When do cardinal changes in a fashion occur?

by Veronica Tkachenko



From the point of view of the astrologers, appreciable changes in a fashion are connected with movement of slow planets. The main originator of sharp changes in a fashion is Uranus — a planet of originality, a non-standard, instant transformation from above.

Uranus passes in new Zodiac sign each 7 years, changing our representations about fashionable shape.

However, he has no casting vote in a question — «to be or not to be to a new fashion». The further destiny of fashionable idea depends on social readiness which defines Jupiter.

Let's try to differentiate spheres of influence of two social planets — Uranus and Jupiter — in our theme of an astrology of a fashion. So, the most unexpected decisions, which can cause in the beginning sharp aversion, are a diocese of Uranus. And on the contrary, the clothes adapted for daily requirements and reflecting actual tendencies are an influence of Jupiter. Leave on streets, look, as the women, going to you towards look. Isn't that so, the any passer-by reflects representations about some average level of the modern language of clothes? These ideas of the majority are broadcast by Jupiter.

How are Uranus and Jupiter cycles here joined? The full cycle of Uranus bringing new trends in a fashion, makes 84 years, and Jupiter fixing new tendencies does 12 years. Thus, cardinal changes of a direction of a fashion depends on the moment of coincidence of Uranus and Jupiter cycles they occur 1 time within 14 years.

A connection of Uranus and Jupiter has occurred last time such in 1997 in a sign on Aquarius. It is possible for this reason 1997 to name the beginning of the epoch of Aquarius in a fashion.

What is characteristic for a fashion of the epoch of Aquarius? First of all, it is expression possibility individuality in clothes by means of nonconventional means. Permissibly to carry everything that is pleasant, that is convenient, that is practical, stylishly, defiantly, etc., without looking back at tastes of others. The most unfashionable clothes are a uniform in any kind, as like as two peas on another's suit and depriving individuality. Other important line of this fashion is a mixture of different styles and elements in clothes, convenience and multifunctionality. The fashion of this period does not create rigid restrictions in a choice of certain colour, length and clothes silhouette. And the most important thing is clothes of this style are harmonious continuation of private world of the person. Her way of life, spiritual aspirations, a way of demonstration of to surrounding people are reflected.

The basic tendencies of «aquarius» fashion will remain up to 2011 when there will be  Uranus and Jupiter conjunction in Aries. A new turning-point in a fashion will take place in 2011. How they he will be called, what is characteristic for this period and many another — you can learn from my new publications.

Whether you are more detailed about techniques of astrological forecasting of a fashion can learn from Veronica Tkachenko's book «Whether it is possible to calculate a fashion?» (KONEK, 2005).


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