Integrate Chart: another method

by Laura Poggiani

The use of an integrate Chart - that is an horoscope which owns the peculiar characteristics of two or more subjects sharing any kind of affective relationship, both parental and economical - has become very frequent, because of its extremely practical use and computing get easier by the use of computer but, at the same time, is also contested by many persons, as well, as it is considered a bit artificial, which isn't born by an objective event but, instead, by simple mathematical considerations. In this optic is also the system of Integrate Chart actually, surely the most popular in Italy, the Hand method, with the help of a good translation of the original book by Armenia Edition.   

But, I wondered, is it possible to get an Integrate Chart which can also be considered a real horoscope, that is an objective photograph of a certain event, with own characteristics? Well, it's enough moving the sight a bit across our State borders and looking, this time, not at the usual and always eclectic France but, instead, a bit more Est, toward Countries like Austria and Germany, to learn a real interesting method to build an Integrate Chart, totally unknown here, at least for what I know, but extremely popular in those Countries, as much as to be defined the "European reply", to the Hand method and which, instead of that, has not got at the base the building of a new horoscope with no personal data, but it is a Chart with an own well-defined identity: the Schiffmann method or Combin.  

This method consists, in practice, in computing the addition of birth data concerning two persons involved in a certain relationship, effecting then the average (while in the Hand method one has to make the average between the only horoscope positions) in order to get all necessary data and build a new horoscope, respecting completely the analogical rule, exactly like a child has got own characteristics but you can find in him some typical tracts of both parents' personalities.   

The integrate Schiffmann system is a method quite young: Heinrich Schiffmann had the idea, on Sept. 18, 1972 - and the well-known Teutonic precious also fixes the time: at 15.40 CET - giving life to that system which, in German countries, will later be called "Combin" and which permits, beside the deep analyse of the couple relationship, also the chance, truly important to be noted, to effect on itself Directions, Transits and Solar Returns. In January 1976 was then printed an article of him in "Astrologischen Auskunftsboden" which, later, in March 1979 was followed by a further article in "Qualität der Zeit". The analyse, then, is extremely interesting as it's not only generalise all characteristics of the couple but, instead, it permits the exact combination of all caracteristics which comes out from the chart observations, to a certain well-defined subject, as theorised, successfully, by Sāndor Belcsāk and which can be synthesised as following:  

  • CARDINAL HOUSES: they indicate WHO gets involved man-woman (I and VII houses);

  • FIXED HOUSES: they indicate WHAT gets involved, material stuff (II house), love, children (V house), sexuality, obligees (VIII house), friendship (XI house);

  • MUTABLE HOUSES: they indicate HOW one is involved: communication (III House), work (VI House), ideology (IX House), mystery (XII House);

Beside, the kind of the Planet, as much as the principal axis of the Chart - AS, DS, MC e FC - do permit also to establish the single characteristics of people who are involved and to whom we are referring. But let's see, about it, some concrete examples.


The sentimental facts which have involved the U.S. President Bill Clinton since the start of his Presidency (just remember the Jennifer Flowers's declarations which tried to compromise his imagine, which were followed those by Paula Jones to reach the last ones by Monica Lewinsky) have spotted not only the U.S. President's difficulty to hold under control his instinctual impulses, but, instead, his wife's no doubted ability who in at least two cases cases, Flowers and Lewinsky, had to intervene personally, and firmly, in her husband's defence "repairing" his imagine and demonstrating what it was whispered, since the start of Clinton's political comparison: the real President of the USA is just her, Hillary.   

But let's go to see what the Integrate Chart says.   

The Ascendant is placed in Capricorn and this, beside checking out how it must be a relationship "with head", which permits to put together the own ambitions for a common goal. It also means the need to overcome together hard proves which can come out along the common life.   

Ambition and conscience of the own duty permeate the respective promises and each one will take the own cross, even in very hard situations. But when one of the two doesn't respect the rules, the other rebukes him, making born in him guilty senses.   

