Brazil and its President Lula

Laura Poggiani


It is always rather complex to try to identify a Country with a zodiacal sign, especially if so large and variegated, both for geographical composition and population, as in the case of Brazil. Yet, attentively observing the characteristic sides which  however  identify in the collective all what is ”Brazilian”, we cannot avoid to note, astrologically, some well referable lines: the love for soccer and dance (the samba), the celebration of an event as the Carnival which allows to assume a different aspect from the daily one, its “saudade” (nostalgia) all bring us back without hesitations to the sign of Pisces. The exaltation for a certain precise anatomical part, the gluteis, a certain sexual liberty, a clean propensity for all what is esoteric and magic unequivocally underlines Scorpio.

But let’s go to see some historical datum. In 1494, the Essay of Tordesilhas divided America between Spain and Portugal. This last was earned the right to ask for the earth, which is now known as Oriental Brazil. Portugal asked for the possession of Brazil on April 22, 1500, when the commander Pedro Alvares Cabral disembarked on the coast. The Portugueses called “braza” certain trees found there, because of their wood having the colour of an ardent brand, and from there, the denomination “Brasil” of the Country.

The Chart, erected for this event, seems to fully confirm the preponderance of the upper quoted signs: the Ascendant falls in Scorpio, the Moon is in Pisces, in trine aspect to Mars which is put in the House 8th, while Pluto, in Scorpio, lays in House 1st.

Brazilian independence was subsequently proclaimed by the emperor D. Pedro 1st to Sao Paulo. The event is known as the “Ipiranga Cries' because it occurred close to the river Ipiranga, on Sept. 7, 1822 between 16:00 and 17:00 (LMT) but, on the base of historical considerations, the schedule is established in the 16:47 from the largest part of Brazilian astrologers who see more appropriate, for the Country, a Rising Pisces, instead of Aquarius.

In this Chart, Mars is placed to 3° Scorpio, in the House 9th, while Mercury is just on the 8th cusp and forms opposition to Pluto: the language (Mercury) is different from the one of the neighbouring countries (it is the only Latin America’s country which speaks Portuguese) besides the sense of the territory appears very rooted in the Brazilian population, becoming its strength's point but even the weakness’ one of this great Country. The previous underlined “economic” sectors, say that currently the Country is considered the most industrialized one in Latin America, but it’s also enormously poor. There are not half measures and, from very wealthy social classes, they pass to the “favelas“ poverty. Mars also  forms a pretty hard aspect (opposition) to Saturn in Taurus which, besides strengthening the just quoted economic problems’ list, sets the finger on a certain difficulty to report with the neighbouring countries, first of all, Argentina.



The Republic’s Proclamation goes up again to Nov. 15, 1889, Rio de Janeiro, at 15.00. This can be considered, under all point of views, the true actual Brazil’s “date of birth” and in an interesting article drawn by the Paranà Gazette, can be read:

“The Brazil flag, one of the most beautiful and suggestive one in the world, is also the only one to represent a celestial sphere, the imaginary globe that surrounds the Earth with the firmament. The inner circle, in blue, corresponds to an image of the sphere, tilted according to Rio de Janeiro’s latitude, at the 8:37 - or 12 PM sideral time - of the day Noc. 15,.1889. It deals with the most complete celestial illustration ever imagined for a national flag .“

Besides Paulo Araújo Duarte, Astronomy teacher at “Departamento de Geociências - Universidade Federal de Saint Catarina”, writes:

“The Brazilian national flag, founded by the ordinance n° 4 of November 19, 1889, with the Republic’s Proclamation, has been in the middle of a lot of criticisms. One of these was reported to its astronomic content, especially for the stars appear in a different position from what we are gotten used to see. Really, the republican flag’s creators had the intention to represent the stars in Rio de Janeiro sky at 8:30 on Nov.15, 1889, that’s the moment in which the Southern Cross constellation was with the bigger arm in vertical to the meridian of Rio de Janeiro. However, the stars were positioned as if they were seen by an observer in the cosmic space and out the celestial sphere, perceiving it, as a bigimaginary sphere (the sky) in which all the stars seem to be glue, taking care of the Earth, placed located to its centre”.

Let’s see the Chart for this date. The Sun is in Scorpio and properly in the House 8th, while the Rising falls in the other sign ruled by Mars: the Aries. The Moon is put in Leo underlines a certain vein of exhibitionist.

An interesting note is given by the first Scorpio degrees: in this Chart, Venus is placed to 0°55, while in the early one, Mars is at 3°. In the Discovery of Brazil by the Portugueses Chart, Mercury, at 6° Taurus, is exactly placed at 180° of distance from this position.

Besides, in the Chart of the Republic Constitution, Mercury occupies Scorpio11°, that is the same Rising degree in the Chart of the Brazil Discovery.



On January 1st, 2003, take office pf the largest Country in Latin America as well as the 9ª economic world power, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, run for the Workers Party in the previous October elections.

With his election, it has not only won a man or a party, but it has prevailed above all the hope of a best life, more correct Brazil, winning the fear to vote a candidate belonging to the Left. who brings with him a radical change.

His correctness, the good education, his availability to the dialogue and the mediation, the struggle to the hunger, true sore of the Country, that has been the principal component of his electoral program ("If at the end of my office, every Brazilian will eat 3 times a day, then I will know to have completed my duty"), they have been his winning aces.

But who is Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, simply called Lula?  He was born in 1945, in a small and poor Pernambuco’s village. With numerous and poor family, at the age of 7, he moved in the Sao Paulo region: 13 days of trip in the large case of a truck. At the age of 12, he begins to work, interrupting the studies to basic ones. At 19 yrs. old, he employed in a metallurgical industry, losing his little finger in an accident and within few years, he began to undertake himself in the syndical movement of the metalworkers, becoming soon its president, at only 30 years of age. In 1980 he participates in the PT foundation, the party of the workers, and six years later was elected deputy with the highest number of votes in Brazil. Run to the presidency in 1989, he loses the elections against Collor de Mello (the deposed president for his impeachment), so he retries there in 1994 and in 1998 but both the times loses against Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Gotten married in second wedding (the first wife was dead young) with a descent Italian, he has 5 children. He feels extremely comfortable in front of the television cameras.

Regarding his Chart, Lula was born under the sign of Scorpio where there even are the Rising and Mercury, this last situated in the 1st House, trine to the Moon in Cancer: the great Lula‘s communication ability is his winning card which confers him a vast popularity (Moon in Cancer).

Comparing it with the astral chart of Brazil, it doesn't surprise at all to notice as the Lula’s Sun is just put at 3° Scorpio (and the Rising at 4°), really on the sensitive degrees which see the Mars presence in the Chart of the independence, Mercury in the Republic Proclamation’s chart is in opposition to the Brazil Discovery Chart’s Mercury.  The Country is really identified with Lula and the same Lula feels a lot its roots.

Well 3 planets (Jupiter, Venus and Neptune) are in Libra and in 12 th House while in the sign of Cancer (the Country) we find Saturn, Mars and the Moon in the 9th House. Even loving so much the Mother-country, it is “the far” the winning side of Lula, exhaustively explaining the great impact that its election has not only had in Brazil but even abroad. The House 12 th talks about the numerous tests, difficulties, struggle for matters of justice (Libra) which has had to face, but with the protection of Jupiter and the extroversion which comes from a Sun, “sat” on the Rising.

At this point, it is necessary to open a fast parenthesis, many political men of our time seem united by a thin thread conductor: the Sun presence in the House 12 th (Bush, Blair, as Saddam to quote some of it) which seems to underline the difficult moments that tie these men among them, almost a sort of world karma to be overcome. By now Brazil is very far, both geographically and politically, from the events that more and more are involving the “Leaders” of the Earth and their enemies but it is hypnotizable that also Lula will be called to strategically play an important role in the future years.

Another point,  a bit anxious, is given by the Saturn/Mars conjunction, craftsman of several vicissitudes which have involved him during his existence but that also suggests to employ himself with humility and constancy to so potentially improve the quality of life in such a rich Country being, in the facts, so extremely poor in the largest part of its population. To be detached from these goals, could cause a Lula’s position rapid overthrow which, in any way, appears however uncomfortable for those who have enjoyed till now of many privileges, damaging who starves.

The Government Chart, erected for January 1, 2003 at 15.07 introduces a MH in Aquarius, conj. to Neptune, which points out as the mass-media plays a fundamental role showing a reality that however won't be always correspondent to the reality but rather tense to hide the true actions. Neptune also embodies the strong populist ideology, the look at the poorest and unlucky people but it also symbolizes lies, therefore the struggles against the wastes could let pass in the background, even the acquisition of a personal airplane.

The Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, in trine: the opportunism symbolized by Uranus, is excellently rationalized by Saturn and it sets some doubt on the real “revolution” undertaken by Lula, rather busy to constantly compare him with the different affairs, often antithetical among them, of the South American reality which continually forces to face both the desire of money and the inquiry of the Country. It needs in fact to remember that Uranus represents the Capitalism.

Concerning Saturn, this is placed in Gemini and in the 2nd House. Mercury, ruler of the sign, in Capricorn, confirms as the international economic businesses are really the principal problem with which Lula will have to compare himself.

We can hypothesize then that, after a bright start, Lula’s office will begin to owe to face him with the difficulties beginning from 2004, when Uranus will move in House 11th, that’s the alliances one: the personal affairs and the capitalistic Countries alliances could remove their support while Saturn, that will conjunct to the Nodal axis in the radix Chart, will introduce the bill to pay if the proposed goals to his electoral program will be disappointed.


by Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved