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- Introduction, Eclipse Window, and Lunar Eclipse of May 26, 2002
- Solar Eclipse Jun 10, 2002
- Lunar Eclipse June 24, 2002
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INTRODUCTION - "Eclipse Window"

    Remember that what I call the astrological "eclipse window" begins about a week before an eclipse. 

As I write this, the Lunar Eclipse of May 26 has just passed; I call the lunar eclipses the "dreaming eclipses" as we are more in shamanic "dreamtime" then, being easily lost in altered states of consciousness, and watching as one state or "dream" merges seamlessly into another.  The lunar eclipses are excellent times for religious/spiritual
devotional practices. 

The Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2002 is very strong and right around the corner.  If you want an eclipse/update consultation, email for details:


     The solar eclipse is Monday, June 10, 2002, 4:46 pm PDT, 7:46 pm EDT, 12:46 am GMD June 11, and 1:46 am CED June 11.  The degree is 19 Gemini 54.

     In a solar eclipse, the Sun is eclipsed or obscured briefly by the Moon, symbolizing a moment in time where the normal rationality and order in our world is superseded by the non-rational, emotional, psychic, imaginative, or even something a bit wild and chaotic.  Solar eclipses have been considered "fateful," definitely NOT business as usual. In a way, eclipses are like Mardi Gras -- anything goes, and probably will.

     The effects of a solar eclipse are strongest the entire week before, the day of the eclipse itself, and a week following, tapering off sharply over the next 6 months. Some astrologers say the effects of an eclipse can last up to a year.  The house into which a solar eclipse falls in your astrological chart can be impacted for many months. Certainly there are echoes and reminders of life-changing events and shifts that happened during an eclipse, impact of which continues to reverberate in time and life over the long term.  We can think of the entirety of June 2002 as "solar eclipse month" this year.

     That said, this is not your "garden-variety" solar eclipse, as strong as eclipses usually are.  This one stands out with Saturn, Hades, and NNode conjunct it, with Pluto and SNode opposing.  That's really heavy-duty -- something like 10+ times bigger than your "average" solar eclipse.

     I have debated off and on for weeks whether to write this article or not, it seemed just too inflammatory and sensational, not constructive.  Do I have to publish this thing, I kept asking myself.  You may be surprised to hear me say that.  I don't think this sort of information helps people "prepare" that much, despite curiosity and rationalizations to the contrary.  Really, I don't.  I realize this sort of information may cause anyone who is already inclined to worry, to worry more.  Perhaps the best that comes out of it is if people avoid imprudent and risky actions, the sort of thing that could have adverse consequences at any time. 

     After much urging, I am writing and posting, with the following general advice.  The best way to get through these times -- and any times -- is with prudence, order, peace, and your spiritual practice.  If you're in a heavenly and peaceful state of consciousness that's gently nested like a golden basket into your ordinary life, then you're being caught up in Spirit and protected.  You're caught up in the "dimension" of Spirit, living in the "space" of Spirit, grounded in Spirit. 

     Spirit is normally its own protection.  There are 2 exceptions to this: 1) a person's "number" is really up and it's their time to go, or they really needed a major experience that was stressful and had the potential to catalyze unexpected growth, and/or 2) one is in association with abusive persons or oppressors (in which case one can unconsciously go into agreement with their open or tacit ill will toward you, which in turn violates your normal modus operandi of creation, violates your "reality", and can put you into chaos.) 

     Reside in Spirit and you probably won't notice much is happening, it aside from the energies rising the week before the eclipse.  The rising energy of the week before the eclipse is perhaps the most dicey time, as it's a time when people can be overexcited, "high," or "out of body" -- and thus vulnerable to imprudent actions with their natural consequences. 

     Most people make it through times of astrological challenge unscathed, and that includes solar eclipses.  They do it with prudence, order, peacefulness, and Spirit.  When something untoward happens, we can nearly always see classical astrological factors that correlate to that, but the converse is not true - stressful aspects do not necessarily translate to adverse circumstances in life.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say they rarely do, and then it's a matter of degree as well as mitigating or balancing factors in life as to how it all turns out.  One of my frequent refrains is, "astrology is not causative, only correlative."  Spirit is senior and primary, what is worldly is secondary.  It's useful to keep this perspective in view when considering the subject of solar eclipses.

