by Laura Poggiani


While the Western world was still absorbed in the increasing worries for the deterioration of international relations and the preparation of the war against Iraq, news were persistently coming from the East about a strange syndrome defined as “severe acute respiratory syndrome”, a disease with symptoms very similar to those of pneumonia. This pathology, whose acronym is “SARS”, was soon to become so spread as to be defined as a veritable epidemics, whose most distressing and worrying symptom was its resistance to all known treatments, as well as its constant mutation, which made it impossible to find a vaccine, at least up to now.

The world started to talk about SARS when the Chinese Ministry of Health officially recognized the existence of an epidemics consisting in an acute respiratory syndrome, which had occurred in the Province of Guangdong scoring a total of 305 cases and 5 deaths for the period included between 16 November 2002 to 9 February 2003. At the Chinese Ministry of Health, a team was working hard together with the health officials of Guangdong to study the epidemics and collect the samples needed for laboratory tests. But the isolation of the virus yielded negative results and all the cases were reported in 6 districts of the province: Foshan, Guangzhou, Heyuan, Jiangmen, Shenzhen and Zhongshan. However, the virus was not confined to China only, but also arrived at Hong Kong and later in Canada, with the passengers flying back to Canada from Asia as involuntary accomplices.  

The origin of SARS

But where does SARS come from? According to the hypothesis put forward by the inspectors of the World Health Organization (WHO), SARS seems to have been originated among the cattle bred in the south of China. There are areas in the province of Guandong where a lung disease probably developed, since the people live in close contact with their animals (swine, poultry, ducks) and the animals are sometimes even bred within the home.
This theory finds confirmation in the fact that the first SARS victim had had direct contacts with poultry, ducks, pigeons and owls. The man had probably eaten or touched animals that had been infected by the unknown virus, which is the cause why the virus performed that passage defined by scientists as a “species leap”.
This killer pneumonia was studied starting from February 2003 in a scientific laboratory in Guangzhou, southern China, at 150 kilometers from Hong Kong, in the university building. Liu Janlun, a well-known microbiologist of 64, used to pass days and nights trying to identify the virus responsible for the epidemics that periodically affected the animals of the area. Liu Janlun thought he would find out the cause of the disease, a treatment and perhaps an antidote, but was never successful. Later he became ill, being transformed into the so-called “patient number zero” of the disease that the World Health Organization would later call Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS. It was precisely together with Doctor Liu that the mysterious virus arrived at Hong Kong, at the Metropolitan Hotel, where the scientist, who had already been infected without knowing it, spent two nights. In spite of a cough and a fever, he went out of the hotel to do some shopping with his brother-in-law. But one morning he was taken to Kwong Wah Hospital by an ambulance. That morning he would say: 'Beware everybody. I have been infected by something unknown and very dangerous”. Liu Janlun died on March 4 in a double insulation room. One week later, his brother-in-law was hit by the same fate, and died at Prince of Wales Hospital after infecting 79 persons.
 In Canada, the virus arrived on February 23, 2003 with Sui-Chu Kwan, a woman who had visited Hong Kong with her husband and had stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel. This woman had met Liu. Sui-Chu died on March 5.

This is how the SARS triangle was formed, mainly involving the three locations of Hong Kong, China and Toronto.

The symptoms

The symptoms of SARS are similar to those of a normal flu, with high fever, headache, sore throat, running nose, cough, chills and muscle pain. Afterwards, breathing troubles appear and some patients show X-ray detectable lung changes, as in pneumonia. Incubation of the disease may last 2-7 days and the conditions of the infected worsen very rapidly, within five days from the first symptoms.


The SARS horoscope

The so-called “SARS Zero Date” was November 16, 2002 in Guangzhou, China. For that day, we find a strict Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio at 22°, the same sign where we also find Venus, in retrograde motion, at 0°. If we were looking for particularly negative or conflicting aspects, we are rather disappointed because the predominant aspect of that date is a curious triangle: Jupiter, in Leo at 17°, is trine Pluto at 16° in Sagittarius (and we may expect nothing but Aries somewhere to close all that… the sign where, actually, the Moon is about to enter, as it is leaving Pisces precisely on that day), and between these planets we find a double sextile of Mars, in Libra at 19°. Inflammatory air-transmitted phenomena (Mars-inflammation/infection, in the air sign of the Libra) may therefore be rapidly spread (Jupiter) with extensive effects (Pluto) through the typical means of the signs occupied by these two planets: airplanes, contacts with foreigners.

