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Seasonal Symbolism: It represents the end of the transition between the winter and the spring. The snows get melted and the nature awakes. The first plants sprout.

Character: Dreamer, undecided, they are inner essentially receptive. Very emotional and they tends to take the life positively and often they also tend to resolve the own problems recoursing to hidden practices. They escape out the realty and therefore they extend to refuge in a world of feelings and fantasies.

Success: Because of the extreme emotions and the strong feelings they will be good in all those activities in which they could express their creativity. Silently, they give their best expressing themselves through the body language.

Health: Traditionally connected to the feet and to the epidermis, they are therefore easy to get rheumatisms, illnesses of the epidermis, poisonings and infections to epidemic character.

The ideal environment: All of those referred to the water, particularly the ocean.

Things you won't ever see them to wear: the love getting away their shoes as often as they can while, on the contrary, they like wearing gloves.

The animals: elephant and dolphin

Plants and flowers: birch tree, poplar and jasmine

Stones: amethyst

Metal: pond

Colour: blue

Fortunate day:Thursday.

Fortunate number: 9

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Calabria, Galizia, Normandia, Portugal, Sahara, Alessandria, Leicester, Seville