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Seasonal Symbolism: It represents the winter stasis

Character: Pessimist, prudent, introverted, brave, cold, they also are mistrustful in the affections but his faithful appearance inspires trust.

Success: in all activities which allow them to express the innate dowries to management and organisation.

Health: The most vulnerable parts are the bones, the articulations, the digestive apparatus, the skin. Therefore it can be probable arthritis, rheumatisms, eczema, calculusies to the liver.

The ideal environment: the mountain, the rocky and bare landscape, but with ample spaces and bright.

Things you won't ever see him to wear: They prefer to leave theur back uncovered.

Plants and flowers: The oak, the pine, the chestnut tree.

Stones: Onyx, pomegranate, pink quartz.

Metal: lead

Colour: black, green.

Fortunate day: Saturday

Fortunate number: 4

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Bruxelles, Constance, Oxford, Said Harbour, Prato, Tokyo.