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Comparing three techniques:
Synastry, Integrated Marr, and Integrated Schiffmann
  The couple Griffith - Banderas

by Viviana Ferrari & Laura Poggiani

Synastry: Melanie Griffith-Antonio Banderas

Studying the synastry, that is the comparative and integrated interpretation of two or more radix, is a widespread techinque among astrologers. Not only it makes clear if a couple work, but also the parent-child relationship, or between two friends, partners and even between an employee and the firm he works for, or between a workman and the device he operates.

This work roughly shows the working of the  Hriffith-Banderas relationship, so toreveal how to manage this technique. Although taken by a reliable data source, these radix are only an example, and becausethis study does not aim to an exhaustive analysis of them, they are not rectified.

Radix of Antonio Banderas, born in Malaga on August 10th 1960 at 21.00 (source Grazia Bordoni) and of Melanie Griffithborn in New York on August 9th 1957 at 23.49 (source Arlene Dahl)



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I- Analysis considering elements.

Starting with a look at the prominence or lack of elements, quadruplicity and triplicity in every radix is always advisable, through an energetic budget so to integrate them later. The following is a summary of this analysis.


    Mrs Griffith is all fire and earth, this combination indicates that she is able to realize and to be concrete

    She lacks of air and water, which makes it harder for her to communicate in a deep and personal way and, most of all, to show her feelings. Despite of it, she can manage this lack through the Moon, the highest planet and in a air sign, regent of III

    He is fire, water and earth, but the air is the lacking element of this radix, but Mars in Gemini in III, sextile to Mercury, balances it

    Mrs Griffith lives the water through him, who has Asc in Fish and whose master, also in a water sign, gives a nice trine

    The fixed quadruplicity, highly emphasized in her chart (Sun, Moon, Asc in a fix sign and a planet concentration in V) balances Antonio’s excessive inconstancy, who finds Melanie a reliable stand.

  • He is the one who makes this couple cardinal, being more daring and being newly successful. 

  • Melanie, in turns, usually supports every effort Antonio is unable to cope with, being too changeable. 

II- The structure of domification

The zodiacal contact shows the energetic level of the relationship, whereas therealization of projects always refers to the domification’s level. This is why the world of relationships is always expressed through the houses of air: III, VII, and XI:


  • In her relationships, she always tries to express her feelings (houses III and VII in water signs), and obviously always looks for a deep and changing relationship (VII in Scorpio). In a group she is friendly, the Moon in Aquarius makes her very popular among her friends, but they are people she knows rather than close friends. 

  • In his relationships, he looks for perfection (VII in Virgo with Pluto, an angular planet!). For this he is able to die and being born again. 

  • A new tension is shown between the two radix: the presence of Scorpio elements in VII indicates that each one feels like the other one wants to be dominant and, simultaneously, they are mutually attracted. 

III. The Gestalt.

Astrology allows us to a different look to the radix: to see its structure, its shape, conceived as a whole. In this system we can include the lack and the over-abundance of aspects, trees of half points, configurations and the so-called “planetary patterns” (1) developed by Marc E. Jones(2) first and by Robert C. Jansky (3) then.


  • Antonio has an expanding radix, which means he is a person whose life is full of interests, and whose attitude toward different and changeabe situations is universal.

  • Although these kinds of expanding radix lack of conjunctions, in the Banderas’ one it is the other way round: there are two conjunctions (Sun-Uranus and Venus-Pluto) but no opposition.

  • On the contrary, Melanie has a concentration pattern: all the planets in the radix are within the area of a trine, except for the Moon, which should be the “handle” planet of the pattern Jansky called “fan”.

  • Her interests are concentrated inside the area IV-V-VII, with five planets in V. She is pragmatic and objective. The Moon is the focal planet through which she looks for resources aimed to her fulfillment: the House X, the job. The opposition of the Moon to PM Sun/Uranus (Moon=Sun/Uranus) makes her excitable, impulsive, and individualist.

  • Despite he is changeable and easily fits every situation, Antonio has no opposition in his radix, which indicates he’s not effective in his relationships, for the other one cannot “see” him.

  • Melanie is fully concentrated on herself (she has three conjunctions and the “synthetic” sign is Taurus) and she is tenacious and even stubborn.

