The location of both Ming Gong and Shen Gong are important in interpreting a Zi Wei chart. 

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Ming Gong 

 The Ming Gong is the person’s Destiny palace.  It has to do with “pre-heaven”, your destiny and what has already been decided for you.  The Ming is similar to the Sun Sign or 1st House.  Look for the lifetime Ming palace, and then at the palace’s bottom right-hand corner, bottom word.

Four Horses/Corners

Four Directions

Four Earths

Shen (Monkey)

Zi (Rat)

Chen (Dragon)

Si (Snake)

You (Rooster)

Chou (Ox)

Yin (Tiger)

Wu (Horse)

Shu (Dog)

Hai (Pig)

Mao (Rabbit)

Wei (Sheep)

The Four Horses/Corners (Shen, Si, Yin, Hai) are the branches in the corner palaces of a Zi Wei chart.  They are often called the Four Horses because these Four Corners have to do with movement.  People with their Ming Gong in a Horses/Corner palace are always on the move and have trouble sitting still.  They may also invite problems unnecessarily.

The Four Directions (Zi, Mao, Wu, You) are the branches in the palaces associated with the four cardinal directions - North, East, South, and West respectively.  These branches are sometimes called the Four Failures because of people with their Ming here love parties, social life, romance, drinking, gambling, and overspending.  The Chinese term for this is “peach blossoms”.  Peach blossoms are among the first flowers to bloom in China, usually around the end of December until the spring rains destroy them in February.  They are lovely, bright and lively, but do not last long.  People with a lot of peach blossoms were not considered to have much hope of living productively and responsibly, but in modern times these people can do quite well in the arts and entertainments fields, where this kind of charisma can help them succeed. 

The Four Earths (Chen, Chou, Shu, Wei) are the branches associated with the Earth element.  They are sometimes called the Four Graves.  Earth is heavy and not easily moved or changed, thus those with their Ming in one of the Four Earths find it difficult to change and move as well.  They must work very hard to achieve and will do better if they move far from their birthplace as early as is possible.  Those with their Ming in Chen (“Heaven Net”) or Shu (“Earth Net”) get “stuck” even more easily and need to break through their nets in order to succeed.


Shen Gong


The Shen Gong is “post-heaven”, where you are headed in life.  Ming tends to represent one’s early life, while Shen represents later life. 


The Location of Ming Gong

The Branch of the Palace in which the Ming Gong falls determines certain characteristics of a person's life.  Look in each palace at the lower right-hand side, bottom word.

Zi (Rat)

  • Optimistic and happy about life.  Poised and elegant, smart and practical.
  • Forgives and forgets easily.
  • Loves to make new friends, is easily seduced.
  • Devoted to and affectionate with friends, though doesn’t always keep promises.
  • Patient with spouse. 
  • Is even-handed and treats everyone equally regardless of socio-economic class.
  • Loves to be considered distinctive, has uncommon judgment.  Quite strong-willed.

Chou (Ox)

  • Stays to oneself, not easy to get to know.  Independent with few to turn to. 
  • Willing to take on heavy responsibilities without considering personal interest.  Deliberate and persistent, determined to succeed.
  • Strong desire to be praised, trusted and respected, and quick to anger when others disagree with him/her. 
  • Tends to be envied and even may be "framed" by others.  Often treats others in an arrogant manner or shows off.
  • Better to leave birthplace early and develop self elsewhere.

Yin (Tiger)

  • Has a good heart and always willing to share.
  • Enjoys a wide circle of friends.  Popular and admired.
  • Active, clever, always on the move.  Able to endure suffering and hard work.  Tough, resolute, prefers the fast way, doesn’t like the word “no”.
  • Can become wealthy more easily than others
  • Can unnecessarily invite problems.

