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Maria Anna Sophia Cecilia Kalogeropoulos, publicly known as Maria Callas was born on December 2nd 1923, in Flower  hospital,  5th Ave. Manhattan, New York. A girl of five kilos and a half who had a dark complexion.

Her mother was dissatisfied, because she had expected to have a male and refused to give her a name at the moment of being born. It was her father the one who decided to call her Cecilia and then her mother insisted on the name of Sophia. In the birth certificate her name was Sophia Cecilia. Three years later, when she was baptized they added the name of Anna Maria.

The same thing happened with the day of her birth, her mother in her book “My Daughter, Maria Callas” states–“The day she was born, December 4th 1923, it snowed with an unknown fury” - as well as the date of birth as the meteorological data were erroneous. Finally, the real date of birth was clarified and it was: December 2nd  1923.

Regarding the birth time there was also confusion and there are several times mentioned, and there is not a consensus on them. For example in the web site of Lois Rodden´s the time is: 07:07 (7:07 AM) EST (+5:00).

           Later he states: “...Luis Ortet writes, October 2000, "According to the French astrologer Andre Barbault, when Callas asked to have her horoscope made at "Astroflash" in Paris, she stated that she had been born at 6 AM, quoted from "Astralites des Femmes Ilustres," Editions du Rocher, 1998, pp 316.

After a thorough research, we were able to obtain enough data to be able to correct the natal chart. Finally, we agree with the time stated by the very Maria. The rectification work showed the birth time to be 06:10:00 AM EST + 5.

Having made the chart, we get an Ascendant in Scorpion at 28°03’. 

This Ascendant tells us how this woman along her life had to integrate Scorpion as her Ascendant sign. She had many losses and painful crisis that were the cause of internal, deep and categorical changes. It was also outstanding her strong and decisive character as well as her perseverance and will regarding her profession. Mars as a co-ruler of her Asc. conjoined to Saturn in Libra reflects a hard and constant work, looking for perfection.

Pluto is the ruler of her Asc. and it is in the 8th house and in the sign of Cancer. This location confirms the Scorpion type crisis that Maria Callas had to go through, which  we will see in detail. This becomes more important since Pluto is located in its domal house. It also has another interpretation that is important when referring about  her death since it refers  to her death that would take place at home. In fact this happened this way, she suddenly died in her apartment, Pluto trine Uranus.

In this chart, Scorpion and Sagittarius are combined, occupying the 1st house, with the presence of Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury. The existing strength is evident,  but it is still always reminding the importance of the first house, house of Aries, as the beginning of a life project.

The interpretations with which she was more identified had a high Scorpion content. These were, among many others, the more characteristic of the singer.

Therefore, in the book Greek Fire it is stated that in the Opera Medea, Maria Callas from her first performance on the stage and wrapped with a cloak that only allowed her eyes to be seen, which were deeply lined in black and full with hate,  Scorpion colors and forms come out from them. In the last scene, in which the temple collapses, she is visible in a carriage surrounded by snakes and the dead bodies of the children at her feet.

Maria Callas interpreted Medea powerfully with an overwhelming strength “Medea furiously walks on the stage like a fierce panther because of the betrayal of Jason and  the only punishment possible was infanticide.”

Intensity ,passion, jealousy, death are shown in this role, and this is what Maria Callas also went through during her life.

 he same thing happened in the interpretation of Tosca, her jealousy, passion and her loyalty to her dear Mario lead her to death.

Another interpretation was Norma, in which due to betrayal and unfaithfulness,  jealousy plays an important role and it takes to Norma and Pollione to death. These roles  are adjusted to an Asc in Scorpion.

We can highlight that, according to Ptolomeo, The Asc is in conjunction with a benefic star,  Bungula as well as two beneficent planets like Venus and Jupiter. This star gives: Refinement, charity, friends and a position of honor.

The Mid Heaven in 12º 24´ of Virgo reflects the handmade work that she had to do with her voice, although it was always powerful, she had problems with the highest notes and its sustained. In many occasions, when her voice was flat it was really ugly, but it was due to an intense and detailed work that she got a strong magnetism when singing.

The Moon located in the 10th House tells us about the popularity that she had and that in spite of the many years that went by since her death, it continues to be very strong.

The presence of Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in the first house, and this last ruler of the Mid Heaven, is reflecting the importance of her profession in her life. It offered her popularity, wealth but at the same time it committed her until the last years of her life.

Maria only liked to be surrounded of admirers and journalists and when she worked, at that moment she was Callas (The presence of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in the first house. Off the stage she was an insecure and humble woman and to interpret the role of CALLAS  represented an oppression for her (Mars ruler of the Asc. in conjunction to Saturn and Moon square to Mercury). She had two faces, two people cohabited in a single body: Maria and Callas.

The presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius and in conjunction to the ascendant crystallizes when she said:... “I consider myself a privileged person to have had an unusual destiny. I am daughter of the destiny, I was caught because it wanted me this way ”...



Her biography through the natal chart.

She discovers her voice:

When Maria was five years old, her mother, who loved opera, heard her singing next to the radio and she realized that Maria possessed an extraordinary voice. Her mother enrolled the girl take part in radio competitions, under false names. She also participated in musical performances at school.

In  1937 Maria obtained her school degree when she was 13 years old. On 20th  February, together Maria and her mother set off on board the Saturnia to Greece, with the objective to start a musical career for Maria. In this voyage, the captain of the vapor, when he found out the kindness of the girl’s voice, he requested her to perform in a party for the officials and the first class passengers. Maria was transformed as she interpreted a version of “La Habanera” of the opera Carmen. Her performance was a magic sample. Maria’s gift to interpret  a character would cause in the future a change in the opera, which had been unknown until then.

In her natal chart the promise of the exodus is clearly observed, her home would be always abroad and very far from her birthplace. The ruler of 4th house, Jupiter, located in the 1st house and in its regency sign, Sagittarius, is the main exodus signal, since the planet and the sign (mutable) represent the foreigner. We also observe the ruler of 9th house that represents the foreigner, the Sun, in Sagittarius and in the first house, and the Moon natural home signal in mutable sign in the 10th house. This natal chart tells us of a constant movement around the world. Not in vain some biographers say that she was born accidentally in New York. the Divine is a citizen of the world.

Her first exodus was on that ship of name as saturnine as Saturnio. In the Solar R of that year, we see that Mars is located on the apex of the 9th house. Mars rules the 10th house and it has affinity with the Asc. located in the sign of Capricorn, which is an exaltation sign. Mars is in Mutual Reception with Venus, ruler of the 9th house and this planet is in conjunction with the Asc. Pluto which trines her natal Asc., from the natural sign of home, a total change, the relationship between her parents was very bad and they never recovered it.

The Mutual Reception Venus / Mars activates the axis Houses III / IX, that same year she begins to study in the National Conservatory. This was possible due to an alteration



in her age (solar Mercury Square solar Neptune. The lie). Being only thirteen years old Maria could not be admitted, it was then when her mother said that the girl was sixteen years old. Nobody questioned this due to her height and volume.

Maria Callas made her first performance on stage in April 1939, when she was fifteen years and four months old. She interpreted in the opera “Caballeria Rusticana” of Mascagni the role of Santuzza and she won the first prize of the opera of the academy. During that time the Moon progressed at 24º of Aries, in presence of the 5th house, formed a trine with the Sun progressed at 24º of Sagittarius.

The Moon of this solar R is in trine with natal Jupiter and solar Pluto , forming a great trine Moon / solar Pluto with natal Jupiter. The solar Moon is in the 5th house and in Aries in orb with her Sun. The solar Mid Heaven 6º 47´ of Leo is her natal 9th house. Her first prize and success abroad.

In December 1939 she obtained a place in the prestigious Conservatory of Athens, after an audition with the Spanish soprano Elvira Hidalgo who became her teacher, mentor and mother.

When the Conservatory refused to grant her a scholarship, Hidalgo decided to give her free private classes, and a period of education started then, which began at ten in the morning and finished at eight at night. She studied a score after another. In her life there only were music and  hard and disciplined work. Mars in conjunction to natal Saturn.

In 1940, Greece was in war, that year, on October 28th, Mussolini urged the country to allow the entering  of the  Italian Army. The Italian troops were forced to go back to Albany. This victory continued to be celebrated when four months later Maria Callas performed for the first time in the National Lyrical Theater of Greece, interpreting the small role of Beatriz of the operetta of Boccaccio. For the first time in her life she enjoyed the affection and the  applauses of the audi

The solar Asc. trines her natal Moon, Mid Heaven sextil her natal Jupiter, the solar Moon trines Jupiter and solar Saturn, with this last one in mutual R. Her first performance takes place in a restricted society (Saturn) due to the War’s winds, solar Mars in Scorpion (war) sextil to the solar Moon.

Maria Callas’s success boosted so much that caused the envy of her colleagues. This situation was very repetitive along her life.

When she was 18 years old, August 27th of 1942, at the Athens Opera, she sang Tosca in Greek and one month later she did in Italian. It was the opera  that  boosted her to fame, so she triumphed in Greece this way.

The solar of the year speaks by itself, the solar Moon in the 10th house and in its exaltation sign, solar Mercury in conjunction to her natal Asc., we must  remember that this planet is the ruler of her natal Mid Heaven. A solar Asc. in Leo, sign of the art expression, receiving a trine from solar Mars in Aries giving easiness to her creative force.

The Sun located practically on the apex of the 5th house and entering in it is an indication of Maria’s success during that year.

Progressed Saturn entered in Scorpion on August 20th 1941 and this was the background of  wartime, death and privations. The approach contact in sextil with natal Venus gave her the possibility, as Saturn does, to crystallize what has been done well. The sextil, benefic aspect, facilitated her to think with certain order regarding  the beginning of her career. As in those years Maria was being born as singer.

In spite of the war and of all the inconveniences to survive due to the war, the popularity and the public's affection for the young singer didn't decay  in the following years.

On November 16th 1944 progressed Saturn closes the sextil to her natal Venus. One period was about to conclude, progressed Saturn had given form and structured her life, which would be useful in the near future. She already had the base, although without lacking the hardness and demand of Saturn. But she also had the security that she could face the world.

On January 13th 1945  with the intervention of Churchill the direction of the war changed, and the defeat of the communists took place. A temporary cessation of hostilities was negotiated and  peace was established in Athens. By that time, the Opera of Athens, which was under the control of the left, they decided not to renew the contract of the most famous soprano in Greece, alleging that she had had a very active role in the last months of the occupation. In fact the true reasons were the envy and the fear of her talent.

Callas  set off on the Stockholm vapor  to America, with only a hundred dollars , which her father had sent her from  USA.

That day the transit of Saturn  was in opposition to her natal Moon and Mars in a sextil transit also to her natal Moon, both planets which are in conjunction in her natal chart. 

 The solar revolution of that year shows us the solar Moon at 28º Gemini trine to her natal conjunction Mars–Saturn in Libra. Her natal Moon trines the solar Mid Heaven and mainly solar Jupiter in conjunction to natal Moon. Maria’s radix, as we said before,  shows a constant home exodus, the issues previously mentioned activate that disposition of her natal chart, when being involved the natal conjunction Mars–Saturn and when not being the solar planets in good cosmic state.  This exodus, home change, is carried out due to hostile situations and post war impediments.

The progressed chart shows that the progressed Moon had transited a few months before on her natal Pluto and took place a sextil to her natal Mid Heaven. Progressed Venus entered in square orb to her natal conjunction Mars–Saturn.

In the Solar Rev. as in the progression, the role of the Moon is important since in her chart the angular Moon in the 10th house means her profession and also her mother.

She was the one that made the singer become who she was, but not in fact for the natural desire of a mother but for the obligation that she imposed on her daughter to be the one that should sustain her family economically.

In the Book Greek Fire by Nicholas Gage, Plaza-Janes Press, from where most of the information was extracted, there are certain testimonies  (although not confirmed) which declare that Callas’s mother had forced her daughter to prostitute during the war, as she had forced her ( this is confirmed), to sing in private for the soldiers at home.

Her voice problem  was also somehow originated by her mother, because when Maria was still a girl she made her sing very high notes. Due to raising her voice so much her diaphragm got ruined to such an extent that she could not keep the breath. She had deteriorated the muscle. Due to this, she had problems with high notes. As it can be appreciated, a Moon in Virgo squared to her dispositor shows a mother that neither veiled much for her daughter's well being  nor understood her nor she wanted to do it. Being very critical and cool, Maria’s mother marked the diva forever.

On her way to Fame and Myth

In 1947 the USA were going through a difficult economic situation and as Maria did not have a job as a singer, she borrowed money and travelled to Verona, Italy. There she was able to perform in four shows which pay was only 240,00 dollars. But her life would have a radical change, in that city she met Giovanni Battista Meneghini, he was  manager and also mentor and of new singers.

When he met Maria Callas he convinced her to stay in Italy, after being rejected by the Scala, he took care of her needs and offered her the music teachers she needed. Later on she would marry Meneghini who was thirty years older than her. 

When observing her natal chart we can see the analogy this woman had to live regarding marriage. First of all, the ruler of the 7th  House is in the sign of Capricorn, sextil to its dispositor Saturn in conjunction with Mars. Not only Venus Saturn is connected by a sextil but also they are connected in Mutual Reception. This analysis brings about the presence of an older husband and with whom there will be an understanding  and a communication characteristic of the sextil, as an agreement between both concerning money or values and the disciplined work. Meneghini demanded his wife a disciplined and austere life . They didn't have practically any social life and the biggest expenses derived from tours, clothes and representation expenses. Everything moved around work and earnings.

In the solar chart of 1946, transcendent solar, year on which the singer's life makes an important turn, we may observe the Moon in conjunction to the 9th  house, which promises a long trip due to her job (natal Moon). The solar Asc. is compromised in the natal 10th house, it already tells us about the development in that year related to travelling abroad and foreigners . The 7th solar house is Capricorn and its ruler, Saturn, is located in the 1st  House, interpretation of the approach of the other one could be stated, in this case the approach her future husband, giving birth to a new way of life.

When ascending the cancer sign reference to the family is made, in the same way that the Mid Heaven/ IV, tells us about a new relationship (Aries-Libra) that she would have to live according to her destiny, at the same time solar Saturn trines the Sun. Solar Mercury sextil to the natal Moon and solar Mars in conjunction to natal Mercury. Again, profession signs appear and maintain important dynamics. The conjunction Mars-Saturn discharges in square at the solar Asc., showing once more the difficulties and tension that she would  have to live during the year.

It is important to notice that the 5th solar house corresponds to her natal 1st  house, the beginning of a new creative stage. Mercury, Sun, Node and Mars, all of them in the 5th house, although they are related to the self-expression of an artist, they are also the creation of a new woman but more self-confident, protected by a man that practically fulfils a fatherly role, who will help her to become the very well named Divine.

On April 21st 1949. Maria Callas married Giovanni Battista Meneghini.

It is interesting to see the progressions of that moment since the progressed Ascendant is her natal Mercury and the progressed Moon is in sextil, already with little orb to close it with natal Sat


Let’s see the astrocartographic analysis of her natal chat, but first the European map.



We may appreciate that from France to Turkey the meridian lines of Venus; Mercury; Sun; and Jupiter are located from east to west. If we relocate her natal chart to the coordinates of Athens, Greece, her relocated Asc. is located at the 4th house in Pisces, and Uranus is in conjunction to this new Asc.

The most intimate approach that finished in marriage among Maria Callas and Meneghini was in Venice. Let us see the astrocartographic progressed map.


Enlarged Italy astrocartographic progressed map

The solar progressed meridian line, on June 29th 1947, which, during that time crossed over Venice and near Verona. The cities where the development of the courtship and marriage with Battista Meneghini. Once married, they settled in Milan, the natal meridian line of  Mrs. Callas crosses that beautiful Italian city.

At the beginning things were not going well with Meneghini, but Maria Callas could show that her voice and her register were incomparable. This allowed her to resuscitate operas that had not been performed for several decades due to the lack of appropriate interpreters. Meneghini was devoted to manage her career full time.

In 1953 the Goddess's sudden weight loss, when she was 30, was an extremely important fact. After many treatments and consultations with plastic surgeons that could not help her at all, Maria lost 30 Kg. reaching a weight of 53 kilos with a height of 1, 75 meters. She had become another woman.

The information that the book Greek Fire generously offers, states that this weight loss took place between December 1952 and the beginning of 1954. It is interesting to look at her progressions and transits by that time.

This change in her body didn't have an ordinary result as it could have had in any other woman, but due to this, Maria Callas was turned from a fat heavy and not very attractive soprano  into a model. Her height and her thin body gave her a distinguished and ethereal air.

Now she had all the resources to interpret those weak and delicate women of “La Traviata”, “La Sonambula” , “Madame Butterfly”, and to transform “Norma” into a goddess. And now more than ever, she would include deep dramatic touches in her interpretations.