    IV- Contacts between planets

In every synastry we have to observe the connection between the more involved planets in the relationship field, that is the personal ones. It is certainly well shown by ASC and MC.

I’m going to make a summary of the most significant connections:

Antonio’s Moon closes a Big Trine with Melanie’s Saturn Uranus. First he feels sure for the responsible role Melanie has in the relationship, though sometimes he finds his wife’s emotional reply cool. Sometimes this frustrates him for he cannot trespass this Saturnian barrier. On the other hand Uranus’ influence can fascinate Antonio’s Moon first, but its erratic and unforseenable move can hurt the Moon accidentally. Briefly, this is a breaking contact.

Both Moons are in sextile: This contact can make the former contact and also indicates an identity of feelings, helps the mutual trust and the emotional interdipendence.

Melanie’s Moon opposites Antonio’s Sun: They attract each other and exchange feelings. He has the Sun, which means he has no need to dominate by his aims. She has her Moon opposite to her Sun, and this inner lack of balance is enfroced by Antonio’s Sun.

The Suns are conjoint. There is a combination of impulses and creative inclinations, they can understand and deeply know each other, but competition can arise between them, too. This can be avoided by using positively the harmony between their Moons, but the opposition of her Moon to Antonio’s Sun is always an unbalancing factor.

Antonio’s Mercury sextile to Melanie’s Jupiter: This is positive. It indicates mutual inspiration. She cheers Antonio’s mind up, and can be understanding and tolerating toward his ideas.

Antonio’s Mercury square to Melanie’s Neptune: Despite of the positive connection with Jupiter, Melanie’s Neptune shows secrets she doesn’t tell him. Mercury is first enchanted, but is disappointed then.

Antonio’s Venus conjoint to Melanie's Mars: This is a clear connection of a strong mutual attraction. She, offering her Mars, permanently stimulates Venus, though she can be a little possessive. Venus, in turn, has a calming effect on Mars. This is always a positive contact for couples. In this case the sexual link is absolutely plutonian: he has Venus conj. Pluto, and she has Mars conj. Pluto.

Antonio’s Venus square to Melanie’s Saturn: Venus so much stimulated by the contact with Mars, now facing Saturn, feels sad, depressed, with too many duties, criticized and submissive to its many request. Sometimes this contact indicates loyalty and a long lasting relationship, according to the other elements accompayning it. In this case, although Venus is helped by Mars only, it has to cope with Neptune and Pluto, as mentioned further.

Antonio’s Venus sextile to Melanie’s Neptune: This is a contact of generosity, sympathy, love. There are common artistical interests, most of all Neptune can give Venus inspiration. But is this Neptune able to be faithful?

Antonio’s Venus conjoint to Melanie’s Pluto: The relationship is very deep. The person having Pluto is jelaous, absorbing, and even dominating. For Venus it is a hard try, most of all of a big changing, which is just what Antonio looks for in close relationships, having Pluto in VII.

Both Mars in square: There is a conflict in their wishes and in their will, and a tendency to stop each other. All considered, it always indicates a big annoyance. 

Antonio’s Mars trine to Melanie’s Jupiter and in opposition to her Saturn: Thereis an oscillation between Jupiter stimulus and saturnian limits, which always brings to frustration in the end. It can act as a guide to Mars, but in this case the square to Melanie’s Mars, as we saw before, shows a mutual fight to impose one’s own will.

Antonio’s Mars sextile toMelanie’s Uranus and square to her Pluto: Once again the stimulus the sextile to Uranus can give is stopped by a fight for the power which will floor Pluto. It is stronger by Melanie’s Mars in conjuntion to Antonio’s Pluto. 

For shortness’ sake, we stop here. Although there are many other contacts which are worth an analysis, we considered the most important ones, that is the ones involving personal planets and mostly Venus and Mars. Here is a summary from what we have seen up to now.


Antonio is fickle and idealist (synthetic sign Sagittarius). He has many interests, is sensitive and intuitive.

He is not too talkative, but likes to carry on polemics (Mars in Gemini in III discharges a square on the I/VII axis, involving Pluto) 

With no opposition in the radix, relationships is something Antonio worries about a priori, but when he has one he can dedicate his life to it.