Mao (Rabbit)

  • Often physically weak in younger years, stronger in adulthood. 
  • Sensitive, observant, clever in dealings – sees what others cannot.
  • Sociable and loves romance, so can easily get into affairs.
  • Suspicious and careful because of prior difficulties.
  • Has to struggle alone, with few to turn to
  • Easily irritated, so can argue over the unimportant.  Everything is either black or white.
  • Must be disciplined and educated to have a productive life.

Chen (Dragon)

  • Gentle, tranquil appearance.
  • Courteous, good manners, gentle and kind-hearted. 
  • Loves to mediate and help.  Considerate, balanced and impartial. 
  • Intelligent, clever at handling difficult situations, relaxed, indecisive, unhurried, a bit too casual. 
  • Can invite sorrows and disasters.  Has few to turn to.
  • Better to move far from birthplace to develop and succeed.

Si (Snake)

  • Calm and steady external appearance, internally ambitious and worrying.
  • “Misses the forest for the trees” – a perfectionist who pays too much attention to the unimportant.
  • Savvy and good with business and prudent with money.
  • Can invite problems unnecessarily.
  • Ambitious, busy, hard-working, but can be lonely

Wu (Horse)

  • Witty, friendly and sunny personality, noticeable in a crowd.
  • If brought up well, can succeed both financially and in life.
  • Prone to be arrogant or flatter those he/she wants to please.
  • If brought up poorly, can be lecherous and use people for their own purposes.

Wei (Sheep)

  • Appears shy, sensitive, easily irritated but is quite strong inside.
  • Idealistic and hard working, but must push hard to achieve
  • Can be too narrow-minded about things – does not readily accept outside opinions or ideas, so can be lonely
  • Better to move far from birthplace early and develop elsewhere.

Shen (Monkey)

  • Very changeable – confident at one moment, unsure the next.  Contradicts oneself.
  • Clever, witty and skillful. 
  • Moves with poise and grace – good at the performing arts
  • Life is very changeable as well – gains a great deal and loses a great deal. 
  • Better to marry later in life.

You (Rooster)

  • Dependable, honest and kind-hearted, loves romance and can fall into affairs.
  • Strong personality, acts independently and is not open to other’s suggestions.
  • Can be arrogant to the point of causing failure.
  • Self-dependent, solves personal problems on one’s own.
  • Enjoys travel, particularly to historical sites. 

Shu (Dog)

  • Appears steady and tranquil on the outside, but is prone to depression.
  • Needs lots of support and encouragement from loved ones.
  • Smart, hardworking, efficient, not afraid to fight for what is right.
  • “This horse will not gallop fast without some whipping.”
  • Better to move far from birthplace early and develop elsewhere.

Hai (Pig)

  • Sensitive and compassionate, kind-hearted and gentle.
  • Easily moved to tears by the beauty of nature.
  • Quick learning, serious, busy and hardworking.
  • Shares whatever they have with others. 
  • Prone to invite problems.


The 14 Major Stars 


1.   Zi Wei  - Purple Emperor Star 


MING:  Emperors love to command.  People with this star in their Ming palace love praise and demand loyalty.  They can be conceited and easily influenced, which can make them permissive and tolerant.  They have tender egos but will often not disclose their feelings.

SIBLINGS:  Siblings may be helpful but want to be treated like the emperor/empress and so may not get along.

SPOUSE:  Your spouse wants to be treated like an emperor or empress.  This can cause dissatisfaction for you.

CHILDREN:  Few children.  They have poise, but are difficult to teach because they have their own ideas. 

MONEY:  Money comes easily. 

HEALTH:  Stomach/spleen/digestive.

TRAVEL:  People will help you during travel. 

FRIENDS:  Friends are powerful, but are more important than you.

CAREER:  You may work people of high society. 

PROPERTY:  You like high altitudes, mountainous areas, and busy cities.

KARMA:  You feel lonely or misunderstood.

PARENTS:  Parents act like the Emperor, giving orders, or are well respected as authority figures. 

2.  Tian Ji – Celestial Machine

MING:  Tian Ji is a very active star, causing physical movement or active thoughts.  Tian Ji loves to learn new things, but lacks perseverance.  “Jack of all trades, master of none”. 

