To Die for Love

Laura Poggiani


Love can be a beautiful magic, which grabs you suddendly whenever you meet a sight, a voice, any detail which is banal to others, but which makes a special resonance inside of us and makes us to understand all at once, that person has become very special, we don't want to lose him, wishing to share together all the future instants.

Women, particolarly, at the perennial “blue prince” search, mantle these moments of a particular magic which carries them often, unfortunately, to hide the faults, even evident, their men when they met, dilating to excess, instead, the merits, until when, on the test bench of a cohabitation or in the hard facing with the time, the bond will show the inevitable differences, breaking up apparently strong and indissoluble bonds. When then the affective bond happens in the difficult and unstable world of star system, then there are further elements which can also give the hit of grace to the most overwhelming loves.

They do exist other loves, loves which "vip" or common people indifferently unite, voted however to the higher sacrifice or that however they make lever on the most beautiful side but even more a female selfdestroying: one love that also goes against every rational logic, which brings to the desperate search of love with the capital "Á" even when it turns into violence instead, overcoming, at times, only psychological but a lot  more frequently, above all physics. It becomes then difficult to accept that really, the man twho we have looked at a great deal 'till that moment as a "Blue Prince" is in reality different, we then grab on the rare moments of sweetness to support the idea that no, such a sweet person can't be so violent, it is begun to give the blame to the stress, he is excused and we repent his apologizes that, as "crocodile's tears", appear when he is threatened with interrupting the relationship and this allows to us to drag in a spiral that shows less and less no exit. And love in a short time becomes fear but at the same time, tenaciously it is defended, protected, excused, with the secret, desperate, last conviction, all female one, that “my love will change him” until it becomes clear, often too late, that not always the love, even if great and deep, is enough and only an expert can constitute a valid help. On the other side, a lot of times the intervention queries in case of domestic violences, fall often unheeded because police is unable to act until there is evident crime and when this happens, it is, usually, too late.



Chronicle of an announced tragedy


It is January 1,1989 when, at 3:58 a.m.,Brentwood, CA, when Police reaches, in reply to the call to 911 (emergency number) of Nicole Brown Simpson. They find her hidden among the bushes outside the house who shouts “He's going to kill me!”. She was half undressed, the face and the labbris are swollen, the scratches on the neck. O.J. was arrested for conjugal abuses.

Subsequently, however, on June 12, 1994, around the 10:20 p.m., in Beverly Hills, Nicole and Ron Goldman were brutally stabbed to death. O.J. was therefore the first one to be suspected, already existing the phone calls to the police of Nicole who indicated her husband's violent actions. O.J. suffered what has surely been the most publicized trial in the American history and he was declared innocent on October 3, 1995, against every evidence, as the defense made lever on the police excesses, which would have treated badly him, and on the racial thesis, that was notable factor in the verdict of the jury.

O.J.  is Cancer, Leo rising. His Rising Sign, together with Pluto and Saturn, asks for attention, needs extroversion, show a very strong and volitive public character but the presence of these planets in the House 12 as well as the conjunction Sun-Mercury in Cancer and Moon in Pisces, suggests a very insecure privacy, sensitive and desirous to find a woman with a strong maternal sense. There are many “winning” points in his Chart, as, i.e., .the conj. Sun/Mercury in trine to Jupiter, that have served the champion of football as the extraordinary popularity the world knows and which has also been the cause of absolution verdict in favor, despite the evidence. It is worth instead of stopping himself really on his Moon (the partner), in Pisces and in House 8, connected to the death, squaring Venus/love and Uranus/sudden events. The Moon in Pisces often handed the subject to create a virtual reality, to tell others and to himself lies, twisting what, instead, is the objective reality. Besides, just Uranus is House 7 ruler, the consort, to underline a possible traumatic event (Uranus) which can be the craftsman of the death (House 8) of the consort (Moon and Uranus dispositors House 7). Venus, still  in square to Neptune, dispositor of the Moon in Pisces and in the 8th, situated in the 2nd: the 2nd-8th axle is both economic and passionate axle  and both these motivations could be at the base of this tragedy. Finally, Mercury is retrograde and in trine to the Moon, as O.J pointing out. he needed a lot of time to assimilate” the one’s reasons often losing himself in meander of real paranoia. The conjunction in Leo Saturn-Pluto in the 12th House completes the picture, giving subconscious demand of frustration, jealousy, anger, obsessions - these characteristics are emphasized in the O.J. Chart in square to this radix conjunction in Leo and in the 12th House, to Jupiter in Scorpio.

