The Thrust Areas for Italy Astrologically during the Year 2012 

by Kushal Kumar



In Vedic astrology, the new year commences with the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in sign Pisces of sidereal zodiac.  During the year 2012, such a conjunction takes place on 22 March at 20 hrs 10 minutes ( = 8.10 P.M.) Indian Standard Time.  Based on this time, the horoscope for Italy has been cast, which may be perused at Annexure A to this article.  It will be noted from the said horoscope that the Longitudes of the ascendant as also those of the nine planets have been taken  as per sidereal zodiac followed in the Vedic astrology.

Broadly speaking, if about 23 degrees and 56 minutes relevant for the year 2012 are deducted from the longitudes obtaining as per the tropical zodiac mostly followed in the West, horoscope as per the Vedic system or sidereal zodiac is deemed to have become available.

There is another difference between the two systems.  The divisions of houses in the zodiac has some variation with consequence on the degrees rising in the ascendant.  Barring these technical differences, the rest of the casting of the basic horoscope in the two systems in the same.

The horoscope as at Annexure A shows that degrees 12 of the sign Leo are rising in the ascendant.  The Leo is a fiery, fixed and masculine sign owned by planet, the Sun.  It also signifies the fifth house from the ascendant, which stands for the thought process,
application of intellect to find out ways and means to deal with a problem or problems confronting on a nation for the time being, manaeouvering, scheming, innovation and the like. Considering the qualities of the sign involved in the ascendant, ambitious application of intellect to tackle the problems confronting the nation comes to
the surface.

It would be in the fitness of things to find out the thrust areas for the nation during the year 2012.  For this, a closer look at the horoscope obtaining for the declaration of the Republic of  Italy on June 10, 1946,   6 : 00 P.M; Rome, would be called for.  The
horoscope for the Republic of Italy, as per the Vedic astrology, shows the sign Scorpio rising in the ascendant, which falls in the fourth house of the horoscope for the year 2012 as at Annexure A.  An intimate relationship between the first house and the 4th house is thus obvious.  The 4th house stands for the well-being of the citizens as also their assets.  The first house shows the nation and its citizens.  Since the owner of the 4th house, Mars, is in the ascendant in the 2012 year horoscope and Rahu, the north node of the Moon is located in the 4th house, there seems a need for preparedness to face challenges arising from mysterious element of energy.  The  period could be March to June, 2012.  In the alternative, it could mean that the aforesaid planetary posture may cause some  uproar in the government on account of issues of economy and energy resources.  But either of the two trends is indicated during March to June, 2012.
In May, 2012, Jupiter would switch over from sign Aries to Taurus of sidereal zodiac.  It will stabilize its position in that sign in a couple of months.  From this position, Jupiter would tend to look favourably  both the ruling signs, namely, Leo and Scorpio.  It can be
said that during the second half of the year 2012, Italy may have opportunity to do work in the thrust areas earlier outlined in this article and have some success.  Further, the ruling sign of horoscope for the birth time of the Republic falls in the 4th house of the
horoscope for the year 2012 for Italy.  Since the horoscope for the year 2012 is a day scenery and the ascendant happens to be owned by the Sun, it seems that during the second half of 2012 , Italy may have, due to Gods grace, a pioneering and effective person to lead the country or do work for the country. Some relief then in the economic sector also can be expected.



Italy would attempt during the year 2012 to come forward with ambitious schemes to be self-sufficient to deal with problems confronting the nation.  But in the first half, particularly during March, 2012 to June, 2012, the country may have to be on caution about the energy related or energy caused problems, well being of the citizens and their assets.  Stability in the leadership may be less than expected.  Economy would be another area of cause of concern.

Water, oil, power could perhaps be a cause of concern.  In other words, the aforesaid could retard the ambitious attempts or innovations for becoming self-sufficient.  But the second half of the year 2012 seems promising to look up to an extent in the thrust areas.  The nation would move forward to come to grips with the issues in the economy sector, with the aid of ambitious schemes and innovations. General well-being of the citizens could improve.  The nation may come to have some leaders or pioneers who may help to bring about innovative and well-meaning ways out through discoveries in the energy sector which may surprise the world.


Annexure A to Article,
The Thrust Areas for Italy Astrologically during the Year 2012:-

House No                                    Planet                                     Sign of occupation

1. Ascendant                 Mars (In Retrograde motion)                              Leo

2.                                                                                                   Virgo

3.                                Saturn (in Retrograde motion)                            Libra

4.                                Rahu, the North Node of the Moon                      Scorpio

5.                                                                                                   Sagittarius

6.                                                                                                   Capricorn

7.                                                                                                   Aquarius

8.                                Sun, Moon and Mercury                                    Pisces

9.                                Jupiter and Venus                                            Aries

10.                              Ketu, South Node of the Moon                          Taurus

11.                                                                                                 Gemini

12.                                                                                                 Cancer

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