 These people are quick learning and good at mediation or public relations.  If bad stars are present (e.g., 48 Hua Ji), the person may get into trouble for being too smart for his own good.  Tian Ji in a palace indicates much change and instability.   

 SIBLINGS:  Siblings are intelligent; there may be arguments with them or between them.  Often more sisters than brothers.  Half-siblings or one sibling adopted by different parents. 

 SPOUSE:  Unstable marriage.

 CHILDREN:  Intelligent, active children.  Often more girls than boys, and sons often come late.  Stepchildren or half-siblings.  Miscarriage if with 48 Hua Ji. 

 MONEY:  Money is active, moving.  You earn money by working by yourself. 

 HEALTH:  Liver/gall bladder problems.

 TRAVEL:  Move far from your birthplace to make a living. 

 FRIENDS:  You have many friends and acquaintances, and change them often.

 CAREER:  Avoid a 9-5 job.  Good for an artist/musician.  You can be convincing, so you would be a good religious leader or strategist for a politician.

 PROPERTY:  You move often. 

 KARMA:  You crave learning.  You can be generous on one hand but stingy about small things. 

 PARENTS:  The parents’ lives are not stable. 


3.  Tai Yang – The Sun

MING:  Tai Yang represents brightness, altruism, and generosity.  Tai Yang (the sun) symbolizes masculinity, is very blunt, and tends to show off.  Women with Tai Yang in their Ming are very competent and ambitious.

Tai Yang here is good for people born during the day – the sun is bright so they can succeed and achieve fame easily.  Tai Yang here for people born at night is more difficult – the sun is dark and they will often work very hard for very little reward.  In a woman's chart in the Ming or Spouse Palace with a rating of 4 or 5, her mate will hurt her in some way – physically, emotionally, etc.

People with 8 Tai Yin and 3 Tai Yang in the same Palace are very changeable.

SIBLINGS:  If the star is bright (rating 1 or 2), the siblings achieve success.  If the star is dark (rating 5), the siblings are average in ability.

SPOUSE:  The spouse is strong, masculine and assertive. 

CHILDREN:  If bright (1 or 2), the child is very active.  If dark (4 or 5), the child has few friends and may be depressed and hopeless. 

MONEY:  Appears better than it is.  If l or 2, the person makes a lot and spends a lot, loves to show off and is very concerned about his/her reputation.  With a rating of 3, 4, 5, the person makes less money, but overspends. 

HEALTH:  Eye problems (particularly the left eye), heart, blood problems.

TRAVEL:  If l or 2, people help you when you are away from home.  With rating of 5, you do not want to work away from home. 

FRIENDS:  If l or 2, your friends help you.   If 4 or 5, friends don't help. 

CAREER:  Changing jobs.  Good for teaching, publicity, broadcasting. 

PROPERTY:  You like sunny climates.  With good stars (45 Hua Lu) and a good rating, you inherit property. 

KARMA:  With a l or 2, people in high positions will help you.  If 4 or 5, you think negatively. 

PARENTS:  If l or 2, the father is in a good position.  If 4 or 5, the father may die when you are young. 

4.  Wu Qu – Army General

MING:  Wu Qu is the hardworking army general.  This star can accumulate wealth through labor.  These people can have successful careers but, like a general, they make decisions on their own and prefer to give orders, not take them.  They are workaholics, can be cold-hearted, and find it difficult to maintain close relationships.  They are opinionated and strong.  Women with Wu Qu in their Ming Gong often lead their husbands and are competitive with men.

SIBLINGS:  Siblings are like a general – strong and opinionated. 

SPOUSE:  Your spouse is the army general – strong and difficult to communicate with.  It is better to marry later in life.   

CHILDREN:  Your children have their own minds and are difficult to educate. 

MONEY:  This star is good here for wealth.  It is especially easy to become wealthy with a rating of 1 or 2.  4 Wu Qu and 7 Tian Fu together here is the best combination for money.

