Part 2

Claudia & Vicente Gigli


The first serious problems in her career.

On January 2nd, 1958 Maria Callas was going to interpret the role of Norma by Bellini at the Opera in Rome. This performance was very important because the President of Italy and other important personalities would attend. On New Year Eve, she had sung on the Italian TV and had then stayed up late in an exclusive club in Rome. Consequently, on the day of the performance her voice was deteriorated and was reduced to a whisper. She asked to be replaced but the artistic director refused.

When the curtains were raised Maria forced her voice and only shrilled throughout the First Act. The public booed at her. She refused to come back for the Second Act. After an hour of agony, the President and his retinue left the theatre and Maria escaped through an underground tunnel that led to her hotel. The insults of the crowd could be heard until very late under her window.

The final result was that the Italian Parliament passed an unfavorable motion for Maria, which forbid her to fulfill her contract.

Fourteen years later the Supreme Court passed judgment in favor of Maria Callas and imposed on the Opera of Rome to pay an indemnification to her.

 This episode damaged her reputation and this did not have a remedy, thus creating a pattern that would be repeated throughout her whole career. She was convinced she had suffered abuse and betrayals, she suited directors, institutions, agents, etc. Courts would pass judgment in favor of her, although very late, and the judgments would not have any effect on her damaged public image.

 The transits in those days as well as the progressions that were already working reflect this event of vital importance in her life.

 Mars in transit quadrature to the natal node was already working from January 1st, 1958.

Sun in transit in opposition to Natal Pluto on Jan 2nd.

In the sky for that same day and around the time of the performance, the Moon in transit was in opposition to Mars in transit.

Jupiter in transit makes an exact conjunction to natal Mars on Jan 3rd, but the fact that it had touched its natal Saturn should be taken into account; therefore Jupiter, with its amplifying power, gave an spectacular magnitude to that event.

Retrograde Pluto in two degrees of Virgo will, in its movement, close again the trigon with natal Venus. This transit was crystallized by the time she meets Onassis. That is to say, Pluto in 0º of Virgo, making a trigon to its Venus.

 Evidently, the slow but intense action of Pluto makes the life of this woman change radically.

If we consider the progressions we can see that the progressed Moon forms a conjunction with its natal Venus and later with progressed Saturn.

The Moon causes the decantation of this painful situation.

Progressed retrograde Mercury closes even more the quadrature with natal Mars –Saturn.


After her failure in Rome she travels to the USA and is successful with the operas: “La Traviata” and “Tosca”. But when she returned to Italy she discovered that some of the Milanese people who had adored her were against her.

On April 9th 1958, she debuted “Ana Bolena” at “La Scala” of Milan and although she sang brilliantly, the Director of the opera cancelled the performance on April 12th, 1958 when the President of the Republic was going to visit the city, and the opera was replaced by another one with a different cast.

 According to Meneghini, during the days Ana Bolena was being performed there was somebody trying to make a scandal by distracting the public with vulgar comments.  Among the bunches of flowers thrown to the stage there were lots of radish, tomatoes and other vegetables…

When they could not live in Milan any longer due to the constant hostilities they moved to a villa they had previously bought in Sirmione. Meneghini’s comments.

On May 19th, 1958 “The Pirate” by Bellini was presented for the first time at La Scala of Milan, and due o the cold reaction of the public, the last performance was on May 31st.

Maria commented later, “I had no choice but to leave La Scala in self defense and for dignity. She felt betrayed by her public as she used to say “I love La Scala” more than any other theater, I consider it my home…”(Text from Greek Fire).

Transits of January 2nd, 1958

Maria Callas started by that time to lose control of her voice in the high register. There had been some failures since the beginning but by means of superhuman efforts she forced her voice and could reach the extremes in which she seemed to be broken. But after many years of extenuating performances she could not control her voice.

Despite all this she did not surrender and went on with continuous tours and recording sessions in London, the USA, and the rest of Europe. Her social life was becoming even more active with dinners an luxurious parties.


On December 19th, 1958 the debut took place in Paris in a  Luxurious Charity Reception for the “Legion D’Honneur”. That Reception is described as the most splendorous celebration that had taken place in Paris since the war (excerpts from : Fuego Griego).

