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Seasonal Symbolism: It represents the Spring's antechamber, when the seed has deposed its roots and the plant, by the sap, it's ready to come out at surface.

Character: Audacious, ready to the changes, endowed with strong humanitarian spirit, nonconformist and rebellious against tradition. Inclined to the compromise and to the opportunism, often they give the impression to be disloyal.

Success: They are good for those activities which take them to realise their own independence, the disposability toward others and their love for the technological progress and the information.

Health: It's traditionally related to the inferior arts, particularly ankles and calves. It's besides related to the venous circulation.

The ideal environment: the big spaces, in peak to the mountain, the airplanes and the speedy cars

Things you won't ever see him to wear: Short stockings .

The animals: owl, crow, eel

Plants and flowers: willow, ivy, poppy.

Stones: onyx.

Metal: lead

Colour: black

Fortunate day: Saturday

Fortunate number: 3

Nations, regions and cities connected to the Sign: Lithuania, Piedmont, Sweden, Ex Soviet Union, Westfalia.