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On July 29 2005, NASA-funded scientists announced the discovery of a planet larger than Pluto in the outlying regions of the solar system. The discovery was announced by planetary scientist Dr. Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. Dr. Brown and his group are responsible for many "Centaur" discoveries, Kuiper Belt objects in the far regions of our solar system

The planet is a typical member of the Kuiper belt but its sheer size in relation to the nine known planets means that it can only be classified as a planet. Currently about 97 times further from the sun than the Earth, the planet is the farthest-known object in the solar system, and the third brightest of the Kuiper belt objects. Scientists can infer the size of a solar system object by its brightness. These astronomers are 100 percent confident that this is the first object bigger than Pluto ever found in the outer solar system.

Planet 10 will be visible with a telescope over the next six months and is currently almost directly overhead in the early-morning eastern sky, in the constellation Cetus. Brown, Trujillo and Rabinowitz first photographed the new planet with the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope on October 31, 2003. However, the object was so far away that its motion was not detected until they re-analyzed the data in January of this year. In the last seven months, the scientists have been studying the planet to better estimate its size and its motions. A name for the new planet has been proposed by the discoverers to the International Astronomical Union, and they are awaiting the decision of this body before announcing the name.

I have observed that with each century since the discovery of Uranus there is the discovery of a new planet, followed by a new leap in consciousness and a breakthrough in terms of some technology that transforms the planet. .
Because these new planets and the centaurs take such a long time to move even through a specific degree, they often represent a Psychological Process in our lives and the events that trigger that Process. I wrote about this (Quaoar, Sedna,Cruithne) in an article that appears at www.astralis.it/farticles
Some people have asked me if this new discovery is Transpluto. It is not Transpluto. This hypothetical planet takes 1200 years to go around the Sun. UB313 takes about 560 years to make this transit.
I do not even know if Transpluto will ever be discovered but I do know that it works in the natal chart. Transpluto represents the process of experiencing the critical, perfectionist environment, then looking for approval from others or others to make us complete, then eventually moving towards the real Process of Wholeness and Integration – by which we become who we really are. Tom Atlee, founder of Co-Intelligence Institute, states that perfection is like a bead without a hole. It is the hole, our imperfections, that allow us to connect with others. His exact quote is, "Because your inability to do certain things makes you need me...and my inability to do certain things makes me need you....our shortcomings play the role of helping us connect to each other, to become more complete together, rather than separately. Being perfect is like a bead with no hole, it’s hard to add that bead to the string of human interconnectedness."
I have done a lot of research on these distant objects - Quaoar, Sedna, Cruithne and Transpluto. My observation is that all of them, regardless of size, represent a Process of Change in our lives. It is the long-term transits of these remote objects that trigger the process of change. Aspects from outer planets to these objects will not trigger a process, only events that allow the process to unfold. At this time, UB313 takes 5-8 years to complete an aspect to one degree. Below I have listed my initial observations about UB313 in my life. If I see a theme, it is that the transit of UB313 represents the process of individuation triggered by the series of changes that occur. Even with the 4th Harmonic aspects (conjunction-square-opposition), UB313 acts as a benefic if you are willing to grow and learn and integrate the lessons acquired. It may be because UB313 entered Aries in February 1926 that this planet works in a manner by which we are confronted with that which is totally new. These new experiences become integrated into our consciousness and we are no longer the same. Amanda Owen, a Philadelphia astrologer, observed that some component of our personality becomes morphed over a period of time.

I have had 3 hits from UB313 since my birth. From June 1959 through early 1966, it sextiled my 10th House Moon - this was a growth cycle in trying new things. This period was highlighted by new schools. This tested my development of social adaptability, a Moon function. I wrote a diary during this exact period that my mother read without my knowledge. At the end of this cycle, I stopped writing such a diary, although I still continue to journal. During this process, I learned unprecedented socialization.

UB313 sextiled my Uranus from September 1989 through early 1995. I tried very new things and, in the process, lost a lot of weight. I traveled to Europe but, during this period, I did not know how to get around these countries as well as I do now. It was very stressful learning how to travel on my own. On one trip, I accidently got on an all-male train from Poland to Prague. I knew they wanted to throw me off but I did not speak Polish. During this process, I was learning to become a truly Free Spirit.

From early 2002 through 2009, UB313 is squaring my Saturn and I am learning something very new – responsibilities, very big responsibilities, at least for me. This started when my mother died in late February 2002 (Quaoar opposition to Moon - painful transformation that ultimately empowers) and I started assuming her responsibilities with my dad and other financial issues. It has not been easy.
In observing outer planet transits to UB313, while many people experience the same transit because this planet moves so slowly, it has a very similar impact – exploring the new and then changing from within. In September 2003, there was a very short transit with Saturn exactly squaring UB313, my only observation was that I needed to define boundaries. The positive new experience was planning a trip to Pisa, Italy, for a conference there. This was a stretch for me.
In 1990, the transiting Uranus in Capricorn squared UB313. This was a year in which my life began to totally transform. I traveled to Europe twice that year to witness the changes in Germany and Eastern Europe. This ultimately triggered an internal journey whereby I lost 125 pounds. Of course, there were other astrological influences occurring but this date marked an energetic shift that thrust me onto a path towards self-actualization. Interestingly, UB313 began sextiling my natal Uranus at the same time. This double influence may have been why I was catapulted into a new life and new way of being.
In 2000 through 2001, Neptune sextiled UB 313. There was a very positive new experience connected with the influence of Neptune to UB313. In the autumn of 2000, I had incredible experiences during my trip to Europe. I vowed to myself then that, if an opportunity to return to Central Europe occurred in the spring, I would give myself permission to just go without thought to the money. I discovered a conference in Belgrad on the Internet. There I met fantastic people who are still in my life now. I learned about Conjunction and other E-Lists – which was transformational!!
From December 1997 through October 1998, Pluto trined UB313. This was a very difficult time, described more by Pluto transiting a square to my Sun-Juno. If there was an insight that helped me to get through the ordeal, it was that I have the right to let go of a responsibility without seeing this as a Virgo Failure. This was a very hard-earned lesson for me. By October, I "let go" and no one saw me as a failure. There was a change that occurred in October 1997 that was life-altering and transformed my entire self-image. I consider this a time a great bravery for me – yet it all seemed so easy at the time.
In the natal chart, it describes the impact of the new in our lives. Aspects to natal planets indicate the impact of the new upon our personal attributes. One man has UB313 opposing his 1st House Mercury. When exposed to new ideas that are very different from his own, he becomes very upset internally. He agreed with my interpretation that he gets upset when confronted with very new ideas and he is forced to change or re-examine his opinions.
In synastry, I found a most interesting example. A friend has Mars in Aries in the 7th House and she describes her early relationships as being plagued by the misuse of Mars energy. During a cycle when transiting UB313 sextiled her 9th House Jupiter, she married a man whose Sun exactly conjuncted her 7th House position of UB313. This relationship exposed her to new and positive ways of using her 7th House Mars.
When UB313 sextiled her 9th House Jupiter, it began influencing her life through travel even before her marriage. It was a time when she began traveling to Russia to teach – just as the new changes began to occur in that country. She describes this as a time of great expansion of consciousness through the learning/teaching experiences, through the exposure to other cultures and it had a great influence upon her dream life. She married a man with whom she travels and continually explores new horizons. Again, UB313 confronts us with the New.
While visiting with a Czech friend, we discussed the influence of UE313 in his life and we observed a reoccurring pattern – that interests begun in one cycle would return and become integrated into your consciousness in a future cycle. It facilitates new qualities and attributes that flower into a manifestation of our true inner nature.
From May 1964 through May 1968, UB313 in the natal 5th House trined Pluto in the 9th House. This is the exact timing, beginning in May 1964, when Zdeněk embarked upon an educational program with computers, Zen Buddhism and the study of reincarnation and past lives that prepared him for a later period when he would incorporate all of these into his career as an astrologer, psychological healer and past life regressionist. The New that he exploded at this time was reintegrated into his consciousness with subsequent UB313 transits.
From May 1985 through January 1990, UB313 opposed his natal Chiron in the 11th House. During the UB313 trine to Pluto in the 9th House, he has his first experience of western culture during a trip to France from his home in Czechoslovakia. When UB313 opposed Chiron, he returned to France where he experienced the healing arts and sensed a connection with ancient Egypt in a past life. With the transit to Chiron, the healer, he used his new healing skills (with remedies that he obtained on the black market) to help his father who was dying of cancer. During this period, the father had a remission but, as UB313 was completing this transit and beginning a square to his 8th House Uranus, his father passed away.
From 2000 through 2004, when UB313 crossed the 6th House cusp (Placidius) opposing Jupiter and sextile the 8th House Uranus, he was able to quit his unfulfilling job in a bank and pursue a career in astrology, metaphysics and regression therapy. This career change allowed him to be independent, to do something that he loves and to integrate all that he had learned during previous transits into a new and fulfilling career.