Melanie is practical and steady, is able to stand whatever undertaking firmly (synthetic sign Taurus).

She is concentrated and stubborn. For her expressing her feelings is not easy. 

Melanie’s Moon opposite to Antonio’s Sun-Uranus conjunction is a separating aspect.

Antonio’s personal planets have more contact with Melanie’s slow ones than the other way round. This indicates that it is him to make more adjustments, being his Mars and Venus the most involved planets.

They feel a strong attraction bothsexual and of wishes, being both strong plutonian persons, with a high energetic charge mutually stimulating, althoughshe is more pragmatic and demanding and knows well what she wants, whereas he is more idealist, as we said before. 

They are both highly individualist (Sun-Uranus in Leo). If solar objectives are not fulfilled, Uranus will always threaten a break. With so much individualism, how can they take a record of each other inside themselves? 

There is a big work of Saturn and Neptune, which maybe one day can spoil such a passion.

Reg. of Melanie’s Asc occurring in Antonio’s VII shows a clear situation of mutual attraction.

Reg. of Antonio’s Asc is in the sign of Melanie’s VII, which also indicates attraction.

Reg. of Melanie’s VII occurs on Antonio’s Venus involving his Pluto and her Mars, showing again a strong and plutonian relationship.

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V - Compared horoscope 

Among the different methods of integrated charts, I chose the so-called “compared” one, developed by Alexander Marr.(4)

This scholar tried to find a common time for the two peopleby calculating a radix based on a converse method. Marr tested this system on more than 200 radix and proved it is an adequate complement to the traditional comparison ofthe Charts.

The calculation:

The table of numbers of days Marr drew up for prenatal transits is the tool we work with. A converse date is found from the date of birth of the younger partner to the older partner’s one, and it is the result to keep. This difference must be taken then from the older partner’s date. The procedure is the same for the time of the birth.

This means that the difference in time existing between their births is measured since the older partner’s day of birth. 


Day of Birth

Number of Days


Antonio Banderas

August 10 1960



Melanie Griffith

August10 1957(5)






It is again 




56.469 = August 10 1954 - GMT 11:38 

We calculate the chart for the place they met for the first time.

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The system of composites considers an average space, the Davidson works on an average time, but Marr created a system using a common moment of time to both of the couple, and thus it is a converse moment in time, that is measured backward and preceeding their births. 

This radix must be analized like all relationship charts, that is like a ratio. Following, some words about it:

The Asc, concerning the direct environment and the way the couple cope with what is around them, is shown in Cancer with Uranus conj. from the XII. This means that this couple appear to be a non-conventional family. 

The MC in Aries indicates that they want to work as pioneers, with fighting spirit, and that they always want to excel on the set.

The Sun in its domicile and Pluto in Leo too hold the II/VIII axis. Money and sexual relationships are highly changing and developping areas, maybe the first aim for this couple, as we saw before. This Sun in throne, from the II makes a trine at MC announcing an obvious economic progress.

Moon and Mars conj. to VI indicate fight and discussion for the daily routine (quiconce at Asc,). On the other hand, being masters of Asc and of MC, they promise much work, like a company .

Venus in Libra in III shows the kind of artistic expression of the couple, and forms a sextile to the III’s regent, which isin I and which announces some difficulty, being the master of XII.

We cannot forget that the House XII of this chart is Melanie’s Asc and, like we said before, it is her to implement projects of the couple through her connections and friends. On the other hand, the VII of this radix is Melanie’s MC. 

The VI House not only talks about privacy of the house and of the couple, but also indicates how things end up. Neptune and Saturn show lies, disappointment, and maybe sorrow. 

Can Melanie and Antonio overcome these obstacles taking strength from their relationship?

If the excessive selfish individuality of their Suns-Uranus in Leo excels, for sure they cannot; instead, if they use their uranian imagination positively, they can give vent to the Leo they have inside through shows and so can make the Leo magnanimity prevail, everything is possible... they have the last word.

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... And the Schiffmann integrated says that... 

As we noticed in the former analysis, from an astrological point of view, this couple appears rather problematic and not in such good terms as they are gossipped to be. 

