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Seasonal Symbolism: This is a transition Sign, signing the underline passage from the spring to the summer: the nature comes to conclude the first maturation, the temperature gets heater announcing the summer which shortly will begin.

Character: Vivacious and intuitive, prone for communications, they are also curious and avid of acquaintance that, however, they don't go to make deeper underlining a typical characteristic of this Sign: the superficiality. They love social relationships, even if they tend to get tired almost immediately and are therefore discontinuous in the friendships, because their worse enemy is surely the boredom together with the routines. They are not absolutely competitive, except that in love.

Success: Due to their extrovert nature, tney undoubtedly will be good in all those sectors that require ready intelligence, rapid stroke and strong intuition. Particularly, they will result particularly bright to the commerce, journalism, telecommunications in general or all those activities that requires shifts, like agent of.commerce

Health: Traditionally, this Sign is connected to the respiratory apparatus, as well as arms, elbows and wrists. Ir's also connected to the listening and to the ears in general.

The ideal environment: You don't need to choose mountains or seas, oceans or lakes to catch their attention and involvethem in a vacation. On the contrary this Sign is satisfied with any places which picks their curiosity and t allows them to entertain many social intercourses. Easily you will see them to play tennis. But to be correct this is the only sport that they prefer for they normally consider sporting activity a loss of time.

Things you won't ever see him to wear: Bracelets, shirts and sweater with long sleeves: if they are quite forced to do it, you will see then always with the sleeves curled even in the hit of the winter!!

The animals: monkey, parrot

Plants and flowers: olive, acacia, daisy

Stones: magnetite

Perfume: juniper

Metal: mercury

Colour: grey

Fortunate day: Wednesday

Fortunate number: 5

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Armenia, Egypt, Belgium, Lombardy, Wales, Sardinia, Tripoli, Bruges, Cordoba, London, England, Melbourne, Norimberg, San Francisco.