by Laura Poggiani


The case of Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican Prefecture salesclerk's daughter , made a lot of sensation some time ago and later even later, after the declarations on her hypothetical destiny that, punctually were leaned out in the most disparate moments. 

Concerning the at that time fifteen-year-old Emanuela, all traces were lost on June 22, 1983. That day the girl went, at 5 pm, to a lesson of flute near the Pontifical Conservatory and subsequently, at 7 pm, she phoned her sister telling to have received a working proposal for a parade of fashion and she preannounced the immediate return at home. Then some people testified to have seen her to the bus stop where she was also approached by a BMW black car. Later, the cardinal Oddi declared, Emanuela that evening reentered in Vatican to go out, later, in a car.

Initially it seemed a teen-ager disappearance like so many others, but after a while, it became one of the darkest cases of the Italian history, involving Vatican, Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), "Magliana Gang", Banco Ambrosiano and secret services of different States, in an interlacement that has not been extricated yet.

This case again is up on the chronicle pages when, after the attack to John Paul II, Ali' Agca revealed that, according to him, Emanuela Orlandi would be alive and hidden in Turkey where even she would be married but even this voice, like so many others, didn't seem to find great comparisons.

Everything this until June 2008, when suddendly Sabrina Minardi, the ex-girl friend of Magliana Gang boss, Enrico De Pedis, said "Renatino", reveals that Emanuela would have been abducted and killed after her father had come into contact with some burning papers, due to his job that developed at that time in the Vatican Prefecture. According to a De Pedis’ confidence to Minardi, the abduction would have been demanded by Mons. Paul Casimir Marcinkus, at that time president of the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), the bank in the Vatican, to regulate some power games; Minardi also added to have personally accompanied complaisant girls to deprived meetings with the Mons.

The woman also reveals the position of the hideaway where Emanuela would have been imprisoned and this time these declarations seem to find some objective comparisons. 

What has brought to connect De Pedis to Orlandi were several curious and particular facts, first of all, the strange story of De Pedis’ burial. The basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Rome, in its crypt is placed his bare, makes part of the same building in which it was the school of music frequented by Emanuela where she was seen for the last time.

To confirm the hypothesis and to let returning up to the chronicles the strange link, was also indicated by Roberto Calvi’s child, according to whom his father’s death case and the dark stories of Banco Ambrosiano would tightly be tied to the disappearance of the young girl. All connected stories to the Magliana Gang and to Enrico De Pedis.

At the same time it was underlineed in the investigations as Emanuela looks like other 11 girls, all disappeared in the same period and having in common the identical passion to be famous as model. 


Capricorn with Sagittarius Rising, her chart shows, since the first look, some elements almost anxious. Jupiter, ruler of the Asc., is placed in House IX, the one of the foreign countries, in opposition to Mars, defined by the tradition the “small malefic”, it talks to us of possible accidents, even serious, which could have involved Emanuela. The Moon, expression of the femininity, is also placed in a rather delicate position: ruler of the House 8, the one of the death, is just situated in the 8th and it forms the apex of a figure, called “Point of Talet”, which just links to Jupiter/ Mars opposition, already mentioned sooner. Besides, the Moon is also squared to Saturn, defined the Great Malefic by the tradition, to Uranus, planet of the unexpected events.

All seems, therefore, to speak of a sudden and violent event (Uranus/Mars in aspect to the Moon) that can cause the death (house 8th heavily involved). Mars-violence, is particularly negative: besides the aspects already quoted, is also squared to Neptune and squared to the Asc. (a deception at the base of an event that can cause violence to the subject).

According to the Uranian Astrology, the analysis of the chart of Emanuela adds further interesting details.

Injuries from scorches and fire in general. 

Great danger, person suddenly exposed to events that cause sudden injuriies/death, homicide in the diurnal hours, losses because of disagreements and tensions.

Deformation. Mutilation. Body that infects itself and weakens. Constraint to life of dependence.

Hours of lesson. Separation. Abandonment of an educational project. Separation among nations.

Obliged to work in crowded places. Prisoner job or from enslaved. Situations of terror.

Time of illness, separation or interruption of the job for a long time period. Death for investment.

So it emerges with Uranian Astrology, therefore, it is notably reduced the hopes to find Emanuela still alive.

About the sad destiny of Emanuela even the Fixed Stars seem to remark.

Mars joined to Fomalhaut. 

Fomalhault, Alpha Piscis Austrinus, even called "mouth of the fish, " favors the rising up of hostility from powerful or high-ranked people. Besides this conjunction also points out many enemies both secret or clear, moments of strong personal difficulties, danger of traumas or wounds.
A last interesting detail: the Sun of Marcinkus is joined to the one of Emanuela while the Sun of De Pedis is exactly in trine to both.

by Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved