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by  Laura Poggiani

What sign is a Nation? This question has been fascinating Astrologers for a long time who have tried in many ways to find an  answer. 

First of all, Hippocrates  said that "we are the place where we live", as every geographical area has some well-definited characteristics that are in a certain way   "absorbed" by the inhabitants of this place, taking possession of them, and these will be different from those living in another geographical area, even if it's a close one.  

Even Ptolemy tried to share all geographical areas by superimposing the zodiacal band (where every Sign has a
width of 30) to the terrestrial eclittic, in the way that the Nations placed to the East, coincident with the 0 Vernales point (Aries), were attributed to this Sign, proceeding toward the North-capricorn, then West-Libra and finally South-Cancer.  

Many other astrologers have tried to examine carefully, to study and to repostulate the Sign/Nation coupling, founding them on the population and the national politics. On these premises,  traditionally,  Spain belongs to Sagittarius, England to Aries, Italy to Leo and so on. But is it true? 

More recently, the Italian astrologer Lisa Morpurgo, in h
er book "Il Convitato di Pietra" (The Guest of Stone), attentively studying the dialectics of the Signs,  writes: "Mercury-hearing, and the particular relief that this function of his assumes in Gemini Sign, can confirm the geographical hypothesis concerning China and England. The human language most connected to the hearing refinement is Chinese that, if I'm not wrong, consists of at least  five different tonalities for every vocal... the fact that China corresponds zodiacally to the sector connected to eardrums, can certainly justify such a sensibility" and then "The probability that the United States occupies, contrarily, the first ten-twelve degrees of the Sagittarius is considerable." 

If what Hippocrates and Morpurgo said is true, the maximum expression of a Nation, its leader, this should bring great light to the matter, especially in this selected case, as the elected are directly voted by the population. 

To the United States/Sagittarius hypothesis, I have also preferred to place side by side the Mundane astrology standard technique referred  to a Nation that's the analysis of his constitutive Chart, and later comparing it to those of all American Presidents who have been alternated. 

The first problem that I had to face,  typical enough in such a kind of analysis , is connected to the following question "but exactly When were the United States born "? The Charts that appear to me historically better,  seem to be two: the one concerning the Declaration of independence, on July 4, 1776 and the other one connected to the signature of the Constitution, on September 19, 1787. 

The Declaration of independence Chart introduces a stellium in Cancer, composed by Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars (practically disposed along the whole sign, from 3 to 24), an Ascendancy Sagittarius (to 12) and the Moon to 27 Aquarios. 

We begin therefore to find a first comparison, considering that the ascendant, one of the most important points in a Chart, is really placed in the Sign and in the degrees pointed out by Morpurgo as meaningful of the Sign to which the United States would be connected. 

But now we proceed with the second Chart, that's the signature of the American Constitution. In Cancer we find once again Mars, situated at the same degree where, in the previous Chart, Venus was set, and Uranus is placed where, previously, we found Mercury. Besides in Virgo we find three planets, Sun, Venus (situated in proximity of the same degree of Neptune in the previous Chart) and Mercury. This time in Sagittarius we find, beside the ascendant, straight the Moon, joined to this important point, both to 6, once again in the range of degrees mentioned by the italian astrologer!

We now go to analyze the Presidents' Charts. To a first superficial observation, we can be disappointed: the sign of the Sagittarius is absolutely not preponderant (only 3 of them have got the Sun in this Sign) while, on the contrary, the solar Sign that mostly detaches is the Aquarius, with just 6 presences, followed by the Scorpio and, to peer worth, from Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. If we compare these Signs to the two previous Charts, we notice that the Aquarius coincides with where the Moon is placed, in the first Chart and where Pluto and Saturn are placed in the second one:  the prevalence of Cancer is comprehensible because of the strong planetary positions in the two Charts mentioned before, in Libra we find Saturn in the first Chart and Neptune in the second one. Darker instead appears the preponderance of Scorpio and Capricorn, since in these Signs there are no planetary positions in not one of the two Charts. 

It's however interesting to observe that, with the exception of Scorpio, all these Signs (Aquarius, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are connected with Saturn: in Aquarius the Planet has got his domicile, in Cancer it is instead in exile and in Libra in exaltation. Returning to observe the two Charts, we notice as in the first one Saturn is just to the MH and in the second one it composes a Great Trine of air, connected to Jupiter/Gemini and Neptune/Librea! Regarding Pluto and Mars, rulers of Scorpio, we find them once again in a decidedly strong position: Mars start the stellium in Cancer in the Theme of the independence, while Pluto is opposed to that Cancer stellium while in the Chart of the Constitution, the Planets are not so much underlined: only a conjunction Mars/Jupiter between the last degrees of Gemini and beginning of Cancer and the generarion trine Pluto/Neptuno. 

ow we go once againg to see the USA Presidents Charts.

There we find a strong predominance of the Taurus sign (Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) and we can find as predominance of the planetary aspects in the Charts, a strong preponderance of the aspects Moon-Jupiter. Both these planets find their maximum expression in the second sign of the Zodiac, therefore this aspect so dominat, underlines Taurus being the most fundamental astral vibration. 

Besides, it's important  to notice that Uranus and the Moon are the most aspected planets. Then Uranus is, beside being the most aspected planet, also the one having the highest number of positions just in its domicile: Aquarius! 


If it is true that the President of a Nation mirrors the people that identifies on him (especially in such a Nation, with direct election and with a great popular involvement in the political actions of the Country), from this small study one can wonder if the United States, more than belonging to the sign of Sagittarius, are not instead the expression of the sign of Taurus. 

Analyzing the social lines, in effects, this parallelism seems to find good comparisons: the dialectical Taurus/bank is supported in different connotations of the American psychology: capitalism, the development of the bovine breeding, then the development of cinema, singing, the love for  food and honesty, the center of the most important Stock Exchange of the world,  bigotry... And above all, to the Taurin characteristics all joined the progressive expression  underlined by Aquarius, which well explaine the oscillation between a certain enormous progress (Aquarius) and a declared conservatorism (Taurus) of this Country. 


By Laura Poggiani  - All rights reserved