by Lietta Catoni



To tackle the examination of a Combin Horoscope means researching the factors that move within a common destiny, of time that draws near or expands in its duration.  In a relationship – whichever its nature or motivation – it is possible to catch a glimpse of the sensation of destiny, and if our sensitivity of interpretation manages to gather together the depths of the implications beyond the techniques adopted and the personal inspiration, the investigation will also have a special significance for our own personal experience.

I face the study of Combin with the simple intention of gathering together some lines of direction. It has made a design of “destinic cob-webs” which the couple is involved in measuring and using the strength of the own personal motivations, free will, and evolution of the conscience.


Those which serve the Uraniana Astrology – terms used in the English Speaking countries and on the other side of the ocean to indicate the method conceived by the brilliant German Astrologer Alfred Witte – but as the Uraniana Astrology today has a vast identity it is not completely homogeneous, I will say that my investigation has been conducted through the original method of the Hamburg School.  This method utilizes different instruments from those used in classical Astrology.  The are:

- the mobile quadrant
- the 8 Transnettuniani (Invisible) planets
- the planetary figures that are constructed on the principal of Symmetry
- the 6 systems of investigation through the Houses

In the course of this report I can only briefly mention the instruments just quoted.  For the rest I hope that the graphics will make the comprehension clearer. 

I will use for the investigations both the 360° Circle (DIAL), very similar to the classic one but endowed with a better mobile that has the ability to change from time to time the prospective of observation, the 90° DIAL which is also a mobile.  These latter groups the planets in the three zones of the Circle put everything together with the Cardinal Signs, together with the Fixed Signs, and together with the Mutable Signs.  It does not treat the real positions of the planets as in the 360° Circle, but ally to it.  It has the aim to simplify the vision of the Planetary Pictures (the most famous of which are the Half-Sums).

It now remains to present the Combin space – of time, calculated by the Davidson rule.


Regarding a couple married for a year.  He is an Italian, she is an Australian.

Let’s look at the first information of the marriage on the 90° Dial - Sensible Point of the marriage.

1)        SU+MO-MA= ME = NO = PO = MO/L.M  Lan… = SU/L.A. Per…:      marriage born by/from correspondence, the communion of thoughts and ideas.  She communes towards his city, he does the same towards her city (in reality they knew each other through a chat-line).

2)        Let’s pass on and rapidly exam of the Clusters, that is of the regrouping of the planets.  This examination provides at first, rudimentary information, of the dynamic act.

 -         NO=PO=UR=CU : A union of mental-spirit connected to a quick marriage.

-         He (the Sun) : SU=AR : The person is in public life = I am a social individual.

 -         She (the Moon) : MO=VE=KR=CU=UR : My marriage of love.

-         AR = SU = AP = HA : I am a public person that has past knowledge = I am an Astrologer.

 -         AP=HA=ZE=MA : Planning commercial service as a business.

-         MA=MC=VU=AP=ZE=HA=L.M. Per… : We are strongly motivated to planning the city of Per…a commercial service business.

 -         VU=MC=MA=ZE : We look for a strong force of energy in a plant of activity

-         AD = L.A. Lan… = The blockage at Lan… .

-         PL=SA=L.A. Per… : concentrating on the change towards Per….

The Clusters tell us of a future life in Per…city. But the Cluster n° 8 indicates an obstacle in his city. We can gather together other information through the half-sums of this Axis :

AD= L.A. Lan…=HA/L.M.Lan…=SU/ME =MC/PL =MC/L.A.Per…

With the following meaning : “Difficult circumstances and blockages for him in his city related to his original, his childhood and youth (consequently present it goes to prove on his part there is a tendency to procrastinate). At an interior level, the couple are subconsciously developing the idea of the move towards the city of Per…”

Following on let’s turn to this problem examining the Axis HA/AD to find hidden reason of the obstacles. For the moment let’s concentrate our attention on the two following Axis :

1)     The Axis SU/MO* to achieve the direction in the way of operating the couple’s own will

2)     AR/NO : the contacts and the concession with others, and all that result from it.  It is important to observe as AR/NO are both equal to :  = SU/MO = AS/PL = VU/L.M. Lan… = AS/L.A. Per… (the connections of the couple to the external world imply the transformation from one place to the other: a great energiser has moved from Lan… to the environment of Per…): thus regarding a couple that acquaints itself with others and the external world to seek in Per… to plug into a personal space. As the Axis is part (as half point), of the Axis SU/MO* we can move ourselves on to the former and give it a unique reading.  Let’s look at it; it is made up of another 30 comprehensive planetary pictures (look at the graphics Solar Fire).  From the moment that they are brought out in the half-sums of SU, MO, NO, AR, AS, and MC (they are present in all the Personal Points) we can know that it is a matter of the Axis/key to evaluated the destiny of the couple.  Reading altogether the chains through the series half-sums, expressed in synthesis, we can formulate the following sentences:  ‘The strong and stable connection of the couple reawakens on the mental plane an idea that moves to Lan…especially towards the transformation of their own environmental outlook, from his city in the direction of new and harmonious unions and connections in the environment of Per… where the family embarks on social contacts.  This implies a tension in the abandoning of the old for the new, the old connections for the new, and for the passage from one community to another in another Nation’.  We can note that the half point more activated is the one of the Sun (SU), for this reason he is the person more likely to make the change.

The investigation carried out up to here has allowed us to individualise the key point of this destiny : the couple has projected themselves towards a great change of life.  Therefore this last factor has been the reoccurring theme in the Clusters, and of the two Axes SU/MO and AR/NO, we can consider it as a dominant in the Chart.

So regarding the Point 2) (SU/MO*) it is a case for deepening the investigation through the 360° Dial. 


The investigation through the 360° DIAL goes to examine the static factors of the horoscope basing itself on 6 different parameters of reference.  These parameters lean on the 6 Personal Points of the horoscope and are : MC, AS, Sun, Moon, The North Lunar Node and the Point of Aires.  The first 3 have a certain significant difference in respect to that of classic Astrology, while the 6th belongs only to the system of Uranian interpretation.

In the course of this report, to simplify the use and also the term ‘horoscope’ we use an alternative and more correct one: ‘system of examination of the Houses’.

This system – with the aim to express a complete view of that which is observed – examines not only the significant astrological factors in the House of authority – for every type of Horoscope – but also the effect on the House that ‘reflects’ the direction of that energy.

This reflected view, ‘three-dimensional’, was introduced by Mr. Lefeldt – one of the Maestri of the Hamburg School -. It makes part of the Uranian system of interpretation of Astrology, fundamentally based on the natural law of Symmetry, that is the principal order and the formation of the Earth, the factor of stabilization between the poles, referring – in the journey of knowledge of human life – to harmony and unity.

We limit ourselves to observe on the 360° Dial only some significant factors that the half sum Sun/Moon as an expression of the will of the couple, and the MC that’s expression of the SE interior of the couple (that is of their evolution and level of conscience through common experience).

(Insert the graphic of the 6 horoscopes with the positional pointer).

The pointer we move to another place in the 360° circle in rapport with the standard type of Horoscope. As can be seen in the graphic the pointer assumes different positions in the 6 Horoscopes.

I should demonstrate the validity of these positions from time to time using the pointer, but there is no time to stop and explain them.  Those who desire to know more can find the information in the bibliography details supplied on the web Astralis on the page and section on Uraniana Astrology and through the books. 

INVESTIGATION THROUGH THE HOUSES OF THE SUN : (insert the 360° Dial with the pointer on the Sun) (It means : the physical body, the exterior will).

The mobile point is connected to the 0° of Capricorn in the Sun.  Let’s go and look at the half-point Sun/Moon in the 2^ House, and we receive from it an impression of concrete form and stability.   The financial questions are likewise connected with this sector.  But the 2^ is also tied to ‘karmic suspension’, according to Evolutionary Astrology, and because of these ties that ‘come from far away’ and deepen the actual reality in a previously experienced.  Here we find before us the first sign of predestination.  But we cannot keep account of this.

Now we observe the flow of energy that the 2^ directs straight towards the 5^ H. (insert the graphic with the flow of energy in the House of the Sun). It can be see how it moves itself from the active side to the passive side of the card, that is the area of individualism and self-reliance to the need of interaction and intercourse.  Even if the 5^H. has an individualistic tendency it is a place of creativity.  The association of the 2^/5^ means ‘They create with their own resources’.  But the path won’t be easy, in the 5^ we find AD and HA – karmic factors – the strength of will that the couple meet or obstructive factors they encounter or difficult circumstances.  Let’s remember that we have already found in the clusters both of these two TNp connections and a revival for the couple hostile factors tied to his place of birth.

We will still talk about this topic later. But it can be interesting to consider both AD and HA in the 5^ H. as regarding to their economical activity. Both TNp are connected to the half-sum AS/ZE at 2°54’ Libra in 10^ of the Sun through a complicated planetary picture* (see pag. n° 8) with the meaning : Manufacturing working activity connected to the cold, to freeze the materials (together AD and HA). As the Sun motivates the active level of the own SE’, the same AS/ZE working activity directs straight towards the reflection of the 9^H with the following meaning: What they feel like doing (10^H) has to go through an apprentice-ship(9^H). Let’s remember that the 9^ H. also means : foreign countries.  

But let’s continue, with the Meridian Horoscope.  Looking at : MC=L.M. Per…!

THE HOUSES OF THE MERIDIAN (Meaning: the ego of the couple): Pointer on the 0° of Cancer.   SU/MO in the 4^ towards the reflections of the 9^.  The nucleus of the couple has a powerful attraction towards the external world.  In the 9^ we find the great strength of VU:  impossible to resist.

THE HOUSES OF THE MOON (Meaning: the state of the soul of the couple, as in working of the mind).  Pointer on the 0° of Cancer : SU/MO in the 11^ towards the reflections in the 2^.  Attaining the projects depend on the ‘resources’ which the couple display.  Consequently the material possessions that model social life.  The couple think of earning money.  In the 2^ we find : L.M. Lan…, SA, NO, MA, AD:   They are separately factors, so in order to obtain the objective the couple must disconnect themselves from Lan…

THE HOUSE OF THE MOON’S NODE (Meaning: the area of relationships with others).  Pointer on the 0° of Libra : SU/MO in the 10^ towards the reflections of the 6^:  the profession influences the external social level and daily life.  The couple is classified by others on the basis of how they make a living.

In the 6^ we find: PL, UR, AP. Chance of work (6^) unexpectedly.  Commercial activity ‘far away’ or expanding, after a little start that brings a lot of tensions.  The bringing together of the planets also refers to the astrologic activity that has not been abandoned. In fact the astrological Axis UR+AP-ZE is powerful.

THE HOUSES OF THE ASCENDANTS (Meaning: the environment, knowledge, the friendships).  Pointer on the 0° of Libra : SU/MO in the 4^ towards the reflections of the 12^.

The importance of privacy for this couple (4^H).

As in the 12^ we find UR, AP, PO, CU : Their status affects good in the eyes of others as regarding both the astrological and economical activity.

THE HOUSE OF THE EARTH (Meaning:  the exterior of the couple, the world).  Pointer on the 0° of Aries : SU/MO in the 5^, but as we can see for the 5^ there doesn’t exist reflections in the house.  This means that the couple must struggle to assure themselves a future and for their own children, in order that the genetic line survives. 

To complete investigation through the Houses, we now move to the Meridian. We observe briefly its position in the houses of the Sun. The MC – the SE’ of the couple – we find in 7^ House of the Sun. It is a place of union while the couples attempt to express themselves on a plane of mental connection and form an “united strength”.

On the MC we find the local Meridian of the city of Per…, with a clear motivation of the intention of the couple.

