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Seasonal Symbolism: It corresponds at the beginning of the autumn, when the ripening of the latest fruits is complete, in the tubs and in the barrels the wine ferments and the nature is prepared to receive the seeds. The days gets colder and it gets alternate more frequently the rains to the sun.

Character: Opened mind, affectionate, projected toward the others, he/she puts the dialogue to the centre of his/her affairs. He/she loves the harmony, the discretion, and she/he sacrifices all to get the conciliation. He/she's to the constant search of the perfect equilibrium.

Success: He/she only gets satisfaction if what he/she does won't get against some other or even supplanted him because he/she doesn't want to have enmities. Rich of imagination and mutable in the intentions, he/she therefore is not good for fatiguing jobs and t they require constancy and long application.

Health: This Sign governs the backs and the prostate traditionally, therefore I/they suffers often of metabolic disturbances. Also the nervous system, however, appears rather delicate.

The ideal environment: He/she surely prefers the moderate climates, avoiding fog, wind, storms, intense cold or excessive heat.

Things which you will never see they wear: Neglected clothes or those they don't underline the physic. They love the hats, foulards, the good laundry.

The animals: turtle doves, nightingale, shells.

Plants and flowers: apple tree, almond tree, rose.

Stones: sapphire, aquamarine, diamond.

Perfume: musk

Metal: copper

Colour: pink, blue.

Fortunate day: Friday

Fortunate number: 7

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Austria, Argentina, Burma, China, High Egypt, Tibet, Anversa, Copenhagen, Francoforte am Main, Friburgo, Johannesburg, St. Peetersburg, Lisbona. Nottingham, Vienna.