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Seasonal Symbolism: This Sign represents the beginning of the summer, when the climate get standable and the temperature becomes hotter. In this period besides the harvest is mature and ready for be picked up.

Character: Fundamentally this Sign is introverted and timid, dreamer and endowed with great sensibility.

When they have any problems it gets difficult to help them as they are extremely reserved and ready to get closed. The woman of this Sign has a strong maternal instinct while the man are very tied and they often keep being in family of origin.

Success: Because of their disposition to be reserved, they are good to avoid environments too competitive that, beyond to frighten, they don't get any satisfaction.

They also are unsuitable for the dependent jobs, as too susceptible and incapable to accept the reproaches, especially when retained unjustified. An autonomous job, therefore, it' s surely to recommend.

Health: Traditionally connected to the breasts, the stomach and the abdomen therefore they are particularly sensitive to problems involving the digestive apparatus.

The ideal environment: Surely any place close to a lake or to the sea. More in general, any places where they feel protected, reassured and where their worth has recognized.

Things you won't ever see him to wear: Loaded clothes, above all if woman, or too narrow.

The animals: cat, swan, crab.

Plants and flowers: Lime, core, water-lily.

Stones: Pearls, emerald.

Perfume: lily

Metal: silver

Colour: White, grey silver.

Fortunate day: Monday

Fortunate number: 2

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Scotland, Holland, Mauritius islands, Algeri, Amsterdam, Milan, Bern, Genoa, Istanbul, Lubecca, Manchester, New York, Pisa, Stockholm, Tunis, Venice, York.