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Seasonal Symbolism: It means the beginning of the spring and the vital cycle.

Character: Thoughtless, sincere to the brutality and beyond each opportunism, they have passional, and mutable character at the same time. The feelings, like his actions, are rapid and intense. To the violence they react with the violence, they are tenacious fighters that don't know the fear.

Success: Due to the temperament, they are good for all activities where they don't need diplomacy, compromissions. They have attitude to the order and activities more suitable and those independent.

Health: The Sign governs the head traditionally, therefore they often are subjected to migraines and nervous breakdown, above all the women.

The ideal environment: Whenever they can measure their ability and their energies, like climbing mountains, but not solitary and still verdant, the sea, at the rocks..

Things you won't ever see him to wear: Hats.

The animals: wolf and rooster

Plants and flowers: bushes, holly, broom

Stones: Diamond, green, jasper

Perfume: Lavender

Metal: iron

Colour: light red

Fortunate day: Tuesday

Fortunate number: 8

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Japan, Palestine, Peru,' Poland, Syria, Capua, Kracow, Florence, Marseille, Naples Padova, Saragoza, Utrecht, Verona.