HEALTH:  Lung, Intestine problems. 

TRAVEL:  You must move far from home to earn your money. 

FRIENDS:  It is difficult to communicate and make friends (the person is too strong).

CAREER:  Wu Qu here is good for military, engineering, metal work, technical trades.

PROPERTY:  Person has a good house or owns quite a bit of property. 

KARMA:  You are able to make a good living but can be lonely. 

PARENTS:  The parents are the army general – giving orders, tough, unyielding. 


5.  Tian Tong – Relaxed Lover of Life

  Tian Tong loves the good things in life – art, music, good food, fine wine.  People with Tian Tong in their Ming love a leisurely lifestyle; things come to them easily so they can be quite lazy.  They are dreamers with a lot of ambition, but little follow-through.  They are often art lovers and collectors.  They love a leisurely lifestyle and the good things in life.  They are idealists, with many ambitions but few accomplishments.  They are kind-hearted, very sensitive and easily hurt.  They give themselves totally in a love relationship and are more prone to affairs.

SIBLINGS:  Good relationship with your brothers. 

SPOUSE:  Spouse may be heavy or at least have a round face.  The relationship is good but your spouse can have mood swings. 

CHILDREN:  Children are cute but naughty. 

MONEY:  Money can come easily, but not always a lot of it.  

HEALTH:  Kidney, urinary, bladder, ear, bone problems.

TRAVEL:  You make friends easily on your travels. 

FRIENDS:  Good relationships with friends, and they enjoy a leisurely lifestyle. 

CAREER:  You like an easy job and lack some ambition. 

PROPERTY:  Property comes fairly easily and you may inherit it.  If 10 Ju Men and 5 Tian Tong are together here, it is easy to have a lawsuit concerning property. 

KARMA:  You are kindhearted and easygoing. 

PARENTS:  Kind, easygoing parents. 

6.  Lian Zhen – The Politician

MING:  Lian Zhen is the politician star and in the Ming is good for public office.  However, like a politician, Lian Zhen is easily influenced, and can create instability in the life.  Lian Zhen is ambitious, loves to make friends, tells people what they like to hear, and is attractive to the opposite sex.  People with Lian Zhen in their Ming love to excel and like to gamble and drink, especially with rating 3, 4 or 5.  They have a good sense of humor and are risk takers.  

SIBLINGS:  Very changeable – sometimes nice and sometimes not nice. 

SPOUSE:  Your spouse is very friendly with a rating of 1 or 2, and picks arguments with a rating of 4 or 5. 

CHILDREN:  Your children like to take things apart to understand them.  Be careful with electrical things. 

MONEY:  Money comes and goes.  With 4 or 5, you enjoy gambling. 

HEALTH:  Many small health problems, heart trouble.  In later years you may suffer insomnia. 

TRAVEL:  You have to work hard.  If your work is far from home, you may labor heavily. 

FRIENDS:  You easily attract friends of the opposite sex.

CAREER:  Officer, judge, military.

PROPERTY:  You either have wealth or bankruptcy.   

KARMA:  Unstable, changeable thoughts.  Too much running around unnecessarily.

PARENTS:  Parents are changeable and hard for you to understand. 


7.  Tian Fu – Emperor’s Treasury

  Tian Fu has to do with money and property.  People with Tian Fu in their Ming Gong and other favorable stars can become very wealthy and/or have great power.  They are careful, cautious and capable.  They like money and are trustworthy if given considerable financial responsibilities.  With unfortunate stars they will use their intelligence to steal or embezzle.

SIBLINGS:  Siblings are prudent and good negotiators.  Your parents may favor them over you. 

SPOUSE:  Spouse is good with finances.  If you have 1 Zi Wei and 7 Tian Fu here, you may have a second marriage.  It is better to marry later in life. 

CHILDREN:  Your children love you and listen to you. 

