From Raffaello to Dan Brown


Chigi Chapel, on sketch of Raffaello, it was started in 1513 from  Lorenzetto and completed by Bernini between 1652 and 1656. The Mosaics of the dome, 'creative God of the firmament with around the symbols of the Sun and the seven planets', are by Luigi De Pace on sketch of Rafael. [1516] among the windows scenes of the Creation and the original Sin painted by Francesco Salviati. [1550].

On the altar 'Birth of the Virgo' by Sebastiano Del Piombo completed by the same Salviati. Below, 'Jesus and the samaritan', bronzy bas-relief of the Lorenzetto, 'Abacuc and the angel' [1656-61] 'Daniel and the lion' [1555-57] the Bernini's sculptures, 'Giona that goes out, the whale' of Lorenzetto [1520] on sketch of Rafael, 'Elia' begun by Lorenzetto and finished by Rafael by Montelupo. 

To the walls side forms  pyramid graves  of Agostino Chigi and his brother Sigismondo on Rafael's sketch modified by Bernini. To the fanlights paintings of Raffaele Vanni.