by Laura Poggiani and Paolo Forni


Since the most ancient times, the astrologers have tried to connect every geographical area (city or Nation) to a Zodiacal Sign.

Starting from the famous quote of Ippocrate that recites “we are where we live", to the careful eye of an astrologer, the characteristics of every zone of the Earth appear always very precise and they seem to be almost "absorbed" from its inhabitants. Whoever has the opportunity of working in sectors that manage the data of birth of the residents of one determined city, will easily notice, for instance, a preponderance of a Sign, rather than another, in a particular  geographical zone. As a consequence, it is not surprising the absolute compatibility of these predominant Signs with the peculiarities and historical characteristics of the place they are living in.

Even Ptolomy tried to share the geographical areas by overlapping the zodiacal band (where every Sign has a wideness of 30°) to the terrestrial eclittica, in such way that the Nations that were found to West, coincident with the point Vernale to 0° Aries, came note attributed to that Sign, he proceeded counterclockwise then in motion, toward South-Cancer, therefore East-Libra and finally North-capricorn (Claudio Tolomeo, Tetrabiblos, Book II). 
Subsequently, many other astrologers attempted into deepen and formulate anew the combinings Sign/Country, based even on the population and the national politics. That said, it was tradionally established, that Spain belongs to the Sagittarius, England to the Aries, Italy to the Leo and so on. Yet the simple analysis of the constitution of a country or the foundation of a city do not see conving enough because the urban agglomeration and the same territory were however antecedent to the birth of the coutry. 

At this point it's almost natural to wonder: is it possible to verify how much information have the Ancient ones handed down to us on this matter, by using another modern (and thus more effective) method? Technology assists us by giving us computers that are able to elaborate in a very little time a great massive structure of data, while, from the beginning, we take as valid the Ptolemaic attribution Sign/city, in order to verify the foundation of this assertion.

The Zodiac starts with the Sign of the Aries and to this Sign Tolomeo combined, among the others, the chief town of the Region Tuscany, Florence, and also Dante quotes this connection between sign and town. Aries is dominated by Mars and therefore it doesn't take too much time for us to notice that also an important fulcrum of the city, center also of a decisive crossroad railway, is called “campo di marte”. Also the famous and quite violent “Calcio Fiorentino” (from which comes the modern game of soccer) brings back to Mars and the Aries. Besides, we can find in relation to the God of the War, in the book “Firenze dei Misteri”, by Luigi Pruneti, the following anecdote:

For guilt of a pagan god

Florence seemed to be burden for a long time a dramatic destiny, afflicted by feuds and revenges and by hate of part. Why it reigned so much discord in the shade of the Baptistery and peace seemed an impossible dream? If a time machine allowed us to set this question to the parties, they would - probably answer: "Guilt of Mars." The god of the war was, in fact, the tutelar nume of the Roman city and one statue of his, during a raid of the Goths, was thrown into the river1. After a lot of time it was pull out of the river and put on a pillar - to the head of the Ponte Vecchio2. Dante defined it the "stupid stone that looks at the bridge"3 and Boccaccio too described it by saying: "This statue was decreased upward from the waist; [...] it was all pink because of the water, so much pink that almost, [...] neither of the man, neither of the horse something could distinguish"4. It seems that in reality it didn't even represent Ares but a king Goth, perhaps the same Teodorico5; according to the Florentines - it remained  an image of the god of the war and the person responsible of their misfortunes. Giovanni Villani wrote: "The ancient said and wrote that when the statue of Mars fell or was moved, there would be in the city of Florence a  big danger or mutation. And not without cause was said, that for experience it has demostrated"6. In short Mars, first evicted  by Giovanni Battista, then thrown into the Arno by the Barbarians and finally pull out from the river
by chance and systematized with little respect on a tripod, it decided to take revenge, making "trista"7 the ungrateful city. It would be the hidden instigator of the discords between Guelfi and Ghibellini, between Neri and Bianchi, between Donateschi and Tosinghi. At the end, in 1333, it was the Arno river, with an appalling flood, to resolve the problem. The slimy water brought away the icon of unluckyness and made it disappear forever, its ominous influence nevertheless didn't stop and still for a couple of centuries blood flowed plentiful into the "gran villa" of Tuscia.

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Is it possibile to connect to this superficial observation, however, an analogous scientific correspondence? In order to answer to this question, we considered 563 meaningful dates of the history of the city, starting from the XII century to our days. 
Here are the results:

As you can clearly notice, the greatest frequency of the Sun falls in the sign of Gemini (64 times): further to be a congenial Sign to Aries because sestile to it, Gemini, as we will see subsequently, has also given the dawns to the figure that is mostly identified with the city of Florence, that is, Dante Alighieri. Always in Gemini, we also notice the predominance of Saturn (82 times).
The Moon by itself  is not really meaningful because the events, deprived time, are all conventionally inserted with 12 o’clock time, but the moon shows anyway an interesting tendency: in Leo (58 times), sign besides where predominant are Venus(67 times), Jupiter (89 times) and Pluto (113 times). And just Leo is also the sign in absolute where the most greater part of the planetary concentrations are found (644 times). As known, Leo is a Sign trigono of Aries.
Also connected to Aries is Cancer (595 times), in square, and it entertains the most greater number of the positions of Mars (69 times) and Mercury (61 times). If we consider that the chosen events are mostly war events, what emerged it's undoubtedly interesting.


As it can be noticed mostly giving an analytical glance to the planetary disposition in the various decades of every Sign, Gemini is absolute full of planets like (Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus) and particularly, the second decade, or rather from the 10 to the 20 degrees (Sun, Venus and Mars). Another meaningful decade are the first and second ones of Leo, with the presence of Jupiter and Pluto predominant.

Let’s consider now the aspects.

Sun/Uranus and Sun/Saturn are the most greater aspects of the first Luminary while Mars has a preference for Mercury but the most considerable are those of Pluto/Neptune and Pluto/Uranus.
But let’s consider, astrologically, the most meaningful historical events of Florence.


The symbol of “Marzocco” (the name is from uncertain origin but presumably consequential from the Latin "martius"= of Mars, or “Martocus”, that is “little Mars)”, it represents a lion, the popular power’s symbol in the Florentine Republic. This symbology is so strong to be reproduced even today in the city coats of arms. Also until the XVIII century there was a menagerie guarded with numerous lionsin the city.


The center of the Commune in Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, , that overhangsis the stupendous Plaza of the Dominion, considered to be the “living room of the city”, saw the light on February 24 1299, with the laying of the first stone, . This date can be considered, in all respects,  the date of foundation of the city, since it marks the passage from small center to organized Common and growing more and more powerful.

As it can be noticed, the moment seems chosen by an astrologer: Sun and Jupiter, in Pisces, are conjoined and the two “Malefics” of Tradition, Mars and Saturn, both in Cancer, water's sign as the Pisces, not in contact, neither with the conjunction Sun/Jupiter, like avoiding every negative influence on this fortunate conjunction. The “small fortune” Venus is really in Aries while the Moon, even though being no time, is however in Sagittarius, therefore potentially in trine to a Florence/Aries.



With the conspiracy of Pazzi a family who fought against the Medici's family for the predominance of the city, a big mutation had partner-politics. Briefly, the Pazzi's family, conjuring with the Pope, arranged to kill the two brothers Giuliano and Lorenzo, nephews of Cosimo “il Vecchio”. After some failed attempts, because they wanted to contemporarily strike the two brothers, in the end it was decided to kill the two brothers during the service in Church. The trap however succeeded only partially, with the death of Giuliano. Lorenzo was only wounded and he succeeded in escaping and his rage lead to a  complete and awful revenge. From that moment on, Medici's family, with Lorenzo “Il Magnifico”, firmly conquered the city of Florence and the power, giving life to what the world will know as “ the Renaissance”. Thanks to some important accords and convenient marriages, Florence will rise to the point where it will gin also international power. 

It's surprising, first of all, the repetition of the same conjunction Sun/Jupiter, this time in Taurus, that we have already seen previously. Uranus and Neptune are conjoined in Scorpio, at 26 and 28 degrees, therefore in rather narrow conjunction, underlining the period of great change, while Mars opposes Mercury, situated in Aries at 19°. Saturn, at 28° of Leo, in exact trine to the position found, concerning the first stone laying of the Town Halll building, occupied by Venus that this time is placed at 25° Gemini , in sextile to that previous position.