The Schiffmann integrated chart too (whose method is widely shows in another article) sets light on conflictual aspects which, in long terms, can compromise the stability of the couple.

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First of all the Chart shows an Asc in Aries, remarking how this relationship is mainly based on the fight between the partners, expressed in almost continuous discussions and fights. Their behaviour is mainly harsh, both of them think to themselves and to affirm their own wishes and needs, regardless of the other one’s. Furthermore a great individualism makes the everyday lifea source of continuous provocations and hides a great aggressiveness.

Moreover, the Sun, which now is symbolized by Banderas, is in House XI, so to stress a friendship rather than a strong passional involvment, especially as far as the Spanish actor is concerned. Anyway the couple share many interests but, despite of it, each one wants to keep their own freedom. Such a relationship is particularly oriented toward future: future events and when children are grown up are the main concerns.

Venus’ position in XII House shows that love often ends up by being a dream; they think to be in love or are deceived by the other’s love, for illusions are often a rule. In most cases the partner is already married or not free anyway,so it is hard to live this relationship under the sun. It is understood this position has prevailed during the early times of the rlationship between Antonio and Melanie who, we recall, were both married when they met. 

The Moon too is placed in XII Houseand this position indicates a removed feeling: maybe one of the two partners doesn’t like to show their feeling because, by doing so, fears to lose the other. This position too remarks the difficulties at the beginning of the relationship, maybe because they were both married. It also stresses a kind of fear to be together and a high pshychism linking them. Dishonesty often shows through this psychism, for they have always something to hide to the other.

Saturn dominates the Chart, often symbolizing people who oppose or at least restrain the relationship. A hard common life has to be expected because of the ordinary obstacles the couple meet; the two partners renounce to themselves and show their loneliness within the relationship. If stubborness is not sufficient but, on the contrary, the involved ones let events overcome them, then the relationship can hardly survive and they will definitely split apart.

As far as aspects are concerned, the main ones are:

- SUN CONJOINT MERCURY: it indicates the best availability to dialogue that each partner offers the other one, daily exchanging their thoughts and chatting of whatever topic. This lets Antonio and Melanie attain a greater capability di understand and a better comprehension of the partner’s personality. The dialogue makes the relationship brighter and they are aware of their differences which actually form and complete the couple as a whole. There is a great common intellectual interest: they both dedicate to the same things, start studies together, or even travel together.

-SUN OPPOSITE URANUS: This aspect arises serious doubts about the chance the relationship last long because it is too moved, even though exciting: the couple’s behaviour is too extreme and they are unable to deep their mutual experiences. Individualism of one partner is disturbed by the other one’s,inflences negatively the relationship, and makes the passion nervous.

-MOON TRINE NEPTUNE: It is a very nice aspect because it makes them give the other the best of themselves, without awaiting on something in change. They infact know that it is spirit and not sex to keep persons together, and the couple often have common objectives, aiming their relationship to realize them. Antonio and Melanie are linked by real telepathy and often have no need to talk to learn what the other needs. Sensitiveness is high and they keep into great consideration the other’s needs, ready to help the partner. This is wonderful between two artists.

-MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO: This aspect indicates a fertile relationship: a great energy links Antonio and Melanie and the sexual attraction is also intense and rigenerating. It always indicates a therapy for both the partners: one makes the other change without any intention. This is an extremely intense relationship, often determining a dependent feeling, even in a positive way.

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As we see, whatever technique of synastric analysis cannot leave out of consideration the Radix Chart first and then the classic Synastry. It is interesting anyway that, no matter what is the adopted system – Synastry, Marr’s Integrated or Schiffmann’s – similar indicators always convey and can give the astrologer the chance to indicate the couple their weak and strong points, but also to determine how long the relationship is likely to last.


(1) Do not confuse the planetary Patterns with the “Planetary Boards” (Planetenbildern) used byt the School of Hamburg.

(2) "Guide to Horoscope Interpretation" 

(3) "Planetary Patterns" 

(4) "Prediction III" Ed. Sirio, Bs.As. 1986.

(5) Because we are working with GMT, the date shifts to the following day.

by Viviana Ferrari & Laura Poggiani - All Rights Reserved