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by Veronica Tkachenko



Long before the New Year brisk discussions are developed in mass-media how to meet the New Year, what dishes to submit on a table to cajole the Dragon, the owner of year by East calendar, how to choose the dress for the most important night of year, etc. As far I am the professional astrologer, I don't want to follow the tastes of public opinion and do not recommend to mix East and European New Year. I will explain, why. We, astrologers, study language of stars to be in harmony with space influences. Every day there are unique heavenly configurations which practically never repeat. New Year by the European calendar is a calendar date, but East New Year is the moment of new Moon in Aquarius sign which has no fixed date. It can be in an interval from January, 21st till February, 20th.

In my opinion, to meet East New Year on December, 31st is the same that in advance, «by the gross» to celebrate the birthday if it is necessary, for example, for March, 15th or on July, 23rd. How you feel, if you celebrate the birthday together with the colleague who has decided to join you too? Correctly: as you are not «in your plate». The holiday presents, but it is not yours. The same concerns New Year by the European and by East calendar. Therefore, to avoid a similar situation, I suggest to divide these two important events and to rejoice to each moment in due time. Why we need to lose one more holiday if it bears so much pleasure and possibilities for creativity? Dragon Year will begin on January 23, 2012, in 10 ч 40 min, Moscow time. And then we will celebrate it with all necessary attributes: with souvenir dragons, in clothes with sparkling spangles, etc.

For now we will discuss how and in what clothes we will meet the New Year 2012. I am assured that this New Year's eve will be especial. There are simply unique astrological aspects at the moment of New Year meeting. Sun in connection with Pluto behind an external wall of coldness conceals in itself the present volcano of passion, and trigon with Jupiter opens a powerful stream of sensuality. It is possible to say that this New Year will be noted by a considerable quantity of hot embraces and passionate recognitions. It is not excluded that it will become the beginning of torrid love affairs, bright love stories and will lead to birth of strong, cheerful kids. Most strongly it will be felt by Capricorns, birthday men of month.

New Year's meal is better to entrust terrestrial signs (Jupiter in Taurus will help to make all top-level, truth, most likely, will be beyond the budget). Fiery signs, as well as it is necessary, will light (Moon in connection with Uranus in Aries sign promotes it). Air signs will take active part in the organization of entertainments. It will be more difficult for water signs to accustom to conditions (in a planetary deal for December, 31st there are no planets in water element signs).

What dress to choose for a meeting of New 2012?


Bright, eccentric, opened, fervent, playful.


Vanguard, futuristic, sports glamour. Trousers in lady's wear are welcomed.

Key silhouette

1) A-silhouette (flared)

2) X-silhouette (with the underlined waist)


Above a knee or middle length. Maxi length is undesirable.

Color scale

1) dark, sated shades of red, crimson, orange, carrot, coral.

2) celestial-blue, sated dark blue, «electric» color, turquoise, light-violet.

Details and accessories

Accent on area of anklebones (Venus and Neptune in Aquarius sign):

1) stockings with a seam or decorative elements on anklebones (in style of the lady Diana);

2) boots, ankle-boots with unprofitable ornaments and suspension brackets in chain form;

3) skirts and dresses with a high lateral cut.

I want to underline that all resulted recommendations concern December, 31st. For the other date your image and individual style should be absolutely another. I wish you many happiness and good luck in New 2012, at any planetary aspects!

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