The debut day  marks again the presence of Onassis in the life of the singer and it will be now forever. He sent her three enormous bunches of red roses; one for the morning, another for midday and the last before the performance. On that day Mercury in transit is directly stationary on the natal Sun.

Maria Callas already knew that Onassis had another kind of interest in her but she pretended she did not realize. They met in social meetings in many occasions. Onassis insisted in many occasions on inviting her to go on a cruise on the Christina Yacht but Maria refused by saying she was very busy.

After a marvelous interpretation of Medea in London on June 17th 1959, Onassis and his wife organized a party in Dorchester to honor Maria. The guests were celebrities, politicians and members of the British nobility.  Onassis evidently wanted to meet his objective. He had to make Maria Callas feel as a queen on the night of her theater success and to catch her attention once and for all.

By analyzing the progressed chart of that day we find that the progressed moon is about to  make a trigon to its natal moon, although it is in orb. We can assert that during that year the popularity of the singer increases but not precisely due to her talent.

Progressed Jupiter is on 9º 19’ of Sagittarius (on its natal sun) as if the very Apollo got into her life with his magic and enchantment. In the progression of his birthday on December 2nd 1959 progressed Jupiter was on 9º 13’and it was not placed in the location of the sun in minutes. On June 17th  1959 Jupiter goes past the position of the natal sun in minutes and reaches 9º 19’. During those months until Jupiter reaches the Sun and passes it in minutes, the meetings take place as well as the calculated and secret approaches of Onassis to Maria.

The progressed moon makes a sextile to progressed Mars, an essential issue, as we have already mentioned that Mars is the co-regent of its natal ascendant.

We come to the solar revolution of December 2nd 1958, which is really important because of the crystallization of the change produced in her life.

When we see the house, we see a loaded IV house and its apex is on 4º 11’of Sagittarius which belongs to her natal house I .the sensitivity of the IV combined with the first makes us think that something very deep and transcendental will take place in her life during that year and such event is going to commence. If we take into account the derivation of houses we may say that the IV is the XII from the V and one  of the many interpretations refers to secret love affairs.

Aristotle Onassis did not give up when Maria rejected his invitation and insisted again and so on July 23rd 1959 at 12.08 AM the Christina Yacht sets out on a cruise to Greece.

Maria Callas’ life would change its course with this voyage as the ship owner had cast his fishing net and would let this woman, who had only lived for her work , discover that there existed a world of many different colors, shapes and sensations. This was the first time she was really falling in love.

Her marriage with Meneghini had been of another kind. She had always respected her husband and had obeyed his demands regarding the first moments of austerity and discipline. But Callas had grown by his side and had become a different woman from the poor, fat and unattractive young girl he had met.

Her relationship with Meneghini was not good since some time before that voyage. His demands for her practices and rehearsals irritated her and she became worried about money. She wanted to be in charge of her earnings, something she had never done before, and she did not trust the way her husband dealt with that.

During this cruise the romance between Maria Callas and Onassis started. The stellium placed on house IV and on Sagittarius, if we take into account its symbolism,  refers to foreign countries and long trips. The ascendant of the Solar Revolution is on 9º of Virgo the regent Mercury which represents Maria is in the IV house in conjunction with Saturn and retrograde. Saturn is regent of the V solar house. If we analyze this more deeply we have Saturn in the image of Onassis, (elderly man), playing the role of a lover. The retro gradation of  Mercury would imply for Maria the revision of a situation which had already been presented to her and that she had refused.

Not only Onassis and Maria Callas were on the Christina, but also important guests such as Sir Winston Churchill and his family, Onassis’ wife, Tina and Meneghini, M. Callas’ husband.

The Greek magnate seduced Maria Callas with his wit and enchantment during his long night talks and the enrapturing romantic air of the Mediterranean Sea. There they got to know each other more deeply and realized that their lives had much in common. they spoke very good Greek, they loved Greece although they hadn’t been born there. Since their youth, they had both suffered during the wars and the poverty derived from them. They had come through all this by working hard, they both had strong and choleric characters and both were short sighted. They were also superstitious, and dramatic and exaggerated in their stories or memories.

By the end of the voyage the group visited a Patriarch of the orthodox religion, and he blessed Maria and Onassis for being the best singer in the world and the most famous sailor of modern world, a contemporary Odysseus. (Words form the afore mentioned text.)

The visit to the Patriarch made the singer decide to leave her husband together with the promise of the ship owner to leave his wife.

Callas was very religious and had a deep faith. Sagittarius and Jupiter, her regent, was located on that sign; so she considered that her future was with Onassis and that the blessing meant the crystallization of that union. She decided to break up with her husband and on the night of August 6th, she spent the night with the magnate for the first time while being still on the yacht.

If we refer again to the solar, Pluto is on the XII house making an exact quadrature on the axis MC/IV that would be the axis of relation on her natal.

Her seventh natal are Taurus and Gemini, thus Gemini occupying the Mid-Heaven discharging Pluto on it (preguntar pronombres). The sun from the IV house (regent of the XII) makes another quadrature to the Asc/ VII. There is a radical change in her life and home, altering her marriage, due to the action of Pluto. Pluto from the XII is near the solar Asc.

Maria Callas’ life had changed not only due to her relationship with Onassis but also for the change in her aspirations and desires. She was tired of singing, the discipline and struggling with her voice that had been failing for some time. She wanted, for the first time, to release herself from responsibilities and enjoy this new experience. She wished to give up her career and to live only for Onassis and she wanted to be his woman.

She separated from Meneghini in order to live freely her romance with the magnate but it was not long before Onassis, who did not want to alter anything in his life, would continue with his cruises and important guests. Maria Callas was excluded from those voyages that lasted for months. Onassis did not want to break up with his wife and even less to make his romance with Maria public.

Maria once again plays at this moment the romantic and dramatic roles of the operas interpreted by her: treachery, abandonment and even a pregnancy. For December 2nd, 1959 Maria Callas had a 4-month pregnancy.

In her natal theme there is no promise of children and if there were, they would be very unlucky. We may see this when the regent of House V Mars is on a falling sign and in conjunction with an evil like Saturn. In the aphorisms of Albubather,  “On Nativities”, the aphorism Nº163: “the natives who do not have children or have few”, says:  “When the regent of the house of children (in this case Mars) were on sterile sign or of scarce progeny (e.g. Libra), the native will not have any children or will have few, specially if such regent were impeded or unfortunate (this is impeded by Saturn in conjunction). The aphorism also reads: “Venus together with Saturn indicates a decrease in the number of children, and that they will be bad”(Venus is in sextile to the conjunction Saturn – Mars).

During the solar of the year of 1958, she was pregnant, if we pay attention, we can see that in the solar house XII the Moon is placed on Leo going to an applicative conjunction to Uranus. This solar Moon is regent of the house XI, e.g. works on the axis V/XI. In fact, the pregnancy was hidden, was not desired and was not foreseen either.

There are many opinions regarding this issue but Maria’s closest people say that the couple had planned to have a baby.

They started to look for a house in Switzerland where Maria could live with the baby. Despite these plans Onassis went on with his life and social compromises  when she needed him most. Her mother attacked her as much as she could, and they had a really bad relationship due to Maria’s decision of not maintaining her mother any more. By that time the book, “My Daughter Maria Callas” in which she mentions the ingratitude and cruelty of Maria. After reading such absurd and cruel pages, the singer spent several days locked up without talking to anybody. There were many scandals regarding money issues. Maria’s mother used the press to weaken the image of her daughter.

The Moon on X House, as Liz Greene explains, shows a mother that lives the life of her daughter somehow. Maybe Maria’s mother would have loved to be famous, rich and have the love from the public. She took advantage of the fame of her daughter to be noticed somehow. As she could not do this by herself she needed Maria to satisfy her own wishes, as she really loved opera. She had tried this with her elder daughter who had no conditions for this, so she did it with Maria.

For October 1959, the progressed Moon made a conjunction with progressed Mercury, at that time her relationship with Onassis is in its apogee and simultaneously the arguments with Meneghini have a really serious prospect due to the breaking of her marriage and its consequences.


Maria became depressed during her pregnancy and confined herself. She expected Onassis to visit her during the first days of April 1960 and this situation made her fear that her lover would see her ugly. She wanted to look thin and with the child in her arms when she met him again. Maria wanted to have a boy, as Onassis had warned her that no other child would take the place of Alexander (his son). Due to all this she talked to her doctor and urged him to have a cesarean section when it would be wise.

On March 30th, 1959 she was hospitalized in the morning and had the cesarean section. She gave birth to a boy but the baby had respiratory problems and had to be taken in an ambulance to a better clinic but the baby died on the way, the nurse who was carrying him christened him with the name Omero Lengrini (It is believed that such surname was the pseudonymous she had used in the clinic).

The baby was born on March 30th, 1960 at 8.00 in Milan. The Solar Revolution of December 2nd 1959 clearly reveals this unfortunate event:

The solar ascendant on Scorpion, apart from being her XII natal house is revealing that during that year there were going to be critical situations or a physical, emotional or affective death would take place. Mars co-regent of the solar ascendant and so highlighted in its natal which is on 28º of Scorpion together with her natal ascendant. Mars is also regent of the V solar house. It is clearly shaped the decision that she would bring forward her delivery.

The Moon of this solar revolution is in conjunction with Solar Saturn in the II house. We believe that a conjunction Moon-Saturn, for a cycle where a birth is foreseen, is not pleasing by itself. It must be also taken into account that Saturn is a life-taker. This Moon is in Capricorn joined to its dispositor. It is in a fall, its cosmic state is very low. And in house II refers to the axis Taurus- Scorpion.

As if this location did not speak by itself, Pluto from the solar X house makes a trigon to that lethal conjunction, moreover, Pluto is the regent of its solar ascendant and regent of its natal ascendant. As an aggravating circumstance, Pluto is in conjunction to the natal node.

 Retrograde solar Mercury and also on Scorpion make a sextile to its natal Moon in applicative direction due to its retro gradation. Solar Mercury also makes a quadrature to the solar Chiron.

Natal Uranus so angular in IV house rises in trigon through this solar ascendant.

The situation lived by this woman together with the death of her son; the crisis she went through and the change that was being generated slowly in her personality justify this solar ascendant and such terrible situations.

The progressions say much about this when the progressed Moon is in an exact sextile with the conjunction of Saturn and Natal Mars. Progressed Mars also from Scorpion is in exact sextile to her natal Moon. Scorpion has never been so appropriately called the sign of death. 

It is important to notice how the natal Moon is touched in solar as well as in progressions.

We may also mention these details: Natal Venus is in quadrature to the solar node which is in conjunction with the apex of the V solar house.

If we refer to the many biographies of the Diva we have consulted, she apparently overcame this episode although the pain and the memories as well as the remorse of having accelerated a natural process never left her.

A situation she lived some time later, precisely on August 24th, 1960, was at the Epidaurus. This was the first time Maria was going back to Greece. Motivated by Onassis, who was the organizer and who pushed the project most strongly. According to extracts of the text aforementioned: “The objective of the ship owner was not only to make Callas get  her fame back, but to raise himself to the status of the man who returned his consort to the land considered as their spiritual home.”

 And this is how she interpreted the first opera in the theatre of Epidaurus (built IV B.C.). It has the best acoustic in the world. Maria Callas made her debut with “Norma”.

The theater was crowded and the surrounding hills were crowded with Greek people. When Maria went on the stage somebody from the public released two white doves and the twenty thousand spectators stood up. This was one of the most important ovations in her career and she had not even started to sing.

This performance was considered by the critics as a miracle, in which there was a feeling of an authentic mother. The loss of her son had deeply affected her soul and although she did not have him, she could now understand more intensely the feelings of the heroine she was interpreting.

Franco Zeffirrelli said: “This was in a way her own story. Maria, after all, is a supreme priestess of her art. But also the most fallible of all women.”  

The transits on that day were, among others:

 Moon in Virgo transiting its X house and therefore, the Moon.

The Sun in transit in 0º of Virgo, trigon to its natal Venus.
Mars in transit in 13º of Gemini quadrature to natal Uranus.

This event is also reflected in the solar of December 12th, 1959. And it is here where we can appreciate that the regent Sun of the solar Mid-Heaven is in the I house going to the conjunction with Jupiter.

It can be said that the natal location is repeated. And although the misfortunes that this woman lived during that year, fame and glory occur again in this period.

From the end of 1960 until the end of 1963 her performances were decreasing in quantity and quality. The soprano was tired of being  “Maria Callas” and what she really wanted was to be a wife and have a family. In order to meet this objective and devote her time to Onassis and live with him as if she really were his wife, she neglected her voice. She neither did any exercises, nor rehearsed nor studied. She had lived for her career the first part of her life and had made sacrifices for this and now she was neglecting it. She was abandoning her work tool.

In spite of this attitude, we may mention a very important performance at this moment, the performance of the opera “Tosca” in January 1964, which was a production for the Royal Opera House in London Covent Garden. There was no other performance that exceeded this one. This was due to her cleverness and the dramatic atmosphere that Maria created in her performances, as her voice was having problems.
In November 1963 another important world event would progressively harm the life of the soprano and this was the murder of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

From this moment onwards, the relationship with Onassis, that had kept some continuity and harmony, started to crack. His visits to the White House and specially his careful attention to the widow of Kennedy started to drift them apart.

Her interests were very different of those of her lover. Onassis lived for his companies and to continue multiplying his fortune. Power was his objective and that’s why he surrounded himself with the most prestigious people of a country: Heads of Government, princes and Jet Set figures mainly. He made use of his yacht where all these stars and personalities were entertained for some time by a “de luxe” host.      
In fact, there was affection for Maria Callas, although biographies say that his interest for her was only due to her fame. This is weakened by the many testimonies and attitudes he had during their relationship. He loved Maria Callas but his love for power and money was even deeper. There was only a deeper love that exceeded everything and that was the love for his son, who Onassis considered as his prolongation, his successor.

During the years 1963 and 1964 Maria Callas had very enlightening transits of that moment and of the promises of the future.

In its slow and repeated movement by that time, Pluto made an opposition to Uranus and there was a previous past moment together with Mid-Heaven.  It is a repetitive movement because in its retro gradation, such movement is repeated in March 1964. These directions point out situations of important changes. We know that the intensity as well as the slowness of heavy planets stress a background in which the most transcendental events take place being accompanied by the action of the personal planets.  

Pluto in its movement evidently anticipates a radical change in her profession as well as in her life. This transit removes the interests like the professional and social objectives of this woman, as we have mentioned before. The contact with Uranus is important because as it is placed so angular and getting out through the axis 10/4 shows us that when touched, there are unforeseen events, motivated by limit situations and deaths. Pluto was drawing near dark times that would last for long. If we continue observing we may see that Uranus works in transit simultaneously. For some time, both embrace the natal Mid-Heaven. Uranus goes through it and opposes natal Uranus. The destiny to live would be full of instability and sorrows.

The wishes of the singer would be turned into in unfulfilled dreams. The longed stability would never arrive, only deep crises would take place. By the year 1964 an event which also reflects the transparency of those transits was the news that her father, who was seriously ill, was getting married in New York. She loved him deeply and took care of him, and the news made her furious so she decided not to forgive him. Despite her rage, she paid all the invoices of the hospital, which raised a high amount.

 It was quite obvious that Maria had to live difficult moments with those meaningful transits. During the following years, the relations with Onassis worsened. He got hostile and aggressive. The jokes he made were of bad taste and cruel. The arguments were every time worse and sometimes turned into fights. According to the biography of the book “Greek Fire” he stopped attacking her when she reacted as roughly as he had done before. Maria knew how to defend herself but she never started any quarrel.

It is important to make clear that this woman never depended economically on Onassis; in all the biographies we have consulted, it is widely stated that she paid for her own expenses. She never allowed this to be otherwise, nor to be publicly believed that Onassis maintained her.
The year 1968 was the worst of her life. The fall, that was being announced some years before, started to crystallize already in 1967.

 The relationship of Onassis with Jacqueline Kennedy was very commented and her intimate visits to the yacht made the rumors true.
The progressions of that year continue designing and drawing her destiny, we can see that in February 1967 the progressed Mid-Heaven touches in conjunction natal Saturn, and then in September touches natal Mars. This conjunction was very much talked about. The Mid-Heaven progressed in the sign of Libra by its end seems to be corroborating the end of the relationship, touching in its movement Saturn and Mars. Saturn shows the deterioration of that relationship, an action well led by Onassis, Mars the action of hurting and the wound left in Maria Callas. We must have into account that progressions leave a quite deep and determined mark of those things that happen to us.
In February 1968 Pluto in transit is placed in conjunction with her natal Moon and Neptune in grade 26 of Scorpion can be said to be placed in conjunction with the natal Ascendant.

By the end of the month of October 1968 Onassis marries Jacqueline Kennedy. The progressed Mid-Heaven of Maria Callas for September 12th 1968 goes into Scorpion. The change of sign in progressions marks the kind of experiences and their nature. As the Mid-Heaven is in Scorpion there is a difficult transition with many losses.

On December 14th 1968 the progressed Mid-Heaven makes sextile with natal Venus.

For 1967 natal progressed.
During the years following the Onassis-Kennedy wedding, Maria Callas tried to survive knowing that something had died in her soul. The dreams and wishes of having her own home were dead. The desired place with the man she loved was being occupied by another woman who did not care much for Onassis.
She filmed Medea but did not sing in it, she only acted. This was a production by Pasolini and it did not have the expected success.
The singer had the habit of taking sleeping pills to be able to rest because she could not do it naturally. In those years, the pill abuse made her become unconscious twice. This happened in the years 1968 and 1970.
It was never clear if this intake had been intentional or not, if she wanted to suicide. Maria Callas only answered that she had taken them to calm herself down. The presence of Neptune in transit on the ascendant would justify such an action.
In 1971 she had a chance again to be in contact with her public, she had not done that for seven years. She started to teach. These were open sessions and many celebrities attended just to watch. This was in Fall 1971 in New York. She selected twenty-six students out of three hundred and fifty that had had the audition. This lasted for six months.
In her progressed chart we can see that the luminaries were in contact with its conjunction natal Mars-Saturn in Libra. The progressed Sun (in Capricorn) with the aspect of quadrature and its moon progressed (in Gemini) in the trigon aspect. It could be said that teaching is very typical of the Moon in Gemini.
During December, after long years, she meets again the man who had been her cast mate in a glorious past in the decade of 1950. Giuseppe Di Stefano. He was one of the best tenors of that time with whom she had had a turbulent professional relationship. They agreed to have a tour together. Callas would sing in public again. The performances were mediocre; they both had problems in their voices.

Pluto in transit to quadrature to natal Venus and Neptune in transit in Sagittarius towards conjunction with natal Jupiter from January 1970. Neptune, which is the planet of music, touches Jupiter (so important and meaningful). Progressed Jupiter makes in its slow way, from some time before, quadrature to the natal Mid-Heaven
The fact of being in contact with her voice and music could have been something very positive, but it was evident that miracles were not possible. The voice of Callas had also died.
Thus, the attempt to be happy in love failed, and neither Maria nor Di Stefano was the young singer with strength and desires to battle. They had an affair for many years, which was full of quarrels and competitive situations. Maybe both of them needed the support of the other one so as to feel alive and make somehow that the past would come to help them with a present so difficult to face.

On December 4th 1972 her father dies. The progressed Moon for December 3rd makes conjunction to progressed Pluto; for January 1st to natal Pluto.

The relationship between Callas and Onassis continued after his marriage. But differently.

Two days before his wedding, Maria had been called  so that she would prevent him form getting married. Immediately after the weeding, he went to her apartment in Paris and almost knocked the door down to be received.
The relationship continued but simply as friends. Callas preferred this to nothing. They spent long hours on the phone and he always visited her when he could, for her birthday, for her saint, or whatever. Onassis never left Maria Callas and by all the written, filmed and certified evidence, she was his great love.
Callas answered to this and both continued together secretly to the eyes of the world. Maria, apart from being his lover in the past, was now his best and most loyal friend.

On January 23rd 1973, the son of Onassis, the great hope of this man, dies in a plane crash. The Greek magnate realizes, maybe for the first time in his life that money isn’t everything. The biggest fortune could not save his son from death.
The days of Onassis were counted and got refuge in the arms of the sole person who had loved him for himself, and not for his possessions, Maria was the person with whom he cried the death of Alexander.

Maria accompanied his sorrow by also crying for that son of such a short life, who could have taken an important place in the life of Onassis.
Onassis became a victim of myasthenia (illness which produces deterioration, which is caused by the body itself through the years, as a consequence of a strong emotional crisis). Onassis dies on March 15th ,1975.

The progressions for this year: We must highlight the position of Pluto so close to the VII house. The definite death of the relationship. Mars progressed together with natal Jupiter. The progressed Moon trigon to the natal Sun. Progressed Mercury still in retro gradation, sextile to natal Uranus. Progressed Venus conjunction to the progressed negative node. Progressed Sun sextile to natal Jupiter.

The transits: Uranus in transit in retro gradation makes conjunction to natal Saturn – Mars at 28º of Libra for the last time. Neptune was already on his natal Sun.

During the year following the death of Onassis, Maria suffered the death of three other friends, among them Pier Paolo Pasolini, the director of Medea and Luchino Visconti, her mentor and friend. She got refuge at her house and did not go out much.

The sense of loss that Maria felt without Onassis was devastating and her addiction to sleeping pills was growing.

She watched TV. for long hours, mainly cowboy films, in which she was lost and justice was always victorious and evil was punished. (Sun-Jupiter in Sagittarius).

Her friends did not abandon her, but many got tired of her habit of making plans and then canceling them. They say that she may have had agoraphobia attacks. It was also quite usual that when somebody visited her she begged the visitor not to leave and be left alone.

Due to the cause of her death, it is quite possible that the Mandrax consumption and the pills for losing weight had damaged her body. It is not believed that she had suicided as it was so often rumored.

During the last days of her life she had made plans to travel to Chipre to meet friends. The people who had talked to her saw her enthusiastic because she had lost those kilos that were bothering her so much.
On the morning of September 16th, 1977 she woke up late, had breakfast in bed and got up to go to the bathroom. On her way there, she collapsed. When the doctor came she was already dead.

In this last analysis of her progression there is something striking, and this is that Mercury starts a direct movement by her last birthday. Precisely on December 12th, 1976.

The movement of this planet is remarkable, because when it became retro grade, the life of the singer forebode a radical change. The retro gradation of Mercury took her along dark and painful ways. It allowed her to have a great love for which she abandoned everything, even the highest aspirations for her career. She went through the death of a child and many friends and relations. And when all those disgraces seem to be fading and leaving her forever, she is the one who leaves. It was not necessary to live any longer, there was no room for a different life.

Everything had been born and had died. The learning had finished. That is why she died   calmly at home. We believe this can be clearly seen in the chart of this woman.

The progressed Moon is in opposition to natal Uranus (house IV, end of life). Progressed Venus together with the negative natal node. The progressed Chiron takes back again the same birthplace in minutes.
The solar revolution places the Moon angular in the IV house, which is regent to the VIII. This also  refers to the end of life. Neptune in the Asc. and in trigon to the moon.

This contact could reflect the doubts regarding her death, as well as the instability and confusions that Maria felt during the last year of her life. The Moon also discharges in trigon to the Asc. and is in trigon with Sun and Mars. Mercury makes a quadrature to the natal Moon. In this solar, the stellium formed from the XII to the I house, reveals the situation lived. Sun in XII together with Mars reveals her voluntary locking up. All of them are in conjunction, excepting for Mercury, which is dragged. But all action, will, competence and communication had a different color as they were interlaced with the Moon, it would seem that they would be dragged by it and thus working as the detonative of the end of life.

Saturn located in the VIII Solar also joins the rest in trigon. This explains a sudden death and without suffering, it could be thought that regarding death, the soft action of the trigon worked in this situation.

Here is a big trigon in the houses IV, VIII and XII. These are Houses that refer to ends, transformations and transcendences, with planets in fire signs. Why not think of a new cycle that was being started form the inner part of her being, to meet again with its essence, shine and thus cross the highest and farthest horizons for human existence.

Maria Callas ceased to exist for the physical world one morning in September, but not for the world of music and art. There have been and there will be many singers, but in order to leave a mark in the world of opera, a good voice is not the only qualification required, but the presence on stage is needed.

The main characteristic of this marvelous soprano was the love with which she incorporated the music inside herself so as to give it to the world. According to the text afore mentioned:

When a student asked her what the best way to interpret a piece was, she answered, “Loving it”.


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