June 1, 1865 Florence rises to a new role in the Italian political scenery: Savoias, moving themselves toward Rome, momentarily established the creditor's equity in the Tuscan chief town. To this point, it doesn't surprise too much to find that, once more, the position of Venus previously interested at 28° Aries in the Foundation Chart, is reported: in this case, in fact, we find Uranus at 28° (!!)Gemini, in sextile therefore to the primary position of Venus but Jupiter, in Sagittarius, is even in trine of it! Still in Gemini it is also the Sun, but sufficiently distant from Jupiter to be avoided its opposition.


Two of the greatests floods have been, in recent times, where the river Arno, that bathes the town, flooding, has caused huge of damages: the first one in 1844 and the second, still deep inner the memories of many people, in 1966. It strikes, first of all, the fact that both have almost happened the same day, on November 3, 1844 and on November 4, 1966. Apart the meaningful character of the respective Charts for the event in matter, we exclusively concern what is connected to what discussed since here. Here what we find: Jupiter, at 24° Pisces, it is practically on 1299’s same position, this time opposite Venus, at 27° Virgo while in Aries we find Uranus, at 2° and Pluto at 22°.

In 1966 one, Mars, Pluto and Uranus, joined, you/they were exactly opposed Sole/Giove of the foundation of Palazzo Vecchio to the conjunction.

During the terrible winter of 1929, it happend a rare event for the town: the Arno River frozed for a half because of the low temperatures and the snowfall that occurred at 9 a.m.,  on February 11, . Saturn places at the MC, by the side of the IX, that’s stronger and naturally.. at 27° Sagittarius, in trine to the Foundation Chart’s famous Venus. Saturn represents the cold and its culmination it is therefore exemplary. Venus and Uranus are in Aries, first degrees.


During the II World War, Florence suffered a bloody bombardment. When the Americans took the decision to bomb “Campo di Marte” railway station, in fact, it occurred that, in reality, there was a mistake and the Allies bombed the residences of the civilians, provoking many victims and postponing other further Allies attack, suspending them for a long arc of time.

As we have used to notice, we find a mighty stellium in Leo: Pluto, Node, Moon and Jupiter among 6° and 18°, in 9th House, the foreign countries one. The Sun, conjoined to Neptune, in the first degrees of Libra, does it underline the opposition of sign to the Aries but could it miss above all?, Saturn and the prophetic degree 26 of Gemini while still in Gemini there also are the disruptive Uranus and Mars.

In 1993, still an explosive event that strikes to betrayal of the civilians in Florence: the attack to Georgofili Street. Once again the Leo in pole position: Moon and Mars occupy it in a narrow conjunction among 12° and 14°, astride the 7th House cusp, the “declared enemies”. Sun and Mercury are again in Gemini, while Venus is again in Aries, at 20°. 




There isn't much to say on this famous character that the brightest star of the Tuscan chief town stays, undoubtedly of which he also was for a certain time Prior. Within our search, it immediately detaches Venus, at 29° Cancers, squaring the originary position of Venus in the Foundation Chart. Besides we have Mars and Neptune connected in Leo. Saturn, Mercury and Sun are in Gemini.


Never as in this case, the attribution of a Zodiacal Sign in a town appears so clean as in the case of Florence, its Mars bonds and the first Sign of the Zodiac, up to make to emerge, as we have seen, the sensibility of the last degrees of the Sign. If then we consider that the mentioned dates held in this research, are primarily about war events or historically important ones, it doesn't surprise that emerges the preponderance of Gemini, Libra and Leo, if the disposition is considered in decade, while it is clearly greater Leo if the Planets in Sign Table is considered.


If ever it was still doubts on any influence of some sort of influence of Aries for the town of Florence, here is the Chart of the most famous executed in the XV century: as you can see,he has just 4 planets in Libra! Besides Mars is really in Aries opposed to the Stellium balances and to underline an extremely warlike relationship with the Tuscan town, despite Jupiter proper at 28° Aquario, in tuning that is at Venus of the foundation. The “Great Malefic” Saturn, is conjoined finally to Uranus, that in turn it is conjoined to Pluto.

by Laura Poggiani and Paolo Forni - All Rights Reserved