Pisa, 24 through 25 Oct. 2003





Pisa, a magic and esoteric town, offers enough to think of with the miracles of its Cathedral Square, or its the Leaning Tower which seems to challenge the world with its unique structure, indifferent through the centuries to the laws of gravity.

So Pisa was the right place to host such a unique Conference - unique because of the importance of the guests, the originality of material proposed and the sense of harmony that, since from the beginning, unified the group, making it happy to exchange points of views, visit the town and alternate study with fun.

Such an event could certainly not pass unnoticed and in fact, from the first day, the room was filled with the presence of numerous journalists, in search of sensationalism but immediately fascinated by the simplicity, the enthusiasm and above all the professionalism of the speakers. So the congress opened in the beautiful room that in ancient times belonged to a medieval Convent, with the lecture of the great uranian astrologer Udo Rudolph. He explained the combinations, not at all trivial, relating to the American president John F. Kennedy's murder, including parallels with the premature death of the Swedish Minister Anna Lindh. A spellbound and curious audience was shown the use of the dials and the Planetary Pictures principles of the Hamburg School. Time was allowed for numerous questions from the audience, about his lecture, allowing him to speak of transcendence, of the separation from the material body and incarnation.
Next we passed to Lynn Koiner who addressed the subject of retrograde planets in the natal chart and in progressions. Through numerous examples we learned, how to better manage retrograde Mercury or how to deal with the effect and emotional defficiencies of Venus turning direct to retrograde and then in a similar way, the analysis of the planets up to Pluto. What was especially interesting was the analogy of the rising sign, planets in first house and mother's pregnancy before the birth of the subject. Lynn concluded by responding to questions in a friendly, professional and fair way.

Only two speakers in an afternoon may appear too little, but in reality the time flew and meant that the speakers, not constrained by too little time, were able to devote themselves to their audience and dedicate enough time to debate, also giving the space to the journalists who, in         the meantime, were also joined reached by some TV crews.

At the end of the first day the choice was unanimous: all decided to supper in a typical restaurant to eat pizza and drink good wine, in perfect Italian style without missing a tour of the beautiful town: at night the Leaning Tower is stupendous and leaves everyone breathless, including those from outf town.

The following morning opened with Laura Poggiani's lecture on S.A.R.S.. 

The chronology of this illness and its developments were analysed in the light of astrology, with an attempt to find answers on why this illness is manifested only in certain areas, and not in others, and above all if it will return again and where. 

This involved demonstrating the techniques of astrogeography and planetary cycles.

It was then time to change the subject and the next presentation was made by
Lietta Catoni, Udo Rudolph's student, who showed how the Uranian astrology
can be also extremely useful in an integrated chart analysis, concerning

To do this, Lietta uses Davidson's system and took as an example a couple who met on a chat line.

The break came for lunch and the group went to another characteristic place in the historical centre and added to their numbers now the Spanish astrologer Tito Macia whom the journalists immediately asked for forecasts on the destiny of the Pope. Giving a comprehensive summary of his lecture, Macia explained that a serious crise is probable in the health of the Pope around next February and he anticipated the name of the possible new Pontiff.
The group then moved to the Conference room where Macia introduced to those present the fascinating subject of harmonics and showed his program Armon, available on the Internet for free download, through which you get a sort of "astral biorhythm". With numerous examples, he showed the critical days of several graphics, describing the different motivations of health crises and involved his audience who furnished specific dates and were struck by the extremely precise answers provided to their questions. The debate immediately became very involved, involving discussions on the future of Medical astrology and the possibilities in research, above all addressing whether if it's possible to cooperate with doctors so be able to effect real statistics.
The Conference concluded with general enthusiasm and with the promise to reconvene, even more numerous and more enthusiastic, in October 2004.




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