In 1989 there was the whole astronomic car's ex novo reconstruction  of the public clock in Mantua, performed for the first time in 1473 from Bartolomeo Manfredi according to a sketch of which the characteristics were ignored.

The work, brought defeasible in June 1473, it was situated on its square's "new tower", built by Luca Fancelli, in December of that same year, and day by day it was therefore provided to make it more beautiful. It had been craftsman the mathematician and astrologer Bartolomeo Manfredi "of the clock", nickname inherited by his father Giovanni, builder of a precedent clock, mentioned in the 1413. The clock which it was exposed on the tower, was a true astronomic and astrological wonder, in which the whole town was called to "mirror" to receive its responses, as in an oracle gold builder, authentic cosmic image.




Lived by Fred II Gonzaga (this was his private room), the Chamber of the Winds founds its program iconologic upon ancient texts of astrology that enjoy some maximum authority in the humanistic environments of the epoch.

Every scene of the circles (mixed technique, fresco and temper) contemporarily illustrates a prognostic legacy to the rising constellations in the firmament to the zodiacal signs (realized in gilded plaster on black fund), prepared around everything to a dense time adorned by scenes and olimpyc divinity figures. The astrological theme, according to the Gombrich, would be drawn by the astrological texts of Manilio (Latin poet of the imperial age that, in polemic with Lucrezio, believed that the universe is not governed by the fate, but by the divine reason) and Firmico Materno.

The registration engraved above the door that opens on the Chamber of the Eagles (or of Fetonte): DISTAT ENIM QUAE / SYDERA You EXCIPIANT, is drawn by the VI satire of Giovenale and it admonishes that the destiny of the men depends on the fortunate stars or infrauste ones under which they born.







Among the apartment of the Tapestries and the Saloon of the Rivers in the Ducal Building in Mantua the so-called Room of the Zodiac is found, built for the duke Guglielmo Gonzaga's will at the end of the XVI century in the part of the building he dictates old Court. The time, performed to fresh from Lorenzo Costa the Young, once in 1579, has to the center of the composition Diana-moon on the wagon hauled by dogs around which, on blue background, the figures of the Zodiac and the constellations appear whose physiognomies are traced by groups of golden stars. And'it was hypothesized that the decoration is a homage to the cardinal Ercole Gonzaga, uncle of Guglielmo, to which some tied up constellations to the histories of Ercole would allude. The fact that the time represents a precise moment and not a generic celestial time makes to think to reality that deals with the visualization of the duke's horoscope. Astrea, the Virgo, constellation that Diana reaches in the time, with the witticism «unicuique suum» it is in fact one of duke William's enterprises. The erudite Giovanni Paolo could have been to suggest the composition Donati, author of an astronomy book, the Theoriches, you devote to Guglielmo or Mr. Gregorio Capiluti, and Gradaro convent's abbot , editor of a horoscope of the duke in 1581.