Nicole is instead Taurus, Pisces Rising, with Venus in trine. Undoubtedly, a very beautiful woman, pleasant and kind. The North Node presence in the House 7, the consort, underlines however as this one plays a fundamental role in her existence, determining a substantial turn of it. Jupiter, retrograde, as O.J.’s one, is placed together with Neptune in the House 8, opposed to the Sun and trine to Mars, Scorpio dispositor, situated in House 5, that’s love. It also returns in this Chart an economic and passionate matter (2-8 axle) that involves the partner (Sun) with possible legal matters (Jupiter) for another love story (Mars and 5th House).  1994 was a year of drastic changes, risk, of separation from the past, she was trying to redefine her life. She had just put on sale her house and planned to move away with her children. This would have subtracted her to O.J.’s control. It has been said that the week before the murder, he saw Nicole through the window, maling love with another man. There have been words of anger and telephone communications between them that week. Her death week, it was a particularly dangerous period for her because of indiscretions and particularly strong reactions. The aspects in her Chart concern on a dramatic separation. Ron Goldman was simply in the wrong place to the wrong moment.

Neptune in the 8th points out a mysterious death and if we look at the synastry, we find that O.J.’s Neptune is just on Nicole’s Moon: the affective relationship among the two is mantled by the dream, the illusion. Nicole has surely idealized O.J., who has been very skilled to hide his true character, until the moment of the ugly awakening to reality.

Particularly symbolic the integrated Chart (Schiffman system): this introduces Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Moon in the House 1: O.J. has in the couple a very aggressive and dominator character. Mars, besides, although in the House 1, is conj. to the Sun, in the House 12, the House of probes and the jail: O.J  aggressive actions (Mars) can determine situations which cause possible judicial circumstances due to it (the arrest for domestic violence and the murder trial). During the homicide, Uranus and Neptune were just transiting in the House 8 of the Int.Chart, in square to Int. Chart Saturn and Neptune, while Mars activated, by a sextile, Mercury, Uranus and Moon in House 1, giving to O.J. a strong energetic position.



whenever to the violence, drug is added


Marie Trintignant was “art daughter”, having been born by the union between the French actor Jean Luis and the movie director Nadine Trintignant. Young, beautiful, independent, she also worked in the cinema.  Marie Trintignant had a partner of whom was probably enamored.  An evening, on July 27, 2003, about 11 p.m., they quarrel, she slaps and hits depart. Her swollen face will bring the signs of it, while there are traces of violence on her partner. Unilateralist physical violence, therefore. Strengths' relationship, in a classical man-woman one. Marie faints, the aggressor says. She enters, in effects, in coma and Bertrand believes, she sleeps, he still says. He will call therefore the helps only the following morning, at 7.30 a.m..Too, late, the damages are irreversible. Marie dies.  It will be learned then, that Bertrand was under the influence of alcohol and drugs: the hits in the delirium of the alcohol or a consequent fall for them has provoked the serious cranial trauma from which Marie won't be raised again anymore.

Her grave, to the Parisian cemetery of Père Lachaise, has reached every day by pilgrimages. Paris keeps on crying Marie Trintignant, disappeared on August 1, 2003.

Pisces with Capricorn Rising, Bertrand just shows, in his natal sign, three planets: Mercury, Mars and Sun, conj., to which Saturn is added, from the elegant Aquarius. This points out a notable oral aggressiveness, able “to hurt with the tongue” but since it is put in House 1, the personality, can easily pass from the words to the action that is struck against the partner, due to the opposition of the 4 planets to the conjunction Pluto/Uranus in the 7th and “they unload” their negative aggressiveness on the Moon, to the square, in the House 10: the partner from the great popularity. Even here, as in the case of O.J., we find the dispositore of the 7th, in this case Mercury, in emblematic position: connected to Mars and Saturn, the “malefic” of the tradition, squaring to the Moon/wife, opposite to Pluto and Uranus in the 7th/partner.

It strikes, in Marie Chart, the repetition of some conjunctions which confirm the Bertrand ones: Mars, Venus (which here Mercury replaces), Sun and Saturn. Exactly as Bertrand had Saturn in its ruled Aquarius, Marie owns Mars at the end of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and sign of its exaltation. So Marie that Bertrand, therefore, have very strong personality, which are easily allowed to carried away by the emotional wave of the moment but in the case of Marie, this aggressive position, being shared between the 9th and the 10th, comes out above all in expressing the artistic creativeness, where sne loves to treat social themes on the female condition. Mars however is also dispositor of the 7th, the partner and the conjunction in the 9th House to the Great Malefic, Saturn, assumes an anxious meaning, to which the 8th dispositor is added, Jupiter, in the 10th connected to Mercury: the death (Jupiter 8th dispositor) has happened abroad (Mercury and 9th values) where she was for job.

During the aggression, Mars (dispositore of her 7th and 12th) was quinconx to her Moon and opposed to her Pluto radix.