Transits by the time of her physical changes already showed differences:

Saturn in conjunct transit to natal Saturn and natal Mars in October l953. (we must highlight that Mars is the co-ruler of her asc.), having Mars a restricting function.

Progressed Moon in conjunction with Natal Saturn. The Moon as well as Saturn are the rulers of the axis 2/8 -axis of assimilation and elimination (Taurus-Scorpion of the zodiac in rest) Callas swallowed the solitary worm to eliminate it later on. And this happened this way.

Mars in transit is the one that makes the  conjunction Natal Mars-Saturn in December 1953.

Progressed Moon is in conjunction with progressed Saturn on December 1953.

Transiting Neptune, already in orb, reaches the famous conjunction Mars –Saturn. Neptune brings the watery ingredient regarding her body, as well as the confusion of the cause. Much was said about this issue. Maria admitted the truth only to a close friend. Excerpt from the book afore mentioned:

“Many things have been said in this respect, but it is true that I swallowed a solitary worm. I did it voluntarily and this was the way I lost thirty kilos” As we may observe,  Mars and Saturn  were an important part in this woman's life and what her profession was derived in.

Encounter with destiny

The influential journalist Elsa Maxwell (specialized in jet set gossips),  organized a dance in Venice to honour Maria Callas.

It was in that opportunity on September 3rd  1957, that Elsa Maxwell, introduced Aristotle Socrates Onassis to Maria Callas. The two most famous Greek of the world had met . Onassis fifty-three and Callas thirty-three years old. This was only their first meeting as romance began years later.

Maria’s life changed since this encounter.

She lived in New York During the solar revolution that corresponds to this period.

The solar Asc. is the same one as that the natal asc. (it differs in minutes). The repetition of its axes in this solar cycle is making us reference to a new cycle in this woman's life that nothing has to do with what she had previously lived.

At this time she was at the top of her professional and personal  life. Her friend and protector, (until that moment) Elsa Maxwell links her with high society transforming her into a spoiled girl, this can be observed in the solar by the presence of the Moon conjunction Asc and the node, which is showing the obtained popularity.

In addition, a Moon in Scorpion speaks of manipulations and tricks that Maria Callas used to be in contact with this influential journalist in certain circles. That is to say an action that came from her.

But at the same time the presence of the North node at the solar Asc. speaks from a destiny situation to be lived from which she won't be able to escape. And it will be a relationship, since  the axis Asc. / VII. and of the order Taurus-Scorpion. A difficult and passionate relationship, where power and money have an important role. a relationship for which Maria Callas would have to leave many things and to give up others definitely.

The encounter with this man was marked in this solar.

The presence of Saturn in the 1st house and in Sagittarius  makes reference to the image of Onassis, an older man and a foreigner. Saturn in conjunction to the sun and both in trine to Uranus located in the 7th house, corroborates what was previously said. We must always bear in mind the importance of Saturn in her natal chart in contact with Venus. Once again the presence of an older man is repeated in her life.

 The great trine formed in this solar R, by Jupiter, Mars and both discharging on the Moon, Node and solar and natal Asc., is making reference to a year of popularity at work and personal as well as material rewards.

 The day she met Onassis, progressed chart:  her progressed Moon in conjunction with her progressed Ascendant. Progressed Jupiter approaching to the natal sun, although not exact yet, but it is in orb. And retrograde Mercury at 28° of Capricorn, exact square to natal Mars-Saturn and sextil to her natal ascendant.

On July 31st 1956 Mercury became retrograde in that degree. It is very attractive since a  time before  meeting Onassis, Mercury changes its movement and becoming  so important since it is the ruler of her Mid Heaven and the dispositor of the Moon. In the same way that the square carried out natal Mars–Saturn which that also speak about her profession and her person.

The events that happened in the following years show the action of that retrograde Mercury. It can be interpreted that life took her to that moment and place, it stops then to go back her own steps and revise those parts of her life that had been isolated.

Maybe the presence of Onassis was for Maria Callas a Saturn with all that its presence implies, that made her most intimate fibers vibrate. (Onassis had his Sun in Capricorn).

Monserrat Caballé said:

-“She opened a door to all the singers of the world and such door has never been closed again. There was excellent music behind but also excellent interpretation ideas. She offered us, those who followed her, the chance to do things that were almost impossible to achieve before ”-


by Trans. by Florencia Bellinii - All Rights Reserved