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Seasonal Symbolism: It represents the full blossom of the summer, when generally, the dry heat characterises the weather. In the fields comes the time of the harvest.

Character: Exuberant, vital and full of initiatives. Endowed with ambition and of a certain vanity, he/she sets high objective and he/she is not only satisfied with the glory.Unfortunately, if he/she well aware of the own worths, he/she is rarely able to see his limits. In each way  he/she is generous, extroverse and excellent manager of him/herself. He/she is above all a born commander.

Success:  He/she accepts only subordinate work situations if they are temporary, as his/her attitude to the command makes him/her unsuitable to charges of this type. Anyway he/she is an excellent colleague.

Health: This Sign usually governs the heart, the solar  plexus and the blood circulation. Therefore the pathologies which strikes these organs are frequent. It's better besides to check the arrhythmies and the blood pressure.

The ideal environment: He/she will feel comfortable in very bright environments- he/she detests the faint light in fact! - and sunny or ample spaces where they could move easily and show their exuberance.

Things that you will never see him/her to wear:  shirts buttoned up to the neck. Instead, especially if woman, they will easily show of jewels, especially in gold.

The animals: Leo, eagle and grayling.

Plants and flowers: Oak, wheat and sunflower.

Stones:  Ruby.

Perfume: Incense.

Metal: Gold.

Colour: Yellow and orange.

Fortunate day: Sunday.

Fortunate Number: 1.

Nations, regions and cities connected  to the Sign: Alps, Boemia, France, Italy, Rome, Chicago, Cremona, Damask, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, Praga, Ravenna, Romania, Siracusa.