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by  Laura Poggiani

Protagonists of this circumstance that have been holding for weeks with the suspended breath the United States, seem to be out from something that we have already seen, a sound track that, even then, become a real summer teasing: the sex and power story that got involved the White House ex president Bill Clinton with the at that time practising intern Monica Lewinsky. 

The story seems to be inexorably repeated. She, Chandra (which in sanscrit means "The Moon") is an attractive, dark-curly-haired 24 yrs old woman, with Jewish ancestry. She, too, as Lewinsky sooner, is a stagiest, working part-time  with the Bureau Prisons in Washington DC and contemporarily she attends a course to enter FBI.   

He, Gary Condit, is an important political man, a 53 years old, silver-haired, Democratic House Representative from California, married and with really particular sexual habits, according to the affirmations of his ex girl-friends 

The story background is, obviously, Washington DC, the capital, already repeatedly in the middle of analogous "destinies". This would be, after all, a story  as many others rolling around political men with not orthodox sexual habits and young, complaisant and attractive women, projected toward a lightning career, and desirous to conquer the vast and authoritative world stage as briefest as possible. 

This time however to complicate dramatically  everything and colouring the circumstance, is the protagonist ‘s disappearance from the story’s stage: Chandra Levy. 

Everything starts when, due to her own job, Ms. Levy meets Condit. The two starts to spend nights more and more often at the Congressman’s flat just in Washington, 15 minutes’  walk from her studio. It’s a relationship, according to what emerges, which is very particular: the following recovery of a rope under the bed and knotted ties, induce in fact to suppose, this could be a sadomaso relationship. 

Every meeting happened with extreme reservation, the political man didn't want any worry of scandal: Condit therefore pretended that Chandra, to every appointment, it didn't bring with her any document or object able to identify her.   Therefore, after Chandra’s disappearance, when in her flat all the personal effects were found, from the jell to the documents of identity, the wallet with credit cards and money , the laptop, (only the house-keys were missing), the suspect number one, to which debiting the woman’s disappearance, has immediately been individualized in this political man. On the other hand, despite the incessant request of reservation, Ms. Levy had told her aunt, being very close to her, about her particular "friendship" with Gary Condit.   

The disappearance is dated April 30, 2001 even if an e-mail was sent by Levy’s laptop to her parents, with the woman’s signature, dated 1st May, at 10.45 but there are several doubts that this really came from her. And it really is the laptop to furnish further details pointing out that someone can have used it to book for some airplane tickets, (with name Levy), and to look for some maps concerning the zone, in particular of a big park in Washington city where the enquirers suspect the intern’s dead body can have been hidden.   

The fundamental question, therefore is: which are the astrological indications that can help us to understand the sense of this ugly story? And can we understand above all, (considering that at this moment when we write, the body of this woman has not been found, yet) if Chandra is alive and in a good health, as all we wish, or has she suffered a premature and dramatic end? 

As first, we start from her Natal Chart analysis.  

Chandra is an impetuous Aries with Leo rising, sign that doesn't accept to be at the second place respect to anybody, wishing to emerge and conquering a prestige position. This combination gives her necessary grim to make her space in working environment. It’s endowed with a bright and acute intelligence (Mercury  predominant to the MC) but the opposition Venus/Pluto talks about a person able to fully and opportunistically exploit the streets of the love and sex. 

But it is already possible to notice as just the job is for Chandra source of pain and sorrows as the 6th  House, Saturn, is placed in 12th. This placement is really particular: it remembers as she really can have developed some enmities from the working environment while the typology proper of Saturn delineates the physiognomy of a prestige, old and authoritative man. 

Observing the 5th house, we find Mars, planet which is connected to the death violence, placed at 20 Pisces and squared to the proper  ruler of this house, Neptune, situated at 15 Sagittarius. Also the Sun, connected to life and the Rising Sign ruler, is perfectly connected to the nodal axle between the 3rd and 9th houses, communication sector that exhaustively explains the media resonance that is having this circumstance. 

Notice, besides, as the Moon (that is also the 12th House ruler) is placed in the 7th House, concerning the “declared enemies” exactly squared to Neptune, to underline possible deceptions (Neptune and the 12th) from a partner (7th). Also the other planet placed in the 8th House, Venus, (that’s love) is placed to Pluto opposition. 

The disappearance, on April 30, falls just after birthday, underlining what who deals with Astrology has assimilated for a long time: the period immediately before and immediately following the birthday is always very particular, characterized indeed by extraordinary events, both in good and in bad. 

In this case, we find us forehead to a solar return that we could define "rypical": the chart, casted for Washington DC, let little space to the hope. Mars is together with Neptune in 6th House of the solar return (the job, but in the Jyotish astrology, the enemies) 

a negative and particularly hard position indeed.  Neptune also points out, in this position, the possibility of deceptions.  

The Solar Return Rising Sign falls in the 11th radix House while the SR Sun is also placed in RS 11th  House, together with Mercury: the 11th House, remember, being opposed to the 5th (the life) is very often indicative of possible death or mournings along the year.  

Besides we find again, as in the radix chart, Saturn in 12th, the Moon in 7th, just on the nodal axle, squared to Mercury (the controversial e-mail, the trip that she had to face to return by her parents, etc.) while the presence of Neptune in the SR 8th House makes to presage that death due to drowning or however that the body can lie under water.  


Gary Condit was born on April 21,1948 in Tucsa, OK, birthtime unknown. 

The Planets in boldfaced, point out the perfect coincidence with Chandra’s midpoints, while the one in cursive (Neptune ndr) is interesting, even if with a little bit wide tolerance. 

Jupiter 28 Sag
Saturn 15 Leo
Neptune 11 Libra
Pluto 12 Leo 


In "Rules for Planetary-Pictures", to the midpoints’ description, you can find as the MP Mars/Saturn is connected to death while Mars/Uranus can mean possible injuries caused by lightning, cut or fire weapons, explosions. Besides the MP Sat/Ura is connected to the sudden death and the separation. 




12.39 Sco

15.06 Lib

27.26 Sag

believe that a greater correspondence, under the astrological profile, of Condit’s implication in Chandra’s disappearance, could not be found. 

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