the Sun while Mars is in Libra, where Saturn is exalted: the character is a bit cold, very rational, influenceable by the ideologies (Mars is opposite to Neptune) but, at the meantime, instinctively adverse to the laws of the new ideological tides of that period as the Communism (still Neptune).

This time the Moon is found in Taurus, exactly to the midpoint between Moon and Mars in the Kingdom of Italy’s Chart: the Queen has dressed again an important role for the Country but she has been in turn her own choices’ victim (just remember that, together with her husband, sacrificed her daughter Mafalda for her own safe).



She was born on November 19, 1902 in Rome, the second-born daughter of Vittorio Emanuele III and Elena.

On September 23, 1925, she got married with the German prince Phillip of Assia (he also Scorpio native, having been born on Nov. 6, 1896). On May 1938 Hitler reaches Rome to visit Savoia family but five years later, with the dismissal of Mussolini and the signature of the armistice with the allies, the Germans decide to proceed to the arrest of the whole family, over that to the disarmament of the Italian troops, therefore Badoglio and the King run away to the South. Mafalda had departed instead for Sofia to assist her sister Giovanna whose husband, King Boris of Bulgaria, was a lot sick. At her return, she discovered that the rest of the Savoias were in escape, that her husband was chained by Hitler and that his children were hidden in Vatican. Notifying her return to the German embassy, she delivered herself to the Nazi and she comes first transferred to Munich, then in Berlin and finally deported in the lager of Buchenwald where she entered at 40 of age and died after one year, on August 28, 1944.

The Chart of the unlucky princess again introduces the Sun in Scorpio, almost to the same degree of the Queen Margherita. The Moon in Cancer is opposite to Saturn confirming the maternal figure’s coldness and the great sensibility and love for the family of Mafalda. Mercury and Venus are also in Scorpio: with the Sun, they are found therefore opposite to the planets in Taurus in the Kingdom’s Chart.

The premature disappearance is suitable from the Nodal axle in the difficult sectors 2-8 while the ruler of the 8th, Pluto, is situated in the 9th House, the foreign countries, the far, underlining the death happened far from home.


Jolanda was born in Rome, on June 1, 1901 and got married in Rome on April 9, 1923 to the count George Charles Calvi of Bergolo, born to the Pireo (Athens) on March 15, 1887

In the Chart of this vital Gemini (with also Mercury and Venus in the sign), the Moon applies in Scorpio, to 29°, opposite to the Kingdom of Italy’s Moon in Taurus while the Leo rising is in trine to the Sagittarius rising of the Kingdom’s Chart.


She was born on November 13, 1907 in Rome, got married in Assisi on October 25, 1930 to Boris III, King of Bulgaria. Mafalda was by her during the armistice to help her to assist her husband that, it is murmured, Hitler wanted to eliminate for being refused to go down in war supporting him.

As Mafalda, she’s also Scorpio, with the Sun and Mercury tightly conj. to 19° and 20° of the sign, once more to activate the Moon in Taurus of Kingdom’s Chart.


She was born on December 26, 1914 in Rome and got married to Luigi of Borbone-Parma. This time, in the prophetic last degrees of Scorpio, we find Venus to 28°.


She was born in Ostende, on August 4, 1906, daughter  of King Albert of Belgium’s and Elizabeth, called "the Red Queen" for her socialist likings and for her visits in China and Russia. She inherits from her father a notable intellectual potential and a depth hate for every form of dictatorship and she receives a rather liberal education, with many affairs, from the sport to the passion for the mountain. She travels a lot, is cultured and intelligent, happy and a company's lover, autonomous and resourceful. For that epoch surely a nonconformist.

She was promised bride to Umberto of Savoia since she was a child and at 24 of age, she  comes to Italy for the wedding, on  January 8, that was celebrated then in the Paolina chapel of Quirinale to the presence of the government leader Benito Mussolini. In her book of memories “La Regina incompresa” (misunderstood Queen) she will write of that day: "They wanted turn my name into Italian ‘Maria Giuseppina', because Maria Josè was too much foreigner for the tastes of Mussolini. The fascist gerarchis asked to me even to sign ‘Maria Giuseppina' on the marriage documents. But I refused. Umberto was embarrassed, he didn't say anything."

When Germany occupied Belgium imprisoning the King Leopoldo, her brother, she went to interview by Hitler to defend the fates of her people. Besides, she was for a long time an active limb of the Red Cross; when in 1935 Italy declares war to Ethiopia, she went to Africa as nurse where met Italo Balbo. Subsequently she also met Umberto Zanotti Bianco and Benedetto Croce, who will contribute to cement her antifascist feelings up to give real help to the Resistance, maintaining contacts with the allies. She secretly received some partisan leaders and picked up money, weapons and every kind of subsistence stuff to send secretly to the strengths of the Resistance.

On Thursday May 9, 1946, Vittorio Emanuele III abdicated for his child Umberto and for 27 days Maria Josè became the last Queen of Italy: the day of the referendum, on June 2, 1946, she went to vote. On January 27, 2001 she passed away in a geriatric hospital in Geneva, turning off the reflectors on who will be remembered as "Queen of May".

Maria Josè is a proud Leo with Sun, Mercury, Mars and Node in the sign that is negative to the her Moon position in the non conventional one, Aquarius: Maria has a solar, rebellious and impatient character toward any form of imposition, combative (the planets in Leo are also in the 1st house) while the Moon in the seventh House talks about the unhappy marriage, the availability to fight for the proper and other people's liberty, great ideals.

Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune in the 12th House talks about the hard times and underlines as this, instead of a Chart of a Queen, seems the one of a revolutionary, with also Uranus in the 6th House that adds original ideas and pragmatism to the daily life.

This time the Sun of Maria is squaring to Mars of the Kingdom of Italy: its personality’s Chart, in open contrast with the monarchic order of which she has entered to take part and it expresses well the events causing the people’s hostility to Savoia family and subsequently the exile together with her husband, all contained in this Martian symbolism.

So many years far, a small mystery still flutters around Maria Josè’s figure. After having gone to vote to the referendum for the choice of the Republic, it is said that she confided to a journalist to have voted for Saragat, therefore for the Republic, showing herself once more non conformist. This fact, however, was subsequently denied by Savoia family and only after 70 years, as she wished, her choice will be public. It is to notice to this intention as the Sun in Maria birth Chart is in perfect sextile to the Italian Republic birth Sun and this already furnishes a possible answer.


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