In my preliminary evaluation of UB313's House position, I find that it represents where we will be challenged by everything new, our reaction to new concepts and the process of integrating these concepts into our consciousness and, in doing so, we become a more whole and integrated self. Or, as Amanda Owen sees this, where and how some aspect of our personality becomes morphed through the transits from this new planet.
In my own chart, UB313 is in the 8th House. The 8th House rules all things totally beyond our control and our reaction to everything beyond our control – our control issues and how we deal with them. When changes occur in the 8th House, they are truly life altering because some aspect of our life must die. I am very afraid of changes outside myself. With the UB313 changes, these were all life-altering and I was forced to let go of some aspect of myself, my limitations, my confining boundaries and liberate myself.
My friend with UB313 in the 7th House learned new relationship patterns. My Czech friend says that UB313 in his 5th House has facilitated change through taking risks. It is not just a change but a change that transforms who we are, allowing our core identity to grow, to flower and to morph into a new, integrated expression of ourselves. Another friend with UB313 in the 5th conjunct Jupiter (opposing Saturn in Libra) only feels that she is able to overcome Saturn, take major risks and move to distant places when UB313 aspects planets in her natal chart. She has not had a transit from this new planet in 10 years, and for 10 years, she has felt that she has been stuck in the state of Maryland. The next major transit commences in April 2007...so we shall see what happens then!
CASE STUDY: UB313 in the 12th
This woman has UB313 intercepted in the 12th House forming a tight T-square with Mars in Capricorn in the 9th House opposing Uranus in Cancer in the 3rd House. Her heritage is Italian.
Birth through Spring 1961: UB313 squared her Mars-Uranus opposition. Initially, the Solar Arc Mars opposed Uranus, exposing her to violence from the father. She learned to retreat, to be quiet, to be alone and she developed fears, typical of the 12th House. However, the key to UB313 is that she learned "magical thinking," seeing fairies, and she lived in a magical world of her own where she would talk to God. She was able to escape the trauma of her childhood. Using Uranus inappropriately, she felt isolated, socially weird so that she never fit in with others. This contributed to her unconventional, non-Catholic spiritual philosophies that were more supportive than fear-inspiring. She learned to talk with plants and trees and to find friendship with the animals and the rocks in her yard.
April 1974 through March 1979: UB313 sextiled her 10th House Moon in Aquarius. Typical of the Moon-UB313 transit, this was a time of social integration, learning to fit in and, in this case, learning team work. She learned valuable skills in writing, editing, assuming large responsibilities, fitting in and feeling comfortable with people so that she would be popular. She learned about having a "good family" – a non-biological family with whom she felt she belonged. Her co-workers became her family. She gained much confidence and feelings of self-worth during this period. She went into therapy during this period and she gained in self-awareness. This all ended as the transit ended in late 1979.
April 1994 through April 1999: UB313 opposed Neptune in the 6th House, marking a turning point in her professional life as she began working for a well-known holistic doctor. She excelled by using the skills cultivated during the UB313/Moon transit – editing books, coordinating the first holistic conference at a military hospital and keeping order for this very Neptunian (disorganized and unfocused) doctor.
From this doctor, she learned to be self-sufficient and to value her interesting ideas and unusual thought processes – those developed during the first UB313/Uranus transit. She began studying herbs, massage therapy and, using the professional skills developed during the UB313/Moon transit, she was successful at supporting herself financially with her New Age skills.
At the end of this cycle, her father had a stroke and died in March 1999. He had been an organic gardener and he was very interested in vitamins and nutrition. During her UB313/Uranus transit, he had taken her to a lecture given by Adele Davis, considered the founder of modern nutrition. She was able to use her knowledge of alternative healing and spiritual matters to assist him in making his transition.
March 2000 through February 2005: UB313 trined Pluto in the 5th House, marking a period of learning personal empowerment. She began working at holistic/organic food markets, learning how to manage a retail business, inventories and making connections with the best suppliers. She learned that she did not have to work so hard; she did not have to control everything. Towards the end of this cycle, she moved to a famous "New Age" town, opened her own holistic center and bought a large Victorian home for her business. During the cycle, she learned to teach – to organize what she knows and to share it with others, to be creative in her work (rather than managing), to set boundaries and say NO, and to care less about what other people think.
From this case study, we can see that UB313 helps us cultivate skills and talents that we are able to integrate and utilize in later cycles.
As I stated earlier, since the discovery of Uranus, the first planet to be discovered with the new technology of the time, a telescope, each century heralds the discovery of a new planet, correlating with leap in consciousness and a breakthrough in terms of new technology that transforms the planet.
Fellow E-Lister, Ed Kohout, says that the discovery of new planet can be plotted lineally showing 75-year increments.
Uranus: 1781
Neptune: 1846
Pluto: 1930
Planet around another star: 1998
Planet UB313: 2004

He further states that the American and French revolutions were in effect when Uranus was discovered. The Spiritualist movement began around the time of Neptune's discovery, and other societal leaps were taken, such as the Communist Manifesto, the telegraph and photography. Pluto seems to have ushered in the age of atomic power. And, I will add that Pluto inaugurated the age of the empowerment of the individual.

Ed states that the technological big leaps to be made next may be in nano-technologies and bio-engineering. Ed Kohout agrees with the Alice A Bailey prophesies that light therapies (people being described in terms of light, brilliance and intensity) will mark a new trend in spirituality and health consciousness.
Ed has also noticed that this planet transits the galactic poles rather percisely. This is a shift from the normal sphere of influence of the ecliptic sphere and into the larger and uncharted galactic reality. A 560-year period is long on our scale but rather short on the galactic scale. This planet is not the standard faire and can't be treated as such. This may ultimately lead to a paradigm shift in how we see the TransNeptunian Object's and what we think they do.

Juan Revilla has calculated an ephemeris for this new planetary discovery, EB313. It can be accessed at http://www.astro.com/swisseph/2003ub313.htm
Planet X 10-Year Ephemeris: 1900 - 21 Pisces; 1905 - 23 Pisces; 1910 - 24 Pisces; 1915 - 26 Pisces; 1920 - 28 Pisces; 1925 - 29 Pisces; 1930 - 0 Aries; 1935 - 2 Aries; 1940 - 3 Aries; 1945 - 5 Aries; 1950 - 6 Aries; 1955 - 7 Aries; 1960 - 8 Aries; 1965 - 10 Aries; 1970 - 11 Aries; 1975 - 12 Aries; 1980 - 13 Aries; 1985 - 15 Aries; 1990 - 16 Aries; 1995 - 17 Aries; 2000 - 18 Aries; 2005 - 19 Aries; 2010 - 21 Aries.
ASTEROIDS: An asteroid is a small, solid object in our Solar System orbiting the Sun. Most asteroids are believed to be remnants of proto-planetary objects which were not incorporated into planets during the system's formation. Some asteroids have moons. The vast majority of the asteroids are within the main asteroid belt, with elliptical orbits between those of Mars and Jupiter.
CENTAURS: Centaurs are a class of icy planetoids that orbit the Sun, between Jupiter and Neptune. The first Centaur to be discovered was Chiron. It is officially classified as both a comet and an asteroid. Centaurs are not in stable orbits and they will eventually be removed from the solar system by the giant planets.
TRANS-NEPTUNIAN OBJECTS: A trans-Neptunian Object (TNO) is any object in the solar system which orbits the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune. The Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud are names for 2 divisions of TNOs.
SCATTERED DISK OBJECT: A scattered disk object (SDO) is a trans-Neptunian object of the Kuiper Belt with a very eccentric orbit. As a result, the SDO’s distance from the Sun varies enormously. Most of the time they are found in the outer areas of the Kuiper Belt.
KUIPER BELT OBJECT - The Kuiper (Kye-per) Belt is an area of the solar system extending from within the orbit of Neptune. Pluto, Charon and Quaoar are KBOs. Quaoar is also a Cubewano because it is not contolled by resonances with the outer planets.
OORT CLOUD: The Oort Cloud is a postulated spherical cloud of comets situated approximately 1000 times the distance from the Sun to Pluto. The Oort Cloud is a remnant of the original nebula that collapsed to from the Sun and its planets about 5 billion years ag

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