But with the system of the House of Witte, we can build a horoscope on every factor that we are interesting in. We rest the pointer on the position of 0° Capricorn on the half point Sun/Moon. Let’s look now at the position of the Medium Coeli. The MC which has the Meridian of Per…on the head is in the 9^H and confirms its intention of moving abroad, that’s to move towards Per…

If we look at the reflection of the 9^H, we find it in the 10^H of SU/MO. As the Cadent 9^H motivates the conscious action of the Cardinal 10^ H, it is in the city of Per…  where the couple intends to build the professional activity and own social life with prospect of success or fortune (JU in 10^H).

Examination of the difficult Axis HA/AD (=L.M. Lan…): the problems of the couple are related to problematical situations in Lan...

But let’s look at the rest of the chain : = AS/VU = SU/AD = NO/NE = NO/JU = MO/NE = NO/SA = MO/JU = AR/AD = AR/SU/MO …. = NE/CU = MC+PL-ZE:

The problems and the obstacles can be referred to the influential people in their own environment, the tight family connections (brothers, sisters, in the 5^ H. of the Sun), the positive feeling they create but also the difficult circumstances regarding the situation at Lan….With SU/AD the ties with his own origins are strong for him and still they tie him to his territory while the wife thinks about the future and dreams of change and of money and fortune. We must remember that the examination of the Houses has put an accent on the “business” (the entreprises) : it moves between the 5^ and the 2^ houses of finance. The sensitive point MC+PL-ZE indicates the process of evolution and transformation of the couple towards a goal and a new order of things. There is “a space too tight” for this couple in Lan…that show ties cut not without suffering. As NE is present in 6 half-sums between NE/CU (NE is the future), - nevertheless the uncertainties of him - we have here a confirmation of their will (House of the Sun!) to take leave of the place and its ties to build a future elsewhere in which they can invest their own future.

If we position this planetary picture HA/AD in the Horoscope of the Node (the tight connections), to the AS (the others) and of MC (the US of the couple), we find it in the 1^ House of the Node – the close relatives, the members of the family that represent a problem with difficult and painful solutions – and in the 7^ of AS and MC, in which the families and the city of Lan… are a problem for the couple, caused by the effect of the 7^ H, also for the couple it represents a real problem with the relatives in Lan...  So HA/AD is a karmic Axis, this subject is ‘a thorn’ in the side of the couple and  must be faced watching its destinic structure- with an eye to the future.

At this point I would like to propose confirmation of the couple’s destiny using a special formula experimented by the astrological researcher Carl Perch and his students in Hamburg. Let’s see what surprised are in store:

SU+MO+MC+AS (destiny) = AS = NO/L.A.Per…= (SU+MO)/PL = SU/NE =

MC/AD = L.A. Per…/(SU+MO) = L.M.Per…//SU/MO = (PL d on September 2004)

with the following meaning : “The couple’s destiny holds, for them, a radical ch’ange towards a future life in the city of Per….”. In September 2004 the transformation is already taking place or has already taken place.

Clear the address of the couple, it remains now to discover: a) the type of activity that they will begin in the place of their future residence; b) when they will leave.



a)The type of activity ‘possible’ in the future of the couple:

Through the Axes SU/MO, AR/NO, and also through the powerful Axis AR (the exterior dimensions of life, the public, the world) we are able to realize the great importance the relationship of the couple has taken with the external world.  This couple – we have seen – needs to live in their own intimacy in a private niche: at the same time it is necessary to find a social position and an appropriate professional release.  The first two Axes reveal the capacity to establish harmonious connects with others, good friends, many hours of work in public and the possibility to diffuse and propagate the fruits of their hard work.

The Axis AR, with its chain of numerous ‘full’ factors (SU=AR=HA=AP) and of half sums (contain all the Personal Points) imply the problems above which we have already been accented:  the necessity for both – but for him in particular (SU) – to pass from an old to a new cycle of life, abandon the past.

The planetary pictures show a new activity indicating various possibilities in the commercial, artisan and entreprise area:

To be connected to a new job: NO+UR-MA=PL=MCd= L.A. Per…;

To start a new job : HA+ZE-MA=AR=AP=HA=AR/AP = ZE = AR/SU=L.M. Per…;

(HA+ZE-MA) d = PL =SA = JU = PO = MC/VU = MA/VU

These planetary pictures tell us about to do business (commercial activity) with old or recycled material (also antique), making of fabrics with the loom through recycled threads, renovate used machinery, produce ceramics.

The commercial activity in Per… becomes evident also from:


As the commercial activity is = MC/ZE perhaps a laundry.

Neverthless the chart shows some other opportunities, for ex. about a special work on the transformation of the raw materials into cold products. It can be both an ice-cream parlour and a manufacture on frozen food.

The concerning planetary pictures are the following :




Now if we make a connection between this type of activity and our investigation through the houses of the Sun, it can be the one chosen.

b) To be leaving:

The instruments of the investigation are numerous: Graphic for the 2004 ( three levels: radix, directed, solar return), Annual Horoscope for the 2004, New Moons during the 2004.

Let’s look and see on to the place of change (Radix, Solar Arc, Solar Return):

AR+AS-PL = L.A. Per… = PL = AP d (the distance) = SA = HA d = HA t = MA d = MA s = MC/VU …. Regarding the separate movements (SA and PL) that become acted towards the distant places for a renewal from the old status (HA). 

(AR+AS-PL)d = (AR+AS-PL)s = MC/AS = L.A. Per…/MC d = L.A. Per…/MA d = L.A. Lan…/(ME+SA-NE)s = SU/MO//ME+SA-NE = SU/MO//(MC/AS)s= SU/MO//MC s = SU/MO = AS s

all this leaves to foresee the departure, the change.

(AR+AS-PL)s = PL d = SA d = JU s = AS = L.M. Lan…/L.A. Per… = SU/MO//AD = UR+PL/(ME+SA-NE)s : great transformation.  Off they go!

Change of residence:

PL+PL-AS = AR = AP = (SU/MO)d = ZE = HA = MA = (UR+PL)d = UR+PL-(SU/MO) = L.M. Per… : it is a dynamic axis, of action and movement;

(PL+PL-AS) d = PL = L.A. Per… = SA = JU = MA s = MC/VU : it is the same above

(PL+PL-AS)s = NE = UR d = MO d = VE d = KR d = PP/(MO=VE=KR) = (SU/VU)s = UR+PL = SU/MO = MC/UR = L.M. Per…/UR

here, something really moves towards the future!

Let’s go and see if they take the flight? Look at the Annual Horoscope (three levels):

(ME+SA-ME)t (trip in plane)= CU t = MC = VU = MA = L.M. Per… = UR t/PL : the family takes off towards Per…!

(ME+SA-NE)d = CU d = SU/MO = UR d = MO t/L.A. Per…: the hour of the flight towards Per…

(ME+SA-NE)s = ME+SA-NE = NO s = UR = MC s = AS s = (MC/AS)s = UR s = (MC/AS) s :  they leave!

Last check (Solar Return): (ME+SA-NE)s/(ME+SA-NE)d : the flight

Annual Horoscope : ME+SA-NE / (ME+SA-NE)d = UR t = MC d = MA d = PL = L.A. Per… Exciting take off towards Per…

All that remains to ask, is when do they leave?

Let’s look at the New Moons. Even if the chances are for June, July and September, I have chosen the New Moon of June :

New Moon = UR = ME+SA-NE = (ME+SA-NE)s = …MC/MA d = MC/MC d = CU = NO = SU+MO

Here they can take the flight.  But keep an eye on UR:

UR d = (SU/MO) = (ME+SA-NE)t (t= new moon chart).  This is a confirmation!

Which day would they leave?

Wheeling the point of the New Moon 13 days later, it meets again:

UR d = ME+SA-NE = (ME+SA-NE)d = SU/MO

The New Moon falls on the 17th June; according to me they can leave the 30th June!

Pisa Congress, 24-25 Oct. 2003




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