     19 degrees Gemini has a Capricorn *dwad* underneath it, making this an austere and grim solar eclipse, with themes of politics, government, nationalism, big business, conservative ideas, economic and possibly stock market downturn, unemployment crises, environmental issues, allergies, inhibition of the vital force vs.  expression, emotional restraint and emotional depression.  "Things are tough all over" might best describe the public mood of this eclipse.  I'm reminded of former President John F.
Kennedy's expression, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  It's hard to be tough and disciplined (Capricorn) and to get going in the right direction when one is feeling nervous and unsettled (Gemini) or depressed (Saturn), yet that is exactly the order of the day.  So do what you can.  Look for the "openings" to do *what* you can *when* you can.

     As in last summer, we have a MULTIPLE OPPOSITION in Gemini-Sagittarius occuring at the same time as this solar eclipse.  The effects of the multiple opposition (diagrammed below) are mostly likely to work out in difficult interpersonal exchanges, relationships, ally and enemy relations between nations, and health issues (especially as related to interpersonal relations).  Failure to be compassionate, failure to nurture and care for others, and/or failures to communicate, failure to be merciful and forgiving will all have larger repercussions now.  It's important to be able to stop nurturing old grudges and imagined slights, decide to "get past" that stuff, come to present time, and simply "move on" to the next constructive and nurturing actions.  It's imperative to put the past behind us and stop squirrel-caging it to death mentally, stop torturing ourselves and others about what didn't work in the past.  Have no regrets about others or ourselves not being perfect.  Sorry, it ain't gonna happen.  Begin every moment newly, every moment a blank canvas.  Transform

We can diagram the June 10, 2002 solar eclipse and multiple oppositions, including the "Uranian planet" Hades, plus a few midpoints as follows:

   NNode 17 Gemini   <-------- opp. ----------> PLUTO 16 Sag
SATURN 18 Gemini                             SNode 17 Sag
NNode/Hades 19 Gemini             
MOON 19 Gemini 54
SUN 19 Gemini 54
Merc/Mars 20 Gemini
Sun/Hades 20 Gemini
Moon/Hades 20 Gemini
HADES 21 Gemini

Saturn conjunct the NNode says the challenge will be to simplify and pare down to essentials, and to keep things in order.  Affirm that "every aspect of my life comes into Divine Order."  Pluto conjunct the SNode says massive releasing on all levels, all toward greater freedom and a renewal of life.  Combine these two in an opposition and the challenge becomes to agree on what to release and what to keep, and how to get and keep it all in order, especially when you're working with others.  And if appropriate releasing and ordering are not done, then others or "life" may force that releasing on you.  Esoteric hint: don't get to 100% perfect order and simplicity however, as this tends to create too much of a vaccuum and one could pull in undesirable situations.  A little bit of clutter and slight "lived in look" act as a barrier without being overwhelming. 

Eclipses tend toward meltdown, and with so many players in Gemini, we can expect to see: 1) educational processes and learning curves re-examined; 2) educational materials and libraries reorganized; 3) brain states and neurotransmitters studied, along with nutritional precursors; 4) aging gracefully, mental clarity, mood, and quality of life to be correlated with health of the nervous system, adrenals, neurotransmitters, and other hormones; 5) the hazards and side effects of psychiatric medicines; 6) airborne/inhaled/ environmental allergies studied; 7) auto, air, and other vehicle and road safety; 8) literacy and foreign language problems in the workplace and political process; 9) the safety of journalists in foreign countries re-examined; 10) greater awareness of the destructiveness of extremist mindsets and unthinking prejudices, the spiraling popularity of vengeful attitudes, and widespread logical fallacies and sloppy thinking.

We also have a Saturn-Pluto opposition  separating by 2 degrees, the 2 degree seprartion being a key time for transit manifestation, from my observation.  The previous Saturn-Pluto separating opposition was around the time of 911, in the first half of last September.  This opposition cycles back for another round, again separating by 2 degrees, around the June 10, 2002 solar eclipse, in the first half of June.  The international situation will become much more intense, with strong possibility of increased terrorism and war actions again.  The Saturn-Pluto opposition has been considered to be a war aspect.  Long distance travel and airport security will be a renewed and continuing focus.  Earlier this week it was announced that the main focus of the FBI will now be handling terrorism rather than [other] crime.

