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Seasonal Symbolism: The ripening of the end of the autumn

Character: Loquacious, optimist, vivacious and independent. They love travelling and are enthusiastic and therefore they find congenial all the activities atthe open-air: sports, and everything is necessary to their equilibrium bith psychic and physic. They love risks and the hazard. They are prodigal and intuitive

Success: They are good for all those activities that requires movement and where an interest could be recognised. They are therefore good dealer with foreign countries, diplomats, but they however will prefer the autonomous jobs avoiding those clerking.

Health: They vulnerabilities are the thighs and the inferior part of the vertebral column. Therefore there are probable circulatory dysfunctions, the rheumatisms, the phlebitis and diseases to the respiratory tree.

The ideal environment: The countryside, the blooming meadows, the open spaces, above all if shaded by big trees, but especially with fruits.

Things you won't ever see him to wear: Long skirts if woman and long pants in summer, if man. The women particularly love to wear miniskirts preferably.

The animals: horse, peacock, owl, crow, unicorn

Plants and flowers: ash, fig tree, rhubarb, peach.

Stones: amethyst, blue sapphire and turquoise

Perfume: sandal

Metal: pond

Colour: purple and yellow.

Fortunate day: Thursday.

Fortunate number: 3

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Arabia, Australia, Spain, Hungary, Madagascar, Provenza, Tuscany, United States, Avignone, Budapest, Calcutta, Cologne, Pekin, Sheffield, Stoccarda, Taranto, Toledo