MONEY:  Money comes easily to you and you are good at handling your finances.  4 Wu Qu and 7 Tian Fu together here is the best combination for money.

HEALTH:  Spleen and stomach trouble.  Will often have swollen legs when older.  Tian Fu in Health is very good for health. 

TRAVEL:  You are helpful and receive help when you travel.

FRIENDS:  Your friends are powerful – high society, CEOs.

CAREER:  You are the boss, CEO or owner.

PROPERTY:  Good/large property. 

KARMA:  You think well and like new ideas and are satisfied. 

PARENTS:  Parents often have money or property and treat their children well.


8.  Tai Yin – The Moon

  Tai Yin, like Tai Yang, has a good or bad effect depending on the time of birth.  Tai Yin is the moon and symbolizes femininity.  Thus, people with Tai Yin in their Ming Gong are gentle and refined.  They love art, music, spirituality and the mysterious.  Tai Yin is changeable and easily influenced.

Tai Yin in Ming Gong is good for people born at night.  Since the moon is strong at night, they can become wealthy.  People with Tai Yin in Ming Gong born in the daytime will have a tough row to hoe in life. 

All people with Tai Yin in Ming or Shen Gong tend to be pretty.  Surprisingly, with a rating of 5, they tend to be prettier.  A female with 2 Tian Ji or 8 Tai Yin or both in Ming takes great care with her appearance.  If Tai Yin is in Ming or Spouse and has a low rating, a male will get hurt by the female. 

SIBLINGS:  Siblings are gentle.  With a bad rating you may have trouble communicating with them. 

SPOUSE:  With a rating of 1 or 2, the spouse is kind and good.  If with 48 Hua Ji, your spouse may die early. 

CHILDREN:  Your children are intelligent, spiritual and gentle.  

MONEY:  Easy to make money, but difficult to keep with a rating of 5. 

HEALTH:  Eye problems (especially the right), blood, reproductive (hidden), kidney problems.  Diabetes.  Mysterious (hidden) illnesses. 

TRAVEL:  Women will help you.  You love to stay out at night (moon).

FRIENDS:  You mostly have female friends.  They will help you with a good rating or cause harm with a bad rating. 

CAREER:  Your career goes well. 

PROPERTY:  You dislike the city and prefer quiet, hidden spaces. 

KARMA:  You love the arts, religion, and spirituality. 

PARENTS:  Parents are good and kind with a rating of 1, and cold with a rating of 5. 


9.  Tan Lang  - Greedy Wolf

  Tan Lang is the star of talents.  People with Tan Lang in their Ming Gong can impress others with their eloquence.  They love the arts, are good with languages, appreciate good wine, romance, gambling, and other pleasures in life.  (Note, however, that this star is much more active than 5 Tian Tong, which can be rather lazy.)  They often have problems with frustration and desire – they “wanted it yesterday”.  They are also interested in metaphysics, religion and spirituality.    

Tan Lang can be very good or very bad.  They are free thinkers, revolutionaries, leaders of conspiracies, geniuses, fearless. 

SIBLINGS:  Better if they live apart; otherwise, a bad relationship.  Maybe half-brothers. 

SPOUSE:  Your spouse likes romance; therefore the marriage is not so stable.  Your spouse may truly love you but still have a lover as well.  Spouse has hobbies and is good at public relations. 

CHILDREN:  Curious and changeable.  May like the “fast life” – partying, drinking, and gambling.

MONEY:  You love money but also love gambling.  It is easy to get money from the opposite sex. 

HEALTH:  Gall bladder trouble. 

TRAVEL:  You love excitement, adventure, and new and interesting things. 

FRIENDS:  A variety of friends, many of whom like to drink and gamble.

CAREER:  You are adventurous and multi-talented, and can achieve anything you strive for.   

PROPERTY:  Unlikely to inherit property.   Most property you purchase will come later in your life. 

KARMA:  You are curious and love metaphysics and spirituality.  You are idealistic and can be frustrated with your desires, and love to eat. 

PARENTS:  Relationship with the parents is not easy, especially with the mother.

10.  Ju Men – Big Door or Big Mouth

  Ju Men has to do with speaking, eloquence, and one’s ability to express oneself verbally.  However, since the “door” is big, people with Ju Men in their Ming can easily get into trouble because of their speech, saying the wrong thing, saying it at the wrong time or otherwise misspeaking.  To help avoid this kind of trouble, it is best for these people to have professions where they use their mouth (teaching, sales, politics, entertainers, attorneys, public relations, etc.) 

These people are subtle about getting what they want, and can be jealous of others.

SIBLINGS:  Problems and misunderstandings in communication. 

SPOUSE:  Difficult to communicate.  Talkative spouse.  Rating of 1 is a sweet spouse; rating of 5 can be abusive.  Separation indicated with 48 Hua Ji. 

CHILDREN:  Difficult to communicate.  Talkative or sassy, depending on other stars.

MONEY:  You can earn money from speech (teaching, sales, politics, etc.) 

HEALTH:  Digestion, lung, or kidney trouble.  If Ju Men is rated 5 here, you are likely to become color blind in later years.

TRAVEL:  There is gossip around you when you travel.

FRIENDS:  A great deal of gossip among you and your friends.

CAREER:  Career uses speech (attorney, broadcaster, teacher, etc.). 

PROPERTY:  You live in a noisy place (such as a city).  Be careful, as it is easy for you to have lawsuits on this property. 

KARMA:  You become depressed and worry too much about trivial things. 

PARENTS:  Arguments with your parents are they with each other.  With 48 Hua Ji indicates they will divorce. 

11.  Tian Xiang – Emperor’s Minister

  As the emperor’s minister, Tian Xiang is a careful, thoughtful and prudent person.  People with Tian Xiang in Ming works tirelessly and persistently, but can lack ambition, and thus often has a more dependent job, such as administrative/secretarial jobs. 

Because of its considerable passivity, whether Tian Xiang is good or bad depends upon its relationship with other stars.  It is good if matched with auspicious stars and bad if paired with inauspicious stars. 

SIBLINGS:  Depends on which stars are with it.  The siblings are mostly close, but with a bad star can create more disharmony.

SPOUSE:  Spouse may be rather passive and dependent.  If with 4 Wu Qu, the spouse is good sometimes and mean at others.  

CHILDREN:  The children are obedient, prudent and honest.

MONEY:  The rating of this star indicates how well money management will go.  Rating of 1 is good, rating of 5 is bad 

HEALTH:  Urinary trouble, diabetes.

TRAVEL:  Travel goes well with others because you are agreeable.

FRIENDS:  Your friends are true peers and have the same interests and age as you. 

CAREER:  Your career is stable but you are probably lacking some ambition and drive with it.  If with 4 Wu Qu, you have side income.

PROPERTY:  Like the Money palace, this depends on the star’s rating.  With a 1, you will inherit property.  With a 5, you will not own property. 

KARMA:  This depends on the 10-year cycle to determine if Tian Xiang here is good. 

PARENTS:  Parents are prudent, stable and open to the children's ideas. 


12.  Tian Liang - Longevity

  Tian Liang can turn misfortune into good fortune.  People with Tian Liang in their Ming Gong enthusiastically help others, as an older sibling takes care of the younger ones.  A person represented by Tian Liang may be a priest, judge, high-ranking officer, or in some type of public service.  This person has the energy and ability to turn bad into good.   However, this means that when Tian Liang comes, you see bad things first; otherwise they can't be changed.  Good tends to come later.  So for example, if Tian Liang is in a significant palace – Ming, Health, etc. - the person can survive a plane crash, but had to go through the experience to survive.

Tian Liang people are quick, love the limelight, are good at learning, suitable for public service, and easily promoted.  They are good teachers but will not share everything they know.  Tian Liang also represents longevity.  If it falls in Shen Gong it means a long life. 

SIBLINGS:  You take care of your siblings, especially the younger ones. 

SPOUSE:  Your spouse may be older than you.  He/She takes care of you but will tend to be bossy.

CHILDREN:  Your children are quick learning and love the arts.  They will take care of you. 

MONEY:  Your money appears better than it is.  There is a love to gamble if with 45 Hua Lu or 46 Hua Quan.

HEALTH:  Digestive (stomach) trouble.  Dizziness.  Tian Liang here indicates chronic but small problems, and a long life.  If with 48 Hua Ji and 15 Wen Chang or 16 Wen Qu, can indicate a brain tumor. 

TRAVEL:  You will find people helpful, particularly older people. 

FRIENDS:  Friends are helpful and older.

CAREER:  Good for teachers, judges, officers.

PROPERTY:  You will inherit property. 

KARMA:  Life is enjoyable to you and you love the arts. 

PARENTS:  Your parents are helpful to you.   

13.  Qi Sha – Seven Killings

MING:  Qi Sha is aggressive and likes to change and take risks.  People with Qi Sha in their Ming Gong are highly rational and independent.  They have strong characters like a police officer and can be stubborn.  They are willing to confront any situation head on.  They often feel discontent, which will make them suffer in life. 

People with Qi Sha in their Ming Gong tend to encounter precarious ups and downs in their careers.  Qi Sha often suggests a situation or person that cannot be controlled. 

SIBLINGS:  You feel distant from your siblings.

SPOUSE:  Your spouse has a very strong personality.  You will likely marry him/her suddenly. 

CHILDREN:  You will likely have few children, and they will have very strong characters and difficult to control.  With 37 Qing Yang (The Knife) there could be a miscarriage or a child with birth defects.

MONEY:  Money comes but is hard to keep, and often leaves harshly.

HEALTH:  Small intestines, lungs.  Often accident-prone. 

TRAVEL:  Active, moving. 

FRIENDS:  Your friends have very strong personalities. 

CAREER:  Career will be difficult unless you are a high-ranking military officer. 

PROPERTY:  Property is not very stable.  You will be buying and selling. 

KARMA:  You are active mentally and physically, and don’t like to sit still. 

PARENTS:  The parents have the strong personality, and may even have hit their children if they are disobedient. 


14.  Po Jun – Army Breaker


MING:  Po Jun shatters and breaks things in order to rebuild.  It is like the Tower tarot card – all most be torn down to create a new, better structure.  People with Po Jun in their Ming are aggressive and love to take risks.  They have strong personalities and are not easy to get along with.  They say whatever they want and are often lonely because people don’t want to be around them.  This isolation can make them suspicious of others.  Po Jun consumes everything (your time, money, energy, etc.).  Men with Po Jun in their Ming do not care about their appearance.  However, women with Po Jun in the Ming are very concerned about their appearance.

SIBLINGS:  Not a strong relationship with the siblings. 

SPOUSE:  An “unusual” marriage according to ancient times.  You may have lived together first or had premarital sex, or you marry your brother/sister-in-law, cousin, etc.). 

CHILDREN:  A “breaking” of pregnancy, i.e., a miscarriage or abortion.  The children’s’ relationships with each other are also broken.

MONEY:  Money is not stable, so this person needs to learn to handle finances prudently.

HEALTH:  Miscarriage, kidney trouble, edema in abdomen. 

TRAVEL:  You are really on the move when traveling, not sitting still. 

FRIENDS:  Your friends are very unusual, often strong personalities.  Could even be involved with organized crime if with 13 Qi Sha.

CAREER:  Your career is constantly being broken down and rebuilt. 

PROPERTY:  You inherit property, but ruin it in some way. 

KARMA:  Po Jun is good in Zi or Wu Branch Palaces (look in Karma palace at the lower right-hand side, bottom word.  In all others it is more difficult; you will be very busy mentally and physically.

PARENTS:  Your parents are different from the norm, and are not warm. 


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