President Bush has Uranus and NNode at 19 Gemini in his 11th house of friends, associates, groups, and goals for the future.  Uranus rules his 7th house of partnerships.  His two main partners in life are his wife Laura and Vice-President Dick Cheney.  Several others close around him could qualify as both partners and friends.  The eclipse on Bush's Uranus and NNode are likely to surprise and challenge him greatly with regard to a key associate, his working team, and his plans for the future.  Expect some shuffling around to occur.  In an instant, everything could be changed, and nothing be the same again.  At the same time, the Bush team could be getting a practical crash course in deep enlightenment, as well as having some very brilliant accomplishments at home and abroad.  As things unfold, we may see some of "all of the above."

The Gemini-Sagittarius opposition of the solar eclipse falls on Cheney's Mars in Sagittarius in the 4th house.  There could be a health crisis or an attack on Cheney at this time that could be life threatening.  In Cheney's solar return for 2002, which is already in effect, Mars in Aries is exactly on the MC, highlighting leadership, war, weapons, conflict, and attack themes, also the head and blood. Highest security is needed around Cheney.

REMEMBER:  Practice eclipse vision safety and DO NOT look directly at a solar eclipse!  There is also a symbolic reason not to look at a solar eclipse - we don't want to get too much attention stuck in an area where normal light, rationality and order are not as available.  Rather, we want to maintain our inner focus on the light of God/Spirit.


     The upcoming lunar eclipse of June 24, 2002 is at 3 degrees 11 minutes Cancer/Capricorn, at 2:42 pm PDT, 5:42 pm EDT, 10:42 pm GMD, and 11:42 pm CED.

     Around the time of a lunar eclipse, consciousness tends to be more dreamy, like being in Aboriginal "dreamtime" -- a bit spacy, open to impressions, creative.  Watch the images and dreams that surface from your heart, as these are your heart and soul's desires for the times to come.  Purify your heart, check motivations and keep them pure, root out weeds from your inner and actual garden, put simple inspirational influences around you to keep your attention simply focused and high-minded.  Lunar eclipses are a great time for spiritual practices and clearing up old traumas (as the psyche is very loose and free now).

     We can diagram the June 24 lunar eclipse as follows:

SATURN 20 Gemini
HADES  21 Gemini

SUN 3 Cancer    -------- MOON 3 Capricorn
                         CHIRON Rx 6 Capricorn

MARS   17 Cancer
VESTA  17 Cancer
VULCAN 21 Cancer

     The Moon is in Capricorn for this lunar eclipse, bringing themes of security, organization, home, completion of career or business projects that have been hanging, wrapping up business deals, balancing career/family, making sure everyone in your circle is securely provided for.

     We will likely see a show of patriotism not seen in a long time on the 4th of July weekend with Mars, Vesta and Vulcan conjunct in the USA's own sun sign of Cancer.  At the same time, 911 casts a long shadow (Saturn conj.  Hades, both opposition Pluto) and there looms the possibility of further military action in the near future.  Increased awareness of fire safety is needed during this holiday weekend due to the Mars aspects above.

     Recommended reading:  ONCE UPON A TOWN: THE MIRACLE OF THE NORTH PLATTE CANTEEN by Bob Greene, hitting the bookstores this week in hardback, with a paperback large print version coming out in about a week, also in audiotape. Put this one in your pipe and smoke it.  It's the true story of a town in Nebraska that gave US soldiers in WWII 10 minutes of plentiful homecooked food and a warm personal welcome when they came through on the train that 80-year old veterans remember today, men who cried when they told Greene the story.  As Bob Greene said on CNN recently (I'm paraphrasing), North Platte was a wonderful part of history that can send us a message today; further, what's wrong with the world could be changed if we had more of what North Platte had going for it.  Really gives you something to think about.  I'd dare you to keep a dry eye, but who would want to?


     Who will feel these eclipses most?  Persons with planets or key astrological points around 19 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius and 3 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. 

     Everyone is likely to notice the houses -- what I call "areas of human concern" -- that are "lit up" by the eclipses in their own natal charts.  There is often a meltdown or crisis to some degree in the house in which the solar eclipse falls, with long-term ramifications.

     For more information, have an eclipse reading!  Find out what the eclipses and multiple oppositions are lighting up in your chart!  It's also a good time to ask your questions about other issues or concerns going on in your life, and have your chart generally updated with transits, progressions, and solar return.  Relocation readings are also available.  Inquire:


See my article on "Dwads," which are underlying influences to the degrees of the signs.

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Carol Willis, MA
Sunnyvale CA
May 30, 2002

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