Saturn, in Gemini at 28°, in retrograde motion, is approaching again to the trine Uranus, in Aquarius at 25°, and is about to leave the square with the Moon passing from Pisces to Aries. And this is precisely the configuration worthwhile observing carefully: the characteristics of the disease, so similar to a range of winter cold diseases, can be absolutely assimilated to the cold Saturn, while the continuous mutation of the virus gene, which makes it virtually impossible to find out a vaccine, can be linked to Pisces.

If we want to consider this date as a sort of “date of conception”, the real “birth date” of the disease can be traced to three months later, when the “patient Zero” arrived at Hong Kong to be hospitalized and to infect 70 more people, thus causing a hidden/unknown disease to rapidly become known and widespread, as a veritable global epidemics.


If we observe the planetary positions for the day of February 23, 2003, we find the typical situation of the periods characterized by great epidemics: Jupiter, still retrograde, in Leo at 10°, is almost perfectly opposed to Neptune, in Aquarius at 11°. Mars is dangerously conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius, in exact opposition to Saturn, in Gemini at 22°: the onset of the epidemics, expressed by the Jupiter/Neptune opposition, consists in a veritable acute inflammatory attack (Mars) to the lungs (Saturn in Gemini) with symptoms that can be easily taken for those of a simple flu, thus making it very difficult to make a diagnosis. This leads to “hide” the real danger existing in this disease (Pluto), which continues to be rapidly transmitted in other areas of the planet, favoured by airplane journeys (Sagittarius). So much so as to cause the first diagnostic units to be installed precisely in airports.

Complete the picture, which is already disquieting enough, we find a perfect Mercury/Neptune conjunction, at 11° in Aquarius (Mercury recalls the lungs and Neptune the viral process, as well as the metamorphosis of the gene of this disease, which is constantly changing, with the consequence of making it impossible, at least up to know, to identify a vaccine), while the Moon is transiting in the Libra, ready to pass into the Scorpio, passing again in the position occupied by Mars the previous November.
The Sun is worthwhile a specific note: having reached 4° in Pisces, the same sign where the Moon presumably was in November but where will certainly soon be Uranus when it will leave Aquarius after 7 years on March 11. The entrance of Uranus in the sign of Pisces corresponds to the climax, the period of maximum spreading of the disease, which is has by now transformed Pecking into a ghost town and the Hong Kong population into a group of people walking about constantly with a mask on their face and taking their temperature every moment.

As regards Uranus in the sign of Pisces, it is worthwhile highlighting how its last passage in this sign, dating back to the Twenties, corresponded with the spreading of the flu epidemics that caused over 20 million deaths all over the world. It is precisely the sign of Pisces the one that contours the area where the virus is spread with the utmost violence: China/Pisces.

Carlo Urbani, the man who discovered SARS   

Dr. Carlo Urbani was born a Libra. He is the Italian epidemiologist who has contributed to the global struggle against SARS. He died on March 29, 2003, at the age of 46 in Bangkok, of the same disease that he had been trying to identify.

Carlo Urbani was the main referee for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam concerning the study of transmissible diseases. At the end of February 2003 he worked at a case of suspect atypical pneumonia in an American businessman who had been admitted in the town’s hospital. Urbani immediately understood the severity of the syndrome and was well aware of the impending threat it represented, so he informed the hospital staff about the necessary protection measures to be adopted, including isolating the patient and using face masks.

His birth chart seems to repeat many of the points previously raised regarding the appearance of SARS: Sun and Mercury recall the already mentioned “Libra factor”. His Sun conjunct Neptune (which witnesses a tendency to catch infectious diseases, but also to work in the field of infectious diseases) is placed at the same degree (0° in Scorpio) as the retrograde Venus on November 16, 2002. Furthermore, the Sun is involved in the full moon phase with the sign of Aries, therefore again involved in the meanings of the passage of the Moon. Neptune, which forms a perfect square with the Ascendant, is, together with the Sun, precisely in the IX House, foreign countries, thus highlighting how foreign countries will play a decisive role in the subject’s existence (who spent most of his life abroad). Mercury (the lungs) is the dispositore of the Eighth House, as it is placed there, while the Moon, the dispositore of the House of health, is in the Third House, thus recalling the lungs again and the airways as a weak point of the subject’s health.

Mars is in Pisces, opposed the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo in the Eight House. But it is mostly Saturn that is of particular interest, as it is placed in Sagittarius, at 0°, trine Uranus, in Leo, but square Pluto, in Leo at 29°. Finally, Saturn is also exactly conjunct the North Node, which indicates a “karmic” fate, which would see a dramatic turning point around 45-48 years of age, strictly linked to foreign territories and the “far-away”.

The planetary picture of the moment of Urbani’s death is really interesting, with a group of planets in the “prophetic” degree 4 in Pisces of SARS, and closely square Urbani’s Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus and Uranus at 1°. Mars is in Capricorn at 15°, square the MP Sun/Mercury in Libra; Jupiter is almost at the same degree of the natal Uranus (the historical discovery of the denomination of the new virus, with a global resonance); Saturn is opposed Pluto, recalling the square in the birth chart.


The eclipses of Moon are, astrologically, deputed to influence the mass events. Just in coincidence with tthe rising ot the "SARS event", on Nov. 20, 2002 at 1.44 GMTs, was exactly occurred an eclipse ofthe Moon whose the world graphic underlines indeed a particular and very interesting wave.



As you can notice, Saturn in Gemini  (respiratory illnesses), trace a sort of sinusoide proper around China and Hong Kong for then proper coming back in Canada. And it is still Saturn, to the MC that also signals other possible sensitive areas among which South America and Southern Italy, where in the future the desease could eventually expand.



The “Galactic Center” is the gravity center of our galaxy. As the Earth rotates around the Sun, so the Sun moves at a speed of about 1,000 kilometers per second, and takes about 250 million years to rotate around the center of the Galaxy. Furthermore, the Sun has a huge black hole in its center, an extremely active area where new stars are generated.

Astrologers like Charles Harvey, Theodore Landscheidt, Michael Erlewine and others have formulated the theory accodring to which the Mars has touched this position precisely on February 27, 2003, in exact combination with the identification of SARS after the infection of the first American 48-year-old citizen in Hanoi on February 26. This man, who was coming back from a business travel to Shangai and Hong Kong, was immediately taken back to the former-British colony and hospitalized. He would soon die there. The disease of that patient was identifies precisely by the Italian physician Carlo Urbani, who was killed by the disease himself a little later.

Galactic Center would represent a higher level than the solar principle. In particular, Harvey wrote that “as the Sun is the symbol of our goal in life, the GC is the symbol of the highest goal for the human kind, thus taking on a particularly important role in global events”. Philip Sedgwick conducted research on the GC, black holes, nebulas and other astronomic phenomena. Even the meso-American culture has dealt with the GC, especially the Mayas who, once again, never stop surprising us for the great precision of their astronomic calculations.
The GC moves approximately 50.25 seconds per year, i.e. 1 degree every 71.64 years, and its position is currently at 26° in Sagittarius.



With the entry of Saturn in the sign of Cancer, the sign opposition of this planet with Pluto, which has been the source of so many large-scale tragedies in the last few years (from September 11th attacks to the SARS epidemics), will be over.

Another necessary consideration is that Uranus is presently providing only a “sample” of the effects it will have during its future permanence in Pisces, where it will stay permanently only later. We can therefore deduce, unfortunately, that this disease will probably keep on occupying the first lines of the news until Uranus will definitively leave this Water sign, not before January 2005.

(Trad. Valeria M. Tafel) 

Pisa Congress, 24-25 Oct. 2003




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