Even the sun position inl II sector points a very much energies employ to build a common activity which, due to this sector's characteristic, will tend to the research of security, maintenance and social position.   

Ben delineate dal Tema anche le rispettive caratteristiche dei due patner: Venere in I difatti indica come la natura di Bill sia prettamente edonista, molto sensuale, che da importanza al contatto fisico e alla sessualita', dando origine a una eccessiva sicurezza di se'.   

On the contrary, with Saturn and Pluto in VII, Hillary certainly couldn't limestone the stereotype, inside the couple, of the sweet, affectionate and passive woman … Instead, she appear well-determined, with very sjiny rationality (Saturn) but also charismatic and able (Pluto). Just Saturn, then, is in splendid position, forming trines both to Sun and Jupiter, the first one, as we have already seen, placed in II and the second one in X, the House of the success. It appars at this point more than permissible deducing that has just been Hillary to point on her husband's political career, projecting on him all ambition of her.   

The Solar Return valid until next March places the accent on a really hard year for the couple (Sun, rogether with Venus (!) conjunct to the ASC of the Solar Return, Saturn and Mercury in I but as most Mars, ruler of S.R. ASC, placed in VI sector, that one notoriously connected to scandals, just in opposition to conjunction Sun-Venus! And even that one which will start next March is not better, with ASC of S. R. in VI House radix and Sun at MC, position this one famous for upside-downs in social position, when not supported by good figures. Well, if we think that both Bill's S R. and that one of Hillary do present strong signals of "house changing "…. It seems quite probable that further scandals will put really at hard prove Hillary's charismatic ability, which won't avoid a definitive impichment of her husband.   

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This couple presents, first of all, a Scorpio ASC. Which underlines how, in the relationship, the attraction has been immediate and has pushedto the dependency by the partner since the first introducing.

The Sun, placed in VI House, the Health and the Work one, points a business relationship, more than a love one, in which each one puts himself at the other's service the own capacity of negotation, initiative and adaptation.

The logic plays a conclusive role and it often takes to a breakdown of the relationship in a friendly and rational way or to remarkable advantages which come from the own partner.

This solar position often means a relationship where the two involved are kept together by a health problem (we remember, about this, that Elisabeth, when she was 15 yrs. old had a horse accident which let her a permanent disability all her life long, beside her weak constitution was hit by a pulmonary disease and she was obliged to the infirmity one year long). Consequently, one helps the other, being at his/her service. In any case, one is a lot worried about the partner, being afraid that something of negative can happen to the relationship.

The presence of Venus in VII House is however the most indicative of true love. The most younger partner, that's Robert, is probably appeared to Elisabeth as very handsome and sexy.

The harmony and the common sensations seem having been the most important thing in the relationship, seeking to eviscerate all problems in oreder to find an according point which won't create tensions and contrasts.

The relationship has surely also appreciated social contacts, the theatre, the concerts, the Opera, valorising the joy of life.

The Moon in III House underlines the big need to exchange ideas, telling each other everything of own experiences. The intellectual interest prevails on emotions and the relationship's nature results having been prevalently psychic. Beside, there also is a big feeling to change, to moove, to make trips together (we remember that, just married, they escaped to Italy).

The relationship's culmination into the marriage is well expressed by the Sun making trine to MC which indicates, neside, the way this couple has taken itself to the footlight in the public opinion. Sun is the planet meaning vitality and joy of life so it means that both have loved each other, finding in the partner the most important thing of the own life.

This is one of the best aspects and puts in evidence the way the relationship was born under a good star.

The opposition Sun-Mars however, also puts in light the way, in practise, the partner was seen sometimes as competitor. 

Beside it, the Sun-Moon square means how the woman's emotionalism (Moon) has felt hindered by the other's characteristic (Sun) for realisation of herself.

Vitality and joy of life of one of the partners can also have disturbed the other causing, at the end, envy. By the way, it was kept the deep wish to stay together.


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Text by Laura Poggiani - all rights reserved