Particularly interesting also the fixed stars. In her radix chart, Venus, MC, Sun, Saturn are all conj. from 29° Cap to 2° Aquarius and exactly:

Venus (dispositore of the Asc), at 29° Cap, is in aspect to the fixed star Draconis, which is the Head/neck of the constellation of the Dragon and Alpha Indi, that’s the Head of Indus, the Indian star (danger of homicide).

The MC at 0°Aqu25’, Sun at 0° Aqu59’, Saturn at 2°Aqu05’, are the longitudes of X Capricorni, the Head (horn) of Sea Goat and Albireo, Beta Cygni, the Head of the constellation of the Cygnus, (possibility of wounds to head and eyes).

Her Moon at 9° Leo is placed on Asellus South C Hydrae, that is the sector of the Head of the Hydra (wounds to the head, possible violent death); the NN at 18° Leo also lined up to the Head of Hydra and that one of Leo (wounds above all to the head, neck and backbone, possible violent death).

Her Asc is placed on the powerful but awful Pleiadis.

In the Integrated Chart, we find an anxious conj. Sun-Mercury-Uranus in the House 8, where Mercury is indicative of Bertrand, activated by Sun and Venus in transit while Saturn was opposed to the Moon, symbolizing Marie.



An avoidable tragedy

Bobby Brown is a well-known singer of rap in the United States, married with the b most famous Whitney Houston, on July 1997, from whom he has had a daughter the little Kristina,:

Until the moment to know him, it is said that Houston was a real “dad's daughter”: of those who arrives to school in limousine, with the famous Dionne Warwick as relative, already famous herself to the world since her first song, thanks to her powerful and beautiful voice. Bobby had to constitut a transgressive and unstoppable attraction for Whitney, fascinated by the image of “genius and lack of moderation” in him.

Bobby Brown in fact boasts to his asset, in adition to a vast discography as rapper, even some arrests for possession of drug (of which it seems evem Whitney, since a long time, makes use), driving without license and an endless series of calls for beating to her wife among which, the last one, on December 11, 2003, when, during a nth altercation, he has taken to slaps Whitney who, as soon as Bobby goes away for departing to San Francisco, has called the number of emergency 911 denouncing what happened and doing him arrested. As it often happens in these cases of domestic violence, where the woman tries to always excuse the partner, even here, for the nth time Whitney is lined up beside her husband and together they have appeared hand in the hand in front of the judge of the County of Fulton, Georgia , while Houston declared “we are still together!” and, singing the song of Aretha Franklin" (You Make Me Feel (Like) Á. Natural Woman", they went away with their SUV.

Aquarius asc. Capricorn, Bobby Chart introduces anxious analogies with O.J. Simpson’s one. Both share Mercury and Jupiter retrograde and the Moon (his wife) in the 8th, in this case in the diametrically opposite sign to the Moon of O.J.,  the Virgo.   In the case of Bobby, besides, just the Moon is also dispositor of the 7th, conj. to Pluto and sestile to Mars that makes it a lot “scorpionic” In short, the conjugal bond of Bobby and Whitney is extremely passionate in the positive or negative sense of this term.

Mars, in square to the Sun and conj. to Neptune, is in its natural place, the Scorpio, and in the House in analogy with the sign in which is exalted, the 10th. And therefore it’s a Mars particularly rebellious, intolerant, aggressive and prey of altered feelings (Neptune).

Whitney, Leo asc. Pisces, show a Chart that has a lot of affinities with Bobby’s one. As it happens to a lot of couples, she belongs to the opposite Bobby’s sign and in the 7th House, the Consort, there’s Mercury, Mars and Pluto. Pluto and Mercury (to which Uranus is also added, even if physically still in the 6th) nearly “sat” on the Descendant.  The Sun, conj. to Venus and trine to Jupiter, talk about the great success of the singer, her beauty, her splendid voice… but the opposition that the Sun makes to Saturn, adds a sad note to this bright picture. The Sun in fact even mean her own partner of life being also him a singer of success, as it wants the aspect to Venus and Jupiter, but at the same time hard and implacable, as it wants the opposition to Saturn.

As corollary of this picture, let's find Mars, as have already said, in the partner house, opposed to the Moon (an aspect which frequently points out violence, Mars, suffered to a physical and psychological level, Moon), while in the 8th House, as in the case of Nicole Simpson we find an unquietant  Neptune, especially Asc. dispositor, in square to the Sun and Venus, just the House 8 dispositor!

Even the Integr. Chart do just repeat the same anxious indications which already emerge from the two Charts: in the 8th in fact we find the conjunction NN, Sun and Mars, underlining once more, as the aggressiveness becomes in this couple a pure expression of the passion but even a sort of “karmic bond” which seems to prevent Whitney to definitely leave who is bringing her more and more on the road of the self-destruction.

by Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved